rolled up chinos


i need full body ricks bc i am convinced mysterious rick has this crop top thing but nobody else seems to draw it??? i also want the rolled up chinos/deck shoes combo most ricks dress like twats this one is no exception

  • PRINCIPLE: Simon Cowell
  • SCHOOL GUARD: Paul Higgins
  • TEACHERS: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik
  • SUSTITUTES: Josh Divine, Perrie Edwards, Ed Sheeran
  • LANGUAGE: 1D/Directionism/British Sign Language
  • DETENTION: sitting with Naughty Boy, Eleanor Calder, Management, Caroline Flack, (Taylor Swift), Kendall Jenner
  • FINAL PUNISHMENT: witness the boys fake kissing girls
  • MATHS: Learning the 1D maths song and figuring it out
  • SCIENCE: finding out what the Larry, Niam, Ziam, Ziall, (Zerrie) kids will look like by using modern technology
  • ENGLISH: writing Larry Niam Ziam Ziall fanfics and AUs
  • HISTORY: learning about the boys' family history
  • GEOGRAPHY: leaning about England and Ireland (and Directionerland)
  • MUSIC: learning how to play/sing their songs on various instruments (especially high notes from Zayn Malik)
  • DRAMA: learning how to make video diaries and reacting to them(taught by Louis Tomlinson)
  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION: exercise by dancing inbetweeners' dance, pat the dog, screw the lightbulb, stop the traffic, Best Song Ever, etc. (taught by choreographer Leeroy)
  • BUSINESS: calculating sales totals
  • MARKETING: promote their albums (taught by marketing guy Marcel)
  • ARGRICULTURE: taking care of turtles and cats (and toy pigeons)
  • HOME ECONOMICS: chicken stuffed with mozzarella cheese wrapped with Parma ham with a side of homemade mash+field trip to Nando's(generally taught by Harry Styles, food eaten by Niall Horan)
  • IT: making GIFs, "You and I" computer effects, usage of Tumblr and Twitter, uploading Fanfics and making covers for them
  • ART: drawing fanart and smut
  • SCHOOL TRANSPORT: 1D tour bus, magic carpets, wardrobes(for Narnia residents)
  • STUDY HALL/FREE PERIOD: admiring management being slapped
  • UNIFORM: 1D merchandise, TOMs, Supras, suspenders, varsity jackets, bandanas, polos, blazers, stripped shirts, beanies, rolled up jeans, skinny jeans, chinos or no clothing at all during special occasions
  • TIME TABLE: scheduled by Liam Payne

Way Up

In A Penthouse (That’s Not Mine)

I swear every time I post pictures from my recent trip to Nicaragua, I miss it even more! For the 7 days I spent there at Maderas Village, I met lots of new friends, made tons of memories, and discovered this quiet little sanctuary tucked away at the top of the mountain. When I saw it, I knew I had to shoot here so I chose an outfit to appropriately match the breezy, laidback feel of this great space. The outfit is pretty simple and casual: a blousy shirt/jacket with a few buttons left undone because hiiii 98 degree weather and also because oww oww!; a pair of light colored chinos, rolled up casually that say “Hey I’m on vacation ya bish”; and striped espadrilles that are perfect for any tropical locale. So until I can afford my own mountain top penthouse, I’ll just leave this post here and reminisce about the wonderful world that is #MaderasLife.


H&M Shirt // Armani Exchange Chinos // Joy & Mario Shoes // Volley The Koopoles // Ellison Hat