Anzac Day

Anzac Day marks the anniversary of the first campaign ( 1915 )  that led to major casualties for Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.

The acronym ANZAC stands for Australian and NZ Army Corps, those soldiers were known as Anzacs.   Anzac Day remains one of the most important national occasions of both Australia and New Zealand and is remembered on 25th April each year.

The Australian War Memorial, in Canberra ACT, has a wall named the  “ Roll of Honour ” which records and commemorates members of the Australian armed forces who have died during or as a result of war service.

Poppies adorn the panels of this wall, placed beside names as a small personal tribute to the memory of a particular person, or to any of the thousands of individuals commemorated there.

Maybe the women and her children above are remembering some one special to them.


senior year (sorry it's so long)

long before I got into kpop (okay more like 5 months before) I developed a huge crush on the only Asian boy in my grade. He was like top of the class, valedictorian, always on high honor roll, barely spoke, quiet Cambodian boy who played volleyball.

Anyways, the first time I started liking him was after our senior camping trip in August. I never noticed him before then, like I knew he existed but not in that way.

When classes started, I prayed we had classes together and we did, at first, but then my schedule was messed up so I ended in another period for our AP lit class but we were in sem together. Fast toward to November, when I finally admit I like him more than I thought, we had a mini golfing trip and like I swear to you not, we somehow ended up in the same places at the same time and there was a lot of eye contact and slight “accidental” touching. But because we’re both antisocial and awkward outside of our friend groups, we barely spoke. Now fast forward to January, where it starts getting complicated (sorry this is long). One of his friends has had a crush on me since junior year. And before we go any further, I unintentionally flirt a lot, like I’m a natural flirt. But anyways on our way to the mountains for our skiing trip, he sat in front of me, beside my best friend and his friend sat diagonal to me on the bus. His friend starts flirting with me, stealing my snacks so I’d have to lean over him, ect. And one time I lean over him to grab it and get a hold of it but he wouldn’t let go so I was tagging and he ended up losing his grip and I kid you not, I fall onto my crush’s lap.

I never apologized so damn quick and I may be black but I blushed so damn hard and he just fucking SMIRKED like okay??? wth but while the snack thing was going on he was glaring, rolling his eyes and looking super annoyed??? but when we got to the ski lodge five minutes later I didn’t exist??

okay now fast forward to February, I write him a love letter/poem and my best friend gives it to him after talking me into it. but after all the eye fucking (like I kid you not, we had sem together and this kid’s stare is like as intense as the fucking sun), he ignores me like the plague, like we didn’t flirt?? like we didn’t intentionally touch?? like, I was so pissed that I unintentionally started flirting hardcore with his friend and in sem we were asked about relationships and I stared dead at him and literally was just like “nah, man fuck relationships”.

then fast forward to prom season (April) this kid literally sits in front of me in sem (we use computers freely in that class) and I’m sitting with my girls discussing prom dresses. I was gonna get a champagne colored dress and I was saying that out loud so the next sem class, he has the nerve to sit in front of me again, talking about getting a champagne colored vest for his suit while stealing glances at me??? like no, you had your chance, but still, come love me???

anyways during May was this poetry comp my team and we started practicing for it every night in April, which meant staying after school, but April also meant the start of volleyball season and I kid you not, we ran into each other sooooooo much it started becoming awkward lol. at one point I would show up at his practices just to get under his skin cause I knew he wouldn’t say shit. The same happened throughout half of May.

May also meant AP testing cramming hard core so our AP lit class met as a whole and this kid’s stare man, I can’t even deal. The ‘accidental’ touches started happening again but he wouldn’t say anything to me and sometimes he would ignore me. I was like boy if you don’t stop giving me whiplash. I was so close to confronting him but I lost the courage (his stare + lip bite, nah I was dead, all courage evaporated).

June rolls in like hell on earth, literally I was still dizzy and prom was three days away AND HE STILL DIDNT SAY ANYTHING so I ended up going as a group with my friends and he doesn’t go??? at all?? like what was that for??? but he comes to see his friends off and stares hard. like if u wanted it, should’ve asked. (I ended up wearing a blue and gold dress btw and I looked damn good in it).

