roller coaster nerd


Actually my favorite

Caleb, your coaster nerd is showing!!

Ok Tumblr people… Most importantly you coaster/Tumblr people, since there is such a large amount of you out there… I had a situation in class today.

Our professor knows there is no secret that I absolutely love roller coasters, and today we were asked about how we relieve our life stress. Naturally my answer was amusement park related, and roller coaster conversation followed. She began to mention a “ride at Silver Dollar City that laun…” I immediately throw out Powder Keg before she even got done beginning to describing it.

That was already more than enough nerd to expose to this class full of beautiful, soon to be elementary teachers. Seriously one other dude in that class, the rest, beautiful women. I should have stopped. Of course the teacher keeps going.

Yeah the ride goes from like 0-60 in 4 seconds…

Crap… Caleb contain yourself!!… “I’ve rode faster.”

Caleb, seriously you are bragging now. Then I had to state I rode Top Thrill Dragster which goes from 0-122… I SAID 122. I was approximate. How could I even pass that one off as a guesstimate? What’s worse is it’s not even like a top 10 roller coaster for me. I was bragging that I rode a somewhat mediocre, but REALLY FAST roller coaster.

I might as well have been wearing a fanny pack, leather jacket with roller coaster patches sewn on, and been wearing a tie-die shirt with my favorite roller coaster decal ironed on. Might as well have had my roller coaster count tattooed to my arm. 12 33 50 74 81 82.

It’s something I’m working on but is very hard to contain. I am a roller coaster FREAK. I am the kid in this picture riding a kiddie roller coaster simulator in a mall. That’s who I am. When you say the word “roller coaster” you open up the floodgates and I turn into a well oiled coaster talking machine that could operate for weeks with no rest.

Well yup that’s my story. I’m a nerd. A nerd who will never date an elementary education major from this fine school in all likelihood now.

So what if Anaheim got the Marvel theme park

and they had a custom flying coaster that was supposed to be like a test run of Tony Stark’s newest suit or something

oR BETTER YET ANOTHER INCREDIBLE HULK COASTER (except ours is another custom with a more twisted layout and has an indoor portion)

and an indoor coaster that’s like riding that rainbow bridge from Thor lol