roll on 18th birthday

Think about how McCree, back in Deadlock, never got to celebrate his birthday, no one ever remembered it. Joining Blackwatch, he was too new, and his 18th birthday rolls around and he thinks he’s going to be forgotten again. But nah, he finds a little wrapped gift in his quarters at the end of the day, addressed from Reyes. And the birthday after that, and after that, until McCree bursts into Reyes’ office demanding to know his birthday so he could return the favor. Reyes is laughing his ass off like ‘you think I would forget any of my agent’s birthdays? You’re family now kid. And, it’s in April…’

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Hey! Love your blog for the witchy aspect and the sugar baby side too ♡. I have a question. How did you start being a sugar baby and what motivated you? I've been doing a lot of research lately and I've been considering it. What are good platforms to use? What's your opinion of freestyling?

Hey love! Thanks for the ask. I started on new year’s Eve shortly after I turned 18. I had started to see a bunch of sugar bowl posts and tips and tricks on Tumblr when I was 16 and I thought it was cool but didn’t know if I could handle it. My 18th birthday rolls around and I moved to another city that I absolutely hate and can’t stand. I can’t leave this city until I have enough money to move out on my own, so I searched for a vanilla job but I also started a profile on Seekingarrangement.

Now, SA is probably one of the only free options for sugar babies. If you don’t have enough money to buy premium memberships on other sites (most of them don’t let you message until you buy their subscription) then I’d start on SA or tinder. I like tinder better because men don’t have the mindset that they’re going to have to give you money, so they don’t have a fixed amount that they plan on spending like a lot of splendas on SA do. You’re going to convince them to empty their wallets on you without them even realizing it!

A couple tips I have is it’s all in the pictures. First of all, don’t show your face. That’s what private photos are for. You don’t want some person trying to expose you to your family (this has happened to me before) so my opinion is play it safe. Take some photos in cute outfits, not too flashy but elegant, and leave your mouth in the photo to show your smile, maybe a couple hand or finger touching your lips. NO SNAPCHAT FILTERS!!!! It’s not classy. Also put a nice body pic in your public photos, maybe in a fitting dress?
For your private photos, feel free to show your face because you can select who you will show them to. If you have good pics, your profile can be weak and men will be too busy gawking over your pictures to care.

As for freestyling, I’ve never done it! I’m still relatively new to the sugar bowl and I’m not confident enough yet to just come up to a stranger and start flirting. Hopefully, I’ll get there soon though!!

Hopefully that was enough!

imagine Jaune’s 18th birthday rolling around while RNJR are in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere, and the rest of the team is bummed that they have nothing to give him but decide they have to do something.

Ren convinces Jaune to do their guard duty in the trees so they have a better vantage point, and Jaune didn’t want to mention his birthday because he knew they’d feel bad about it. but he goes up, and Ren tells him to go to the other side. when he does, he sees on the ground that Ruby & Nora put flowers they picked on the ground to spell out “Happy Birthday Jaune!!!” with the i’s and exclamation points dotted with hearts and he almost falls out of the tree bc he’s sobbing so hard.