Anyways finals didn’t exists for us since we’re both high honor roll students so we only saw each other for senior things throughout June, like a cookout, picnic, trip to a country club. man the country club, it was the first time he seen me in a bikini and girl I looked great and he noticed. He would swim near me constantly, join when I played pool volleyball, watched as I chilled in the hot tub, decided to play mini golf when my group did, but wouldn’t say anything to me??? and when we got back home and I started walking home and he was waiting for his ride, he literally stared me down until I disappeared down the street. but then on graduation day and practice I’m ignored again. he wouldn’t even sign my yearbook??? but his friend who I’m friends with (not the one I flirted with) told me while I was away for summer vacation that he really did like me and he’s even confused why he acted the way he did like??? what??? now it’s August, I got back two weeks ago, he’s been on campus at Brown (yess, Ivy League, wanna be Doctor ass) and I’m moving on campus to another college three states away from him in less than 3 weeks and he literally dropped off the face of the earth (social media deleted, number changed) so I’m here like wth lol

Surviving Freshman Year:

I’ve been in college for a few years now, and my freshman year went pretty well overall. But it still had some rough spots. Here’s some things I wish I’d known, as well as tips I’ve heard from other friends going through school. 

Don’t fear the “freshman 15.”

Here’s the thing: people gain weight in college. I gained weight in college. It’s not the end of the world. Don’t prioritize weight, but do be kind to your body. Eat nutritious, full sized meals. Walk wherever you can. Go to the gym a few times a week, if that’s what you like. If you gain weight, so be it! I put on a lot of weight my first couple years, but I also: got a job in my field at the college yearbook, traveled to NYC for the first time, made new friends, made honor roll, joined two honor societies, was promoted to an editor position with the yearbook, and much more. Your body is incredible for how it carries you around, how it holds you together. Don’t stress about how it may change. 

Make your space your own.

Even if you don’t have a lot to spend on dorm decor, print off some pictures and hang them on the walls. Look up DIY alternatives. Whatever it is, make your room feel like somewhere you want to be. Giving yourself your own space is a great way to destress at the end of the day, and working together on it with your new roommate can even be a nice bonding experience. Work to make the space a productive one as well. Is there enough room on your desk? Where do you keep your backpack and supplies? Also, try to create separate spaces. Designate a spot just for studying and productivity, make a mini “kitchen” with your microwave, mini fridge, and coffee pot. Try and keep your bed a place just for sleeping. But most of all: make it yours! Things just feel simpler when you have a place to come home to.

Take it seriously.

It’s easy to look at a semester full of gen ed classes and start to slack off. Why should you care about biology when you’re a marketing major? Why do you need art history when you’re really there to become a math teacher? The thing is, these classes can help in a few very important ways. First, they can create a foundation for a solid GPA later down the line. Work hard in these intro courses, even ones outside your major, and you’ll set the pace for the rest of your college career. Also, having skills and knowledge that may at the time seem irrelevant makes you a more well rounded person, and helps set you apart from others in your field. If possible, look into adding elective foreign language courses.

Make connections when you can.

No, I don’t mean networking. My freshman year, I had a lot of trouble making friends. The girls who lived on my floor in the dorm, as nice as they were, didn’t have much in common with me and I felt left out. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I joined some organizations and connected with people much more like myself. Find clubs on campus that match your interests, or even ones where you can find something new to learn. Most campuses have an activities fair at the beginning of the semester, which is a great way to see all the student organizations at once and to get a feel for who’s in them as well.

Make use of your first year.

Most campus events tend to be geared towards freshmen, especially during the first month or so of the semester. Your residence hall may also hold weekly or monthly get togethers too. Make use of them! People tend to settle into whatever friend group they’ve chosen after their first year, and there’s usually less participation in these kinds of campus events from upperclassmen because of that. These events can be another way to connect with people, or a low commitment way to ask some new friends to hang out. Either way, go to your campus and dorm events! Make some memories and enjoy as much as you can out of your first year of college.

So… thinking back to my school days… I have no idea how I even passed any of my classes. I don’t think I ever actually finished any of the big projects and I definitely didn’t read much of the material. How the hell did I manage to make honor roll?

