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soulmate tattoos au mdear (freaking move your blog sorry for spamming you with likes 😅)

Ah nah man, that’s cool. Your profile picture is really distinctive, so I’m always like “welcome back cyanlester. Good to see you” haha.

And alright soulmates tattoo au!

Alright so I’m feeling this as Klance (big shock) and Keith and Lance go to high school together, and they kind of have that “yeah we’re friends, but we shit in each other constantly”, like they’re competitive, and make fun of each other’s fashion sense, but if anyone ELSE picks on them… oh boy. Like someone called Lance dumb once and Hunk had to physically restrain Keith so he didn’t beat the crap out of him.

So Hunk’s 18th birthday rolls around and his soulmate tattoo shows up. It’s on his bicep and Lance thinks it looks a bit like a bear. It matches a girl in his manual arts class who apparently has had a quiet crush on him for a while. Her name is Shay and hunk really likes her so it works out great!

Lance’s 18th happens and he thinks his tattoo is rad as hell. It’s on his thigh and looks like a lion. He starts wearing tiny shorts to flaunt it to everyone, in the hopes of someone seeing it and realising they match, but also because it annoys Keith. He must be jealous. Every time Lance wears his shorts and shoves his thigh in Keith’s face he always gasps and growls out a “LANCE! PLEASE….!” And Lance laughs to himself.

Lance is eager to find his soulmate, but understands it might not happen immediately. Besides, loads of his friends haven’t turned 18 yet. Keith bats his lashes and jokes that it could be him. They both laugh a little too hard.

Keith’s 18th FINALLY comes. He is so excited. Secretly he hopes to see a little lion somewhere.

He doesn’t have one. He doesn’t have one anywhere. He panics. He doesn’t go to school that day.

The next day he still doesn’t go to school. Shiro calls him to wish him a happy birthday. Keith confesses everything and cries on the phone. It takes every ounce of Shiro’s will not to fly home and be there for his friend, but he can’t do that. He wonders if because Keith is adopted, maybe they have his birthday wrong? Keith says that’s not possible. Maybe it’s just really faint and will darken later.

He finally returns to school and explains what’s happened to his friends. Hunk is supportive, and Lance is almost as devastated as him. He holds him while Keith sniffles. The next few days are quiet.

Finally Lance has an idea. He invites Keith to go to the beach with him, that always cheers him up. Keith isn’t sure what good it would do, but he realises he should go because he isn’t sure how much time he’ll be able to spend with him before Lance finds his own soulmate.

They meet on the weekend and Lance’s joy is infectious. Keith manages to smile as Lance splashes him. They dive into the deeper waves. Keith shoves his hair in a ponytail and Lance wolf whistles. Lance teaches him how to swim into shore with the waves. Keith crashes into the shore and laughs. He turns to look at Lance when his heart stops. Lance is crying.
“You fucking idiot,” he laughs. “You absolute fucking idiot”
Keith doesn’t understand. Sure his body surf was pretty rad, but not this great. Lance runs to shore and grabs his phone. He runs back and grabs Keith harshly by the shoulders, turning him around harshly. Keith hears a click, and then Lance is shoving his phone in His face.

And there… a photo of the nape of his neck… is a little lion tattoo.
“It was underneath you’re stupid mullet” Lance’s happy tears don’t stop. Keith’s tears join them.

Lance’s kisses taste like salt.

Think about how McCree, back in Deadlock, never got to celebrate his birthday, no one ever remembered it. Joining Blackwatch, he was too new, and his 18th birthday rolls around and he thinks he’s going to be forgotten again. But nah, he finds a little wrapped gift in his quarters at the end of the day, addressed from Reyes. And the birthday after that, and after that, until McCree bursts into Reyes’ office demanding to know his birthday so he could return the favor. Reyes is laughing his ass off like ‘you think I would forget any of my agent’s birthdays? You’re family now kid. And, it’s in April…’


Summary: Stew throws you a surprise bday party


Writer: Tristyn

The Better Maloley😏👅💦: so babe, what do you want for you 18th birthday😄

I roll my eyes playfully at my boyfriend. Today was my 18th birthday and I just wanted to be lowkey about being finally legal. I didn’t even want a gift. It’s not that I didn’t like attention, I just didn’t want anyone going through the trouble just for a “milestone birthday”.

Me: ☺️nothing my king. Just you and few movies…. and maybe our bed😏

The Better Maloley😏👅💦: babeeeeeeee its ur 18th for fucks sake. We gotta do sumthing. Why don’t you want anything??? Like A PARTY???

Me: I don’t want y'all going through that much effort for lil old me🤷‍♀️

The Better Maloley😏👅💦: fine😒 be a fucking angel 🙄just come home quick….I miss you❤

Me: omw rn 😘❤

I pull out of the mall parking lot and head for me and Stews house. We bought it for when we finish senior year so we don’t have to live with his mom and dad.

As I pull up I see a bunch of cars in our driveway. I decide to make myself semi presentable since Stew seems to have thrown me a party.

I walk up my front door and take a breath before slowly pushing it open. Everyone was standing there with drinks in their hands.

“HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY Y/N” everyone shouts. I smile and laugh at all these people.

“You guys, I said you didn’t need to do anything for me.” I say locking eyes with stew.

“We wanted to babe. Now go upstairs and put on something extremely sexy” Stew says in my ear before smacking my ass and sending me off.

I walk upstairs and put on a new red dress I bought. The straps were extremely thin and the neck line was a deep V. It was really tight and super short. I decide to leave my hair wavy and put on some red lipstick and touch up my makeup. I put on some black heels and head backdown stairs.

Everyone whistles and takes pictures and videos of me coming down the stairs. I pose a little at every step and see Stew in the front row. I blow a kiss and wink at him.

