roll over in his grave

I have decided that my favorite thing about Black Sails is that according to this show, the treasure–the notorious treasure from a literary classic that has been adapted time and time again, that created most myths surrounding piracy including buried treasure and treasure maps–is actually Anne Bonny’s portion of stolen gold converted into a cache of portable gems by her girlfriend.

Robert Louis Stevenson’s “please don’t include women in your book” son must be rolling over in his grave, and that pleases me.

Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 9  A/B/O ❤️

A/N: Okay this ones gonna be emo to the extremo and que the crying *bursts into tears* But its a good emo nontheless! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

“Dad would be rolling over in his grave right now.”

You scoffed, standing up straight. It didn’t really help that he was practically a foot taller than you still. However, you didn’t give a single damn anymore. Even though he was an alpha, he was a complete jerk and still your brother. He made sure you knew both of those.

“Well,” you argued. “I don’t really care what he thinks. This is his fault.”

“You didn’t answer my question.” He completely ignored your last statement. Maybe it’s best that he didn’t elaborate on that. You’d probably get a slap.

“Because it’s none of your business, Gambit.” You were really pushing it now. By law, he could kill you if he wanted to. You were an nonbonded delta, which really bad on your end.

“Well according to this,” he demurred, holding up a printed copy of the waiver. “It’s very much my business.”

You scowled. You had ten trillion nerves in your body, yet he managed to get on every single one of them. You absolutely despised him, especially now that you were positive he was going to rip up that paper and walk away laughing. Just like three years ago.

Remy looked down at the paper in his hands, rereading the words. For a split second, you felt the spark of hope inside your heart. Maybe he was a changed man? You hoped he was, you could really use some good karma right now.

“New Orleans is really nice this time around,” he said under his breath. He turned over the paper, reading your father’s signature. Your brows furrowed in confusion. What was he on about now?

“Okay…” you responded, your eyes narrowing with suspicion. Where was he getting at?

“I think it’s best if you come home with me.” he confessed, looking up at you with a completely serious expression. Your eyes nearly shot out of your head as you processed the words. Was he drunk again? Or just completely fucking insane?

You weren’t going anywhere with him! You had a life here, a promising future and an amazing father to your child. Tony was like a father to you, and Pepper? You couldn’t leave her. She was your closest friend besides Peter. Did he really expect you to just be totally okay with this?

“Are you crazy?” you exclaimed. You took a step backwards, putting some much needed distance between you. If he wanted to take you, he had every right by law. You hated those damn laws, they were extremely unfair and borderline dictating. Remy took a step forward.

“Y/N, you and I both know it’s true.” he reasoned. “Three years since I’ve seen you and you went and got yourself knocked up by some deadbeat alp-”

“Do not talk about him like that!” You spat, raising your voice twice as loud. You pointed an accusing finger at him. This time you stepped forward. “He is a good man. Twice the man you are!”

He didn’t take too kindly to that at all.

“I’ve had it with this damn attitude of yours!” Remy spat, stalking towards you. You let out a squeak and backed away faster, trying to put as much distance between the two of you as possible; but alas, he was twice the size of you.

He reached out, extending his hand to grab onto your arm. “You’re coming home NOW!”

Before his hand landed on yours, a metal one wrapped around his and jerked it upwards.

“She’s not going anywhere,” Bucky replied calmly. “Especially not with you.”

When the head of ABO Registration arrived, he brought an entire swat team with him, which was totally unnecessary. Word go out that there was not only a delta in the Stark tower, but one that was scheduled to be sterilized as well. When you didn’t show up for the procedure, things hit the roof.

Alexander Pierce was the current head of the ABO Registration. Tony literally had no idea how he came to be in that position, as the guy was a total snake, but nevertheless, he was here with the entire New York swat team.

Why were things always going this way for Tony? Was it that time he accidentally ran over that squirrel with his tricycle when he was ten? Or when he ditched his first girlfriend at prom? It was probably the latter.

When Pierce entered the lobby, he most likely expected Tony standing there in one of his fashionable suits, smart mouthing him to no end. But the absolute last thing he expected was to see the entire Avengers suited up and ready for him.

It threw him way off guard, and off his game.

“So, I take it you didn’t come for milk and cookies?” Tony asked. The helmet of his suit retracted, revealing his face. Peirce scoffed, taking a step forward himself.

“Don’t play dumb, Stark. Where is she?”

Tony raised his eyebrows, giving the man a shrug. “Where’s who? Pepper? She’s right over there.”

Pepper placed her hands on her hips, making the mechanical sounds of her suit shift. Yeah, Tony just had to make his girl one. Although, she didn’t really like being called Iron Lady, so he just stuck with PottBot300 instead, much to her annoyance.

“Or we have the lovely Black Widow over here,” Tony stepped to the side, revealing a smirking Natasha. She cocked her gun threateningly, glaring daggers into Pierce’s head.

“And we’ve got Wanda, too, if you’re looking for her.” Wanda smirked, her eyes glowing a bright crimson as she stared at each of the swat team members.

“Stop your bullshit, Stark. I can shut this entire show down right now if you don’t comply. You know the law.” Pierce clenched his fists angrily. The man shifted his weight onto his other foot, gritting his teeth.

