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some people must think that only obvious, flamboyant guys can be gay or bi. samson must be "too manly" to be anything other than straight, right?? who's iron bull again??

I hate that stereotype so fucking much, it makes me want to scream. Oh you’re manly and strong?~ You must be straight then. 

It also happens with women too. Oh, you love make up and dresses and looking pretty?~ You must be straight then. 

Because, as we all know, women that like women are super butch, and men that like men are super flamboyant. *rolls eyes forever*


Real Skateboarding.

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what did jason rothenberg tweet?

  • he started a fanart retweet spree, stating: ‘i respond more to style and interpretation rather than exactitude’
  • someone tweets him bellarke fanart
  • to which he responded: ‘i’m assuming that’s finn because nothing like that happened in 208′ 
  • literally 5 seconds prior to this, he reblogged NSFW clex.a fanart
  • fan gets sassy: ‘am i to assume the fanart of clarke tracing lexa’s back is also finn since in 105 that is what actually happened?’
  • which kind of shuts him up and responds: ‘ This made me smile. I get your point, even though, of course, nothing like this happened in 105.’
  • he deletes his earlier tweet and retweets the art: ‘ Took down my earlier tweet because I love this image and don’t want the artist to get crap from anyone.’
  • my response
  • his response
  • cue: me rolling my eyes forever

basically: he is an asshole bc he was belittling ‘non-canon’ bellarke fanart… BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING FANART !???!! it’s not SUPPOSED to be ‘what happened’ but glorifying non-canon nsfw clex.a fanart two seconds before.

the clex.a fanart is awesome and deserves to be shared, but he didn’t RESPOND like that to anyone sending him clex.a fanart — only bellarke fanart.

i’m over how shitty he treats people & now my mentions need to fucking chill