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why does no one talk about how akaashi wear his uniform all cute and proper like a good student with his blazer and top button done up and then there's bokuto who has his sleeve rolled up and his shirt untucked i love it


I love that Akaashi is nice and neat, probably with everything and Bokuto is just messy and laid back. It makes their dynamic just that much sweeter. :)


Soulmate/Reincarnation AU

You had a soulmate. You had someone. You had another half. How did you know you met them? A tattoo. Matching tattoos. It was a beautiful thing, they glowed red hot when close and became cold when far away. 

Daichi stared at his tattoo and cursed his luck. The crows flew on red wings, burning on his arm. And he knew exactly who had a matching tattoo. The only other one staring at his arm. He looked up and their eyes met and it was like the world was a better place. 

Hajime hissed and clutched his arm, before rolling up his sleeve. The vines, decorated with purple lilacs and spaces that looked like birds belonged to them, glowing red, heating his skin. He looked up and when he met caramel eyes, everything was good.

Imagine Keith and Lance going to a fair and there’s a really big hippo plush at one of the games and Keith just looks at it so longingly Lance rolls up his sleeves and slams down a five at the table. The hippo is the biggest prize you can get and the carny is about to laugh at them because no one has ever won anything more than a plastic ring.

But it is a shooting game, and Lance has perfect aim.

Keith walks away with that hippo.

Drunk/Tired Lance College Headcanons

He’s pretty much that Drunk Girl™ post personified.

  • Found Allura crying because she missed her dad and home so he brought her a sweater and a kitten and threatened to beat up whoever made her cry.
  • Interrupted a conversation some girls were having and apologized profusely about it but he just had to say how bomb her highlight looked
  • Was worried Hunk wasn’t eating well due to exams and finals so at 3 am he cooked him a three course meal and made his favorite homemade snack just like Hunk’s mom used to make them (Hunk is pretty much wtf since Lance only seems to know how to make simple stuff and even burned water once)
  • Shiro found him swaddled and buried in blankets or pillows while he was tired but still trying to stay awake and tried to give him that Disappointed Dad Look™ but he just glared at him saying “I’ve seen better disappointed looks from my dog, try again.”
  • Lance usually overthinks things but oddly enough if he’s drunk or tired enough everything is super simple?
    • Pidge: What the hell is wrong with this code???? I’ve re-calibrated it like six times and it still won’t verify anything?!?!!?
    • Lance looking over at it upside down from where he’s laying on the couch all awkward like and what should be physically impossible: Move that 6 and letter A on line 4 to line 5 and move that dash to the right about 3 spaces.
    • Pidge:
    • Pidge:
    • Pidge: What the fuck 
  • There was one time a professor tried to call Lance out…one time
    • Professor: Lance since you’re so obviously engaged in this discussion and no one else can seem to find the answer can you explain this theory for us?
    • Lance having stayed up till 4am when it’s now 7 o’clock: I could if this was even the chapter you had assigned to us to look at and said we would be discussing today, but I mean you’re either going to say well done and try to make it seem like you were testing us when in reality you had no damn idea and was gonna continue teaching like you knew what the fuck you were talking about or you’re going to try to make me look dumb with your pirate looking ass but by all means do what you do.
    • He promptly passed the fuck out right after.
    • The professor stopped calling on him after that.
  • If Lance is tired enough he literally gives no fucks…at all. He’s trying to go home back to sleep, not deal with anyone’s bullshit today.
    • Lance holding Keith by the collar: Keith no, you can’t fight him today, I’m tired and I want to go home and sleep. why are you trying to fight him anyway.
    • Keith: He was talking shit about my mom
    • Lance rolling his sleeves up: You stay the fuck here I’m kicking his greasy ass myself.
    • They had to get Shiro to pick them both up.
    • Lance and Keith: DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!!!!!
    • Shiro: What the hell did you two do? And Lance why is your lip busted?
    • Lance: The other guy’s going to need an ambulance okay I’m fine, just drive the fuck away now! I think dude’s girlfriend called the cops.
    • Shiro: What the fucking-
    • Shiro tries to be mad but those two are in the backseat asleep and cuddling so he thinks he can let this slide just once.
    • He doesn’t wake them up when he gets in the driveway so like the shit brother he is he leaves them in the car.
    • He waits until it’s 12 at night before setting off the car alarm.
  • Lance just compliments anyone and everyone when he’s super tired.
    • He’ll say how nice and what a good friend Hunk is.
    • Makes Pidge a flower crown like he does for his nieces and nephews
      • Pidge: Where the fuck did you get the flowers? The campus is literally fake grass and the park is at least 10 miles away. You haven’t even left the dorm what the fuck?
      • Lance: Shhhh hush, now you’re the prettiest girl in town with a flower crown
      • Pidge: What was I before?
      • Lance: Prettiest girl in town duh
    • Does the most badass and elegant braids and styles for Allura’s hair but most of the time he’s not even conscious for it and when she shows up with her hair done up he asks her who she went to and she says him and he just sits there having an epiphany for a solid ten minutes every time looking at his hands like they’ve saved lives.
    • He told Coran he was the best uncle ever and the man has not stopped crying about it. Had the quote printed and framed, it’s hung up on the wall for everyone to see.
    • Shiro was asleep so he just got tape, put strips of it on his prosthetic arm (Don’t write on someone’s arm permanently that’s rude) and used the strips to write out small compliments and doodle nice things like flowers and kittens. Shiro wants to be made about but like…it’s not even permanent and he keeps finding a new doodle every few minutes like a easter egg hunt so it keeps him entertained.
    • Saw Keith was sad one time, went out at 11 at night to an old family friend that lived out near where he was, came back with kittens he newly adopted from family friend and just dumped about 3 kittens on Keith.
      • Keith: Lance what the fuck
      • Lance: Pretty people shouldn’t be sad and you’re like the prettiest so that’s pretty much against the federal law??? And kittens are like happiness personified. Keep them, I can’t take them back.
      • He passed the fuck out right after that too.
      • Keith with kittens in his lap: What the fuck
Things that Tom do that lowkey turn you on even if he doesn't know it

