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“The clothes I wear… that doesn’t change.  I love long dresses.  I love velvet.  I love high boots.  I never change.  I love the same eye make-up.  I’m not a fad person.  I still have everything I had then. That’s one part of me… that’s where my songs come from.  There’s a song on the new Fleetwood Mac album [Mirage] that says, ‘Going back to the velvet underground/back to the floor that I love,’ because I always put my bed on the floor. 'To a room with some lace and paper flowers/ back to the gypsy that I was.’”

Surprised at her own boldness, the Lady withdrew her hand. But the Earl was a split-second faster than her. He caught her hand with his own; fingers rolling and lacing over the other’s.

“Don’t,” he said.

He leaned into her touch. “… Your hand.. It’s warm.”

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“Why are you/we whispering?” - Here's a prompt! I feel it's one you can use to sneak in two pairings if you wanted; one pair hiding and (accidentally?) spying on the other having a moment *snicker* I was thinking Ransom/Holster either way but I know you like Nursey/Dex as well! Go wild!

Justin’s coming down the stairs in search of a snack for the next leg of his o-chem study sesh, minding his own business and hoping there’s pie left over, when someone grabs his wrist and pulls him off his path to the kitchen.  

He’s not surprised to see it’s Holster pressing him against the wall, hand wrapped around Justin’s wrist.

“Can I help you?” Justin says flatly.

“Shhh!” Holster half spits his reply as he ducks down to peer around the corner and into the kitchen.

Justin hopes his eyebrows manage to convey how unimpressed he is when Holster straightens back up. He doesn’t let Justin move from the wall so apparently the message is not received.

“Dex and Nursey are in there,” Holster whispers, jerking his chin towards the kitchen.

“Why are you whispering?” Justin asks and gets Holster’s hand over his mouth for his troubles.

Justin lets out a deep sigh through his nose; there’s probably no more pie if the Frogs are working there. He licks Holster’s hand and when he can move his upper body without the 200-odd pounds of d-man crushing it, he leans to look through the doorway to see for himself, twisting his spine awkwardly because Holster still has his hips pinned to the wall.

Nursey and Dex are sitting side by side, their books spread out over the kitchen table. There doesn’t seem to be any pie left on the counter, but he’s looking into the kitchen from a weird angle so he can’t say for certain. It’d be a normal every day scene in the Haus except for the distinct lack of fighting going on in the kitchen.

Holster’s smile is kinda creepy when Justin straightens up.

“There’s no pie, is there?” he asks in his regular speaking voice. Holster punches him in the chest, which fair, Justin’s purposefully missing the point in protest of the snack he’s not getting.

“They’re getting along!” Holster says, voice as quiet as Justin’s ever heard it. It’s weird. Holster looks into the kitchen again. “Rans, the Frogs are growing up and D-bonding!” He whisper-shouts that last bit, spitting slightly.

“Say it, don’t spray it bro.” Justin wipes his face on Holster’s t-shirt.

“I’m just so proud,” Holster continues, ignoring Justin to still whisper-shout in his face. “It feels like just yesterday they were arguing about double knotting their laces.”

Justin rolls his eyes. “They were arguing about that yesterday.”

“Yeah, but look at them now, all grown up and sharing the table.” Holster sighs dramatically. “D-men bonding is so special. Do you remember our Frog bonding?”

Justin shakes his head, thinking back to their first year on the team where he and Holster somehow managed to live out of each other’s pockets without actually living together. Their off-ice bonding included a lot of bowling and arguing about T.V. shows, but whatever it worked and made their on-ice bond that much stronger.

He succeeds in shoving Holster off him so get can go find the cookie dough he saw Bitty mixing earlier if there’s no pie, but freezes in the doorway before he makes it further than a step into the kitchen.

“We didn’t bond like that in our frog year Holtzy,” he says quietly, staring at the train wreck that is Dex and Nursey full on making out over their homework. They’re really going at it, not even stopping for breath when Holster forgets he’s using his inside-voice and asks, “What?”  

