babynectar  asked:

i remember this one time someone sent me on anon "stop reblogging from me!!" which was so dumb because thats the whole point of tumblr you should be happy im reblogging from you!!!

That is exactly why i don’t have anonymous on any account. Why would you give anyone the chance to be a twat to you, because 9 times out of 10 if you give someone the chance to talk shit without them being revealed they will, because they’re whack as fuck and pussies. Also, you’re absolutely right…. the whole point of tumblr is to reblog from others, so when people complain about someone reblogging from them it’s whack, and when people apologize for reblogging from you a lot (or even a little.) it makes no sense and is also whack. I don’t understand.. and the whole “i dont want to look creepy.” is no excuse. Are you going to go to every person you reblog a substantial amount to and be like “sorry for reblogging so much lolz xD” Obviously not.. Regardless, like i keep saying that’s what tumblr is all about, so why are you about to apologize for doing exactly what this site is all about? I will never get it.