I just really wanna write 2000’s Soul who wears punk rock clothes and looks like he smokes weed every day and like he killed a man or two, but is actually a puppy in the body of a Rottweiler

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i’m going to regret this but i read that as “ oso’s in this ASS”

what has my life come to.  i am a straight a student ,  honor roll student, and yet every decision i have made has lead to this.  it has lead to photosynthesis, oso, and sticking shit up the ass, all combined into one sickly disaster.


i need to start getting paid for this ,  it’s too much.  there are consequences in life, and i stared life in its face.  i have done it for so long that i have forgotten what my own face looks like.  who am i?  i do not know.  i know only of what i face ahead, consequences thrown at me like boulders.

you are a boulder, anonymous.  you are one of the many consequences created from when i had once dared to challenge life itself.

oh hey it’s snowing what the fuck isn’t it like nearly april



Honestly at first I just want to draw more of Error being a gud(very bad) uncle- then I thought- OH GAWD I FORGOT I WANT TO DO MORE CROSSEMBER-



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senior year au where bad boy muscle thug JOE BIDEN ends up on the prom committee with honor roll hottie BARACK OBAMA. In an unlikely friendship, Barack unlocks Joe’s passion for justice while Joe discovers there’s more to Barack than a 4.0. On prom night, Joe takes on malevolent bully DONALD TRUMP while Barack leads the rest of the school in a night of hilarious high jinks. Is Barack having too much fun to notice Joe’s heroism? Does fightin’ Joe remember how to love? Find out when the lights dim for the last dance…and their eyes meet across the crowded gym.

why jungkook lookin like he’s that one pta mom that always be starting shit at brunch

“Oh so I heard through the grape vine that Linda’s cookies for the bake sale were actually……*whispered* store-bought

“A little birdie told me that little Jonny Banks fell off the honor roll this quarter… *whispered* you didn’t hear it from me but I figure its because Mrs. Banks took him off his gluten free diet *sips soy latte*”

“But I guess thats none of my business anyway….”

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So I was cleaning my room out and found two notebooks from senior year last year (that I forgot to destroy in a symbolic bonfire muwahahaha).
I looked through them and thought I might share some of my doodles!
They’re mostly Beatles related cause duh. (I did draw other stuff tho- including my first ever attempt at Roberto🍋!)
All these were done from memory so please look passed the scribbling haha.

This is literally me right now

KPOP Female Groups as Types of High School Students
  • GFRIEND: sophomore; gets straight A’s but people only remember that one time when they got a B-
  • PRISTIN: eighth grader with the abilities of a junior; first day of high school is next week; chill when you first meet them but LOUD once you become close to them, music students who's older brother is a theater student, always on the honor roll, looks up to their seniors and by seniors I mean any SM group
  • Red Velvet: Junior but everyone still thinks they are a sophomore; does everything so well that they get taken for granted, once the dean forgot to put their names back on the updated honor roll because they are NEVER NOT on the honor roll, are awkward, sometimes too serious, doesn’t eat in the lunchroom, teacher ignores them
  • Mamamoo: Junior; musical theater students who don’t know when to STAHP, people think they got held back but they didn’t, class clown
  • Twice: Sophomore; seems like a freshman but are more popular than college students, has a definite seat at every lunch table, are nice to everyone, are either unconditionally loved or hated, need to really bring up their grades
  • Black Pink: freshman; are very popular but they don’t hang out with anyone, which makes everyone think they are juniors, are rebels, have very strict parents
  • SNSD: just graduated college; was the biggest thing ever back in high school but they don’t visit, everyone looks up to them tho, don’t know whether or not to continue on to graduate school
  • EXID: seniors; got held back in the tenth grade but still loves high school, people only know them because they are cheerleaders but they actually get high af grades, people mistake them for theater students but are vocal students
  • Apink: college freshman; are SUPER nice and come back to visit the high school often, but when they do visit, no one cares
  • Sistar: also college freshman; everyone has a crush on them, gets average grades
  • f(x): college freshman; design student that the teacher just started paying attention to them a month before they graduated, is online way too much
  • Wonder Girls: graduate students; changed their major right at senior year of college and might transfer to another university
  • After School: college freshman (again lol); got the best grades ever and did all the extra credit in high school, was loved by everyone, skipped two grades, but something happened (no one knows what) and they left school for five months and got held back TWICE, now works at a Starbucks and no one knows it
  • WJSN: freshman; had no friends until second semester, grades also shot up second semester
  • I.O.I: freshman; knew they would transfer school after freshman year but are still in denial, made it on the honor roll
  • LOONA: seventh grader; preparing for applying to high school
  • 2NE1: were just about to start graduate school but didn’t because their parents didn’t wanna spend any more money on them
  • Lovelyz: Juniors; get good grades and has a few friends, other than that, are ignored or compared to their brother who is also in the school
  • Momoland: freshman; no one knows much about them but they seem nice
  • S.E.S: post doctorate degree but still looks like a high school student; professors at the state film school; once came back to their old high school and gave a lecture to the sophomores on how to persevere even after you turn 30 and have kids
  • The Ark: transferred schools in freshman year; would-be sophomore

Honor Roll

Fearing that home schooling with Pearl isn’t giving him a good education, Greg and the Gems consider enrolling Steven in a public school. While Steven seems to be adjusting to school well enough, trouble begins to arise when Greg, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl attend their first PTA meeting. Amethyst argues that there isn’t enough recess while Pearl second-guesses all the teachers’ lesson plans. Meanwhile, Garnet clashes with an irritating helicopter parent named Helen that questions the Gems’ motherhood skills.