He settles his chin on Justin’s shoulders to look past him into the kitchen. “Oh fuck, nope.” Holster laughs, his breath tickling Justin’s ear. “That was junior year bonding.” He grabs Justin’s hand again.

“You owe me a study snack,” Justin sighs, but lets himself be pulled out of the kitchen and up to the attic. He doesn’t want to deal with the fall out of either Frog noticing that their chosen spot for a moment isn’t so private anymore. Idiots.

“You wanna go to Annie’s?” Holster asks in a normal voice.

“Yeah, but text the Haus that there’s very important D-man bonding going on so they don’t get caught,” Justin says, nudging Holster out of the way so he can pack his backpack. He’s going to be productive even if the rest of the d-line isn’t.

“Are we gonna bond?” Holster wriggles his eyebrows suggestively. He laughs when Justin swings his backpack onto his back, narrowly avoiding slamming it into Holster’s gut.

“Never again if you don’t let me finish my notes.” Justin is only half serious with the threat. He turns to make Holster pack his own backpack so he’s not a complete distraction at the coffee shop.

“I’ll be good.” Holster grins, hooking his hands on the bottom of Justin’s backpack straps. He rubs his thumbs over the exposed skin where the the backpack has rucked up Justin’s shirt.

“You’re a such a liar,” Justin says. He pushes Holster away. “I’ll leave without you!”

Holster throws random books into his backpack as he replies, “You can’t D-bond without me Rans.”

Justin watches him pack a textbook that he’s pretty sure he hasn’t looked at since they first moved into the attic, and is really sure that he doesn’t want to d-bond with anyone else.

Holster’s answering kiss when Justin tells him so is worth the chirping he hears the entire way to Annie’s.


etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the rock ’n roller  | 12.4.16

BOWIE BLITZ: aladdin sane bowie embroidery hoop by studiosrh

there’s something unique and beautiful about this embroidery hoop art piece … i’d love to add it to my collection. i miss you, DB.

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reddie + 14?

yES good choice 

14. sitting on someone’s lap

It was a Friday night and the Losers decided to kick off the weekend with a horror movie marathon at Bill’s house since his parents were going to be away for the weekend with his little brother Georgie.

They had spent the past thirty minutes arguing over which horror movie to watch before Beverly shut them all up and picked one on Netflix called Hush. The Losers all squeezed together on the furniture in Bill’s living room: Bill and Stan were cuddled together in the recliner while Ben, Beverly, Mike, and Eddie squeezed together on the couch, leaving Richie alone on the ground, something he was not very happy about. At least Beverly had the decency to play with his hair.

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In Which He Gets Jealous.

They all sat around at the first level of the concrete Amphitheater, around the campfire side. The sun shone brightly, the beams gently grazing where the fire would be blazing if it were night. Reyna, Hazel and Frank had snuck away from Camp Jupiter for the weekend. Piper and Jason sat next to Frank, Percy and Annabeth between Hazel and Reyna. The rest of the campers were all busied with their usual activities.

The crew of the Argo II laughed at one of Percy’s lame jokes.

“Reyna!” two figures made their way up to the campfire, the smaller figure in front of the larger one. It was covered in black from head to toe. As the figures drew closer to them, Percy could see that it was Nico di Angelo, with Will Solace behind him.

Nico’s Stygian Iron blade, which was almost three feet of wicked metal, black as nightmare, hung from his jeans. He was dishevelled, and he wore a black wife beater with a skull printed on, black jeans and an impractical pair of Converse high tops.

His raven locks tumbled across his forehead and Annabeth’s black hairband with a tiny grey owl was on his pale, left wrist, a bottle of water in his right hand.

Will on the other hand, wore a khaki pair of cargo shorts, a blue button-up, matching his big, blue eyes under an orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, even more impractical flip-flops and his wavy, surfer-boy hair was neatly brushed above his forehead.

Reyna got up and hugged Nico tightly.