“You’re gonna shut this down?” Tony asked, raising an eyebrow. He turned around, pointing towards the group of people behind him. “Because I’ve got a group of highly trained lady warriors here, along with these other guys,” he waved towards the male members.

Bruce, who was now in full Hulk form, cracked his knuckles. Sam expanded his wings. Clint raised his bow and arrow from his spot on the balcony above. Thor twirled his hammer, eyeing the men. Steve gripped his shield tightly, holding it in front of him.

“So you go ahead and try to shut this down. I dare you.”

The entire swat team began slowly backing away, giving each other looks of concern. There was no way they could take them. Even if Pierce decided to try it, they wouldn’t listen to them. Risking their lives for a single delta? That was completely inane.

“The delta,” Pierce spoke. “She needs to come with me.”

“Well, you’re not getting her so I suggest you move along before it gets ugly.” Tony warned.

“Unless the waiver is sign-”

“We’re searching for her brother,” Pepper spoke up. “He’s the only one that can sign it. We just need some time.”

Pierce looked back to Tony. His eyes narrowed, contemplating his next move. Tony really didn’t want to wreck his lobby again. That last time when Bruce accidentally hulked out caused so much damage and he really liked how his lobby looked at the moment.

“You have twenty four hours,” Pierce addressed, turning on his heel. “Any second over that and all of you are getting prison time. Millionaire playboy or not.”  

Tony let out a sigh of relief. He’d get to keep his lobby after all.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” He called as the men began exiting the building. He was so done with today. Now, he just needed to find you and Barnes.

As everyone began headed towards the elevator, they were met with the sound of Peter’s curses.

“You guys!” he exclaimed, landing from his web. His uniform was tangled in random places and  his mask was completely inside out. “Sorry I’m late, nobody woke me from my nap!”

Everyone stared at him with raised eyebrows.

Someone let out a snort.

“Wait, where’d all the bad guys go?” he asked, scratching his head as he looked around the lobby.

“Bucky,” you peered up at him, giving him a small reassuring smile. “This is my brother, Remy.”

Both of the men glared at each other. You stood beside them both, your eyes shooting between the two men rapidly. This was not how you imagined this going at all. They looked like they were going to tear each other’s throats out.

“So you’re the baby daddy,” Remy spoke, eyeing Bucky up and down. You rolled your eyes. This was so embarrassing. You felt like a teenager introducing your high school sweetheart to your father. Remy would be a terrible dad.

“And you’re the deadbeat brother,” Bucky retorted with a tight sarcastic smile. You closed your eyes. This wasn’t going to go well. You placed your hand on Bucky’s bicep, rubbing it comfortingly.

Remy picked up on the gesture and frowned.

Before anymore words could be exchanged, you heard the familiar mechanics of the Iron Man suit behind you. You spun around, ready to explain to Tony that you were fine and that no, you weren’t being kidnapped by anyone.

But instead, you were met with a very confused Pepper Potts in her very own suit. When the heck did she even get one? And why didn’t she tell you she had it?

“Y/N!” she sighed with relief. “We might have found your bro- who is this?”

You sighed, rubbing your temples. You wanted to keep this as low key as possible, but if Pepper knew now, everyone would. It was only a matter of time. “Pepper, this is my brother Remy.” you explained. “Remy, this is Pe-”

“Pepper Potts,” Remy charmed, reaching out and gently grabbing her metal hand. He placed a small kiss onto it. She gave him a small, polite smile before pulling her hand away. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Your eye twitched as you watched the two in front of you. Bucky wrapped your hand in his, gently tugging you forward. “C’mon doll,” he said, wrapping his arm around you when you got closer.

“I think it’s time Remy and I had a chat. Alone.”

“My sister isn’t some alpha chew toy,” Remy chided as he stared at the brown haired man in front of him.

He leaned back into his seat as he fiddled with the card in his hand.

“I never treated her like one.” Bucky bit back, his blue eyes staring into his red ones.

Steve could practically feel the level of tension building in the room. The blond stood beside Bucky, nudging his best friend with his elbow. Whether they liked it or not, they had to bite their tongue for this one. For your sake at least. Besides, if things turned out okay with you and Bucky, he would end up being Bucky’s brother in law. He wasn’t exactly astounded by that information.

Remy flipped one of the cards over, showing Bucky the queen of hearts. “I don’t see why, but my sister seems to like you a lot, James.” he flipped it over again, but this time it was the king of spades. Bucky cringed at the sound of his first name.

“I like her, too.” Bucky replied, his eyes watched as Remy flipped the card again, only for it to be the ace of clubs. “More than I should.”

The younger man paused, his eyes flickering up at Bucky from across the table. He studied his face, searching for something, yet Bucky had no idea what.  With a smirk, he placed the card down in front of Bucky.

“Okay, Barnes,” he began. “Let’ s make a little bet, alright?”

Bucky paused, his eyes flickering between him and the card on the table. He didn’t really want to play cards with Gambit of all people. With a sigh he nodded. He really didn’t have a choice at the moment.

