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*Rafe paces around the room, letter still in hand and eyes fixed on you. When he does approach you, he let's go of the envelope, allowing it to fall on the floor to walk around your back. His fingers brush against your shoulder, and then your back, traveling over the spot between your shoulder blades* I don't really care who you gave it too, as long as it always reaches me, love. "His voice is tempered, his eyes looking all over your body with no remorse"

-shivers- But I still don’t understand… how did you exactly get that letter in the first place? Our conversations they were… private. Surely you wouldn’t care about previous exes. After all, that’s all they are. Previous lovers that I don’t care for anymore.

( -rolling up sleeves- time for some roleplay )

( do you enjoy torturing me????? I dont even know omfg and @turrkoise is kinda dying over there go pray for her guys )