“Ciao,” Nico greeted, a small smile on his face, “What are you guys doing here?“

“Well, Jason here told us someone got promoted to Camp Half-Blood’s Sword-Defense Master,” Reyna smiled.

“Please,” Percy snorted, “That’s only because I’m not around.”

“Don’t you wish,” Nico rolled his eyes, sarcasm lacing his every word, as he and Will sat next to Reyna, “Besides, that’s just a fancy title for training thirteen year olds. It’s a tedious process.”

“How did you learn to sword fight?” Hazel inquired, eyebrows quirking curiously.

Nico’s cheeks heated, “Kept the wrong company for a while and I just sort of picked up a couple of tricks.”

“You just got back from the Arena, right?” Jason asked.

Nico nodded and said, “Yeah, I was finishing up my last batch of lessons for the day, and Will had just completed his daily archery lessons. Some Aphrodite girls told us you guys were here.”

Then, he opened his bottle of water and took a sip. And Percy couldn’t help but poke fun at him.

“Hey, Nico,” Percy grinned, “I didn’t think Fiji water WAS YOUR TYPE!“

Nico groaned and put his head in his hands, “Holy Hades, not this again.”

Percy’s grin grew, but Nico knew he was messing with him. Very few people knew his secret and they were the seven and Will. Will had been the first outsider Nico ever told, but he and the son of Apollo had a surprisingly good relationship and he knew Will wouldn’t stand in the middle of Camp with a banner written, “Nico di Angelo is gay!”

“Wait, Nico,” Piper frowned, “Really though, what is your type?”

Nico bit his lip, nervously, his cheeks tinting pink.

“I don’t have a type,” he shrugged after a while.

Annabeth frowned, leaning foward, “What do you mean you don’t have a type? I mean, everybody has a type!”

Nico’s cheeks flushed a deeper, more delicate pink.

“I just never considered, you know, who I might be attracted to,” Nico continued biting his lip and tucked his ear behind his ear, shrugging, “Back in the ‘30’s people like me weren’t as free to be open about it then as they are now.”

“Nico,” Jason said sternly, enunciating his words to drive his point home, “It’s okay. You deserve to be happy. You practically saved the world, man. You can’t stay by yourself forever.”

Nico cast his eyes downward, “I know.”

Will Solace surprised everyone by snapping, “Hey. Leave him alone. When he’s ready to settle down, he will.”

“No harm, no foul, dude,” Percy held his hands up, “We’re just trying to speed up the process.”

Will rolled his eyes.

“So, Nico,” Reyna grinned, “Let’s find out what’s your type.”

“Nico here is a small little ray of darkness that looks like he could kill you and probably would kill you,” Percy smirked.

“Hey!” Nico interrupted, “I’ve worked really hard on curbing my murderous tendencies!”

“Obviously, we’d pair him with a ball of sunshine. Opposites attract,” Piper grinned as if Nico hadn’t spoken, “So someone from Demeter, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, maybe Athena, Hecate or Hermes…”

“Demeter is technically my step-grand-mother,” Nico tried again, disgusted, “That’s a no.”

“And he’d have to look the exact opposite of Nico,” Annabeth put in, “Because Nico looks as if he didn’t know a barber existed, he’s never seen the light of day and there’s no other colour but black.”

“He also needs someone who’s able to easily diffuse his anger,” Jason added, “And his attitude. Because this little Italian is one of the most sarcastic, mouthy persons I know. Forget Persassy, Nico di Sassangelo is the next big thing.”

“What did you call me?” Percy stared blankly at Jason.

“Percy!” Annabeth smacked his shoulder, “This is not about you!”

“And I do not have an attitude!” Nico said, indignantly, “My mother and sister raised me to be a gentleman!”

Will, who was sitting quietly while they argued, suddenly got up and walked away.

“What’s wrong with Solace?” Jason asked, “He normally isn’t this snappy.”

“I’ll go check on him,” Nico frowned, “I agree with Jason. He’s not being himself.”

Nico left the fire-side, his tiny legs unable to keep up.