“On the other side of this card is going to be one of two things,” Remy explained. “If it’s the queen of hearts, then I’ll sign the waiver and you and Y/N can be on your way living happily ever after.”

Bucky’s eyes flickered between the card and Remy, narrowed with suspicion. “And if it’s not?”

“If you get the Ace of spades, Y/N comes home with me.”

Immediately, Bucky’s heart began to race. There was no way in hell he was letting you out of his sight, even if that meant your brother had to go. It was a sinister thought, but it’s one that Bucky would gladly bring to reality if the worst case scenario played out. You wanted to stay in New York, it was your home now. He wasn’t going to let Remy ruin that for you. Especially for the baby.

Reluctantly, Bucky reached forward with his metal hand and slid the card back towards himself. His adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed nervously. Closing his eyes, he flipped the card over.

Queen of hearts.

Bucky let out a giant breath, his eyes staring down at the card. Steve let out a chuckle, clapping his best friend on the shoulder. His eyes wandered to your brother, expecting to see a glare or any sign of disapproval. But instead, all he got was a small smile. It didn’t reach his eyes, but it was genuine.

As much as Bucky was shocked, he was a bit suspicious. He hoped Remy wouldn’t pull out a gun and blast the two away.

“Well, it’s looks as though I’ve lost this time,” Remy sighed, but Bucky could sense the warmness behind it. “I’ll sign whatever you put in front of me.”

Somehow, Bucky Barnes had managed to beat Gambit in cards, all while saving his girl as well.

You sat between Pepper and Wanda, clutching their hands so tight, you thought they would snap off. For some inane reason, you agreed to let your brother and Bucky speak alone, which was totally eating away at you right now. The entire time, the same thought ran through your head.

What if Remy refuses?

The last thing you wanted was for any kind of confrontation or for Bucky to get hurt. You prayed that the two would be able to talk this out and be rational human beings. Deep down inside, however, you knew that Bucky wouldn’t take no for an answer and you would probably end up murdering your brother if he touched him. You wanted your baby to have a father and if you had to strangle your brother to give his consent, then so be it.

Pregnant or not, you were staying with Bucky.

“It’s going to be fine, Y/N.” Wanda assured you, giving your hand a squeeze.

“If he tries anything, I’ll cut his balls off.” Nat smirked from her spot on the couch.

That made you smile. Nat would probably take care of everything if she had to. Even though the two of you spent a heat together, you still considered her one of your close friends. You made a mental note to never tell your future child that you slept with auntie Nat.

“They’re probably giving each other manicures,” Tony teased from next to Pepper. You could see her elbow him.

The door opened, making everyone perk up. You stood, holding the two women’s hands tightly.

A million things ran through your mind that second, precisely a million. But all of those things subsided as soon as you caught a glimpse of Bucky grinning like the little dork he was.

You cried out as he ran to you, scooping you up into a giant hug. Tears began pooling in your eyes. This was finally over. You nuzzled your face into his neck, inhaling his scent. You wanted to stay this way forever. You could finally live your life without any more unnecessary bumps in the road. Everyone let out whistles as you two hugged, earning a blush from you and a giant grin from Bucky.

You could hear someone clear their throat loudly, instantly causing the room to go silent again.

Remy stood in the doorway awkwardly, peering over at you from afar. You patted Bucky on the shoulder. Taking the hint, he gently set you down on the ground and released you. Giving his hand a gentle squeeze, you pulled away from Bucky and made your way towards your brother.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Remy asked you as you stood in front of him. You looked back at the group of people, taking in each and every one of their faces. When you got to Bucky, you couldn’t help but feel your heart swell.

“Positive.” You replied giving him a smile. Remy nodded, placing a hand on top of your head and rustling your hair lovingly. You crinkled your nose, swatting his hands away from you.

Without thinking, you leaned in, gathering him into a hug with your arms. Honestly, it surprised the two of you. At first he tensed up, his arms twitching at his sides as you held him. But after a few seconds, you felt his arms around you.

Before you could pull away, Remy leaned down so that he was near your ear.

“C'est une fille.” he whispered.

Your eyes grew wide as he pulled away. You watched, completely flabbergasted as he walked away.

“See you around, Y/N.” he called over his shoulder, just like before.  

This time, instead of tears, all you could do was smile.

Remy sat in the airplane seat quietly. Small beads of rain splattered against the window as he read the words from the letter in his hands. He sniffled, fighting back the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes.


If you’re reading this, your mother and I are long gone by now. Words cannot express how proud I am of the of you and your sister. I may not be around to see the amazing things you both accomplished, but I want you to know, that no matter what life throws at you, you’re a Y/L/N and capable of so amazing things.

If you’re reading this, this means that in the mail you received a copy of the Delta Sterilization document that I signed, which means that if any circumstance your sister was to become pregnant, she would be immediately sterilized.

I want you to know that I did not want this for Y/N, but I had no choice. The real reason for this decision, is far more complex.

The both of you have always been cross with one another, even as children. But now, I need you to put your differences aside, for your mother and I’s sake. You will both need each other, regardless of the differences. The thing I wanted most wanted in this world was to see both put aside your differences and accept each other as family and that at the end of the day, you both are all each other has now.

