Film Photographer Spotlight: Patrick Joust

Name: Patrick Joust
Age: 35
Location: Baltimore
Photographing For: 10 years

Camera: Lots… I use a TLR of some kind for most of my medium format photography, so the Yashica Mat, Rolleiflex, Rollop, Ricohflex and Mamiya C330 (for almost all new night work), My Leica M3, Hexar and Olympus XA do most of my 35mm work these days.

Fav films: I use a wide variety of different films, but some favorites include Fuji Astia, Fuji T64 (for night work), Kodak Tr-X, Fuji Acros, Kodak Ektar (mostly for night work), Fuji NPL 160T, Fuji 400H, Kodak Verichrome Pan.

Patrick on why he shoots film:

"I shoot film simply because there isn’t another format out there that I can use to achieve the results I seek. It’s not nostalgia, but the fact that we currently lack an affordable digital equivalent to what’s offered from an emulsion on film. I am a middle class amateur, which means I can’t buy a fancy medium format digital camera. Even if I could, digital photography still doesn’t have the range of options that exist within various combinations of film cameras and emulsions. There isn’t a digital TLR, for instance, and digital rangefinders are too expensive. I also can’t find a digital “action” that truly replicates the look of Fuji Astia, Kodachrome or other lost films. I tend to think of digital photography as just part of a large swath of photographic options. I like digital, but it’s not broad enough to replace film. Perhaps someday it can, but now it’s just another type of emulsion. We’ll be losing a great deal, if we don’t realize this. Variety is important and that’s something I appreciate with film. I’m not so much concerned about film lasting forever as I am with keeping my artistic options open. That’s why shooting film is important to me."

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