“Hey Will!” he called after the son of Apollo, “Wait up!”

Will froze and Nico used this to his advantage, grabbing Will and dragging him behind the Hades Cabin, which was the nearest cabin, and which was the cabin that kept them both out of sight. Nobody would see them arguing.

“Okay. Spill,” Nico demanded.

“There’s nothing to spill,” Will said, simply.

“Will, c'mon. What’s up?” Nico pushed, “That out there, that wasn’t like you.”

Will knew it was petty, but deep down, he was jealous. The thought of Nico with somebody else didn’t settle well in his stomach.

“Nothing, alright. I’m fine,” Will snapped, “Just leave me alone, Nico.”

Nico summoned up the fiercest glare he could and sent it in Will’s direction. Will stubbornly glared back at him, until Nico broke eye contact, sending his gaze to the ground.

“Gods of Olympus,” Nico said, softly, “How do you do that? None of the other campers can keep eye contact with me for more than two seconds.”

“I’m not afraid of you like most campers, Death Boy,” Will replied, equally as soft.

“Will,” Nico whispered, making the mistake of looking up at Will.

Nico’s breath caught in his throat, all the words he’d wanted to fling at Will flying out his head. Will was gorgeous.The sunlight highlighted all the small, golden flecks in Will’s eyes blue eyes, his blonde hair glimmering. Nico saw the freckles that splashed across his nose and cheeks, like little red galaxies and his lips…

Before either of them knew what was happening, Nico was pinned up against the wall of the Hades cabin, practically melting against Will, whose lips were moving gently, wildly, passionately against his. Will’s lips were as soft and plump as they looked. Nico’s eyes slipped shut, allowing him to revel in and enjoy the moment. Sunbursts bloomed behind his eyelids. Will tasted like a warm summer day, like gentle, calming sun rays, like home. He gasped slightly when Will gently bit down on his lower lip.

As if he realized what he was doing, Will pulled back, his entire face red.

“I-I’m sorry, Nico,” Will stammered, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

Nico was still reeling in shock. He ran back to the Hades cabin, still processing. He was unaware that Will was following him.

Will Solace kissed him. Will Solace stole his first kiss. And by the gods, he wanted Will Solace to kiss him again.

He let the door of his cabin slam shut.

“Nico, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I won’t do it again,” Will pleaded, banging on the door. Nico looked through the peek hole. Will looked nervous and angry with himself.

“Look, you asked me what was wrong and the truth is, I was jealous, okay? I mean I’ve liked you for a while now and you never seemed to notice,” Will forced a smile, “But I’ll pretend that it never happened, if that’s what you want.”

Will began to walk away and Nico realized that he had to fix it. And then he realized that he really, really wanted to give Will a chance.

The door flung open, and Nico yelled, “Will, wait!” Before pulling him inside his cabin, slamming the door shut.

Twenty minutes later, Percy returned to the fire side, grumbling angrily as he, Annabeth and Piper paid Jason and Reyna their winnings.

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heya!! If your still feeling up too it, altar ideas for Hestia would be super cool!! Thank you so much!!

- Tea kettle
- Pigs
- Salt rock lamp (You can leave them on to represent a hearth)
- Knit or lace fabrics
- Rolling pin
- Something that reminds you of home
- Table fire bowl (x)
- Tea (chai or earl grey are my favorites)
- Photos of family
- White lily
- Lavender
- Chaste wood/leaves/flowers
- Cooking Herbs
- Olive oil
- Home sweet home needlepoint
- Candles (Brown, purple, white, Gold)

Altar Ideas
Amphitrite - Aphrodite - Apollo - Ares - Artemis - Asteria - Athena - Demeter - Dionysus - Hades - Hebe - Hekate - Hemera - Hephaestus - Hera - Hermes - Hestia - Khione - Persephone - Poseidon - Selene - Zeus

Originally posted by pabospoiler

Everything was incredibly beautiful. The walls were lined with pure white lace, a roll of white fabric lined the center aisle, roses sitting on small pillars decorated the room. Everyone dressed in their best suits and dresses, light mingling in the air as people found their seats.

