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A Crisis of Confidence

Something I’ve been mulling over and addressing in asks and metas for nearly a week now is the concerns about Fitzsimmons and how everything will effect their relationship.  And the more I think about it the better I am starting to feel, because I’ve stepped back to look at the story they’ve set up here for Fitz specifically and how we have seen that story to certain degrees before.   

Its not that their feelings are in doubt, yes they have healing to do, but they’ll do that together (going down with the ship there).   

Something I flagged early in the season was how Fitz was on a roll. He was producing tech for the team on a level we hadn’t seen from him before.   Working with Radcliffe, perfecting AIDA and the Framework.  Coming up with low tech ways of taking down the baddies.  So it came as no surprise that that all blew up on us, we knew that was coming.   

We saw, that in 14 Fitz was upset that things he worked on and helped perfect, both AIDA and the Framework, were things that were ultimately used as weapons.  In the Framework we and him saw what happened when he DOESN’T care about what he makes….what happens when he wants to hurt or do something terrible.

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As soon as Fitz was out he was sick about what had happened and in 22 I believe we got our hint at where they intend to take Fitz with this arc.  When Jemma was pressing him to help her find a way to kill AIDA he was afraid that whatever he came up with wind up causing more harm than good….THAT could very well be his arc next season.  Because A LOT of the interviews have spoken of Fitz needing to recover with all that has happened.  That its going to take time.  So next season it will be getting Fitz to find his fire again, that he will have to create, innovate, and be an engineer again in order for them to beat the baddies.   

In essence he has to trust himself again.  Trust he is a good person and he is building something for the right reasons.   Trust that whoever is using what he makes for the right reasons as well.  Trust who he is working with.  He’ll always trust Jemma but what about this new agency that at the very least has Coulson.

At multiple times throughout the series we have seen the team have a point where they struggled to do their specialty because of what had happened due to it in a previous arc/story/season.  

  • In the aftermath of Bahrain May relegated herself to a desk.
  • In the aftermath of her trip to Maveth, Jemma’s curiosity faded it took her time to get back into the lab.
  • In the aftermath of Ward’s abduction/torture Bobbi was reluctant to go back into the field.
  • In the aftermath of Hive Coulson stepped back from being leader and Daisy left the team.

Now it seems to Fitz’s turn to have that arc of recovery.  Where he comes to terms with what happens and finds his way back.   With Jemma helping him every step of the way, her helping him get back into the lab, and working with him side by side again.

If he still is producing tech when they come back, because chances are he’ll need to be either to help find Coulson or if they were all taken…they were taken for their skills.  He’ll be a lot more guarded about it..  Not only thoroughly testing it but also vetting who wants it.   He won’t allow for what happened with Radcliffe to happen again, where something he made with the intention of helping people gets turned against them.

  • They could even step this up a notch by having a good, non betraying, father figure come into the mix.  And Fitz (and Jemma) be reluctant to work with him or let him get close.  

This will also be in addition to Fitz working through the “he’s a bad person” thing that he is grappling with.  Him coming to terms with just how much he was manipulated by AIDA.   

As painful as all that is, its also much more in line with what we could see and have seen before.   Romance has never been a huge part of the show, so this provides the writers an arc that can entwine with the overall arc much better.  IE if Fitzsimmons were working on getting back together it would be a sub plot that would likely hack off a good chunk of the fandom, where as getting Fitz back to creating again could fit much better, especially if what he needed to do was crucial to the story.

Another Chance - Ch. 2

Read Ch. 1 here

A/N: This chapter is from Keith’s POV, except for a brief bit of pining!Lance in the middle. The italicized parts are flashbacks, and yes they’re in present tense. That’s to differentiate them from the past tense of the rest of the story. Hope you enjoy this!

Keith has a mild panic attack in this chapter, but the chapter is still pretty fluffy.

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Hi! I'm just wondering "(...)for Fitz, it would be something that will define him for the rest of his life" what do you think it means?

Hi Anon!

I think that means that Fitz will continue to deal with the fall out beyond this season.  My early thoughts.

I’ve discussed in a number metas today that Fitzsimmons taking a step away from Shield or even moving into another capacity within the organization like teaching is a very viable option to me.  

Fitz he’s going to be so much more careful about what he creates once he is back in the lab.  We started the season with him on a roll.  Churning out tech left and right.   But now, he might shy away from it all together or have a long vetting process before he’s willing to put something out.   Especially now that he’s seen what he is capable of or when someone wants to use his tech for the wrong reasons.  