Again i have no idea what I’m doing to my life
Oh wait
I have a clue
I’m sinning

• he working out would drive you insane
• i mean the way the muscles of his arms contract every time he punch the bag
• the way his hair fall down in curls on his face
• his face sooooooo concentrate and serious on the exercise
• his whole body covered in a sligh line of sweat
• his breath heavy and low groans
• he stretching his back would make you wonder if he’s a real human or a Michelangelo’s sculpture of a greek God
• when he’s lifting weight and how the veins of his arms starts to get prominent
• Tom’s arms like if you agree
• when he takes his hoddie off ands shirt slides up a little showing his abs and the tip of his boxers CaLviN KLeIn • his raspy voice in the morning
• the way he roll up his sleeves and adjust his tie
• every time he calls you “darling” with a soft voice or a weak laugh
• everytime he’s angry he’d clench his jaw
• and his fists
• the veins of his neck would pop out a little and his adam pome would move roughly
• the only way to calm down an angry tom that you know is sex and oh boy… it’s like the best sex ever
• when he scratch his beard before shaving
• walking around the house just with a towel on his hips
• hugging you from behind and breathing in your scent
• licking and biting his lips

• everything that Tom does it’s extremely sexy and turns me on help me
• he’s such a cinnamon roll and a sinnamon roll at the same time protect this precious kid pls

Let me know if idk you guys want a part 2 or thing that you do that low key turn him on