One year of hard work brought out this beauty and yet.

“I can’t do this.” You stared at Seungkwan’s reflection in the mirror, the horror on his face coming to light. You stood up from your seat, bunching up the ends of your dress, “I cannot get married today, you can tell him. Say, I’m sorry and that it just isn’t the right time. Okay.” Your words were spoken hastily as you tried to get passed him.

“No no no. You can’t leave!” Seungkwan holds your shoulders back, preventing you from moving, “You’re just getting cold feet. You’re nervous, it’s a whole new chapter.” Seungkwan sits you down, “Here, just sit, relax, have some wine, but don’t spill!” He places the glass in your hand, backing away slowly as to make sure you wouldn’t make a run for it. Closing the door securely behind him upon his exit, he runs into Seungcheol.

“Hey how’s y/n.”

Dramatically, Seungkwan clutches onto Seungcheol, “Code Red!”

Soonyoung fixes the bowtie around his neck, his fingers pull at the sides as he grins at himself in the mirror, “She always said she liked bowties, do you think she’d kill me that I switched the regular tie to a bowtie.”

Wonwoo is seated behind him, idly playing on his phone, “Would she really yell at you in the middle of the ceremony.”

Jeonghan snorts, sitting across from Wonwoo mimicking the boy’s action and playing on his phone, “It’s like you don’t know women.” Jeonghan notices the drop in Soonyoung’s face, “But you’ll be fine, she’ll love it.” When Soonyoung’s face brightens, Jeonghan turns back to Wonwoo, mouthing a ‘no’ with a shake of his head.

The thump of the door and the appearance of a hastily Seungkwan grabs their attention. Seeing Soonyoung, Seungkwan smiles brightly, clinging to the doorknob as he leans in and speaks in a seemingly calm voice despite the lively entrance.

“Um, the bride would like the assistance of Jeonghan please.”

Jeonghan sighs, stuffing his phone in his pocket, “It’s like I’m handling this whole wedding alone.” Jeonghan glares when he hears Wonwoo and Soonyoung laugh behind him.

Jeonghan expected the problem to be a hair one, he was in fact the one who helped choose your hairstyle. Perhaps you were experiencing difficulties with a part of the hair, or maybe the hairpin was out of place. Thanks to Jeonghan’s many help in the wedding planning, he took pride in the fact that you and Soonyoung actually fought over whether he could be a bridesman or a groomsman.

“Y/n~” He sings but abruptly stops upon being greeted by the mess of a scene.

On the floor is a spilled wine glass and furniture has been shuffled about. The window is propped open, the wind pushing the curtains aside, your hands are placed on the windowsill, your head just outside of the window. Seungcheol’s arm is wrapped around your waist as he tries to pull you away. There’s screaming from Seungcheol and from you.

“There.” Jeonghan takes his hands away from your hair after setting the pin back into its place. He grins at you from the mirror and you give a small smile. His hands move to rest on your shoulders, “Feeling better now? You’re just a little nervous that’s all, don’t worry.”

You nod slightly, “Definitely.” You grasp his hand, “Thanks.”

Soonyoung slouches in one of the comfy seats of his grooms room. His finger lightly tapping upon his lip, “Do you think, when I get married, that we’re never gonna see each other again.”

Minghao squints his eyes at the groom, “We all work together.”

Soonyoung leans forward, “But you know, they always say that a married man never has time to see his friends.”

Minghao shakes his head, leaning back in his seat and closing his eyes at his friend’s rambling and repeating in his head ‘it’s his wedding day’

The door to the room breaks open once more, and brings a disheveled Mingyu. He catches his breath and scans the room, “The bride would like to see Joshua and Jun please.”

The two males sitting in the corner lift their heads from their phones. Quite frankly they didn’t know as to why they were being called, they both knew they hadn’t any hand in the wedding planning. So they follow the hastily boy to the bride’s room, and the scene that unfolds is impressive.

