roller coaster nerd

the signs as iconic drake and josh episodes

aries: the one where they house-sit for their evil teacher and her dog attacks them and traps them in the bathroom

taurus: the one where they enter the salsa contest and meghan tricks them into using the illegal peruvian puff pepper

gemini: the one where meghan convinces them to keep her pet sheep in their room

cancer: the pilot when josh learns kung fu to fight for the girl he likes, ends up losing anyway

leo: the one where they work as assistants for the bratty child star, before she passes out and they control her like a puppet at an event

virgo: the one where they think their dad is cheating on their mom but she turns out to be interviewing him for a new job position

libra: the one where they make a bet over who can date the most girls, drake actually ends up falling for one of them

scorpio: the one where josh’s foreign friend comes to visit and ends up getting married to drake in a ‘friendship ceremony’

sagittarius: the one where they sneak out to ride the new roller coaster and leave their nerd friends at home to take care of their great grandpa

capricorn: the one where they realize they met at a baseball game when they were younger and drake took the last foam finger

aquarius: the one where josh stars as the theatre thug in a tv show, then starts getting recognized as him in public

pisces: the one where they sell an orangutan to a primate eating criminal

Season Three, Episode Sixteen:  Doppelgangland

Doppelgangland is to Willow, as The Zeppo is to Xander.  And by that, I mean that they’re both awesome and hilarious episodes that showcase the show’s supporting characters.  Here, Willow’s takes center stage and she is wonderful and weird.

  • The entire Percy plot-line is great.  I really liked their “friendship” in the last few episodes of Season Three, it’s a shame that he reverts back into an asshole come college. 
  • As much as I dislike Faith right now, her and the Mayor’s budding father-daughter relationship is fantastic.  They’re like Bizarro-Buffy and Giles and it totally works.
  • When Buffy, Xander, and Giles think that Willow had been turned into a vampire I always want to cry.  First out of pity and then out of cuteness when they realize that they were wrong.  It’s a roller coaster.  And I’m a nerd.
  • Vampire Willow being “kinda gay.”  Very Joss to foreshadow something that doesn’t come to fruition for almost a year.  That’s good writing.

Vampire willow is an acrylic and ink illustration on acrylic paper.

Caleb, your coaster nerd is showing!!

Ok Tumblr people… Most importantly you coaster/Tumblr people, since there is such a large amount of you out there… I had a situation in class today.

Our professor knows there is no secret that I absolutely love roller coasters, and today we were asked about how we relieve our life stress. Naturally my answer was amusement park related, and roller coaster conversation followed. She began to mention a “ride at Silver Dollar City that laun…” I immediately throw out Powder Keg before she even got done beginning to describing it.

That was already more than enough nerd to expose to this class full of beautiful, soon to be elementary teachers. Seriously one other dude in that class, the rest, beautiful women. I should have stopped. Of course the teacher keeps going.

Yeah the ride goes from like 0-60 in 4 seconds…

Crap… Caleb contain yourself!!… “I’ve rode faster.”

Caleb, seriously you are bragging now. Then I had to state I rode Top Thrill Dragster which goes from 0-122… I SAID 122. I was approximate. How could I even pass that one off as a guesstimate? What’s worse is it’s not even like a top 10 roller coaster for me. I was bragging that I rode a somewhat mediocre, but REALLY FAST roller coaster.

I might as well have been wearing a fanny pack, leather jacket with roller coaster patches sewn on, and been wearing a tie-die shirt with my favorite roller coaster decal ironed on. Might as well have had my roller coaster count tattooed to my arm. 12 33 50 74 81 82.

It’s something I’m working on but is very hard to contain. I am a roller coaster FREAK. I am the kid in this picture riding a kiddie roller coaster simulator in a mall. That’s who I am. When you say the word “roller coaster” you open up the floodgates and I turn into a well oiled coaster talking machine that could operate for weeks with no rest.

Well yup that’s my story. I’m a nerd. A nerd who will never date an elementary education major from this fine school in all likelihood now.