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I’ll be working on pieces in order of which they are drawn (from top to bottom)!

    Please remember, winners have 48HRS from the time of the announcement to reply! I’ll attempt to reach out via Tumblr messaging and chat. If there is no reply, I will re-roll for another winner!

     Thank you all for participating and congratulations to the winners!

Turf Wars Giveaway

Hey, Avatar fandom. I’ve got a little spare cash and accidentally signed up for an Amazon Prime trial, so I’m giving away Korra comics!

This drawing is intended for fans who aren’t comfortable/able to spend money on entertainment, so please respect that when entering. It’d be great if we could minimize the necessity of bootlegging them, since more copies sold = more support from producers. Also keep in mind that I can only ship to the USA.

Send me an ASK (no Tumblr IM, that’s hard to track) with your name to let me know that you’re entering. I’ll roll for 5 winners on July 22 at 10p EDT, and let you know via ask later that night. Obviously that’s also the cutoff time for entries!

The wait is almost over!!


Giveaway finale!

The reactions to this giveaway surpassed my expectations and it took me a while to collect all the entries. Thank you for your patience! I’ll have to find an easier way to do this next time because typing up 2500+ url-s by hand is really time-consuming OvO. Anyway, I finally fed the random number generator who gave me the name of four winners:

@reinedescoeurs got a full body shaded drawing
@wirls got a custom chill gif
@girlalmiti got merch from my storenvy shop
@asexual-astronomer got a t-shirt from my teepublic store

Winners, you’re free to trade your prizes between each other if you want. I just ask that you don’t pressure/harass each other, plz! If for some reason you don’t want your prize, feel free to tell me - no hard feelings, I promise! and I’ll roll for a new winner. If I don’t hear from you in 5 days (in the form of an ask or IM), I shall roll a new winner in your place.

I really appreciate the new follows and reblogs and all the sweet comments in the tags! I read them all. ALL! 👀 They gave me the feels.
This month will be overloaded AF, therefore I don’t expect to draw many ask replies. But that usually means you get to see more finished and colored pieces so there’s that. ^^
Thanks again and I hope you forgive me for drawing Meg a 70s hairdo when they’re supposed to be in a fictional 50s setting I don’t know what I’m doing

After figuring out a system to roll for these winners based on the additional times you had your name in the draw for those that donated extra: The winners of this years charity goes to:
1st Prize: Tyr
2nd Prize: ScopeGuard
3rd Prize: Wisp
4th Prize: Kelpie
5th Prize: Cryo
6th Prize: Berry

Just as a reminder: 

  •  1st Prize: A detailed coloured and shaded character of your choice (potentially an animation, we’ll have to discuss that.) 
  • 2nd & 3rd Prize: Cell coloured/shaded character of your choice 

  • 4th, 5th & 6th Prize: Cell coloured/shaded bust of your character

I’ll be contacting those that have won to see what they’d like! It may take some time to complete these as they won’t be just sketches done on a stream.

Thanks to the many people who had donated and joined me in streams for the previous week. You are all amazing and I hope you guys liked the sketches you earned for your donations to charity. You guys give me the warm fuzzies, and my family were both very confused by everyone’s pen names (and I loved it.)

Swimming Pools

Originally posted by minozic-o

Artist: Song Minho/ Mino

Group/Crew: WINNER

Genre: Gang!au , Fluff/Smut

Word Count: 1162

Requested: Can you do a smut scenario with Mino based on his mv ‘Body’ please?

WARNING: EXPLICIT! , Slight Daddy! Kink , Strong Language Usage

Standing in front of him, a seductive smirk was painted on my lips and my eyes were hooded. I was a good distance away from him, having that he can’t get me easily if he wanted to. “It’s such a great night.” I looked up, stretching my neck as I stared at the night sky. “The view is amazing, too.” His deep voice stated, having dropped several octaves. Feeling the water shift, my head shifted back to him. A teasing smile was playing on his lips as he leaned back against the edge of the pool. Nodding his head back, he bit his lip at me seductively. A giggle escaped my lips as I began to slowly make my way through the water towards him.