Furniture is now toppled upside down, your shoes have been abandoned on the floor. Somehow a mirror has broken and pieces of the glass have fallen onto the ground. Chan is furiously trying to clean up the wine mess, Seokmin is sweeping up the glass, Seungcheol is trying to reason with you as he grabs your shoes for you to put on. Jeonghan is watching the scene, as if he himself had just walked in. Seungkwan stands in the corner, debating who he should help. And you, you’ve trapped yourself behind a couch and halfway from the window.

“Okay.” Joshua let’s out upon finally getting you to settle into a seat.

“Yeah.” Jun, speechless, is holding onto your hand as he sits next to you.

You smile, laughing, “This is, oh my god, this is just so embarrassing. You know, i’ve wanted this for such a long time, and I shouldn’t be so nervous.” Everyone in the room nods, “I’m really sorry.”

Soonyoung looks upon his empty room. It’d been almost twenty minutes now since Jihoon and Minghao were requested out, and he just realized he hasn’t seen Seungkwan, Jeonghan, or Seungcheol for over an hour. The ceremony was to start in fifteen minutes, why wasn’t any of his groomsmen waiting with him.

“You need to get out of the bathroom honey!” Jeonghan tries using his sweet talking voice as a way to draw you out.

“Why isn’t there any window!” You screech from inside.

“Probably because so many women have tried to escape.” Jihoon pounds on the door.

“Wait a minute.” The whole room pauses at Seungcheol’s voice. Using his finger he counts the number of heads in the bride’s room, “twelve. Who’s with Soonyong!”

“What’s going on.” Soonyoung steps into the room.

All heads are turned at the groom. He examines the unfolded scene. Furniture has been moved up against the wall, some stacked in front of the window. A large wine spill is marked on the floor and he spots a broken mirror with chips of glass broken off. The room falls silent with various eye contact between the twelve men.

“Where’s y/n?”

“Bathroom?” Chan answers questioningly as if he didn’t know if he should have answered at all.

The men move away as he approaches the door. The doorknob jiggles in his hand as he realizes it’s locked, “Y/n?”

You sit inside the bathroom with a defeated sigh, “Soonyoung?”

Unknowingly, the twelve boys have left the room, leaving only you and Soonyoung. He politely knocks on the door with his knuckles, “Are you gonna come out?”

You laugh with a sniffle, “I’m scared.”

“Of what? Marrying me?”

A sigh leaves your lips, “Yes.”

Soonyoung leans his head against the door, “I should be the one to be scared of marrying you. You make the bed every morning, I mean who does that.”

“Normal people Soonyoung!” You laugh when you hear his.

“And you make coffee at literally six o’clock in the morning when I don’t even have pants on. And when I’m really tired, sometimes you just bring a wet cloth to wipe my face so I don’t have to get up and wash it.” A heavily sigh leaves his lips, “You’re so weirdly perfect sometimes that it scares me.”

The lock on the door clicks. Soonyoung takes a small step backwards as the door opens to reveal you. His breath hitches at your beauty, the dress hugs outlines your figure that he loves so dearly. He’s almost afraid he’s going to attack you in that moment.

Soonyoung grins, leaning forward to press his lips upon your forehead, “Shall we get married in about five minutes?”

You hum, “I’d like that.”

He notices your eyes soften, your hands reaching up to grasp the ends of the bowtie, “You’re wearing a bowtie. I’ve always liked bowties”

Rowaelin Fanfic, Modern AU, But She’s looking at You, Part 6

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 7 |

Maeve owns the best club in the city, but when Aelin shows up demanding answers from her Aunt, she is forced into one month of working as a DJ in her Aunt’s club in exchange for information. Along the way she meets Rowan and the rest of the cadre, who are working as bartenders in the club… and Rowan is given the task of babysitting Aelin for the month.

Here you go ya thirsty animals. 90% of this is graphic Rowaelin smut, but even if that not your jam I insist that you skip to the end for a bit of a plot twist :) Enjoy you filthy sinners <3

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