From a personal standpoint this whole thing, especially with Radcliffe, is going to put a serious hit as to how much he trusts new people.   That if someone new is getting close to him for him or if they are trying to get at him for access to his mind.  Radcliffe and AIDA both used him for it in horrible ways this season…and both ‘care’ about him.

And he will carry the guilt over what happened both in and out of the Framework.  Even though he was manipulated and essentially brainwashed he’s still going to feel guilty for all of it.  Just as Daisy carries the guilt for what happened while she was Hived.  

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I am the anon who asked to score Evgenia's FS at WTT :D Loved your answer, but tbh I only asked because I wanted to see you put that 3Lz(e) in protocols since it got +3's and no edge call (I am so salty about that). Re that flutz: Evgenia said in her interview she's going to work on it. Do you know any skaters who successfully corrected their flutz? I know Yuzu overcame his edge issues with (f)lip; has anyone fixed their flutz?

Hi again! Ahahh, thanks, glad you didn’t mind my answer ;)

Evgenia Lutz is still a Flutz half of the time, but she is indeed working on it. If you look at her Lutz a couple of season ago and now, you can notice how the edge is usually better now, even if not yet a proper outside edge.

It doesn’t get called, because that’s how Tech Panels roll nowadays when you are speaking about top-skaters (hi Flutzers and Lippers on all fields!), but at least she and her team are self-aware enough to try and fix it anyway.

As for skaters fixing their Flutz, there are some who managed to get to it from wrong edge to almost always at least flat, but I wanna give a shout out to Zijun Li, whose improvement over her Lutz has been huge:

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I have a fever and I can't sleep :( heal me w ur adorable writing pls

Oooooh, no!! Anon, I hope you get better :( And I hope these sick!headcanons take your mind off of it:

  • So parents get sick a lot. So do teachers starting at a new elementary school. If you’re going to be around grubby children, you’re going to get sick. Now I know Peter has a pretty badass healing factor, but it’s been shown that he can get sick if he runs himself down enough - and he is always running himself into exhaustion - so please consider:
  • Peter donning the suit and running head first into the rain to fight a super-villain. Peter who’s voice comes across nasally and slow on the comms, who moves like he’s underwater, who is pinging all of Tony’s internal warnings. After the super-villain is downed, Tony drags Peter back to his apartment in the hopes of shoving him at his Aunt and letting her confine him to bed rest, but nope, no, Peter also failed to mention that his Aunt is currently on an overnight trip out of the city.
  • So Tony shuffles Peter into his bed. He’s running a pretty bad fever. And so this leads to Tony taking control of this humble apartment to look after a sick moron who got himself sicker by fighting a super-villain in the rain, honestly. Tony with his designer suit jacket thrown haphazardly on the couch, expensive sleeves rolled to his elbows, tech set up on the dining table as he rifles through kitchen cupboards and listens to his AI list off cures and symptoms and consequences (”DEATH?” Tony hisses over the sound of running tap water, a glass half full in his hands. His AI continues, “Yes, death has historically been a common result of the flu–” And Tony is just. Nope. No. “You be quiet, or I will fire you.”)
  • This billionaire fussing over Peter because he has no idea how sicknesses work on children/super-powered people, and he can’t just leave him, and oh, god
  • Peter is fine. Though he does secretly enjoy it through the haze of fever. He usually has pretty bad nightmares when he has a fever, but he doesn’t this time around. It’s nice. It’s sweet. It’s hilarious hearing Tony swear and get annoyed with all the different flu medicines May keeps stocked. At one point, Tony gets chicken soup delivered to their apartment.
  • But Peter’s fever breaks and Aunt May comes home. And Tony gives her an unnecessarily long list of Peter’s symptoms and everything he’s taken  and a number for his private doctor that they are more than welcome to use–
  • She shuffles him off. Peter gets better quickly and is back to web slinging in no time.
  • And Tony? Tony experiences what every parent with a sick child will experience. The secondhand flu.
  • “He’s not even my kid, what the actual shit, I want a do-over, a fair trail, a–” 
  • Aunt May laughs when she finds out. She makes vegetable soup and hands Peter a thermos and shoos him off to Stark Tower to deliver the stuff. And then it’s Peter’s turn to play nursemaid.
Road Trip, Bucky x Reader

Request prompt: A story where Bucky and the reader meet. The first words are written on your skin. Preferably dealing with Bucky who had thought he was never going to meet his soulmate after falling through time, as well as the aftermath of him meeting the reader. I like the process of “now we’ve met, but we still have to get to know each other” and the uncertainty of if your soulmate will reject you.

