CATCO MAGAZINE (Special Edition #218): 



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Random section of Shoma and Kanako’s magazine interview (2014). Picture credit here.

Shoma Uno’s Daily Belongings Check!

  • Wallet
  • iPod
  • Ball

The wallet was given to him by his dad, and it is from Adidas, his favourite brand. Kanako was checking her belongings right next to her, and Shoma said, “My wallet is kinda worn out so it’s a bit embarrassing…”. The gorilla keychain on his bag pictured on the right, is one of his favourites.

Next, his iPod. The songs he listens to are….

“I’m trying to study English so… Speed Learning (audio which helps you learn English) is in there (in my iPod),” said Shoma.

“I’ve never seen Shoma listening to English!” said Kanako.

“I also have the Marumori song in there,” said Shoma, laughing.

And finally, the ball. Is this for training?

“It’s just for playing,” he laughs, “In between practices to kill time. These days, I practice a lot with Kana-chan and Miu Sato-chan, so we hit with the balls.”

Even with such a cute face, is he still just a mischievous little boy?

“Wrong. I’m the one who always hits Shoma!” said Kanako.


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model: Kate Moss - photography: Alasdair Mclellan - styling: Alister Mackie - hair: Anthony Turner - makeup: Lucia Pica - manicure: Lorraine Griffin - Another F/W 2014

  • brocade suit from The Contemporary Wardrobe Collection, London; metallic blouse from Mairead Lewin Vintage, London