When I got close enough, he reached out and tugged my body to his. A smile was pulled onto my lips as we stared at each other. “You look so gorgeous in the moonlight, my sweet princess.” He cooed softly, pushing a wet curl behind my ear. “You look rather attractive under the light of the moon, too, my dangerous mob leader.” I chuckled, watching as his lips pulled into a small smile and his eyes sparkled in amusement. “You’re so cute, jagi.” He chuckled, rubbing his nose against mine in a gentle eskimo kiss.

We clinked our flutes of champagne together and sipped from them, our eyes locked from above the rim of the glass. Placing mine back on the ledge, beside his head, I leaned back into the water.  Moving away from him, watching as he set his flute down next to mine. His arms spread over the ledge, his head tipped down as he watched me through his eyelashes. I that look all too well, and my body reacted immediately. I moved back towards him, our chests touching as I looked up at him with innocent eyes through my wet lashes. He dipped his head down, brushing his lips against mine. I smirked, dunking myself into the pool as he went to connect our lips. What I didn’t expect was for him to pull his whole body in after mine and grab me. We stared at each other, ignoring the slight tingle from the chlorine, before he pulled me to his body and connected our lips. He gripped my shoulder, holding me closer to him and kissing me deeper.

We finally came up for air, both of us taking a large gulp of air. Soon, he attached his lips onto my neck. Nipping and sucking at the wet skin, marking with blotches of purple and red. Moans slipped from my swollen, parted lips as my head tipped back and my eyes shut. I arched my back, our chests meeting as he held the middle of my back tighter as his lips traveled up my jaw, over my chin and up to brush over my lips. “Minho.” I breathed, my hands gripping his biceps as I looked to him with hooded eyes. He hummed softly in response, his eyes dark and dilated in lust. “I need you…” His lips pulled into a smirk against my cheek as he slowly moved towards my ear. “Tell me how bad you need me, princess.” He nipped at the lobe, chuckling lightly at the whimper that escaped me. “So bad…please, Minho.” I whined, only receiving a disappointed sigh from him. “Tsk tsk tsk… Now, now, now princess you know what my name is…” He whispered, one of his hands sliding down and gripping my thigh, pulling it higher against his hip. I whined again, jutting my bottom lip out in a pout as I stared at him with glazed eyes. “You don’t want me to get angry and frustrated with you, right, princess?” He stated, voice soft as if he was talking to a small child. “No…” “No, what, princess?” He rose an eyebrow at me and I lowered my eyes to the water between us, his twinkling with something I was so used to by now. “No, daddy.” I spoke in a soft voice, eyes flickering up to look at him through my eyelashes. The groan he let was enough of an indication that what I said hit right in his ego, boosting it up much more than it needed to. “Now, tell me again, princess…How much did you want me?” He pushed, his nose rubbing against the base of my neck gently, causing my eyes flutter shut and my head to fall back. “So, so much, daddy.” I sighed, feeling his lips spread into a smile against my collar bones.

Soon enough, I was pinned against the corner of the pool, hands gripping at his wet back as he pounded into me. My mouth was open as silent moans slipped through, with the occasional gasps and whimpers. His forehead was leaned against mine as he watched me intently, a groan leaving him every once in a while, and him placing soft pecks onto my lips. I felt myself clench around his length, a whimper leaving at the feeling. “Daddy, I’m close.” I breathed, my face moving to the crook of his neck and nipping at the skin gently. “I know. Hold off for just a little longer for Daddy. Okay, Princess?” His voice was raspy and strained as his hips started to move faster, rougher, and messier. As he chased his high, his grip on my hip and thigh also tightened, hard enough to bruise. “Alright, Princess, on three I want you to cum for me. Okay? Can you do that for Daddy?” I nodded, whimpering as my grip on his back tightened and my nails dug deeper into his shoulder blades. “One…” He grunted, head falling forward as he groaned out the last two numbers. “Two…Three… Cum for me, Princess.”  He rasped, my orgasm flowing before I was even ready. Like it was just waiting for his okay. It tore through me in strong waves, causing me to scream his name and cry out in ecstasy. Then, just as mine settled down from its pleasurable torture, his hit him. He moaned and grunted softly, his breathing speeding up as he stilled and his body tensed. “Fuck!” He cried out, snapping his hips to mine a few more times before he stopped and slumped against my body slightly.