Note: Thank you to the anon who requested this! It’s been fun to write, so I hope you enjoy reading it.

Warnings: Swearing

Road Trip

Tired, you walk around the corner of the corridor, a glass of water in hand. Your earphones are blasting music to help you remain awake, lest you fall asleep walking back to your room. So it’s safe to say that you’re not exactly paying attention to your surroundings as you go around that corner towards the elevator. Your eyes are droopy and you can’t clearly see what you’re walking into, but whatever it is, it makes a noise.

Ah, so not a wall then.

You slam into the person. Due to surprise, your powers burst out of control. Your earphones fry in milliseconds and at the same time, your glass of water hisses and the glass explodes. You squeak as freezing water soaks your front.

Well, that’s certainly one way to wake me up.

You hear a quiet curse from the male and look up. Well hello there, handsome. It’s Bucky Barnes. Steve’s been meaning to introduce you to his best friend, but you keep getting called out on missions so you’ve actually not been able to meet him yet. Looks like you don’t need Steve for introductions, though. You rip out your now dead earphones and see that Bucky looks a little distressed. You follow his line of sight and see that his metal arm is hanging limply. Oh fuck, my bad.

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In September of 2013, a YouTube channel named Webdriver Torso went viral when it began uploading strange, 11-second videos consisting only of shifting red and blue rectangles accompanied by a tone of varying pitch, paradoxically managing to still be more interesting than 99 percent of the other channels on YouTube. The channel added a similar video nearly 80,000 times over the next several months – an average of one every 20 seconds – with names such as “tmpP vnyF” and “tmpvqA58q.” Obviously, those are either English approximations of some cryptic alien tongue, or the Great Old Ones finally figured out how to work their newfangled smartphones. We’re being facetious, of course, but we’re only slightly exaggerating the press reports. The videos were clearly some kind of encoded message of mysterious origin, and everyone from the BBC to The Washington Post speculated that the videos were the modern equivalent of numbers stations – shortwave radio stations that are said to have been used for spy communications during the Cold War. But what was the message being sent by Webdriver Torso? Who was it intended for? Would we ever know?

THE LUDICROUSLY SIMPLE ANSWER: whoever was behind Webdriver Torso totally Rickrolled the conspiracy theory-spouting masses. Engadget finally closed the case once and for all when they approached Google’s Zurich office for an official statement:

We’re never gonna give you uploading that’s slow or loses video quality, and we’re never gonna let you down by playing YouTube in poor video quality. That’s why we’re always running tests like Webdriver Torso.

5 Creepy Mysteries With Simple Solutions No One Saw Coming

Lalna List (Info / Personalities)

Lalnable: (YogLabs and Flux Buddies) Dark humor. Likes shitty puns. Acts tough but is really just an angry dork. [Looks like they could kill you, could kill you.]

YogLabs Duncan: (OC / YogLabs) Done with Lalnable’s shit. Fed up with everything in general. [Stale Cinnamon Roll. Too cynical. Has seen too much.]

Flux Duncan: (Duncans Lab S2 / Flux Buddies 1 & 2) Innuendos and shitty puns for days. Would probably get into a pun-off with Lalnable if Kim didnt want to kill him so badly. Loves machines and magic. HUUUUGE dork. [Looks like Cinnamon Roll. is really a Sinnamon Roll.] 

Tech Duncan: (Hole Diggers / Deep Space Mine) Works hard. Grinds for hours to make machinery and setups. Makes shitty jokes, but tends to be more serious. [Salty Cinnamon Roll. Very salty.]

Cop Duncan: (Chaosville / Magic Police / Time Cops) Cocky. Overconfident. Still makes shitty jokes. pretends they know what they are doing even though they are confused as hell. Not sure whats going on half the time. [Looks like Cinnamon Roll, could actually kill you.]

Tekkit Duncan: (Duncan’s Lab S1 &2, Voltz) Dark. Broudy. Works hard to get his goals accomplished. Isnt afraid to pile up a few corpses to climb higher in life. Still fucks around a lot. [Sinnamon Roll / Could kill you] 

Fallen Duncan: (From the ‘Fallen Yogscast’ AU- WIP) Dark. Broudy. Focused. Will fuck anyone who gets in his way. Hates magic. A skilled fighter, due to years of surviving the shit-fest the world has become. [Looks like they could kill you, can and WILL kill you.]