Silent April, Sorrow May

Carl Zeiss Tessar 60mm/f2.8 + Original Black Baby Rolleiflex(4x4, 1935) + Kodak T-Max 400*(127 film)

120film cut down to 127film size and re-spooled


Americana Roadtrip by Jen Golay

Camera: Rolleiflex 2.8f, Contax 645
Film: Kodak Portra 400

Jen on shooting film:

“I started shooting film a little over three years ago so that photography could become my hobby again.  I first picked up a DSLR when I was pregnant with my second child back in 2004.  My goal then was to learn photography and get good enough to shoot film.  I loved the idea that I could learn an make mistakes for “free”!  I’m not sure I ever got “good enough” to shoot film, but photography had become work for me in 2010 when I started a portrait business, and it no longer felt like magic to me.  So I bought myself a Nikon FM and some Tri-X and fell in love with photography all over again.  Now I have an embarrassingly large film camera collection and love shooting with each and every one.

Shooting film has always been the thing that I do for me.  I shoot what I love and what interests me.  I try to make time to go on photo walks, and my favorite camera to take with me on photo walks is my Rolleiflex 2.8f–which is what most of these images were created with.  This is my travel camera, too.  So when I go on my photo walks or when I’m playing tourist, I look for the pretty things, the things that interest me, the details, and I make a photograph.  I love using my Rollei to do this because it is a TLR and has a waistlevel viewfinder.  I see the world in a whole new way through that camera.  And it introduces me to fun people.  I always get asked about that camera!  People can’t believe that it’s real, that it shoots film, that I can still buy film and get it processed.  Roaming with my Rollei is one of my most favorite things to do!”

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Wake Up, O Sleeper

Carl Zeiss Jena Triotar 75mm/f4.5 + Rolleicord I Art Deco(1934) + Kodak T-Max 400(120film, B&W)

with Proxar 1(Close Up Lens)