The Seven Courts of Prythian as that Cinnamon Roll Tag thing
  • (Which should've existed at this point, pretty sure it does???)
  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll:Summer Court, Winter Court
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you:SPRING COURT
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll:Dawn Court, Day Court
  • Looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you:AUTUMN COURT
  • Sinnamon roll:NIGHT COURT
Donald Trump Is Making America Meaner [TW: Racism, Xenophobia, Islamophobia, Anti-Immigrant Bigotry, Hate Speech]
Hate speech from the campaign is poisoning schools and communities.
By Nicholas Kristof

FOREST GROVE, Ore. — ALL across America, in little towns like this one, Donald Trump is mainstreaming hate.

This community of Forest Grove, near the farm where I grew up in western Oregon, has historically been a charming, friendly and welcoming community. But in the middle of a physics class at the high school one day this spring, a group of white students suddenly began jeering at their Latino classmates and chanting: “Build a wall! Build a wall!”

The same white students had earlier chanted “Trump! Trump! Trump!” Soon afterward, a student hung a homemade banner in the school reading, “Build a Wall,” prompting Latinos at area schools to stage a walkout.

“They openly express their dislike of my race,” Briana Larios, a 15-year-old Mexican-American honor roll student who hopes to go to Harvard, said of some of her white classmates. Wounded by accusations that she doesn’t belong in the country in which she was born, Briana is thinking of being home-schooled rather than returning to the high school when classes resume.

“People now feel that it is O.K. to say things that they might not have said a year ago,” she said. “Trump played a big role.”

Among any nation’s most precious possessions is its social fabric, and that is what Donald Trump is rending with incendiary talk about roughing up protesters and about gun owners solving the problem of Hillary Clinton making judicial nominations.

Trump only mildly distanced himself when an adviser suggested that Clinton should be executed by firing squad for treason, and his rallies have become toxic brews of hatred with shouts like “Hang the bitch!” The Times made a video of Trump fans at his rallies directing crude slurs not just at Hillary Clinton, but also at blacks, Latinos, Muslims and gay people.

We need not be apocalyptic about it. This is not Kristallnacht. But Trump’s harsh rhetoric tears away the veneer of civility and betrays our national motto of “e pluribus unum.” He has unleashed a beast and fed its hunger, and long after this campaign is over we will be struggling to corral it again.

“We’ve spent the last 15 years fighting bullying in schools, and the example set by the Trump campaign has broken down the doors, and a tidal wave of bullying has come through,” said Maureen Costello of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The center issued a report documenting how Trump’s venom has poisoned schools across the country. It quoted a North Carolina teacher as saying she has “Latino students who carry their birth certificates and Social Security cards to school because they are afraid they will be deported.” Another teacher reported that a fifth grader told a Muslim student “that he was supporting Donald Trump because he was going to kill all of the Muslims if he became president!”

Here in the Forest Grove area, west of Portland, students of Mexican heritage at four high schools — most of them born in the United States — described to me how some local whites take cues from Trump.

“They say, ‘We’re going to deport your ass,’” said Melina McGlothen, 17, whose mother is Mexican. “I don’t want to say I hate them, but I hate their stupidity.”

Ana Sally Gonzalez, 17, said a school club had put up posters criticizing racism, and they were then marred by graffiti such as “Go back where you came from” and “Trump 2016.”

The tension reflects deep resentment among some white working-class families. They are angry at immigrants who have taken over some jobs, at the way communities they cherish are changing demographically and linguistically, and at what they perceive as a stifling political correctness that leaves whites accused of racism when they speak up.

Many of my old Oregon farm-town friends are strong Trump supporters, and they will completely disagree with this column. Their headline would be, “Big Media Suffocates Real Americans With Political Correctness.”

The upshot is that this election year, we’re divided not only by political party and ideology, but also by identity. So the weave of our national fabric unravels. And while our eyes have mostly been on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the nation’s history is being written not just in the capital and grand cities but also in small towns and etched in the lives of ordinary people.