As our breathing evened out and he slipped out of me, we just sat there in the chilled pool water and stared at the stars.  “Want to go watch a movie inside?” He asked softly, making me look to him and chuckle. His eyes were already trained on me as a boyish grin played on his lips. I sighed softly, nodding as I leaned in to peck his lips. “Sure thing, boss man Minho.” I giggled, watching as he playfully rolled his eyes at me.

Imagine playing soccer with the group in Alexandria to relieve stress.

(So here’s my “tribute”imagine before the big reveal tonight of who got Lucilled. I switched it from baseball to soccer because i’m more familiar with it XD Hope it is as requested and I promise it’s super fluffy and silly :3 PS. I tried my best to included everyone at the line up as well as the others in Alexandria XD Gif not mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

As you stepped outside of your house, you felt the warm breeze and the sun shining down.

It was a beautiful day and looking over at your friends out and about their day, made you smile and grateful to have finally found a place to call home.

You suddenly felt an arm wrapping around your neck and someone pulling you over for a kiss on the cheek.

It surprised for a moment but instantly you knew it was only Daryl being his usual sweet self.

“Mornin’ Y/N”

You chuckled and holding to his arm and looking over at him, you replied “Morning Daryl…but you do realize it’s at least noon!”

He laughed and nodded.

“Yeah, I know! It’s just habit I have to say it to you when I wake up, that’s all! Besides it’s your fault I woke up this late!”

You laughed and agreed with him.

“Fine…You’re right! But it’s only because everyone else told me it was okay for us to take a rest for the day …especially after the hard work we did yesterday…”

Listening to you he chuckled and his hands had wandered to hold you by your waist. As you looked into his eyes a thought came to you.

“And since we have the rest of the day to us…and it’s such a beautiful day…I think we should all have some fun…Come on! I have an idea!”

You pulled him by the arm and ran over into the garage of your house. Seeing your enthusiasm made him smile and get just as excited as you.


You then both stepped out of your house and walked over to the large field.

Your friends all saw the both of you and wondered what was going on. They saw you holding a soccer ball and few cones while Daryl held some paint cans.

They then noticed you setting the cones as the limits of the goal and later saw you and Daryl spray painting the field.

Rick first approached the both of you and smiling, loudly asked “What are you two up to?!”

You pulled down your scarf protecting you from the fumes and waved over at him.

In a joyful tone, you told him “We’re preparing a soccer field to play in! It’ll be ready in a few moment! Just go tell everyone to come over! We all deserve a fun break!”

He shook his head laughing and turned to run to go and get the others.


As you and Daryl wrapped up the preparations, all of your friends and family came over. They stood looking at you in amusement while some

With the ball in hand you walked over and looked at all of them. Daryl followed you and said “Alright! Listen up! We all worked hard for this place to work since we got here! So Y/N and I thought that maybe it’s time for us to finally get a break!”

They all agreed clapping and cheering and laughed at your suggestion.

You then said “Alright, here’s how it’s going to go down! We’ll separate into two teams first! We’ll play a game of soccer…winner gets a reward while the losers gets a punishment…”

Glenn then raised his hand and said “What’s the reward?!”

They clapped and asked the same and as you signal them to calm down you said “The rewards is…Drum roll, please…anything the winners want…something in the realm of possibility, alright! We can’t exaggerate!”

They chuckled and agreed with you and let you continue.

“So let’s start…Who wants to be team captain?”

As Daryl heard you, he immediately took the ball away from you and said “No…No team captains! Girls vs. Guys! That’s it! Let’s see who’s best!”

He laughed and began to run to the other side of the field and instantly the men all followed him.

“Daryl!” You yelled as he got further away and the others got closer.

As they passed by you they all laughed and Eugene jokingly pushed you out of the way while Abraham caught you and ruffled your hair into a mess.