My “Boys” by Charli XCX video
  • Oscar Isaac playing peekaboo with his baby. He has his Poe Dameron hairstyle and just the right stubble.
  • John Boyega playing with TOO MANY KITTENS at once. TOO MANY. He laughs, delighted and overwhelmed, at the tickle of their tiny toebeans.
  • Diego Luna with sweaterpaws in a big cableknit cowl-neck, peeking out at me with sparkling eyes.
    • Alternately: Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal lovingly fixing each other’s hair and collars and glasses.
  • Harry Styles bashfully holding out a bunch of heart-shaped balloons. He’s wearing a floral suit.
  • Riz Ahmed floating past in a crystal-blue pool, laying atop a swan-shaped floatie. He tilts his sunglasses down to wink.
  • Harrison Ford looking vaguely maybe-disapproving but being a good sport about it.
  • George Shelley building a blanket fort for two. He wears a blanket cape.
  • Mahershala Ali having a tea party with gilded bone china teacups covered in fuchsia roses. The other guests are mostly teddy bears.
  • Andy Samberg making a giant banana split; he’s wearing a cardigan and his glasses, and he had to roll up the sleeves to his elbows.
  • Aziz Ansari playing with a Dog That Looks Like Tom Haverford, rip the cutest blog concept.
  • Tom Holland doing breathtaking fouettes and probably a pas de basque combo.
    • Harry Shum Jr. can come, too.
  • Richard Ayoade cleaning his glasses. He’s in a beautiful library. He shushes the camera.
  • Adam Scott eating a calzone, the cheese stretching entirely too long to be realistic. He laughs at himself.
  • John Cho riding a white horse like in Selfie, but in less of a shirt.  Maybe in a light rain.
  • Ben Schwartz and Joe Keery brushing their teeth side-by-side.
  • Alfie Enoch frosting a giant pink cake with a smudge of flour on his perfect cheekbone.
  • Terry Crews painting a still life of flowers and various fruits.
  • Dev Patel and Andrew Garfield having a pillow fight in ridiculously-patterned flannel pajama pants and white undershirts. They lightly pluck stray feathers from each other’s shoulders.
  • Armie Hammer walking a moderately sized army of dachsunds in raincoats. He has a magenta umbrella.
  • Louis Tomlinson, clean-shaven, wearing suspenders. Freddie is dressed to match.
  • Donnie Yen polishing an apple on his shirt and taking a cheery bite. Or maybe a peach, and then then he wipes his mouth on his wrist.
  • Luke Pasqualino carving an terrible, terrible, but very cute jack-o’lantern. He’s too proud of it.
  • Tamal Ray eating a huge sandwich. Probably the number two best sandwich of his life, when they fried the pork with rosemary. I want to see his joy.
  • Nick Offerman reading “Make Way for Ducklings.” TO DUCKLINGS.
    • Alternately: Madeline. He’s probably wearing a tool belt.
  • Andre Braugher jumping on a trampoline.
sleepover - boyfriend!tom

-so the first time tom stays overnight at your apartment is very casual/unplanned tbh

-it’s before you guys are anything super serious. you’ve hung out/hooked up a few times and send flirty texts here and there, but you’ve never been in the same place for an extended period so you’re not officially dating or anything

-tom is busy with work stuff all day, so he has to meet you at the gallery, and you wait outside so that he’s not looking all over for you

-you see him looking fiiiiine as hell from down the block, and he’s looking for you, but doesn’t see you until he’s like right in front of you, and he kinda does a double take at you in your bomb ass dress slaying

-he gets a big smile on his face and says hello and pulls you in for a hug and kisses you on the cheek ~very English-like~

-you guys go in the gallery and walk around catching up and flirting and laughing and paying way more attention to each other than the paintings

-you make the necessary stop to say hello to your friend whose art it is, and she’s like “and who are you?” to tom and you’re like “oh, this is my— tom.” and tom just kinda stifles a laugh and compliments her work

-after a little over an hour at the gallery, you’re like “so….my place?” and you guys walk the few blocks back to your apartment, which he’s been to once or twice before but never for too long

-when you get up to your apartment, you kick off your heels and are hanging up your jacket and when you come back from the closet, tom’s already taken his suit jacket and tie off and is rolling up the sleeves of his button-up and you’re like damn

-you two sit & chill on the couch for a while and talk about what’s happening in your lives and about how school is going for you and about your families and about how crazy his life is getting. he says that you always make him feel more normal which gives you some real life heart eyes

-and the whole time you’re on the couch, you’re both kinda scooching closer and eventually your legs end up across his lap and he’s just gently running his fingers over your calves while you talk

-then your roommate comes home and is chilling in the kitchen so you move to your room

-as soon as you’re in the room you’re like “I need to get this dress off” and young tom is making MOVES he’s unzipping your dress and kissing your shoulder and your neck and you’re unbuttoning his shirt and then his pants and bada bing bada boom

-you have gr8 sexual chemistry what can I say

-lots of post-sex kissing and like in a really intimate way like definitely more coupley than you’ve ever been with him, and you’re not sure what to think about it, but you’re highkey into it

-and then you’re just snuggling there for a while and he’s stroking your hair and you’re both just gettin really cozy in your bed

-then tom’s like “should I go before you fall asleep on me?”

