roll's shiny adventures


My two-and-a-half-hour hunt on Route 12 really paid off! ;v; I was actually looking for a Miltank but they’re so rare in hordes I guess that was just wishful thinking! Anyway I’m really happy about these two, too, especially Unikko (whose stats are awful but who cares, she’s going to be a cute Ampharos anyway)! Maybe I’ll just learn how to chain to get me a cute blue cow someday, haha.


Some of my newest shinies for trade! Bibarel and Ponyta were received through trades so I can’t rename them, sadly (which is the main reason I’m trading them away, haha). Cecil was hatched by me so I can rename him for you if you don’t like his name! c’:

Offer me nicknameable shinies, please! Scyther, Fennekin or Skarmory will be auto, but I’m very interested in Seviper, Ekans, Zangoose, Ralts, Pichu/Pikachu, too. Plus a bunch of others I keep forgetting, haha. :’> Show me what you’ve got! Edit: Cecil is most likely spoken for!

/Please send me an ask, I won’t reply to anymore reblogs! c’:


Pic 1: Fuck you, Pokemon X. I just want my shiny Nidoran. ;A; Ah well, named him Merrell AND I will definitely consider all kinds of shiny trade offers for one of my Stunkies; got three so far - Merlov, Meiri and now Merrell! I love Stunky but this is just too much. :’D Edit: Merrell has found a new home!
Pic 2: Got this beauty in a trade! Thank you so much. piecreature! ;u; So pretty!

Anyone want to do some shiny trades? c: I have these cuties for trade atm!

- Liya, Shroomish, can’t be renamed
- Fennekin, can’t be renamed
- Myh, Miltank, can’t be renamed (has 4IVs + Jolly nature)
- Shimmer, Meowstic, can’t be renamed
- Megaturbo, Pidgeot, can be renamed
- Gulli, Pelipper, can be renamed
- Bibarel, can’t be renamed
- Wei, Lillipup, can’t be renamed (has 4IVs + Adamant nature)
- Rontti, Quagsire, can’t be renamed

Please send me an ask (won’t reply to reblogs if your askbox isn’t open) if you’d like to trade! I’m mostly looking for shinies that can be nicknamed/have a decent nickname. Especially looking for a nicknameable shiny Yamask, Espurr and Oshawott, but will consider pretty much anything don’t have yet. I also have a shiny Vulpix with 4IVs + Timid nature (not nicknameable) for trade if I receive an offer I like~

There are two people who have asked for a shiny Icy Snow Vivillon so I’m trying to hunt those down next. Wish me luck!


I can’t believe I’ve forgotten to show off my fully evolved Penta. :‘0 <3 He’s really cool and has pretty neat IVs, too. I got so many trade requests yesterday and actually traded him away for a shiny Ralts you can also see in this post. ;v; <3 I really love shiny Scolipede but I think I want to get a little shiny baby Venipede to raise by myself someday!

Another shiny I haven’t posted yet is this amazing Sigilyph that was traded to me last week. :0 His name is Kykro because that’s the name of an awesome Sigilyph OC I know! Usiiii, I want you to have him if you’d like haha.

I traded my extra shiny Eevee for a cute shiny Swirlix! I got to name him, too, which is always a plus! I don’t know why I wanted to call him Ralli, though. :’D It simply means “rally”.

Another old shiny of mine I recently evolved is Heljä (/Helja) the Heliolisk. ;u; <3 She’s really cool, but since I only wanted the shiny Heliolisk for my dex, I might be trading her away. I’m still keeping my Helioptile, Helilotte, though. c’:

OK, then off to everything I got yesterday! Traded my extra shiny Mawile for this Froakie! :0 I already had a shiny Froakie once but this one I was able to nickname myself! <3 Again, I have no idea why I went with Viktor, it’s so random. :’> I don’t think I’ll ever evolve him!