You might have noticed that when I signed the document, I refused to sign my full name. I did this so that the choice would be in your hands when the time comes. Please, for your mother and I’s sake, sign the waiver. It would mean the world to your sister. It will not only show that that you care about her, but that you respect her status in this world as well. It will be the ultimate act of kindness from your end.

I know it seems cruel to lie to her and it might change her view of me from now on. To believe that I would so such a thing out of spite. But it’s a sacrifice I am more than willing to make for the sake of my kids.

I love you both so much, never forget that.


He set the letter down on his lap, taking in his father’s words.

“Babe?” a small, feminine voice pulled him out of his thoughts. Remy turned his head, giving the woman a grin.

“Are you okay?” she asked, noticing his changed mood. He nodded, pecking the woman on the cheek. He collected the small strand of white hair that fell in front of her face and placed it behind her ear.

“I’m fine, Marie,” he said softly. She giggled and rested her head on his shoulder. Remy wrapped his arm around his fiance, placing his hand on her very swollen stomach.  

“I’m just fine.”


Before you freak out, this is not the end lol! It’s just the end for Remy as we know it (; there is still three more chapters to go you guys!!

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“Seventeen Days” (Part 7)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Fantasy/College AU)

Summary: An angel from heaven is sent back to Earth to prevent college senior Bucky Barnes from ending his life. But here’s the catch - she only has seventeen days to do it.

“Seventeen Days” (Masterlist)

Originally posted by teenager-stuff

“So, what do you think?”

“I think you’re right. Finding out what happened before Bucky Barnes entered college may provide you a lead. However, I’d like to remind you that –“

You bat the air with your palm and interrupt, “No, silly. I was talking about the outfit.” Placing your hands on your hips, you do your best supermodel twirl before hunching your torso into an exaggerated high-fashion pose. “What do you think?” you repeat.

Steve stares at you in a half incredulous, half disgruntled manner. He sweeps his hand up and down in front of your contorted form. “It’s just a t-shirt and jeans,” he matter-of-factly points out.

“I know, but I’m also asking about the ensemble.” You straighten your spine and point to your white sneakers. “Should I change to flats? Or heels? Do people wear heels to college parties?”

“Just stick with the white –” Steve abruptly halts mid-sentence. He mutters something about staying focused before shooting his laser-sharp gaze your way. “Did you really summon me because you wanted feedback on an outfit?” he asks, spitting out the last word as if it left a bad taste in his mouth.

“This is my first party on Earth, Steve-o. I don’t remember my time on Earth, but you remember yours, so I need your help with human fashion. I can’t just walk in there wearing anything. First impressions may not be accurate, but they’re important.”

“Mmhm, now remind how your first impression went with Bucky Barnes.”

Brow furrowed in mock-seriousness, you point a defensive finger at the sarcastic grim reaper. “Hey now, Bucky was a tough cookie, but look how well it’s going!” Feeling a small urge to continue tooting your horn, you lean in and whisper, “I think he’s coming around!”

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  • Newt makes awful coffees. Awful. They’re either murky peat-water or sentient tar, there is no in between. Graves drinks them without comment because Newt made them.
  • Actually that’s not quite true, Graves drinks them with many comments, particularly when the black mess is somehow defying gravity and climbing out of the mug. Newt occasionally gets flustered and tries to take the mug back but Graves hunches over it protectively because it’s his coffee that his boyfriend made him and he downs the scalding, gravity defying concoction before Newt can take it off him and smirks triumphantly when Newt pouts.
  • When Graves starts floating from whatever the fuck Newt did to his coffee, Newt crosses his arms and tells him off for drinking it in the first place. Graves flails against the ceiling and sticks out his burnt tongue and looks pitiful until Newt sighs and levitates himself up to kiss it better.
  • Kissing it better is going very well indeed until the coffee wears off and Graves stops floating. He clings to Newt for dear life while Newt, the fucker, laughs his head off and takes his sweet time about manoeuvring them to hover over the kitchen table so Graves can get down.
  • “I am not putting my shoes on the table we eat off that thing!”
  • Don’t drop me on the floor the floor is a long way away.
  • Newt finally rolls his eyes and casts a second levitating charm on Graves. It’s one that gives him full control over where Graves is positioned rather than just floating him up to lie on the ceiling, and isn’t that an interesting prospect. He twitches his fingers to bring Graves up to hover beneath him, and again to align them flush against each other. Graves slides one hand behind Newt’s head and slides the other down his front in a way that vanishes his clothes, and this is an excellent progression of events.
  • Five minutes later, Newt is too distracted to hold either levitation spell and Graves is a loudly complaining ball of agony on the kitchen table with an elbow in his ribs, a knee in exactly the worst place for a knee to land, and definitely a broken spine, Newt, he isn’t kidding, it’s fine for some people because they had a nice squishy boyfriend to land on but other people had a bony boyfriend land on them and ow mercy lewis right in the gonads fuck
  • Cue much fussing and application of homemade and not-officially-sanctioned pain poultices made of god knows what ingredients that Newt was taught by a healer in god knows what country but they actually work so that’s ok (though god knows how)
  • The pair of them end up on the sofa, Graves lying sideways with his head on Newt’s lap and Newt stroking lazy circles on Graves’ bare back to “help the healing” while he flips through pages for the latest chapter of his book
  • Graves contributing with grammar and spelling because holy shit, Newt knows his stuff but the things that man does to a comma are illegal
  • As in actually illegal, Graves passed a law about it last week and he’s pretty sure that Tina hasn’t noticed yet to revoke it
  • The pair of them share the sofa with three occamies, curled up on Graves’ chest, a diricawl perched on Newt’s shoulder, Pickett in Graves’ hair trying to make it curl the way Newt’s does (and succeeding what the actual fuck Pickett what arcane magic are you using to do this) and Addie the nundu laid out over Newt’s feet like a large pair of deadly killer slippers.
  • Lazy evenings by the fire in a puppy pile of creatures, Graves rolling over sleepily and burying his face in Newt’s stomach, occamies mewing unhappily as they’re dislodged and burrowing beneath the blanket to resettle themselves, Newt’s soft smile as he looks around him at his family
  • Happy things
Y’all whiny MFers better not get Discovery cancelled