-and you say “mmmm…no” just nuzzling your face into his shoulder/neck and he laughs and says “mkay” & then you both fall asleep shortly after

-the next morning tom has to wake up super early to go back to his hotel and get his stuff and then go to the airport to catch his flight so an alarm goes off at the crack of dawn and you groan

-tom carefully slides out from your arms and quickly puts his clothes from last night back on

-you’re half asleep watching him button up his shirt and are like “where are you going?” and he’s like “London” and you lift your head and look at the clock and then give him a sleepy pout

-he responds by crawling back on the bed for a second to kiss you, murmuring “sorry” between kisses and he goes to pull away but you pull him back by the top still-unbuttoned part of his shirt for a few more

-and when he finally stands up because he really has to go you ask “are we gonna talk about this?” and he’s like “yes. as soon as I land”

-he gives you one more kiss and is like “I’ll see you soon” and you jokingly say “sure you can fit me in your schedule?” and he deadass says “I’ll make sure I can”


hi hi hi @anon who requested the story of the first time tom sleeps at his SO’s place HERE IT IS

we hope y’all like learning more about the backstory of their relationship :)

xoxo, L&A

one for the stars - tom holland

title: one for the stars
pairing: tom holland x reader
summary: there’s always been some sexual tension between you and your teacher. but, maybe it was only on your part. or, maybe it wasn’t. (smut smut smut)
word count: 1914

there was…there was always something about your theater professor, mr. holland. you’d never really taken it into account until a month ago, he grew this fucking mustache and it sort of changed the entire way you look at him. he’d upgraded from a snack, to a three course feast, and most of your nights, and days, were spent thinking about him. it didn’t help that he seemingly flirted right back with you.

it was becoming a problem.

especially when it’s friday, senior ditch day, and you were headed into your last period class: theater. you were far too excited to see mr. holland and simultaneously excited to discuss the paper topics for of mice and men. half the class, as expected, was absent, leaving only you and a few stragglers. the front of the room was empty, suggesting mr. holland was running late, so you took your usual seat in the middle of the class and pulled out your notebook and a pencil, rifling through your bag in search for of mice and men.

you found it, thank god, just in time for mr holland to walk in. he was sporting a black sweater and black jeans, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows so you could see the veins in his forearms. why did your brain always take you to the most inappropriate places? especially at a time like this?

“hello class!” he accent was thick and his face was bright, a smile stretching his cheeks. he was, quite literally, going to be the death of you.
“hello, mr. holland.” you and your five classmates chorus back, and mr. holland, or tom, as you’d heard other teachers call him, held up his hand which contained a copy of the assigned novel. “you read this over the weekend, yeah?” he addressed everyone, and they half heartedly agreed.

“that wasn’t very convincing, students!”

[ … ]

after the class let out, and with a new sense of bravery, you walks up to mr. holland and lean back against his desk. “ah, y/n!” he beams, cleaning up his papers. “gotta say, your paper is the one in looking forward to most.”

you grin, bottom lip coming between your teeth on an attempt to suppress a smile, your eyes averting down to you shoes. “i picked a topic the day you assigned the novel.” you admit, because of mice and men had always been one of your favorites. “i picked charley’s wife and why she’s the real victim of the story. i wanna delve into the challenges she faced and her crushed dreams.” you nod, earning a soft laugh from tom. you look up to meet his eyes and he grins, tilting his head. you mirror his actions mockingly.

“mature for a high school senior.” he notes and you roll your eyes slightly, hugging your books closer to your chest. “im eighteen, mr. holland.” you point out, and his eyebrows shoot up momentarily before he adorns his same soft smile again. “i wasn’t aware.”

you pause and shift your legs, moving one to cross over the other. you notice tom’s eyes avert down to watch your movement before he looks back up at you. there’s a pause, a moment of silence before either of you speak again.

“i always knew you were my favorite student.” he hums, voice low and you can’t practically feel it rumbling your belly. who in the actually fuck have this man good looks and a killer personality?

you push yourself off the desk and reach up to his chest, letting your finger drag down slightly, you hear his breath catch in his throat before it pluck a piece of hair out of the fabric. you hold it up in front of him with a smile, dropping it onto the floor before turning on your heels and walking out of the class room.

if you added an extra swing to your hips, no one had to know.