OK so I know y’all are probably sick and tired of all of my Hamilton AUs but

A middle school AU.  Just imagine it.

Laurens with braces

Lafayette coming in as the new kid from France

Mulligan running a condiment black market for the cafeteria

Alexander Hamilton going through an emo phase

Jefferson is that one guy who’s always spraying axe in the hallways

Madison is always at the top of the honor roll and always gets out of PE because of health reasons and everyone’s a little jealous of him

Washington is the history teacher

Franklin is the principal that’s always trying to be ‘down with the kids’ and everyone loves him because he’s really trying and he’s so weird

Angelica is that one girl that everyone likes but everyone is too scared to talk to because she’s intimidating as hell

Eliza is in band and choir and she gets all of the solos

Peggy definitely is into pastel punk, I mean come on

Maria would be the cheerleader that everyone thinks is sleeping around but she’s just fucking done with their slut shaming and is up to date on all the social justice stuff with Angelica???

Yeah just Hamilton middle school au thanks

I meant to mention this last night, but I’m insanely proud of Dino. Like he managed to be on Honor Roll while ALSO being an idol and doing things for Seventeen. The precious baby is a smart and hard working young man and I am so proud of all his accomplishments and for the things that will come for him

I’m not often all that opinionated through social media but wanted to share some thoughts with anyone who would like to read on. (This is a personal story and opinion, which means that I accept and respect that people may feel differently than I do.) When I was in the 6th grade I was suspended from my public school for a dress code violation. I was on the honor roll + maintained a 4.0 GPA. I was not a disruptive student but found myself being shamed and embarrassed by adults. I had worn a turtleneck sweater with long sleeves but cutouts revealing my shoulder blades. I was removed from class in front of all of my peers who whispered and laughed, I was forced to write “I will obey the dress code” over and over in the front office while being told that my indecency was appalling and “a distraction to other students”, and I was suspended. My education was interrupted to call attention to my body and my gender and to shame me for both. My mother told me I had done nothing wrong, but I cried, feeling ashamed nonetheless. Society had taught me to make other people comfortable, to be sexless, to be apologetic, and to be receptive of their criticism. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized I was allowing everyone around me to dictate how I felt about my body. We are at a time now where there is still fear/taboo and often times an intolerable reaction toward female sexuality and women taking ownership of their physical form. As adult women we are weighted by the social obligation to have a reason to explain ourselves if we feel entitled to our own bodies. We teach young girls who mature early to be mindful that the gaze of other people is now their responsibility. Society perpetuates the idea that women need to appease others with their physical form, when in actuality we should rally around the idea that females are reclaiming their bodies. We are more than our bodies, but we are also entitled to celebrate them if we choose. Your body is the post natural and beautiful thing you can own! The point of feminism is to support women in their freedom to choose, to be equal, to be without shame/guilt/self-doubt. To teach them that showing their own skin doesn’t make them less intelligent, less respected. Women can be all things, and that’s beautiful.

Types during Finals
  • ESFP: Goes on 2837382928 forms of social media in denial that finals are coming up
  • ESTP: Does the same as ESFP but with more coffee
  • ISTP: Stays up all night scrolling through Wikipedia, somehow ends up on an article for sewing
  • ISFP: Listens to "Bring me to Life" on repeat as they wait for someone to save them from the nothing they've become
  • INFP: Their textbooks and flashcards are stained with a lot of tears. It's a good thing they use waterproof pens.
  • ENFP: Chugs gallons of coffee and does everything except for study for finals. (Somehow they also clean their room in the process)
  • ENFJ: Organizes a group study session. No one attends.
  • INFJ: Studied beforehand. Still as sleep-deprived as the rest for some reason.
  • INTJ: Pulls seven all-nighters in a row, somehow survives and is still on the honor roll
  • INTP: On their twenty-eighth all-nighter in a row, they put a pile of textbooks under their pillow to "absorb information". It doesn't work.
  • ENTP: Does the same thing as ISTP but with 47297364 more tabs
  • ENTJ: Goes over color-coded notes before bed, soon turns desperate and resorts to all-nighters
  • ESTJ: Never notices when their coffee is black when sleep-deprived
  • ISTJ: Screams internally as they go over 2583728 pages of notes and 976 flash cards
  • ISFJ: Organizes a group study session via Skype, doesn't come due to extracurricular activities
  • ESFJ: Comes to the study session, takes screenshots of everyone's notes, cries when it's over due to the towering responsibilities