roll with it people

people who hate caitlin go on and on about how “useless” she is and how she can’t help the team yet she just saved their asses AGAIN by being able to freeze barry which tricked grodd and got him out of the cell to get them out of the cell. and guess what? she didn’t “have to be begged” like you all claim she has to be time and time again. 

when will people understand that she’s literally AFRAID to use her powers because  she doesn’t want to hurt other people? people act like she just doesn’t want to help when the more she uses her powers, it literally puts everyone in danger. and yet that still doesn’t stop her from being able to get them out of these situations.

CONSIDER this klance headcanon

  • ok so what if. they find matt and he meets everyone and he automatically assumes keith and lance are dating bc of the way they act around each other??? 
  • matt would tell keith and lance that theyre a cute couple and keith goes SUPER red and lance is like WHAT no i hate that guy!!!
  • pidge would snort and matt would look at her so confused bc like?? they are together right??
  • soon it would become a running joke and every time lance shows up late for dinner everyone’s like KEITH!!! where’s your boyfriend!!! and when no one can find keith bc he’s training alone, they ask lance where his better half is 
  • eventually they stop correcting people and just roll their eyes at everyone 
  • but finally when they get together its super ironic and they laugh about it!!! but then they decide to tell the team and lance puts his arm around keith and is like hey guys, um. this is my boyfriend, keith. and literally everyone just blinks and is like ???? um, guys we know???? 

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i thought yall didnt call urselves elites lmao. isnt this what all that drama was about

uhhhh we call ourselves that ironically because someone who isn’t in our gc was talking about us and got an anon that called us the elites. so now it’s just a funny joke because it’s so ridiculous

Dungeons and Dragons is the perfect hobby for millennials

- it doesn’t require any further expenses after the book and dice
- you don’t need to take out a massive loan to learn how to play
- you can use technology/internet to organise meetings and make your game better for free
- you can make your character anything you want without bigots judging you
- old people listen to you if you roll high enough
- your character’s actions can actually have an effect on their world
- it transports you to a world where donald trump, brexit and climate change don’t exist, which is all any of us want really

you know, i’ve learned a lot from my family. and i think i’ve become one of the best versions of myself because of them. people see my tattoos about life being too short, about life being fine, but they don’t truly understand the reality behind them. they roll their eyes, they laugh. hell, some people even get the tattoo because it’s a good reminder - (which i will always agree with) but … they don’t understand the events that led for me to actually understand these concepts. i hope they never have to go through events like those, but, still i stand with my original observation. i would be no one with out the people who nurtured me. my mother, father, their stories, my sisters, my friends, my people. they are joe mahoney. they are the ones who created this absurd beast who will do anything thing to smile, to make someone laugh as long as he feels safe. thank you. 

“It truly is sad how much people care about a ship in a ffictional movie series. I roll my eyes when I see people say that parts of the HTTYD fandom would get mad if they didn’t get Hiccstrid in RTTE. Why does a ship matter so much? Does your life hang on the balance if there is Hiccstrid or not? No, it doesn’t. People take this way to seriously.”

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I don't really understand the logic of saying "anders did nothing wrong" then complaining when people think you agree with his ideology and/or actions

well then sorry for confusing you. but I don’t think I’m really complaining about anything? because first of all I do agree with he ideology and actions except that blowing up the chantry was maybe a bit too much but I can completely understand why he saw that as the only way. I just don’t like being called a “terrorism apologist man” for like…agreeing with a fictional character about trying to change something in a game? that is indeed, also fictional. also: saying “Anders was right” and “Anders did nothing wrong” is a difference but I won’t say I will never use or did use the second term because on people like to exaggerate and I do too? I mean let’s face it: every character in every fictional world did something wrong and you won’t people stop from calling them “precious cinnamon rolls who never did something wrong in their lives”. the difference is: they are fictional ;)

friendly reminder that when the doctor makes a pun and several people of different languages roll their eyes what’s actually happening is the doctor’s thought of a pun in several different languages at once and made those joke simultaneously through the translation circuit and we only hear the English joke but that Hal’ovician heard the Hal’o joke and the Frenchman heard a different joke in French and the doctor is an underappreciated Multi Punner the end

i think one of the only real surprises about being a legal adult is that no one tells you about that particular kind of grossness you feel if you go for long enough without eating a plant of some kind


The Trump administration appears to be rolling back protections for transgender people despite pre-election avowals otherwise

This week, the Trump administration made its first move away from expanding rights for transgender students. On Friday, the Justice Department filed a legal brief that withdrew its objections to an injunction that had blocked guidance from the Education Department, which required public schools to allow students to use bathrooms that corresponded with their current gender identity. Here’s what that means.


Rolling Stone’s Top 10 Albums of All Time + Opening Lyrics

  • SCP Tumblr fandom/mainsite coldposters: all the skips hang out in the site cafeteria together and are all buddies!! the coolest skips who are also people get to wander around the site freely because they're cool like that and because they're people. sometimes the foundation loves the skips so much that they let them be agents too because it's fun to have an anomalous buddy on your side right!! the foundation is nice people so they let the D-classes get promoted to staff when they don't fuck up for a month or if they get too sad because they're D-class and that's a depressing job. the foundation is full of tender loving souls who just want to be at peace with everyone and everyone lives in one big happy site where all the sapient skips conveniently live on the literal same hallway together!! so close! everyone is love and happiness and good and pure smol souls. the foundation and the goc are getting married next week and im going to the wedding
  • me: uuuuummmmmmmm that doesn't really sound canonically-
  • Canon-conforming SCP Wiki User(TM) who's Been Around a While(R), interjecting: That's highly illogical. No one lets SCP objects wander around the site; that defeats the entire point of containment. The Foundation is a harsh organization with literally no respect for human rights whatsoever and it is impossible for even one single Foundation employee to be anything other than a heartless slab of gray concrete shaped vaguely like a human being. One time a Foundation agent tried to process an emotional thought and literally just imploded. Human SCP objects have 0.00 human rights left and are likely incapable of conscious thought whatsoever due to the way they're treated. All they do is sit in a box with no books, television, computers, or games (that'd be unclinical) and hate themselves. The Foundation regularly tortures D-classes just for the hell of it because they're cold, heartless assholes. Human skips are subjected to unethical testing procedures literally 749867598 hours a day and absolutely no one cares because feelings don't exist. The world has already ended four times over and SCP-2000 rebooted it. Every time the world reboots the color drains from it and soon everything on Earth will be gray like the Foundation's morals. There is no hope. Put this through the draft forums next time
  • me: look, can we just,