Loki Imagine

WARNING: self harm

Imagine that you getting into an argument with Loki. You yell at him how he’s never here for you and you finally break rolling up your sleeves letting him see your scars of old cuts along with new ones. He stands there tears rolling down his cheeks as he pulls you into a hug whispering how much he loves you and he’s here for you from now on as he slowly starts kissing each and every cut and scar.

anonymous asked:

Daryl trying to bake Beth something for Valentine's Day?

Carol comes home halfway through and he doesn’t know whether to be angry or fall to his knees in thanks.

“Daryl,” she says, standing in front of him with a basket of vegetables in one hand, the other on her hip. “What in the world are you doing?”

Daryl looks at the kitchen, covered in ripped open flour satchels and eggs and cookbooks and he knows it’s the end of the world and he should be judicial with supplies but dammit this is what people do, isn’t it?

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