rolled up khakis

Holy shit Elsa Winters is awesome

These to bits are hilarious and incredible

“"Just because I respect her and don’t look at her as a prize doesn’t make me too sweet. I can be bad ass.” Unknowing, she fixes her bow tie.

“Riiiight. Cuz rolled up khakis, suspenders, and a tucked in button up shirt with a bow tie just screams ‘Fuck Me!’.”

That’s right ladies, I am wearing said articles of clothing, control yourselves. I can hear your panties dropping all the way from across the screen.“

”“Uh, we erm- had a-a group mee-meeting about something important.” I couldn’t look her in the eyes cuz I would probably turn to stone. Not because of my um birth defect but uh…just cuz you know….she’s uh…You know what, nevermind, she makes me nervous okay!“

Just read Arendelle High if you haven’t, just do it