I wrote a column recently exploring whether Trump is a racist, and a result was anti-Semitic vitriol from Trump followers, one of whom suggested I should be sent to the ovens for writing “a typical Jewish hit piece.” In fact, I’m Armenian and Christian, not Jewish, but the responses underscored that the Trump campaign is enveloped by a cloud of racial, ethnic and religious animosity — much of it poorly informed.

The Trump-inspired malice seems ubiquitous. A Georgetown University study found a surge of anti-Muslim violence, from murders to attacks on mosques, coinciding with Trump’s hostility toward Muslims. In March, a man attacked Muslim and Latino students in Kansas, shouting “brown trash” and “Trump will take our country from you guys.”

I hope Trump and his aides will soon come to recognize that words have consequences that go far beyond politics, consequences that cannot be undone. It’s perhaps inevitable that some overzealous supporters will periodically go too far, but Trump need not incite them, and he certainly shouldn’t joke about harming protesters or tolerate advisers who propose a firing squad for his rival.

So far, Trump has arguably benefited from his fondness for over-the-top rhetoric. He gets attention and television time and is always at the center of his own hurricane. But in November, after the ballots have been counted and the crowds have gone home, we will still have a country to share, and I fear it may be a harsher and more fragile society because of Trump’s campaigning today.

Inflammatory talk isn’t entertaining, but dangerous. It’s past time for Trump to grow up.

Yet if bigotry has been amplified by his candidacy, let’s remember that there are still deep reservoirs of social capital — including in conservative neighborhoods — that have proved impervious to Trump’s insinuations.

In Georgia, an India-born Muslim named Malik Waliyani bought a gas station and convenience store a few months ago and was horrified when it was recently burglarized and damaged. He struggled to keep it going. But then the nearby Smoke Rise Baptist Church heard what had happened.

“Let’s shower our neighbor with love,” Chris George, the pastor, told his congregation at the end of his sermon, and more than 200 members drove over to assist, mostly by making purchases. One man drove his car around until the gas tank was empty, so he could buy more gas.

“Our faith inspires us to build bridges, not to label people as us and them, but to recognize that we’re all part of the same family,” the pastor told me. “Our world is a stronger place when we choose to look past labels and embrace others with love.”

This is a wrenching, divisive, polarizing time in America, and we have a major party nominee who is sowing hatred and perhaps violence. Let’s not succumb. Good people, like the members of Smoke Rise Baptist, are reweaving our nation’s social fabric even as it is being torn.

Donald Trump’s dumpster fire of a Presidential campaign is making racist and xenophobic hate speech fashionable again in America.

h/t: Nicholas Kristof at New York Times

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Is it okay if I draw you something that was /inspired by/ the hurt Jack scene In Bloom? I had thought that's where it was gonna go BC I'm a horndog


Yes, oh my god, that would be AMAZING ;____; *rolls around* I’m honored that In Bloom inspired you in ANY WAY so OF COURSE xx

I’m 22 and I just got a letter in the mail telling me I’m on the college honor roll. This is my first time on any honor roll

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Could you perhaps try to help me cheer up? I just got back from the gym, and when my dad came to pick me up he told me that he met with my used to be neighbors, whom are also korean. We were very close to these neighbors. They have two daughters. My dad proceeds to tell me; wow they grew up to be so pretty and skinny. Theyre so much skinnier and prettier than you. I then realised that ive never gotten a compliment from him ever in my life. Even my honor roll and straight A pluses arent enough.

This is long.

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Adam Cole on Joining Bullet Club and Wrestling's Changing Landscape

Rolling Stone caught up with Cole before a Ring of Honor show in Baltimore recently to talk about his career, joining the Bullet Club, and his views on how to remain a heel despite being part of a beloved group.

What went through your head when you were told that you were going to become part of the Bullet Club?
I was just ecstatic when I first heard. The Bullet Club is, by far, the most influential faction in pro wrestling in years. If for no other reason, you’re seeing in the influence in WWE. They were dominant in New Japan, and got more eyes on the New Japan product from America. Just look at who has been in the Bullet Club, and whose shoes I have to fill. I was intimidated, I was excited, but it’s going to be a really positive thing for my career going forward. I’m still stoked thinking about it.