Carl passed by sticking his tongue out at you and Maggie came over to pull your hand over to the middle of the field.

Their actions surprised you but nonetheless it all made you laugh as well.


The instant you all gathered in the center to start playing, Daryl got cocky and said “Ready to lose Girls? Huh, Y/N?! Ready to reward me after you lose?!”

You pushed his shoulder in a playful manner and replied “You’re overconfident?! You really think you can win this with your team?! Please?!”

Rick got closer and being just as overly confident said “Yeah we’re gonna win! Why wouldn’t we? We have the best on the men’s side, there’s no chance we’re losing anytime soon…”

You scoffed and rolling your eyes replied “Seriously, Rick you too?!”

Michonne walked over and pushing Rick the way you did Daryl, said “Alright, enough chit chat! Let’s start!”

Daryl immediately kick the ball out of your way and passed it over to Rick.

Rick ran as much as he could, only to be intercepted by Michonne. She kicked the ball out over to Rosita.

She passed ran with it and seeing you near the goal passed it over to you. You got it and in that moment, you kicked hard and managed to make Eugene miss the ball and scoring one for the team.

Instantly, you were overjoyed and ran towards your teammates while Tara ran over to you to pick you up in a big hug.They hugged you and you just had to do your silly celebratory dance.

Daryl taking the ball back and walking over to you said “Okay, okay we got it! You don’t need to rub it in our faces!”

You stuck your tongue out at him and shrugged placing yourself back for another round.


Daryl looked over at Rick and nodded, only to make his pass over to Glenn instead. It threw you off for a moment but Maggie went after him and tried to get the ball away.

She ended up pulling him by his shirt, making him slip and fall. However, he grabbed onto her before and ended up pulling her down with him.

They laughed and so did everyone else but suddenly Abraham got to the ball before you could.

He ran with it and heard Carl yelling from the other side “Abraham, over here!”

As you heard that, you ran over to block Carl and keep him from the pass.

However, Abraham passed it over to him and he managed to get away from you. Despite your teammates giving him a hard time he managed to go further and score.

Abraham raised his arms up in celebration and said “Yeah! Now we’re talking about!”

He ran over to Carl and picked him up on his shoulder to continue the celebration. The guys all high fives each other for it and sang a little something to celebrate.

Sasha chuckled realizing she missed and seeing how just as childish the guys could be.

Daryl then got closer to you, just as you stuck his tongue out.

You mimicked him mockingly and said “You didn’t even score it! All you did was pass it at the start! Not that impressive…”

He mimicked you back only to pinch your cheeks tightly.

“Daryl! Let go!”

The others then approached with the ball back and was about to restart.


Suddenly you heard a voice approaching and asked “What’s happening here?”

You turned over to see Father Gabriel walking over with Aaron. As well as Morgan following from behind.

As they arrived, you smiled and said “We’re playing soccer! Winner gets a reward! Losers gets punished!”

They chuckled hearing you and Gabriel said “Well then can we join?”

You all cheered and nodded at them to come over. Daryl then said “Alright guys, over here!”

You shook your head and put yourself in front of Daryl and said “Wait this is unfair! You guys out number us! At least one of you should join us!”

Daryl laughed and Rick approached you replying “No, no, no Y/N! It’s guys vs. girls! These three are all men, they’re with us! It doesn’t matter how many we are!”

You pouted and frowned at him saying “Oh come on guys!”

Wanting to be nice Gabriel raised his hand and said “I don’t mind being part of your team Y/N…”

Daryl shook his head and went over to reach his raised hand and said “No, Father…You’re a man! You’re with us! Don’t try being nice to her! The moment she wins she’ll rub it in my face!”

His comment made everyone laugh and as he pulled him over to men’s side of the field, Aaron approached you and mouth out “Sorry” before going to join Daryl.

You caught Morgan by the arm and tried to beg him to be on your team but just as Aaron he apologized saying “Sorry, Y/N…You heard Rick and Daryl…It’s guys vs. girls…”

You jokingly got frustrated and stared over at Daryl to warn him. He simply laughed and shrugged at you.


