So, my dream desk is all finished! Well, except for the two drawers my uncle is repairing for me and the broken handle I have to send to my father-in-law so he can weld it back together for me, but those are just minor things I’ll be getting the drawers back this weekend. :) 

I had so much fun refinishing it, and you can tell by the photos that it looks almost like a whole new desk! It’s pretty dang incredible! I feel so lucky, so blessed, to have this desk. I have literally dreamed about having this exact desk since I was a little girl, but I never actually thought I’d have one because they are *not* cheap, and I do not have that kind of money. I still can’t believe my aunt found this treasure for $60!

And I feel so blessed to have something so nice of my own. Something so nice that is *mine*. It really is like a dream. I don’t really know how to explain that, but it’s the truth. It might sound crazy, but I wake up every morning, look at it, and I can hardly believe it’s real. It’s mine. 

I’m just so thankful. I finally have that beautiful writing/creating sanctuary I’ve always dreamed of, so thank you, Aunt Pat. Thank you for making my dream come true. 

Beautiful days consist of fresh flowers atop my roll top desk and a 49 cent find of “A Handmaid’s Tale” at The Salvation Army. I’ve been keeping my eye open for a second hand copy of this book for months! Thank you universe ❤️ #margaretatwood #handmaidstale

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