You mentioned the guys who you’re replacing. AJ Styles, Anderson, Gallows. Does that add a bit of pressure on you?
Definitely. Those guys are incredible. The cool thing about that though, is that it forces me to be different and find something different about my involvement with the Bullet Club so that I’m not just like them. Of course the people in the Bullet Club will have similarities, and always will, but finding what I can do as Adam Cole to be different is important. And I’ve noticed that it’s pretty much just me being myself, and I’m much different than AJ Styles. We bring what we bring to the table, so this will be a cool new chapter for the Bullet Club.

You talk about you being yourself. A lot of people thought that, because of your personality and your association in other organizations with the Young Bucks, you would be a natural fit in the Bullet Club. Before you were told, had you ever talked to the Bucks about joining?
All the time. They used to bring it up to me all the time. They literally have been saying, “Adam Cole should have been in the Bullet Club since the beginning.” From the start, they’ve been telling me that I’d be perfect. But whether it was injury or dates not lining up, things just didn’t work for me for going to New Japan. Then all those guys left, and a spot opened up. I was the first guy the Bucks brought up, and New Japan has been looking at me for a while. So because of our relationship in Mount Rushmore, I think this really worked out for us.

You were the first person to join the Bullet Club without ever being in Japan or working for New Japan. How much of an honor is it that you’re the first guy that they reached out for, and did that make the decision to have you join even more of a surprise to you?
Considering the fact that I hadn’t worked for New Japan at all leading up to that point, for them to reach out and say we want you to not only be a member but be a featured member of the Bullet Club was very surprising to me. This is New Japan and Bullet Club’s vision of expanding the brand to the United States. They think that this will help the Bullet Club have a stronger presence in the United States. So that’s very flattering and humbling.

How is this going to work for you? Are you heading up Bullet Club US, or will this involve you working more in New Japan as part of the group?
I will be working for New Japan Pro Wrestling coming up this summer. Ring of Honor is my home. This is the place that I will be working the most. I don’t think I’ll be missing many ROH dates to go to New Japan. But I will become a regular New Japan roster member. You will be seeing me a lot over in Japan, that’s for certain.

Since you haven’t done it yet, how excited are you to work for them?
I’m stoked. It’s the most exciting schedule that you can work in wrestling, the Ring of Honor/New Japan Pro Wrestling schedule. I’m excited, it’s a new challenge for me. I’m thrilled with the idea. It’ll be something new and fresh for me. There’s so many fresh matchups for me over in Japan. The one-on-one with Okada. Going against Tanahashi. One with Shibata. There’s so many matches. I’m just thrilled about it.

If you had to pick, is there one match or feud you want to have over there?
The number one guy for sure for me is Tanahashi. The first time I saw him, I was like, “Oh, that guy is a rock star.” The way he carries himself, the matches he has, are just unbelievable. Tanahashi vs. Adam Cole could be something really special.

How about the other aspects of going to Japan, the travel out there, are you looking forward to that?
For sure. For me, travel is one of the biggest perks of pro wrestling. You get to see the world on somebody else’s dime. You get to experience life. I am stoked to go over to Japan, and experience that culture.

Be honest, which are you looking forward to more? The matches with the Bullet Club, or the videos with Kenny Omega and the Bucks?
Oh man, I really don’t know. Can I say both? The most part about the Bullet Club thing to me is that I’m close, personal, friends with all of these guys behind the scenes. So when you see us laughing and having fun and joking around, that’s genuine emotion. That’s not just playing a character. So of course the videos are going to be fun. The matches as well. It should just be a good time.

You talk about the Bullet Club brand. There’s really been nothing like it. They have their presence in multiple companies, on multiple continents, including the WWE.
Even from the outside looking in, seeing how much the Bullet Club has transcended pop culture is really amazing. There are people who only watch the WWE who talk about and know about the Bullet Club, and will wear Bullet Club t-shirts. Famous celebrities will wear Bullet Club gear. It’s incredible to see how popular has gotten.