I’ll confess, I’ve seen the trailer for Star Trek Discovery about 50 times since it was released. I have some reservations about a few things, but as a Trek fan in general, I’m so excited I’m screaming in a pitch that only dogs can hear. Also, I may have wet my pants. 

Then I went and read the YouTube comments on the trailer and remembered exactly why it is that we as Trek fans can’t have nice things. In case you’re wondering, it goes roughly like this:

It just keeps going: 
The Klingons are weird.
Sarek doesn’t look like Sarek.
It has JJ Abrams written all over it.
Gene Roddenberry would be rolling over in his grave. 

I don’t get the mentality that the only “good” Star Trek is one where Klingons are white dudes with shoe polish on their faces and the crew of the Enterprise solves the social problems of ridiculously cookie-cutter societies every week. Also, Mark Lenard is dead and he will never play Sarek again. That’s been a thing since 1996. Listen, like it or not, Gene Roddenberry lost his mind in his later years, and that’s why the first two seasons of The Next Generation feel so damn unwatchable. But guess what? I still watched them and I joke about how terrible they are, but I still wouldn’t hashtag them as #NotMyStarTrek. 

Remember that time they actually recycled a plot from The Original Series and it ended with Tasha Yar asking Data if he was “fully functional?” Yeah, I cringed just writing that. 

In case no one noticed, we’ve come a long way since the 1960s in terms of special effects, makeup, editing, and even science. I swear some people would only be happy if the bridge of Discovery were identical to the bridge of the original Enterprise, cardboard inlays and monotone computer voice and all. I know this is true because I’ve seen some of the fan movies. You want to talk about unwatchable, check out Star Trek: Of Gods and Men on YouTube. 

Then there are people whining about how an Asian female captain and a black female lead is just a way of making SJWs happy and is a vicious slap in the face to fans. To anyone who actually thinks that, WTF kind of Star Trek have you been watching up until this point? If you can’t stomach the idea of a Star Trek that pushes you outside your comfort zone which only extends to watching three white 1960s bros solve the universe’s problems, I seriously question your dedication to the franchise. Furthermore, you can’t have it both ways: you can’t say Gene Roddenberry would be devastated and simultaneously whine that it looks like a campy multicultural homosexual estrogen party. 

Clearly this incarnation is set up to be serialized so yes, it’s very different than the original, but I for one would much rather watch Star Trek evolve with the times (and technology) than continue to live in a Groundhog Day of The Original Series. Anyone who bitches and moans that they can tell it sucks just by watching the trailer reminds me of Al Bundy reliving his glory days of scoring four touchdowns in a single game for Polk High. Life moves on. So does Star Trek

“The only good Star Trek is the original Star Trek!”

So can we stop whining about a show none of us have even seen yet? Can we stop trying to get it cancelled before it even has a chance to come into its own? Complaining about it isn’t going to make CBS decide to produce a Trek series made by fans who can’t stop reliving the era of Spock or Picard. 

At this point, every morning feels like waking up, checking the computer and witnessing a dystopian Orwell novel happening right before my eyes.

And the really shitty thing? It’s not even a good Orwell novel.

The characters are too stupid. Too bland. Too one-dimensional. It’s too much of a circus. No subtlety. 

Be real: Orwell would roll over in his grave before he wrote anything like this

Gramander - 25. Who wears the other ones clothes?

Ahh, so I’m finally going to try my hand at writing these two! Thanks for reading!

There are so many things that Percival Graves loves about Newt Scamander, but one thing he loves in particular is when Newt decides to parade around in Graves’s clothes. It’s not always on purpose, there are a few times that Newt walks out the door in a shirt that he genuinely thought was his, until half way through his day he realizes that it is a few sizes too big for his shoulders…

It just so happens that this morning is one of those situations. Tina had come knocking at Graves’s door one early morning, where the sun was still rising and the birds were just starting to chirp.

