roller coaster enthusiast

Let me tell you why being a roller coaster enthusiast is beautiful to me.

I was reading the bookKitchen Confidentialby famous TV host, cook, and author Anthony Bourdain and I came across a quote of him saying the best thing about cooking is to him. I quickly related it to exactly what I think is the best thing about being a roller coaster enthusiast. Here is the quote…

“I’m asked a lot about what the best thing about cooking for a living is. And it’s this: to be a part of a subculture. To be a part of a historical continuum, a secret society with it’s own language and customs…”

He nails it right on the head. One of the best things about being a part of any enthusiast group, whether it be about cooking, roller coasters, cars, or even Pokemon, is being a part of a subculture that not everyone understands. You understand how special that classic wooden roller coaster Cyclone really is at Coney Island. You would be furious if Kennywood EVER tried to get rid of their Noah’s Ark attraction, and probably grab the pitchforks and torches if they even joked about removing The Turtle for a Vekoma Boomerang.

Then you have the language. It keeps the hobby pure. If you don’t know what airtime is, then honestly… why do you read my blog? There is a very advanced language. Enthusiasts know what to call ride sensations, they know manufacturers of the rides, types of coasters, and all other sorts of jargon that would take me all day to list.

Then you have the customs. Show me one coaster enthusiast that doesn’t clap when the ride operator asks “How was your ride?” Who doesn’t have a sort of game plan in their head when they get to a park. Then what kind of coaster enthusiast hasn’t gone to an amusement park on their own? Even the customs are something shared by a very small community!

Just having that sense of being in a subculture gets people excited when they meet someone else they recognize accustomed to the same subculture. No matter how old the person is, their sexual orientation, what they are wearing, how cool, how nerdy, their sex, political background, where they are from, who their team is… even if they are just a complete idiot, you have a connection that you could talk about for hours on end. That in itself is a beautiful thing. The ability to relate to someone, ANYONE, on something you have a great passion for. It’s beautiful.

I’ve had conversations with old men coaster enthusiasts in line for roller coasters about roller coasters. I’ve talked to a complete strangers on the phone for half an hour about them, and I am currently texting someone I have never met about them. It’s a subculture that has introduced me to many beautiful people who all I have met through my blog, work, and forums. Three of my best friends are people I’ve worked with at an amusement park. These are all people I would have never met had I never looked deeper into the topic. If I had just got off my first roller coaster and went on with my life. All of these people wouldn’t exist to me. That is why being a roller coaster enthusiast is beautiful.