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So we haven’t fully unlocked Yurio’s tragic backstory yet, but from what we’ve gotten, his grandpa is the only person from his family who is actively involved in his life. 

So that’s why this screen cap is so important to me. Because these three aren’t a family, and things must be really weird between Yakov and Lilia, because they’re divorced. But they’re willing to put that aside to make Yurio feel happy and loved. Becasue even though he’s a world-class athlete, he’s still a kid.

We also know that Yakov really cares for his skaters, even though he’s really crass. Ep. 10 has implied that Yakov didn’t support Victor leaving skating, because it seemed like Victor was leaving to pursue his Japanese crush. But as soon as Yakov saw Yuuri send Victor away in episode 9, he realized that Yuuri returned Victor’s feelings, and took care of Yuuri when Victor was gone.

It’s just so important that Yakov and Lilia are indulging Yurio’s interests, because it’s so important for him to feel like he’s loved. Even though Grandpa is Yurio’s inspiration for agape, he’s certainly gotten some unconditional love from his coaches. 

(also look at how cute the proud little bean is. I mean, how can you not love his happy little face!?)


In which Jumin’s bodyguards where blessed with the presence of an angel… ☆*:.。.o(✧ω✧)o.。.:*☆

Honestly, he is too precious for this world~ (´。• ω •。`) ♡

Newt Trying to Cheer you up would include...

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Anonymous asks: Hi I’m really having a bad time rn & I just saw your “meeting newt for the first time would include”& I thought maybe u could do something like “newt trying to cheer you up would include” or something like that? thx,but if u dont wanna do it its ok:)

I wanted to cheer this anonymous up so I granted her wish as early as I could by writing this short little include! :)

  • Newt sitting next to you, cocking his head to the side a little and asking you what’s wrong.
  • Once you’ve told him, he lets you burry your face in his chest and he holds onto you, trying to calm you down.
  • Your pain is Newt’s pain and he can almost feel how you’re feeling.

  • Newt wiping away your tears with his gentle hands.
  • When you’ve calmed down a little, Newt tries to make you laugh, by making funny noises of his favorite animals. Sometimes he’ll even do the mating dance for you to make you really smile.

  • If you’re still upset, he’ll lead you to a sofa, give you a blanket, food, drink, and then sit with you.
  • Him making a tent out of blankets.

  • Because he loves feeding animals, he also loves to feed you, gently putting chocolate treats into your mouth (Newt swears by chocolate).
  • Newt telling you funny stories to try and take your mind off the troubles.

  • You snuggling closer to Newt.
  • Newt getting some of his favorite gentle beasts (like the niffler or Pickett) and placing them in your arms.

  • Newt wrapping you up in blankets like a burrito, and feeds you more chocolate to comfort you.
  • Newt making fun of himself, doing bad impressions of himself.

  • New softly kissing your forehead and cheeks, and brushing away your hair from your face.
  • Finally, Newt saying softly to you, “Come on, give me a smile!”

  • You smiling bashfully at Newt, who’s looking deep into your eyes and then smiles when you smile.

but can you imagine Supergirl pulling out a Legend of Korra finale for Supercorp at the end of season 2 or 3 ?

Like there ya go Kara realizing that Mon isn’t that good for her and that the girl who was standing there the whole time supporting her (and saving her ass, everybody’s ass really) is in fact the love of her life ?

And we are all just like ?????


While Aaron will always have a special place in my heart, I’ve definitely become something of a Robert stan lately. Here’s a few reasons why the past year has seen this shift in my affections:


Aaron has the constant support of friends and family galore. For a decade, he’s been surrounded by people who love him to bits. During the trial Robert points out that everyone supports Aaron, and it’s true. He says he’s not easy to love, but he’s probably the most loved person in Emmerdale.

Robert has spent most of his life unloved and emotionally alone, afraid to be himself and get rejected. He’s often been torn down and insulted for trying his best, reinforcing his insecurities about himself never being good enough.Even when he succeeds at something good, he never receives praise, money being his only form of positive reinforcement. The most important people in his life consistently prioritize others over him- Jack with Andy, Chrissy with Lachlan, Aaron with Liv.


Aaron has physically hurt people and emotionally pushed them away (e.g. Paddy, Adam, Jackson, Hazel, and recently Robert), but they fight to stay in his life and forgive him even for terrible transgressions.

Other than Sarah and Aaron, no one has ever fought for Robert’s affections out of love, but when he messes up, everyone is quick to make him an enemy. Vic and Diane generally support him, but even they are quick to doubt his intentions and can be cruel when they’re upset, leaving him unable to be completely honest with them.

Coming Out

Although Aaron definitely struggled with coming out, elucidated further by the events of the past year, it was incredibly anti-climactic. Nobody was bothered about it except for him and that rando in community service.

Robert has gone through hell to accept his bisexuality. I don’t think anyone in the village hasn’t given him grief for denying being gay, especially Aaron. Even so, he’s the one talking openly about his love and initiating affection.


Beyond the emotional risk both of them have taken in starting a proper relationship, Aaron has invested little else in it.

Robert has drastically changed his lifestyle, he puts up with disparaging comments on a daily basis, and he’s taken on parenting a teenager of no relation to him. He’s risked prison- even offered to turn himself in if it would help Aaron’s case. He was willing to die together with Aaron, rather than survive without him. He has supported Aaron in big ways and small, over and over again, and yet Aaron’s not even acknowledged his sacrifices.

tl;dr: I just want to give Robert a hug.

Guide to romance 

  • Challenge a 15 yro to a dance battle
  • Seductively dance with  your idol 
  • Throw yourself all over your idol and capture their eye
  • Tell your idol to become your coach if you win the dance battle
  • WIN
  • Strip off and pole dance with an ice pervert
  • Wonders why some people are being so touchy with you 
  • Build a healthy relationship