Does the Bullet Club’s popularity illustrate some of the changing landscape in wrestling?
I feel like this is the closest to the Attitude Era that we’ve had, just in the sense that we legitimately have no idea who is going to show up where. It’s crazy. Anyone, in any company, could show up anywhere. Not only are some of people’s favorite independent guys going to the WWE, but you’re having guys leave WWE and show up at a Ring of Honor show, or New Japan, or whatever. It’s not only exciting for the wrestlers, it’s exciting for the fans.

Why do you think that is? Is it just because wrestling is so much more accessible to the fans, or is there something else to it?
I think social media has been a huge factor in why wrestling has gone in the direction that it’s gone. I also think that a huge factor is that the guys that the WWE hired, the guys they took a chance on, the CM Punks, the Daniel Bryans, the Seth Rollins. The WWE has the biggest wrestling fanbase, obviously. They saw these guys, and saw how different they were, and how athletic they were, and how exciting they were, and the casual fans’ perception of what a great pro wrestler was changed. So now all of a sudden thse guys who rule the independents and who travel the world are considered the best in the world, not just by the fans, but wrestling companies around the world start to view them that way. I think the combination of social media, and, like you said, everything being so accessible, and the top guys being top independent wrestling stars really all combined into changing the landscape.

WWE’s mindset has certainly seemed to change. Not only are we getting guys like AJ Styles, and Karl Anderson, and Gallows, but they’re liberally referring to their past. How much has their mindset changing helped change wrestling?
The biggest thing for sure is just that they’re giving opportunities to guys that before wouldn’t have gotten that opportunity. At the end of the day, the cream rises to the top. Now, pro wrestling is realizing the market for that style of wrestling, and that style of wrestler. They’re starting to pursue that type of wrestler. You see it all the time in NXT and PWG and Ring of Honor and New Japan, and now you see it in main events of WWE pay-per-views. The whole wrestling landscape is changing, and it’s changing for the better.

There are many people who want to cheer you, and cheer the Bullet Club. How hard is it to balance that with what you just said, the classic Good Guy vs. Bad Guy match?
It’s challenging, but at the same time, I think there’s this experimental phase that’s happening right now in pro wrestling. The traditional heel vs face dynamic is really changing. It’s more shades of grey vs. shades of grey. You’ll have a guy who acts like a bad guy, but you’ll embrace the fact that some people like that. It’s more realistic. It’s more like UFC. You have people who love Conor McGregor, and you have people who hate Conor. That’s sort of what the Bullet Club is. We say what we say. We do what we do. If you like us, great. If you hate us, great.

As far as that good guy vs. bad guy match, it’s just kind of adjusting and changing with the times. This is the circumstance that I’ve been put in, and I’m stoked to be put in the Bullet Club. I’ve accepted this. If I come out and get cheered, I’m fine with that. It’s very challenging in Ring of Honor, if you’re a featured guy, to come out and have everyone boo. If I embrace that, but during the match, they’re cheering for the babyface, then I feel like I’m accomplishing my job. For example, when me and Kyle O'Reilly wrestled at Final Battle, I got a fantastic reaction when I came through that curtain. However, by the end of the match, everyone was rooting for Kyle. We accomplished our goal. That’s what I focus on now, telling that story inside the ring and making sure the fans support the babyface.

Is that the key to this phase if you’re a heel? You can get cheered outside the ring, but you should try to draw the boos inside it?
Exactly. I think the reason that it works is that we’re not insulting their intelligence. We’re letting the fans do what they feel, and they’re reacting naturally. It’s not like when the match is going on they’re saying, “I really want to cheer for Adam Cole but I’m going to boo him because I’m supposed to.” No, this is the story that we’ve told and we’ve got them to feel that way and react that way. I just embrace the reaction. Inside the ring, I love that I have a lot of support, that’s awesome, but I’m focused on trying to tell that story and making them boo me.

