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I don’t think there is anyone who could have done better in the role than Benedict and it’s- for three reasons: No. 1  - his raw talent as an actor. You know, there are very few actors that can give you as many interesting choices in any given scene as Benedict. He is a first class actor all the way, but what separates him from a lot of other first class actors, I think, is his personal combination of of high intelligence and depth of feeling. You know, he has a very active mind and he is very bright and when you talk to him, it’s very clear that he is very well educated and very smart. But he also has an incredible depth of feeling and that’s what enables him to have such a broad range of talent as an actor and enables him to make such interesting choices and Doctor Strange is a complex character. You know, he is not simple. He’s also unlikable to start with, you know, and yet you stay engaged. He’s unlikable, but he’s interesting and Benedict is good at that kind of character, you know. He can play a character that’s not necessarily the most likable or most appealing character - but I don’t believe characters have to be likable: They have to be interesting, and Benedict is very good at playing characters who normally, and if you met them in the real world, would not necessarily be likable, but they’re interesting and therefore you want to watch them and then as you watch them start to transform, actually, root for them.
—  Scott Derrickson on Cumberbatch in the “Doctor Strange” Behind The Scenes interview
You guys...

The filler episode (480) honestly broke my heart. Watching kid Naruto (how old is he? 5?) walk around all alone. Going home and holding back tears–and fucking STARVING without money to buy ANYTHING. What the fuck kinda system does that village have? Is there even one?
I get it, children grow up to be ninja and learn to fend for themselves from an early age, but he’s just a CHILD with the brightest smile and the biggest, bluest eyes, the kindest heart (he offered his fish to a STRANGER) and the entire village treated him like a disease. It’s so fucking sad. Its so devastating. I cried at seeing him just wandering aimlessly, keeping busy, inventing his own training techniques and games and just living in complete loneliness. He’s just a child…What a heartless and senseless world this man created.

It’s also so damn baffling that Naruto managed to keep smiling through it all. Was always incredibly resilient and stubborn. Still laughed with a stranger, still did his best despite having nobody (until Iruka) to encourage him. Naruto knew no love or support as a child, a very critical period in development. Which is why I have so much trouble accepting 700. He just seemed so detached from everything even after everything he had “accomplished”… It just wasn’t a look I expected to see on Naruto ever.

P.S. Do you guys remember those fanfics that HC Naruto’s love for ramen as the result of him being poor..? It really does seem like that’s the case. He HAD to buy instant ramen bcs it’s cheap.