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Sleep and cuddles

Tina was the first to see the shadows under Newt’s eyes. She knew he had so many ‘babies’ to worry about and she was aware of how demanding and complicated had been the cases lately, but it seemed like had been avoiding sleep on purpose.

It wasn’t a surprise that days later he just fell asleep on the sofa that was on her office, she was even relieved to watch him close his eyes for more than a few minutes to be honest.

What really surprised her was when her friend leaned into her and rested his head on her shoulder. She tried to detach herself, but Newt’s response was only to put his arms around her like a very tall koala bear with his three.

That day she learned Newt Scamander turned into a very needy and cuddly creature when he was sleepy. And she didn’t mind. Not at all. After all he was her friend and no one could deny he was really adorable.

So she let him.

Then it happened again. But that time was in the cafeteria; all of them were there, all of them except Director Graves, because he almost never left his own office.

Tina saw it coming. Newt’s eyes were closing, his body leaning towards Grimsditch. She rose from her chair and put a hand on the magizoologist shoulder, shaking it gently, but it seemed Newt was completely gone.

Then he just wrapped himself around Grimsditch. The auror arched an eyebrow, but smiled at the thin wizard and caressed his soft curls, making Newt sigh.

“I should wake him up,” she offered then.

“That’s not necessary, Tina. He’s not bothering me,” he waved a hand dismissively. “Besides he looks so tired, the poor thing. We should let him rest.”

Everybody seemed to agree, but that didn’t surprise Tina either, Newt had become MACUSA’s ray of sunshine and they all adored him.

No, she wasn’t surprised. She was worried. Because after that it became some sort of routine and suddenly every single auror working at MACUSA wanted to cuddle Newt.

It was insane. They even took turns. She even saw Jauncey and Fontaine arguing about who was next in line.

Newt of course was oblivious to all of that. They were very careful of detaching themselves from him before he woke up, but one of them made a mistake and the poor magizoologist was very embarrassed when he discovered himself wrapped around another person. Wilkinson assured him it was okay and managed to calm him.

After a few times Newt got used to it and accepted the company gladly. Tina knew her friend was not a people’s person, but also knew how much Newt starved for human contact.

But no, that wasn’t the little detail that worried her the most. She was worried about Director Graves.

The man always tried his best to stay professional and even cold with everyone. It seemed like he wanted to keep his distance on purpose. But he was a good boss and his aurors liked him. They all cared about him and felt a bit of guilt after what happened with Grindelwald.

And Graves… He changed, not after his return, but when Newt came back to New York. He looked more alive and happy when the magizoologist was around. He tried his best to make conversation with the redhead and learned a few things about magical creatures just to catch Newt’s interest.

They also noticed how Graves seemed to be aware of Newt’s permits expiration dates and gently reminded him to renew them.

But he was also very reserved and not so good with feelings so he had never made a move and sometimes didn’t seem like he was going to.

Tina wasn’t the only one worried about it, because it was a silent agreement that cuddle session with Newt should remain a secret.

Well it wasn’t exactly a secret since every auror knew, everyone except Graves. Because no one was sure how their boss would react to that.

Maybe it could be a good thing and it’d be the final push Graves needed to confess his feelings, but it could also get them all killed.

No one wanted to take the risk.

They also weren’t lucky, it seemed because the very next day Graves decided to get out of his office and found Newt asleep form being held by Richards.

He didn’t look pleased.

“What’s going on here?”

The girl paled and stared back at his boss, the terror in her eyes was clear. Everybody in the room was petrified.

Then Tina took a step ahead and started to explain as best as she could. Graves’ frown began to disappear and when his eyes finally landed on Newt’s face his lips quirked up in a fond smile.

He approached him and Richards let him go, making Newt’s eyes open. He was still very tired from last night (he attended a wounded occamy) and smiled shyly at Graves before his eyes started to close again.

“Newt,” Director Graves muttered because suddenly he wasn’t Mr Scamander anymore he was Newt. Lovely, beautiful and precious Newt.

Graves leaned towards him and touched his arm and it seemed was everything Newt needed to turn around and put his arms around the director’s neck.

“Sir, if you want I can take him to…” Tina offered, but Graves shook his head.

“It’s okay, Goldstein,” he said before carrying Newt and lifted him from the chair as he weighed nothing. “I’ll take care of him.”

There was something in Graves’ voice that Newt found calming because he smiled in his sleep and nuzzled in the other wizard’s neck.

And to everyone’s shock their boss smiled back and pressed Newt even closer to his body.

They all saw his boss walk in his with the magizoologist in his arms and close the door behind them.


Newt woke up and the first thing he felt was fingers brushing the hairs that had fallen over his forehead. Then he realized he was on someone’s lap and definitely noticed the hand on his waist firmly keeping him in place.

He also felt the blush spreading over his face when he became to the realization it was Percival Graves who was holding him.

Graves looked back at him, amused.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Well… I-I think… I mean yes,” he mumbled. He tried to detach himself, but the grip around his waist just tightened.

They were on his couch, he noticed. In his office. How did he get there?

“Mr Graves…”

“I think it’s time for you to call me by my first name, don’t you agree?”

Newt nodded too flustered to speak.

Percival chuckled before pressing a soft kiss on his curls. The magizoologist almost squeaked.

