rollei vintage

Me photographing the forest with a Rolleicord and 120 film.

Shot by my friend Matthew

Rollei RPX 100 shot at 400 on a Nikon F3 

Hey there, looks like you’ve found the first post i’ve made to Tumblr. I’m a 16 year old photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. I largely work with analog film, and self develop, print and scan. Come follow my photographic exploration of my feelings, dreams, and the landscapes i wander through. I want my art to make you feel, what i feel. Be patient while i learn the ropes of this place. 

This is a shot from my latest series - Vast X Melancholy 


Each individual is different. This is a universal truth that we as humans can’t escape. Visually, whether it’s compiled of the modifications of make-up, piercings, or hair dye and growth, an individual has personal likings that are key to building themselves. In reverse, they can’t change aspects such as ethnicity, race, and genetic traits. The curious insight, however, is that these variants connect and unite us as people within the the simple fact of empathy. We can relate to each other through the emotions all of us experience at various points of life. The cultural, social, economical, political, and religious differences that effect and strengthen these visual divides instill the racist and stereotypical stigmas that are present. I don’t believe that any of these differences should be factors of division and hatred, but of celebration and acceptance. The connection that we have in emotions and expression should be the predominant factor over this prejudice and racism that’s accumulated over our history. 


I have shot simplistic bust portraits of four individuals who had varying qualities about them. Each one of them is expressing their utmost anger, which is representative of the anger that I feel towards racism and stereotypes and to show how the same emotion is expressed in variety. The Rollei Vintage lith chemical process represents the outside forces, such as culture, economics, politics, and religion, that can further pull and exaggerate what an individual’s visual divisions can do. Just as the grain is thick and aggressive, so are these forces.