I love how this attempt to leak a photo to validate the Louis/Briana story actually just has everyone ROLLING ON THE FLOOR IN LAUGHTER TRY HARDER DUDES MAYBE NEXT TIME DONT SEND GRANDMA

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okay when he did that little head cocked to the side thing when he said "she's kinda hot tho" honestly made me wanna jump off the roof of my house

MINE FROZE. the video froze on his face in that part and I was sitting on the floor watching it & I legit started rolling around I was making like… not normal noises

Ghost Mates pt 3

Heyo~ Happy Monday, I got asked to make a 3rd part to Ghost Mates so here it is!

(Part 1) (Part 2)


Danny was not looking forward to explaining the whole ‘ghost mates’ thing to Sam and Tucker at school. Groaning, he rolled over, noticing he seemed to be tangled in some sort of … cloak? Groaning again as he recognized the purple color, he pulled the covers over his head, not wanting to deal with anything today.

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Um... Relief advice for cramps other than ibuprofen (which I'm already planning on taking). Haha oof. 👎

heating pads?? vegan icecream?? rolling around on the floor??

I’m so sorry guys, I get cramps every month and these are the only things that I know of as I despise medicine…sorry! x

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Knock knock knock.

A bright, jubilant grin spread across Ludger’s lips. “Oh, shit, I am home!” he called, laughing as he rolled off the couch and onto the floor. He continued sniggering softly, but made no move to stand. Jude knew the handle trick, right? He could get in if he wanted to. Instead, he just texted back,

        [TEXT –> Jude] : Juuuuuuuude
        [TEXT –> Jude] : i hear youuuuuuuuu

Austrian alcohol vs. Hungarian alcohol
  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Austrian hotel owner:</b> Would you like a free welcome drink?<p/><b>Hungarian guests:</b> Hell yeah!!<p/><b>Hotel owner:</b> Okay, okay. It's a local apple and pear schnapps, it is very strong about 30 percent<p/><b>Hungarian guests:</b> ...<p/><b>Hungarian guests:</b> Oh that is nothing<p/><b>Hotel owner:</b> *WTF*<p/><b>Me (Australian) :</b> Palinka! 50 percent minimum<p/><b>Hotel owner:</b> *eyes pop out of head and gently roll across the floor*<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

2013 - At the beginning of the video, we see Walker escorting in the 100 lb girl into the hospital without incident. Acker appears to be compliant, but she apparently took too long to sit down after being told to sit down.Walker proceeded to give her a little encouragement to sit down and shoved her into the chair with excessive force. In response the handcuffed girl then kicks the officer in the leg. In his report, Walker would make it seem like he was under attack and that she “kicked him in the groin area.” 

After suffering a foot to his pant leg, Walker punched Acker in the chest. He then grabbed the tiny, handcuffed, and inebriated teen and body slammed her face first onto the hospital floor, injuring her neck and knocking out her teeth.

In one report, police claim that Walker “rolled her out of the chair to the floor.” In another report, police claim that Walker “escorted Ms. Acker to the floor.”

“This is a very violent attack on someone who is in handcuffs, who is partially restrained and tiny, and there’s just no need for it, You can’t have something like this, whether it happens 100 times, 10 times or one time. It’s unacceptable. It cannot be tolerated. As a patrol officer in particular, that’s part of the job, dealing with that without planting someone’s face in the floor.”

Because Walker injured himself while body slamming the teen, he was advised of his rights as the victim by Colorado Springs Police Department. The department refuses to say whether or not Walker faced any discipline for his actions. He remains on regular duty.In the meantime, it will be the taxpayers of Colorado Springs who will foot the potential $500,000 bill for the lawsuit on Acker’s behalf. [article]

summer text acronyms

smao = sweating my ass off

rofs = rolling on the floor sweating

sol = sweating out loud

ftp = fuck this perspiration

wtf = water, the friend