There have been constant rumors about you and WWE. How true have the rumors been, and is there still a thought from you, maybe not immediately but down the road, about going to WWE?
I did a tryout for WWE years ago. At the time it didn’t really work out between me and them, really on both sides. It was a bad timing thing. And as we’ve gone, there have been a lot of things said about me joining WWE. I’m under contract to Ring of Honor though, so I haven’t been able to talk to anybody else. I have to say this though, and this is the truth, I think a big reason that I’ve gotten where I’ve gotten is that I focus on the task that’s put in front of me. I just joined the Bullet Club, I have a huge run coming up in New Japan. I’m not even thinking about WWE. I have a lot of work to do here. Obviously, with the way the landscape is changing, never say never. You never know what could happen when my contract is up. That’s the cool thing about wrestling these days, you always have to stay tuned.

Six months ago we wouldn’t have necessarily thought that we’d be sitting here talking about the Bullet Club, so it’s hard to ask this, but what do you see the rest of 2016 being like for you?
Man, I have no idea. That’s the most exciting and scary thing. This is all fresh for me. I’ve never consistently worked for New Japan. I don’t know what that’s going to be like. I can tell you right now that my goal is to become Ring of Honor World Champion again. I think my goal is just to continue to grow in Ring of Honor, have a great run in New Japan, and continue to travel the world and do what I do.


School Is Starting. What Does That Mean For This Blog?

I will still be posting, just not as often. The frequency of posts will probably be in the morning, during lunch hours and while I am heading home. Posts may be limited to these hours Monday-Thursday. 

Friday-Sunday are my more active days. I still won’t be completely active, as I get a TON of work on weekends, but as opposed to the other days it will be more. 

Asks and messages will still be responded to as soon as I can. It might be a slow response but your opinions matter! 

I don’t want you guys to think I am not caring about my blog, I simply have school to work on. With 2 college classes this year and pre-calculus, I am going to be up to my eyeballs in work and I want to keep my straight As or at least honor roll from last year! I really hope you guys still care about my blog even if I won’t be posting as often. Stay alive |-/

fun facts about MONIQUE

  • maintains kim-level grades (so honor roll or better pretty much)
  • has an older brother who got her into pro wrestling
  • loves pro wrestler pain king
  • favorite oh boyz song is “hello hello hello”
  • has a comprehensive knowledge of mechanics and how machines work/how to modify them
  • has an eye for fashion and the skill to be a fashion designer
  • created kim’s updated mission outfit in S4 (bye bye cargo pants)
I am honestly getting so sick of social media.

I’m sick of people pretending like their lives are perfect. Yes, I say “pretending”, because we are censoring our own lives to our followers so that they only see the positive. If we talk about the negative we get labeled as being pessimistic, or it is done in such a way where it’s a call for attention because you are seeking pity.

News Flash: life is not perfect. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you try to make it seem like you and your significant other have a “perfect relationship”, shit happens! Couples argue, you don’t always get the job you were hoping for, you may not have a home straight off of HGTV, you may not have a body fit for the cover of Sports Illustrated, and your grades in school may not get you on the honor roll, despite giving it your very best effort. Every day will not be a great day. Stuff happens, especially when we may least expect it. It’s how you buckle down and deal with it that makes you a stronger person. Whether you turn to family, faith, friends, or some other outlet for the strength and courage to keep, that going is what will make everything better. And if you honestly need applause and praise from social media to feel good again, there is something seriously wrong with you.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope/believe that everyone will have the opportunity and the chance to, at some point in their life, say, “I am genuinely happy with where I am today”, but making it seem like every single day is that day for you, is obnoxious, delusional, and down right annoying to everyone else. It’s ok to share big news, or big changes with the people you are close to on social media, but doing it in such a way where you are self-proclaiming your self-righteousness, your courage, your strength, or the grandiose of your accomplishment, is just wrong.

I’m not trying to sound like I can’t be happy when other things go right in other people’s lives. On a day to day basis I find many reasons to smile, as a result of other people. Yes, I realize that I don’t HAVE to follow these people on social media, and if I get sick of someone, I do unfollow them. What I am trying to say is, that the focus of every single day of your life should not be to make your friends/followers on social media believe that you and your life are perfect or amazing in some way other than the normal plainness that your is your ordinary life. There are bigger things going on in the world that should demand more of your attention than the countless hours a day, you spend manicuring your appearance on social media to seem like something other than the reality that it is.