[ … ]

it’s about three weeks later when your friend, sav, asks you to go out pub hopping with her.

the sexual tension, that maybe only you were feeling, with mr. holland was growing, swelling, and you knew eventually something had to give, right?

so, you get into your best leather pants and throw on a white crop top, nothing too wild, nothing too tame. just a little something. and if you wore one of your more nice bras and pairs of underwear, who had to know?

it’s about ten o'clock, and it’s been a successful night of drinking and dancing, sav has disappeared into the heated bodies at the current club you two were at, and you decided to stay by the bar and keep watch on your drinks.

your entertaining yourself with a cherry and two napkins when your eyes flicked up and spot a familiar face across the way.

it’s mr. holland, of course it is.

he hadn’t spotted you but before he can you access the girls and adjust your bra, pushing the hair off your shoulder. you grab your drink and take a long sip, averting your eyes, and when they flicker back over their catch the familiar brown.
tom smiles, nodding his head, you do the same before he’s looking back to he people at his table. you sigh softly, looking back to your drink.

what idiotic part of your brain had you thinking something might happen? what part of you made you think-

your brain loses its train of thought when you feel a warm hand on your shoulder, and you’re fully ready to go all uma thurman and kick ass, but when you look up you see mr. holland is attacked to the hand.

“hi,” you smile, and he removes his hand to sit down next to you. he’s wearing a white button up and blue jeans, and you nearly drool at the sight.

“hey,” he replied with a smile, sitting his drink down on the bar. “you know, i read your paper last night.” he says, and you feel her cheeks heat up slightly, unsure of whether this was a praise of a pity. “and it was- incredible. you never cease to amaze me.” he grins, and your hearts rabbits in your chest.

you feel brave, for whatever reason, and take a sip from your drink. “i guess that means i don’t have to seduce you for a better grade then?” as soon as you say it his eyes widen slightly, and he seems to look over you, one brow raised.

the left side of his lips raises into a slight smirk, and he tilts his head in that same way he always does. “maybe some extra credit?”

and, well, that’s how you ended up where you are now, with your back against the wall of a stall in the men’s room and mr. holland- or, tom- with is thigh between your legs and his lips attached to yours.

things escalated quite quickly, if you did say so yourself.

your lipstick has smeared slightly along his lips, and he presses his thigh up against your center, your lips parting with a breathy moan. you take the oppertinity to trail wet and messy kisses down his neck, latching your lips to his pulse point with a reverent suck.

“shit,” he bits down on you shoulder with a grunt, and the slight pain makes you grind down with a new vigor against his thigh.

“fuck,” you whisper, and he gently nips at your ear lobe before youre kissing again in a clash of tongue and lips. there’s nothing soft about it, it’s rough and fast and messy and it’s so, so fucking good.

in an instant he’s lifting you up and wrapping your legs around his hips, his hand under your ass to hold you up and the firm outline of his cock pressed against you, and he grinds forward, eliciting a moan from the both of you.

“more,” you suddenly pant into his mouth, biting on his bottom lip and giving it a tug. he nearly drops you from his withering, his hips stuttering forward. “i need more,” you say, more determined, more sure.

he drops you back to your feet in a rush to get out of his jeans and you take this as your opportunity to shed out of your pants and underwear.

this may not be the romantic sex you’d dreamed of with mr. holland, but it’s something, right?

as if he’d expected this he yanks a condom out of his back pocket and goes to take the wrapping off, but you stop him, taking it out of his hands and tearing it open with your teeth.

the second your hand makes contact with his length he groans out throatily, watching you intently as you pinch the tip of the rubber and roll it down. the second it’s secured he’s picking you back up and pressing you into the wall and, well, the man handling had you practically dripping with anticipation. no pun intended.

he pauses, it’d been mostly silent throughout your little…encounter, but he paused and it’s a split second, he meets your eyes. “is this alright?” he asks softly, and it makes your heart swell in your chest. you nod, far too eagerly, and grin. “more than.” you reply.

he takes this as enough and the heated kissing returns, his tongue gliding across yours as he teases your clit with his tip, your eyes rolling back as you moan into his mouth.

before you can complain he pushes up into you, completely, and the stretch is absolutely fucking wonderful.

he was bigger than you’d hoped, bless up.

