February 20, 2017 - Indian Roller (Coracias benghalensis)

Requested by: @redcloud

These rollers are found across much of South Asia to parts of the Middle East. They eat mostly insects, including beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, wasps, flies, and moths. In some areas they also eat amphibians. They hunt from a perch, swooping down onto their prey, or forage on the ground. Males perform elaborate aerial courtship displays, flying high into the air and back down acrobatically while calling. Nesting in cavities in trees or structures, they incubate their eggs for about 20 days and chicks fledge in a little over a month.


so on twitter i was all like “ i kinda want to do some hypothetical titans return boxsets,but i don’t want to implicitly condone the idea of these boxsets and i could also get real nasty with the hypothetical boxsets” and then @ayellowbirds was all like “i don’t see anything wrong with them, go for it” and you have her and my other mutuals to thank/blame for the evils i am about to unleash

this one is kinda tame to start with, a bit of a pre-war/optimus’ friends theme going on here. the story i’ve made up is that this is optimus’ old team getting back together to retrieve the titan master of nova prime or something