roller buckle

Things no one tells you about your high school years
  • You’ll lose friends
  • You’ll make friends
  • That anxiety you feel about talking in front of the class, everyone feels that
  • Failure is okay so long as you try
  • You will not be the best at everything
  • Being confident starts with yourself
  • No one is perfect
  • Your grade don’t define you
  • Don’t be ashamed of what you like
  • No one knows what they are doing either
  • Don’t stress over the SAT/ACT you can’t prepare anyway
  • They go quick
  • You will find you like teachers some don’t
  • Express yourself, everyone is just as scared to as you
  • Stay out of drama, it’s not worth it
  • Dating in high school ends, be careful how much you share
  • Pick courses you like, but will still advance you
  • Don’t try and be with your friends, you can make them
  • Be sarcastic, speak your mind, everyone is thinking it
  • Don’t be afraid to email your teachers to ask for help
  • If there is something wrong with your grade, tell them
  • Respect others, even when they don’t respect you
  • Pick a locker partner you know you can depend on
  • Some people will never grow up
  • It’s not easy for the kids who make it look easy
  • Some teachers won’t like you, at all, not because you did anything, just because
  • Don’t try and fit in by drinking or doing drugs, not worth it
  • Dress code is stupid but very enforced. 
  • Don’t watch fights, they lead nowhere
  • Junior year isn’t really that bad
  • These are not the best days of your life
  • Don’t act like these are the best days of your life
  • If a teacher keeps being rude to you, you have to be the bigger person
  • Having weighted classes really just screws you over for college
  • Enjoy it. Enjoy friends. Enjoy seeing them everyday. 
  • Don’t let it pass by too quick, it’s horrible when you go to school, but as a Senior you’ll not want to leave.
  • High school is a scary, odd, roller coaster, so buckle up, you’re in for some twists and turns.

anonymous asked:

Your blog gives me life tbh. Can I have a Head canon for Yoosung in a themepark roller coaster/fast rides?

Author’s note: I want to go on a roller coaster with him omg


  • hE IS SO JITTERY WAITING IN LINE like how much sugar did he eat before this 
  • he’s honestly fine UNTIL the roller coaster guy buckles him in 
  • as soon as he hearts that click he’s gONE
  • “M-maybe this wasn’t a good idea… MC can we g-get off?”
  • you don’t get off
  • when it starts moving he grabs your probably now broken hand
  • oh boy but when you get to the top of the hill 
  • your hand stops getting crushed
  • so you look over to thank him anD OH GOD HE PASSED OUT
  • IS HE DEAD ???
  • when the roller coaster comes to a stop he wakes up and looks around
  • as soon as you step off he looks at you and smiles
  • “We should do that again!!”