Ahh and the last three - Arren the Espurr, Frosty the Tyrantrum and Nathaniel the Ralts - were all from the same person. On top of Penta, I also gave them my Minccino and extra Shroomish! Frosty is the only one I didn’t get to nickname. :0 I’m super excited for all of these! I will definitely train and evolve Arren even if he’s lacking in Sp Def, and I will probably evolve Nathaniel, too. ;v; <3 Not sure yet! Haha now I have three shiny Ralts line members - Nathaniel the male Ralts, Raguel the male Kirlia and Sofiel the female Ralts. The latter is still in my White, though. I also have an awesome female Gardevoir (non-shiny) Sariel. All angel-themed names! :’> The first three are actually named after kinuskikakku and my OC siblings, and Sariel just tagged along! I think I’m going to evolve all my shiny Ralts/Kirlia into Gardevoir because of they’re either Timid or Modest and are more Sp Atk oriented. Nathaniel’s only perfect IV is Atk, though, but I still think he’ll make a better Gardevoir in general! Or maybe he’ll be a Ralts forever. :0

Ohh god I can’t remember if I’ve ever rambled this much about some silly pieces of data. :’D But they’re all my babies, still!


Wahh new babies! ;v; <3 I named the Eevee I caught yesterday Rivel, and today I managed to get another shiny Icy Snow Vivillon! :0 Someone asked me to find one for them so I did! If anyone else needs one, I may be willing to try to get more~ I’m especially looking for nicknameable female & male Espurr so if you’ve got one I’d be more than happy to try and get a shiny Vivillon for you. I can’t guarantee anything since hunting shinies is all about luck, but I will do my best. c’:

The other two - Kreala the Skarmory and nameless Amaura - were traded to me yesterday I think! Kreala is my third shiny Skarmory ahh. ;v; One of them is still on my White version but he will join my other two when Pokebank is released. <3 Amaura is a cool addition to my dex, but I just can’t decide if I should evolve her or not. She doesn’t have a very good IV spread even though she has four 31s, so I doubt I’d be using her in battles. Maybe I’ll keep her as a cute little dino.


Since Poke Transfer was delayed, it’s going to take a while to get my shiny babies from BW transferred to my X, so I figured, why not to do some more shiny trading while waiting? c’: I took up-to-date pics of my shiny boxes and marked everyone I’m willing to trade away! I’m way too lazy to list everyone’s details, so please do send me an ask if you’re interested! None of these are Poke Transfer shinies, so they’re 100% legit!

I may be willing to trade some that aren’t marked, too (not the guys in the third box, though, since they’re my team members).

Eevee has been traded! I might have another for trade if I get an offer I like, though!
Mawile, Whirlipede and Minccino have been traded, too!

YAY found a shiny Ditto today! My second one, actually, so he’s up for trade! FYI his name Upee is not like “u pee”, it’s Finnish and means gorgeous! >:0 Message me if you want to trade (I will change his name if it bothers you, haha). Will accept trades for other shinies only; I’m after Scyther, Mawile, Shroomish, Vulpix, Eevee, Nidoran M, Fennekin, Miltank, Wurmple and Sneasel! Ekans, Espurr, Spritzee, Helioptile or Seviper would also be kind of cool, and I will consider other offers, too.

/edited a bit to avoid confusion

He found a new home! Thanks!


OK so, I think I will never shiny hunt again! Reason being that this is the third shiny I’ve managed to find in the last few days when I was not shiny hunting! I was beating up Audino to get easy levels for my Mico, and this cutie appeared like hdjsfhsjk whoa hello! I need to think of a great name for him! ;v; <3

He has relatively superior potential, is Timid and has perfect IVs for Speed and Sp Atk! That’s like some mad luck right there (especially since my Mico isn’t a Synchronizer, he has Magic Bounce and is Modest anyway). :0 <3 The only downside is, the new baby’s Defense IV is 0. BUT I don’t care because SHINYEEEVEEEEEEEEEEeeeeEE


Aww yeah I finally got around evolving Mico! :0 <3 He has 4 perfect IVs as you can see; not too great for Espeon but since his sp atk is 26 and speed is 30, I thought it wouldn’t be that bad! Plus his nature is modest so he wouldn’t have been a good attacker maybe??? He’s fully EV trained and all now!

As if I didn’t have enough shiny Eevees already, I got this baby named Ezra in a trade! I didn’t get to name him but I kind of like the name so it’s all good! I wonder if he’s named after some character from a video game/series/comic/etc? I googled Ezra and found out it’s a biblical name which is cool, but then again I don’t know if the OT had that in mind when they named him. :0 Either way, his nature is Quiet and I don’t think he has any perfect IVs, so I won’t use him competitively. Just might evolve him into Glaceon since I don’t have it for my dex yet!