“Please do try to get some sleep next time, on your own bed,” he said, but he didn’t seem angry.

“Yes… I-I didn’t want to be-”

“And if you feel tired during the day again please don’t go to cuddle those idiots. Please come to me instead.”

Newt blushed even more and watched him in confusion. There was a smirk forming on Percival’s lips.

“Because you see… I’m far from perfect, but you must know that by now,” he continued, rubbing the back of his neck, nervous. “And even though I try to be better there are a few things I cannot change about myself. And one of them is that I don’t like to share. I’m jealous and a little bit possessive sometimes and I definitely don’t want to share you.”

“What? You mean… You like me?” Newt blinked, shocked and flustered.

“I think I’m in love with you to be quite honest,” Percival breathed, his lips moving over Newt’s forehead.


Graves rolled his eyes.

“And I thought it was obvious,” he chuckled. “Yes, Newt, I love you and I would like to start a relationship with you, if you have me.”

Newt recovered from the shock after a few seconds and offered Percival his brightest smile.

“I’d like that very much,” he said and kissed the auror on the lips.


So Graves and Newt started dating and their boss decided to keep the sleepy, cuddly magizoologist all to himself.

Yes they all were happy for both of them, but they still thought it wasn’t fair.

What kind of shadowy manipulator actually goes on the cover of Time Magazine admitting he’s a shadowy manipulator?

Trevor Noah on Steve Bannon.

Seriously, though. Thomas Cromwell would roll over in his grave at this man’s sheer and utter amateurishness.


I think we need to talk about how similar Rowan and Aelin’s relationship is to that of Tamlin and Feyre’s. 

The only similarities between Rowan and Rhysand lie in the fact that they’re the current love interests of the protagonists of their respective series. The comparisons end there. Ever since ACOMAF came out, people have been jumping on the chance to include Rowan in the appraisal of Sarah’s feminist male characters and healthy relationships when he does absolutely nothing to be included in that mix. More than anything Rowan resembles Tamlin in his dangerously protective and possessive nature, the only difference is, no one reprimands him for it because the narrative romanticizes him instead criticizing him.

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You know what I want? I want Lancelot, Arthur, Gwen, Merlin and Morgana all in a happy polyamourous relationship. 

Arthur and Morgana are both the King of Camelot, because fuck gender roles. Gwen is the queen in title, but she’s more like the chief of justice and she does most of the trials and sentencing. Merlin is the the court magician and takes on the role of court physician after Gaius’ passing. Lancelot and Arthur take alternate weeks in leading the army. Lancelot, Merlin and Gwen take turns looking after Arthur and Gwen’s (but actually everybody’s because love makes a family) kid. Merlin and Morgana control magical affairs but they often clash on important points so obviously sometimes they just have to lock themselves in a unused room for a day and ‘have it out.’ 

Merlin always goes with Arthur when he has to go protect the people of Albion or go on quests. He makes sure the king eats and sleep, and he holds his hand a lot, which makes Arthur feel braver. Whenever Arthur’s gone, Morgana brings Gwen fresh flowers every morning to cheer her up, because she knows she worries. 

Morgana wasn’t sure about Lancelot at first, but eventually they develop a sort of easy cameraderie. She realises that they’re a lot more similar than she originally thought, and when Lancelot’s depression gets especially bad, it’s usually Morgana who’s able to talk him off the ledge. 

Merlin and Gwen never really get ‘romantic’ with each other, but they have a sort of qpp relationship. Whenever Morgana’s nightmares get especially bad, they cuddle up on either side of her in her bed and sing to her until she falls asleep. Arthur brings Morgana breakfast in bed the next morning looking sheepish. 

Gwen’s the only one who has a baby, a little girl. When she tells everybody that she’s pregnant, they all pile on for a group hug until Morgana shrieks out that they’ll squash the baby. Morgana and Lancelot are each holding of Gwen’s hands when she gives birth (Arthur is at the end of the bed, catching the baby). Merlin’s the only one who’s not there which is only because he’s walking around casting a protection charm over the entire castle because nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to hurt this child and her mama. Nobody ever lets him forget that he, the official court physician, was the only one to miss Gwen’s childbirth. 

This little girl grows up with so much love. She’s magical, of course, and Merlin and Morgana teach her how to use her powers as soon as she’s old enough to sit up. Every time he catches them Arthur mutters something about Uther rolling over in his grave, which Morgana promptly follows with a swift kick to his shin and a hi-five for Merlin. They also teach her to slow dance, but only because she demands that they do after she walks in on them in a fog of potion and magic, turning slowly in time with an enchanted harp. Morgana’s also the best at stories, but she’s also volatile, and as the child grows up she becomes adept at comforting her and keeping her in the light. The little girl never feels happier than when she’s squashed between her two mamas, giggling and playing dress up with pretty scarves and the royal jewels and watching from under soft fabric while Gwen strokes Morgana’s soft hand and Morgana runs her hands through Gwen’s curls. Gwen is the stable parent, the one who brushes her daughter’s hair every morning and teaches her to read, but she’s also a pretty badass mum and she takes the baby to trials with her in a sling. Arthur usually comes to her room after supper and tucks her in bed, and she can’t sleep without a tickly forehead kiss. Lancelot teaches his baby girl to fight and he shows her that it’s okay not to be okay all the time. Sometimes Arthur tries to help, but he and Lancelot usually end up sword fighting and then snogging, and their daughter just tiptoes away grinning, because, like, those are her dads and they make each other so happy. Arthur has been known to lock up schoolyard bullies when they make his girl cry. 