Their team outnumbered the girls and being as unfair as they could they all stood to play in the field.

Rosita approached you as you walked over and said “What the hell?! How can they just all be on the field at once?”

Maggie got closer and said in a loud tone “Well maybe it’s because they’re all scared of losing to us!”

You laughed at her statement and Daryl imitated you to make fun of you.

You pushed him over and you all restarted to play. You played a little more aggressively and pushed and tugged at them to get the ball.

You all got down and dirty on the ground and couldn’t help laughing whenever someone slipped and fell or just completely missed the ball.

Although, they were more men than women, you still managed to get more scores than them and in the end won.

You all celebrated and just as Daryl said, you totally rubbed it in his face while dancing.

“I won! We won! And You didn’t! We didn’t even need more player on our team! So…I told you so! I told you so! I told you! I told you! I told you so!”

Even though he thought you were cute, Daryl couldn’t let you celebrate too much and grabbed you to hug you tightly and tackled you softly to the ground. He ruffled your hair and tickled you.

He finally let go and as everyone took a little break, you went over to your teammates and discussed what your reward was going to be and what punishment they were going to get.


You finally made your decision and walked back to tell them.

“Alright, so it’s been decided! As a reward for us winning, you will all have to cook a great and amazing meal for us, once we get back in! All of you, together! No objections!”

Crossing his arms and listening to you, Rick said replied “Fair enough…”

He looked over at his teammates and continued “But you all better know how to cook well because I don’t think you can count on me!”

It made you all laugh and you continued “And as for your punishment…we wanted to see you all humiliate yourselves so…line up!”

They all looked at each other and you could see in their eyes the nervousness of what was going to happen.

You laughed along with the other girls and said “Alright when I call upon your name, you will have to move forward and turn around, so that your butts are facing us! You will then be obligated to spell your name in the air by using your butt! Don’t worry, we’ll only take your first names!”

They chuckled here and there and were in disbelief to their punishment.

Trying your best to keep yourself from bursting into laughter, you continued “So, Daryl! You’re up! Hurry!”

He moved forward and looking at you said “You’re unbelievable, Y/N! This has you written all over it!”

You scoffed and crossed your arms and said “Just write your name!”

He followed your orders and as he did, heard you laughing with the other girls and saw his teammates laughing as well.

“You guys all laugh, now! But you’ll be up next too!”

He looked ridiculous shaking his butt to spell each letter of his name yet was so adorable, you couldn’t help but give him a pat on the butt when he was done.

One at a time, they all went through what Daryl and at each of them you laughed as much.

When it was all done, as everyone was laughing and having such a good time taking a break, you all sat down and enjoyed watching the sunset together in the field, forgetting about your worries.


“What?” You said as you laid next to him. He continued to watch you intently. Feeling your face turn red you covered it with your hands. He starts laughing and places his hands on yours.

“I’m just admiring your beauty…” he says as you get even more flustered.

“(BN) shut up!” You say and turn your body away from him. He comes closer and wraps his arms around your waist.

“Why do you get so shy!?” He says and starts shaking you back and forth laughing.

“BECAUSE!!” You scream laughing. You continue hiding your face and just let him shake you. He leans over and kisses you on the hand.

“Can you look at me please?” He says in a cute little voice.

“No.” You say laughing. He places his chin on your arm with his arm loosely on your waist.

“Why?” He places a kiss on your arm. You don’t answer. “Babe?” He places another kiss on your arm.

“Because you’re going to make my face turn red.” He starts laughing and gets up.

“I promise I won’t.” He whispers in your ear.

“You can’t promise that.” You continue to cover your face.

“Why not?” He said kissing your neck.

“Because the way you look at me makes me……” You stop and mumble the rest.

“Makes you what?” He says placing his ear closer laughing.

“Makes me blush!” You mumble moving away from him but he holds onto you pulling you closer to him.

“Really?” You could hear the cockiness in his voice. You could just picture him smiling and raising his eyebrow making that face that you’ve come to love but you would never admit it. You sigh and try to move away. “Fine if you don’t want me to look at your face then can you just stay still so I can enjoy you being in my arms?”

