Into the light-Adox CHS100 II by Jonas Nilsson
Via Flickr:
Rolleicord IV Xenar 75mm/f3.5 Yellow filter Adox CHS 100 II Rodinal 1:50 12.30 min


June,Superpan and a Rolleicord by Jonas Nilsson

The beauty of summer :)

Rolleicord IV

Xenar 75mm/f3.5

Rollei yellow filter

Rollei Superpan 200

Rodinal 1:50 17min

Finally, four years after returning to shoot in film, I got myself a proper medium format camera. And a Rolleicord IV for that matter, a camera that I consider the “Goldilucks” TLR for shooters: packs all the necessary features to make photos and a really awesome lens (75mm f/3,5 Schneider-Kreuznach taking lens), but well-priced and affordable as a starter camera, even in immaculate condition.

I will be posting a first impressions review soon once the rolls have been developed.