Gwaine and Percival are happily married (to each other, of course) but they usually come over for dinner at the round table. Lancelot is almost always seated between Merlin and Gwen because he still needs help feeling happy and they’re the best at cheering him up. Gwaine and Percival always have to sit next to each other, because they hold hands under the table. Morgana and Arthur sword fight in the dining room over who gets to sit next to Merlin (Morgana usually wins. She doesn’t mind when she doesn’t, because Gwen lets her sit on her lap). Arthur likes to escort Gwen into the dining room and pull out her chair, because chivalry isn’t dead, and Gwen really loves it when he shows some humility. 

Also Kilgarrah refuses to attend the wedding because he’s pissed off that they’re now five sides to the same coin. The final straw comes when Gwained turns up drunk and argues that he and Percival should be included, because they pretty much live with the others anyway, and the dragon flies away in a huff complaining about ‘seven fucking sides to the same fucking coin. He always comes back to give the princess joy rides, though. 

Never forget that while Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu may have some beautiful parts, he still wrote it to be hella pathologizing toward homosexuality, and the moral of the story was that girls need the men in their lives to save them from their wicked temptations. It’s why the the fact that the webseries is the way it is is so important.

Make that asshole roll over in his grave.

queenieqolclstein  asked:



  • a story:
  • matt and nicky went to a frat party.
  • they played beer pong and KILLED these frat guys because matt and nicky are the BEST at beer pong (the only people they’ve lost to are dan and allison and the twins, but that’s only if they’re in those duos, which isn’t often for the twins. not even kevin can beat them. it’s his biggest goal now.)
  • and then they did like 2 beer bongs each
  • and kegstands
  • and played flip cup
  • and never have i ever with a bunch of sorority girls
  • nicky took some cracker dust
  • basically they got really messed up. really messed up.
  • and now they’ve managed to stumble into the elevator in fox tower, laughing and leaning on each other
  • “mmmmmatt”
  • “what na-na-na-nicky”
  • “i love u, bro”
  • “i love u too, dude.”
  • cue drunken giggling as the elevator stops and the doors slide open
  • they both stumble out, gripping each other’s arms for balance, which doesn’t work because they’re both swaying a little
  • they go crashing to the floor and start laughing again
  • somehow they get to their feet again and stumble down to their door
  • it’s like 4 am, okay? and they’re still drunk
  • they start banging on their dorm door, nicky spamming aaron with
  • because guess whaT??????
  • they lost their keys at the frat house
  • nicky starts telling matt “sshhhh if we wake andrew he’ll murder us”
  • matt, the big puppy, gets all scared and nods and takes out his phone to start texting aaron too
  • eventually standing gets to be too much and they both sit down, matt against the door, nicky against his side, pounding head on his shoulder
  • “matt i think i’m ‘onna be sick”
  • “no ur not”
  • “ur right i’m not”
  • nicky says it as he passes out on matt’s shoulder
  • matt passes out not long later, having texted aaron too many times to count
  • when they wake up it’s because matt’s leg was kicked and he jerked awake
  • neil is looking down at them, amused
  • nicky winces away from the light and groans, burying his face deeper in matt’s neck
  • matt has his arms around nicky and is grimacing and groaning against his hair
  • “neil?”
  • “what are you doing out here?”
  • “something…. keys? our keys?”
  • “aaron’s at katelyn’s. he left last night after you guys. are you okay?”
  • “hungover.”
  • “need inside.”
  • “i’ll be right back, then. stay there.”
  • “like we could move anyway.”
  • nicky sits a good two agonizing minutes with matt’s sweat sticky and stinky arms around him and his face buried in his equally sticky and stinky neck to avoid the light
  • his stomach is rolling over in the grave he dug his liver last night
  • neil comes back with two long, thing, silver things and leans over both of them to pick the lock
  • matt and nicky are both too hungover to be able to appreciate the fact that neil’s crotch is literally right there
  • while neil is distracted nicky takes matt’s phone and takes a picture of the view (don’t worry. matt will delete it later, after they admire it.)
  • the door opens and they both fall into the room, since they’d been leaning against the door
  • nicky has never moved so fast in his life
  • “thank you neil” he hears from matt as he heads to the bathroom to vomit all his internal organs up
  • they buy neil a bunch of fruit later that day, after sleeping off the worst hangover ever, just to thank him for letting them into their room before they puked all over the hall or died from choking on their own vomit
  • they both begged aaron to never let them leave without extra keys again. it happened next time. aaron pins a key to the door, next to the hinges, next time they go to a party and he leaves

One of my all time favorite things is when artists use the interesting elements of Lovecraft’s legacy in ways that would make his bigoted ass roll over in the grave