“Ok.” You mumble. You blush even harder and stay still. He places a kiss on your shoulder and snuggles closer to you.

“I love it when your shy.” He says laughing and you just roll your eyes.

It’s here! The Item Mall purge is here! To bid farewell to our ever faithful friend, us mods at the Elsword Fashion blog will be hosting a small giveaway!

Here are the details!

  • The giveaway will run from April 17th to April 28th. The winners will be announced on April 29th!
  • Two lucky winners will each receive a $25 US prepaid card of their choice. We will send you a direct message so make sure to have that feature on! If you don’t respond within 24 hours, we will re-roll for another winner. Although the giveaway ends after the IM purge, we hope it will benefit your future shopping sprees!
  • To qualify, you must have followed this blog before April 15th, 2017.
  • No double-entries either! We’re watching. 👀

To enter, simply head over to this page and fill out the short form! Good luck to everyone participating!

And with that said, even with the IM purge, we hope you will continue to support us long into the future. Stay fashionable everyone~.


First thanks everyone who have participated!

I won so many follower with this giveaway, so thank you people who follow me and thank you people who will stay even after the announcement. 

So here are the winner.





You won a waist drawing full color! 

Send me a message in the next 24 hour or i will have to roll again another winner :(

Congratz all! 

And thanks to have participate. Maybe at the end of summer there will be another give-away ;) 

skiihawnt  asked:

Play table tennis. Whoever wins gets to publicly humiliate who they choose, or if that's not how you boys roll, the winner gets a food prize or something.

After figuring out a system to roll for these winners based on the additional times you had your name in the draw for those that donated extra: 
The winners of this years charity goes to: 
1st Prize: Tyr
2nd Prize: ScopeGuard
3rd Prize: Wisp
4th Prize: Kelpie
5th Prize: Cryo
6th Prize: Berry
Just as a reminder:  

  •  1st Prize: A detailed coloured and shaded character of your choice (potentially an animation, we’ll have to discuss that.) 
  • 2nd & 3rd Prize: Cell coloured/shaded character of your choice 
  • 4th, 5th & 6th Prize: Cell coloured/shaded bust of your character

I’ll be contacting those that have won to see what they’d like! It may take some time to complete these as they won’t be just sketches done on a stream.

Thanks to the many people who had donated and joined me in streams for the previous week. You are all amazing and I hope you guys liked the sketches you earned for your donations to charity. You guys give me the warm fuzzies, and my family were both very confused by everyone’s pen names (and I loved it.)

Not kidding though. the Wildstar community really donated a lot, which made them have a higher chance of winning.  I am super glad to see how this all turned out!

Drum roll....

The winner is…Michael Rooker lol, who could have guessed…Okay so Surprise gift got four votes with Listen with your heart getting four also. So I am going to write another chapter for yondu then merle and will post them a couple minutes apart. But to be warned after these two I have to work long shifts all this week so may not be able to update till Saturday… but we will see. Thank you so much for sending me asks it makes my day.

Originally posted by apoterra85

Drum roll: Here’s the winner of the @HarleyDavidsonJapan Street Build Off competition.
It’s an incredible drag-style style Street 750, from Yoshikazu Ueda and Yuichi Yoshizawa of Custom Works Zon.
The motor is slung in a single-cradle frame and there’s completely new suspension front and back. The fuel tank has been moved to the seat cowl, permitting a low-slung fake front tank. Poking out is a jockey shifter, with the clutch operated by the pedal you’d normally use to change gear.
The other four customs from the Street Build Off competition are just as amazing. Hit the link in our bio to see them all.
Image by @banbi1125 | @cwzon @darkcustom_japan | #streetbuildoff #harleydavidson #chopper #harleygram #street750 #HDCustomKings #DarkCustom #LiveYourLegend #bikeexif


Hello hello my lovely followers! The time has come to announce the winner of my giveaway *cue drum roll* The winners (chosen at random) are……

@princessalyson22 and @backwardszombie

Let me know what you’d like drawn as your prize!

Thank you to everyone who has followed my new account I really appreciate the support! I will do more giveaways in future ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