Ahh I also got  a second shiny female Nidoran! ;v; <3 I traded her for my shiny Slugma! Such a cute little baby! She’s Adamant while my first shiny Nidoran, Pii, is Modest, haha. :’>

omg only a few more days till Pokebank! Is anyone else excited about that? I can’t wait to bring some of my favourite shinies to X, as well as many Pokemon that are missing from XY.


Today has been a great day shiny-wise so I had to make a second post oh goshhh! <3

I can’t believe I have my very own shiny Mew. ;A; <3 I was very happy to get the dex entry for her a couple days ago and whoaaa now I actually OWN one! She’s from the Japanese Emerald event I believe, since she’s from Hoenn and all. Of course she might be a hack, too, but I guess it doesn’t matter that much since she seems legit in every way. Also I don’t think I’ll use her for serious battles, anyway. Might EV train and give her a new moveset for fun, though! Her nature hinders her atk stat so the two Claws will have to go, at least. Even though I obviously can’t change her name, I’m calling her Miu!

But that isn’t all! Meet the cute birthday boy: Rousseau the Fennekin! ;v; lucario-miruku agreed to breed a shiny Fennekin for me for one of my shiny Vivillon just a few days ago, and today this baby was hatched & traded to me! He’s adorable, and the best part is he has a name chosen by me! I think I’ll never evolve him ahhh he can always be my little baby, haha. <3


Some guys I got in trades during the last week but haven’t posted yet because I try not to post more than 4-5 pictures at a time. :’D

Oscar is still at lv1 because I’m too lazy to EV train him. Once I do, he’s going to be a great Vaps. The moveset will have to change a lot, though!

Scizor is all kinds of awesome, he has 5 perfect IVs + Technician, but since he’s not nicknamed, I don’t plan on using him (also I wouldn’t use that moveset, haha). I’ll probably try breeding my own perfect Scyther, be it shiny or not! :0 I actually like Scizor’s normal colours a lot more than the shiny variant’s.


Shinies here and shinies there! :0 I got me a cute shiny Bergmite in a trade and got to name her, too! *v* Haha I’ve kind of started really liking Bergmite thanks to a certain anonymous person and their little ice monster. :’> I don’t know if I ever evolve her, she’s so cute this way!

Karol, however, I did evolve! I’ve had him for a while, he was the first (and only) Eevee I caught in the Friend Safari, and he has perf def and sp atk IVs and very high sp def and speed. He could’ve become an Espeon too I guess, but I thought his naive nature was more fitting for a Jolty! He is super cute now. <3

Some random person initiated a trade with me and showed me this Relicanth. They seemed to want a shiny for it, but since I didn’t have any I was willing to trade for this guy, I offered my extra Yveltal and they seemed happy. :’> I adore Relicanth’s shiny colours, but I don’t really need him for anything. :’| Trade, anyone?

Woop I also got a shiny Froakie! I traded my extra shiny Mawile, Puru, for him. So glad he had a nickname because nameless Pokemon are just sad. :C It’s cool to have a shiny Froakie since you can only get Frogadier in the Friend Safari. He’s my least fav Kalos starter, though, so if you happen to have a shiny nicknamed/nicknameable Fennekin or Chespin, hit me up and maybe we can trade?

ALSO, sixth shiny Vulpix! That’s a teamful, whoa (except that not really since I already evolved my Kiilu)! Actually I’m fine with having just four golden foxes, too, so Folami is for trade! Shoot me some great offers. c’: She has Drought, the Judge tells me her potential is “relatively superior” and she has perfect atk, def and spd IVs and none of the remaining ones are 0.

I talk too much, excuse me. :’|


Last night’s shinies! ;v; So much blue! Miltank is like one of my dream shinies because I love blue and I adore Miltank. Plus, this one has gorgeous IVs so she’ll be EV trained someday. :0 She also kind of accidentally got Reversal because I was breeding my Miltank with a Lillipup that had it. :’> Not sure if it’s worth keeping, though.

Then I was lucky enough to get a female shiny Eevee with decent IVs for Sylveon, so Sylveon she became. She’s named after Desirée DeLite from Ace Attorney because my regular Sylveon is named after Ron, Dessie’s husband. c’: <3 I’m such a dumb fangirl but those two characters are just darling. ALSO I find it super cute that the guy is pink while the girl is blue (not that they match their namesakes’ colour schemes at all but whatever haha).