roller coster

Roller Coaster aus
  • ‘You’re sitting behind me on the ride and holy shit stop cursing’ au
  • ‘We’re sitting next to each other on the ride and I am obviously terrified and oh look you’re holding my hand’ au
  • ‘I work at the booth and you keep responding to the automated voice’ au
  • ‘I took my glasses off for the ride so all I can see of your facial features is blurry specs of color where your eyes should be and shit they’re pretty’ au
  • ‘You’re in front of me on the ride and you’ve been screaming this entire time like I don’t even think you took a breath that’s actually impressive’ au
  • ‘I’m trying to find my picture after the ride but I found yours first and I cannot stop laughing at your face’ au
  • ‘You’re behind me in line and keep talking about all the ways the roller coaster could break down and basically fuck you’ au
  • ‘The park plays music and I thought I was alone so I started singing along and oh hi’ au
  • ‘The ride is about to start and you’re really overexcited and it’s kind of endearing’ au

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