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Blindfolded - Draco Malfoy Blurb

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Your POV

“What are we doing, Draco?” I ask. His hands covering my eyes so, I can’t see a thing.

“Going on a date, Y/N.”

I laugh at his response, “Then why am I being blindfolded.”

“How about this, love. I’ll take my hands off if you promise to keep your eyes closed.” Draco says, slowing our pace until we stop.

I mentally roll my eyes at him. “I promise.” I close my eyes as I feel him take away his hands.

Before I can say anything else, his hands are cupping my cheeks. Pressing his lips to mine gently. 


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I never really make any post, but the way all my dash is talking about harry right now is really upsetting me.
I think that dropping a surprise single or like performing it at the brits and then starting promoting it actively and giving all the necessary infos would actually be a good strategy. I genuinely don’t understand why everyone seem to think the opposite. Why do you think it wouldn’t be wise? Cause he was off social media for like an year? I mean, and so what? Surprise droppings are a thing that - surprise! - not only Beyoncé pulls. In fact, I think this town was a surprise drop too.
I feel like larries are the only ones being upset and I don’t get why. I don’t like Jeff too, I swear to god, he makes me so mad, that fucking quote about metrics made me roll my eyes like few other things in my life have, but from hating Jeff to saying that Harry’s work would be a flop or a disaster or that Harry’s gotten arrogant.. I’m sorry but I don’t think any of these things are true and I’m really upset about my dash. Of course anyone is entitled to their opinion and I know that not all the people who are against this strategy are hating on harry, but I am seeing posts of people legitimately saying nasty things about him and I don’t like it. Harry has done NOTHING to deserve your hate and I think that before judging him we should at least giving him and his team the benefit of the doubt.

“It truly is sad how much people care about a ship in a ffictional movie series. I roll my eyes when I see people say that parts of the HTTYD fandom would get mad if they didn’t get Hiccstrid in RTTE. Why does a ship matter so much? Does your life hang on the balance if there is Hiccstrid or not? No, it doesn’t. People take this way to seriously.”

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I roll my eyes when ppl said Hobi is fake, like, "Hobi" and "fake" doesn't belong in a same sentence LOL. Hobi cries after breaking up with his gf in highschool, he cries during the surprise b-day the members throw for him. The boy visibly shaking and sobbing trying to hold himself together when they win their 1st Daesang. He opens his arms wide like he want to embrace all the fan. He is very open and honest with his emotions, how can someone like that be "fake"?

??? same?? tbh the ppl that say that r ppl that dont rlly stan him so they dont take the time to know him

- two -

“I’ll let you drag me to hell if it means you’ll hold my hand.”

The following week lingered on, a few days feeling like years as I continued to juggle my classes and show up at the pub almost every night to work. Aoife was sweet, still trying to show me the ropes, while also teasing me endlessly about the little invite Niall had given me. I brushed her off, still not sure what my plans were or if he was even entirely serious. I was not going to lie, I had hoped he would have stopped by the pub again before Saturday had rolled around, my eyes shooting to the door every time the little bell rang out and wishing it was him. I didn’t want to have to deal with his asshole friends again though, that was for sure, but if it meant I could see him just one more time, it was probably worth it.

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Hello Panda! Again thanks a lot for your translations! :) and talking about chapter 136... I still can't believe there are people in the fandom surprised or even angry by Soo Won's behaviour like... were they expecting him to suddenly turn good or some crap like that? It makes me roll my eyes, honestly. At this point I see no reconciliation between him and Hak and Yona. And honestly? I hope it stays that way.


I think the reaction is quite natural, seeing as we haven’t been exposed to Su-Won’s nasty pragmatic king mode in a while. We’ve seen him help in the Water Tribe, help rescue Lili, and even sort of refuse to fight Hak even though Joo-Doh was pressuring him to end him (though that was also just another pragmatic decision, but the point is we’ve only seen Su-Won’s nice side recently). Technically, we haven’t seen Su-Won reject Yona and betray their friendship since the beginning of the series, so I understand why this is a cold slap in the face, a little reminder that no, he’s not on Yona’s side, because he’s always going to make the best decision as king, and that means abandoning her.

Heck, even I sort of had my hopes up… I never expected them to go back to being buddies; Yona herself said she wasn’t capable of forgiving him, but you know, I was hoping Su-Won wouldn’t stomp on his relationship with Yona further. Sigh~

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I showed my mom one of my posts about loving daveed and I'm pretty sure that was the click she needed to understand I love daveed so heckin much

lol. i talk about daveed so much whenever i mention his name my sister rolls her eyes and walks out the room. no joke.

me: im gonna log off and not say anything about this stuff all over my dash, closes laptop and walks away

also me: lurking on my phone, liking posts, nodding my head, smiling, shaking my head, cringing, rolling my eyes,

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Have you seen the hollywood lies-- sorry life-- article?? Apparently, Louis wants to marry Eleanor now. I'm pretty sure I killed most of my brain cells by reading the article lmao

i saw and i’m pretty sure my eyes rolled back into my head so quickly i could have generated actual wind power

envy-and-pride replied to your post “About Ciel in chapter 125 (aka the Kuro chapter that actually feels…”

/emerges from under my covers/ hm ? What’s this I hear ? /drops my other anime/ KURO IS BEING VAGUELY DECENT AGAIN ? /opens eyes wide/

YES YUMI! Well, at least to me, that is :D

This is all a matter of opinion, and feelings maybe xD, but I swear that when I read this chapter, I remembered what a Kuro chapter was usually like and how I usually felt when reading it ??? There was no absolute disappointment!!! I am actually excited about it again, and want to read the next one and not just roll my eyes, and close the tab…

And besides what I mentioned about Ciel (which is great because the last time he had a good line was like 8 months ago probably!), the pace just seemed right; there was no regurgitated information; no idols on 80% of the chapter; no Ciel and Sebastian only posing in one panel, they’re actually on the move and investigating and actually getting leads on the case.

So yeah, at least for me, this chapter finally had many moments that seem relevant for what’s coming. And that’s exactly what I needed


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.