he gives you a split second to adjust and then, slowly, and so, so good, he pulls almost completely out and slams back up into you.

your head falls forward, teeth sinking into his shoulder as he relentlessly pounds up into you, your body jolting slightly with the force of it.

you do your best to ride down against him but once he licks his thumb and brings it down to your clit, rubbing it in quick circles in time with his thrusts, you’re absolutely useless.

you can feel your legs start to shake around him as you quietly whine, dropping your head backing against the stall wall.

his thrusts slow down slightly, but his thumb continues its fasts movements, as he shifts slightly to catch your lips again.

the shifting angles him slightly different and it sends him directly into your soft spot, and within a matter of seconds your clenching down around him as you come hard, your eyes squeezing shut so tightly you see constellations.

tom follows only a few seconds later, his thumb moving off of you as his hips shutter and he spills into the condom with a shout of your name and a string of curses.

it’s an easy clean up as the two of you redress and get your bearings back, and he presses the softest kiss between your brows. “i guess i’ll see you in class monday?” he asks and you let out a soft snicker.

“don’t forget to grade my paper,”

“can i have your number?”

“is that legal?”

“you’re eighteen,”

“you’re my teacher,”

“so, no number?” he asks, letting a pout make its way onto his face.

you gave him your number.

(and if he wears a turtle neck to class the next day, no one had to know why.)

Harry Smut// Officer H

shavon24lo asked: “Can you do an anonymous part 2? and y/n could go back home to her husband and he’d see the marks that Harry left and they get into a fight and she goes back to Harry? Or something like that idk. thanks”

A/N: I was very excited to write this xx

Part 1 || Masterlist

You closed your car door before speeding out of your own driveway and onto the main streets of London. You left the hotel the next morning while the man, whom still didn’t have a name, laid asleep in the hotel bed. He left a note on your phone with his number and address, leaving you to enter it yourself. You entered it as Anonymous. As much as you wanted to stay with him, you still had a home and boyfriend to address to. It wasn’t until you saw him again. As mad as you were about him not showing up, you remembered the marks the man at the hotel left.

The five marks were faint, but obvious when they were finally noticed by your boyfriend. Both of you were irate over two different topics that could have been solved if he would have shown up. He went to blow off some steam around noon, but you stayed at home. You knew it was over; there was no more hope for either of you.

Four years had gone to waste over one night, but it was a night you didn’t regret. Not even a part of you wanted to take it back. You replayed multiple times in your mind.

You punched in his address into your GPS. You didn’t have a place to go anymore, and you wanted, needed to see him again. You turned the corner and drove down to a flat complex at the end of the road. You parked on the street before looking on your phone for the flat number.

“10th floor, unit 4,” you mumbled to yourself.

You sighed before exiting your car. The cold brisk air finally hit you. You walked into the building, feeling out of place. You found your way to the elevator and opened it. You rode up alone to the tenth floor, fidgeting with your hands. You wondered if he would turn you down now. Maybe he thought a one night stand, but he still gave you his number and address. Did he expect you to come? Did you seem desperate coming back to him the following night?

Your thoughts vanished when the ding of the elevator sung on the tenth floor. You walked to the fourth unit, knocking on the door. The hollow knock sounded through the hallway. 

No one answered. 

You tried again and knocked for the second time. You shook your head before heading back to the elevator. You pressed the down button and waited for it to arrive. 

It opened and revealed him.

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The L Word (Bucky x Reader) NSFW - One shot

Summary: You and Bucky have an agreement, but you can’t help but to push his buttons.

Word Count: 2297

A/N: Smutttt, all of it, Bucky is dominant and jealous. 

You stood at the bar, heels completely aching at the pumps stuck to your feet. You sipped your rum and coke, turning back to Sam who stood with you at the bar. He looked insanely handsome, wearing a blue suit instead of a traditional black, and opted out of a tie.

“Wanna dance?” He grinned mischievously, offering you his hand. You shrugged, giggling in response and throwing your drink back before taking his hand and getting on the floor. The avengers were stuck at yet another one of Tony Stark’s fancy parties, too fancy for your liking. Everyone was rich and snobby, something you could never manage to be even if you wanted to. You shook your head at the people circled around Tony like sharks, presumably laughing at a joke they didn’t quite get.

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