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I’m not even playing Lysander’s route on my main account, but the thought of him writing and singing a song for my Candy is just so cute, I could die for this adorable 2d boy.

Brave Paladin, reveal your hopes and fears. Redbubble

  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: poisoned cinnamon roll
  • looks like it could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: cinnamon roll in a halloween disguise
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Plain cinnamon roll
  • looks like it could kill you and would actually kill you: probably a knife i am not sure i didn't research this info too thoroughly

I’m really loving the theme lately with big budget film and TV projects in the ‘nerds and nostalgia’ genre having White Male Entitlement as the villain


Mad Max asked who killed the world

their answer was 'toxic masculinity’

Jessica Jones answered with 'rape culture’

and Star Wars threw in 'entitled, privileged white dudes with nostalgiaboners for eras of extreme oppression for everyone else’

could we ask for a more accurate unholy trinity, or a better group to be putting this shit on blast??

Maybe Namjoon isn’t so much clumsy, maybe he’s just always being distracted by Jin and shit happens.  


“I’m sure the Library will be in good hands.”

it’s so painful to love artists and bands especially from the sixties and seventies because you find this music that to you are so revolutionary and these people that speak to your heart and you feel the melody, the rhythm, the lyrics and the voice all through your veins, in your bones, and you see them as the young versions of themselves, and it’s like getting hit by a bus when they die, because to you, they are their young, vibrant and full of life selves, and it hurts so much when you’re reminded that they’re not

Tord: I don’t want to “calm down”- 

Tord: I want Proof! And I know it’s here!

Patryk: Uh, Sir, maybe we should just retire this mission… 

Paul: Patryk’s right, Tord. 

[Give Up]  

[Keep looking]

Donald Trump: “I don’t want to energize the group, and I disavow the group. It’s not a group I want to energize. And if they are energized I want to look into it and find out why. I’ve known Steve Bannon a long time. If I thought he was a racist, or alt-right … I wouldn’t even think about hiring him.”

Steve Bannon: “We [Breitbart News] are the platform for the alt-right.” You know that website that I served as editor for at the time of that quote. And only a month before saying that I oversaw an article written on my website breaking down the alt-right movement and praising white supremacist websites like VDARE, American Renaissance, and Alternative Right. The article that bragged the alt-right isn’t like oldschool skinheads because alt-righters are “dangerously bright” and intellectual. I mean I’ve only propped up the movement and completely aligned myself with it but whatever.