He grabs my hand and helps me down the last couple stairs and pulls me into him.

“I’m so fucking lucky to call you mine. Happy birthday princess.” He whispers in my ear moving his hands down to my ass.

“Well Stewart, you could’ve had all of me right now but, you choose to throw a party…guess I’ll model my new bras for someone else” I say in his ear before kissing his cheek and walking away.

I hear him groan but I block it out as I thank everyone I see, stopping to take pictures occasionally.

A couple hours into the party everyone was having a lot of fun. All my friends were here and even the jacks, Sam, Nate and Swazz showed up a little late. We were all partying and drinking from champagne bottles Nate picked me up and placed me on a throne right in front of the DJ stand Rupp was out.

I was above everyone and could see every one with their phones out. I grab mine and and go on snapchat.

When I look up I see Stew walking towards me with a birthday cake with sparklers like Madison had just had at her party. Everyone starts singing Happy Birthday but it was a remix thanks to Rupp.

They set the cake on the table and let me make a speech.

“Thank you to everyone who came here tonight. It’s been a crazy 18 years and I’m so blessed that I get to be here with all of you. I’ve learned so many things from my amazing friends and they’ve prepared me to be the adult i need to be. I learned from Johnson to stay hydrated, humble and kind. I learned from Gilinsky that if you love it, keep it. Skate taught me to stay focused and that dating your friends little brother isn’t thattt bad. Swazz taught me to be hella supportive cause all you got is your family and friends. Madison taught me to dream big. Rupp taught me to party hard. And finally my boyfriend Stewart Maloley taught me that love is real and so are soulmates. He taught me to love myself because there’s always something worth loving. Thank you all so so much and I hope you don’t think this party is over. TO BEING A LEGAL ADULT AND FUCKING SHIT UP” I put up a champagne glass and we al cheer and cut the cake.

The party is still going hardcore and I think only like 4 people have left. I was on the dance floor dancing with everyone when I saw stew watching me. I winked at him and walked over.

“Stalker vibes are strong babe” I say kissing his cheek.

“Good cause you’re all mine.” He says wrapping my arms around him and pulling me closer.

“You know I love you so much y/n?” He says from the top of my head.

“Yea. I love you too stew.” I smile before pulling my head back to look at the beautiful creature I had managed to get lucky with. I slowly lean in the kiss stew as his hands move down to my ass.

I groan into the kiss as he chuckles. We’re in a fairly empty kitchen but stew looks up and continues watching the party while moving his hand up the dress and into my underwear. His other hand his on the small of my back pulling me to him. I look up and he’s smirking while acting like he’s not fingering me. I get closer to my release and put my head on his chest panting heavily.

Stews fingers pump in and out of me quickly chasing my orgasm. I moan quietly before coming on Stews fingers.

He told everyone we were tired and let them know to leave whenever they wanted before he dragged me up the steps and into our room.

Black Magic // Kai EXO

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“You use dark magic?” 

Part 1 of ?


My mother had passed away when I was young. She had married my father as soon as her 18th birthday rolled around.  I would classify my parent’s high school sweethearts if my mother hadn’t died during child birth. It was one of those situations that the doctors couldn’t do anything about. For my father that was the beginning of the end.

My father had reassured me over the years that I was the apple of his eye, and I always believed him. Yet I couldn’t help but feel guilty when I heard my father weep late at night from my bedside.

As I grew older, I came to become more resilient and to stand as an individual when my father was so consumed by his grief that he hadn’t heard me speak.

Although my father and I were a little distant, he was still the only remaining family I had left. Nothing could’ve prepared me for this day.

October 8th, 11:00 am.

“We are gathered today to celebrate the life and death of our beloved friend, brother, son and Father”

Front row at the saddest funeral of my life. It seemed I had taken over my father’s position as a weeper. Even though grief had become my main priority, a small fragment of me was glad that my parents could finally be reunited.

I had reviewed the coroner’s report two days ago only to find that my father had died from mysterious causes. He was healthy with no diseases or illnesses, but he still died.

The loud sobs that echoed throughout the graveyard were constant and as the funeral went on, my eyes could barely make contact with the coffin, displayed for all to see.

Instead my sights drifted among the crowd that had arrived to pay their respects to my late father.

Aunt Sophie. Cousin Derek. Uncle Jay. A stranger.

A stranger at my father’s funeral? The stranger seemed to be deeply regretful with his bowed but as he head tilted up slightly I noticed the  expressionless mask he wore. A beautiful mask. Yet so confusing. Until his pursed lips tilted upwards into a smirk as he stared at the coffin.


This is my first series on tumblr so I would love some feedback!

Tony Stark Dirty Imagine: Barely Legal (Requested by Anon)


Tonight was your 18th birthday and your friends had managed to sneak you into one of the most popular clubs in New York City…which was meant to be for ages 21 and up. 

Regardless, your friends had gotten you a fake ID and had practically dragged you into the club despite your attempts at talking them out of it. 

Now you were lazily sitting at the bar drinking a beer and watching your friends dance the night away on the dance floor. Some of them wanted to stay with you, but you insisted that they go and have fun. You told them you were perfectly okay with just sitting and drinking a few beers. 

So as you watched them grind on guys that looked like they were way too old for them on the dance floor, you saw a tall, dark-haired man sit next to you.

“Hi!” he said in a cheery voice, shooting you a smile.

You glanced up at him from your beer and did a double-take. That wasn’t…. No. It couldn’t have been, could it?

You set your beer down on the bar, keeping eye contact with him the whole time.

“H-hi.” you stuttered.

“Okay if I buy you a drink?” he asked with his fingertips grazing your bare knee.

You stared back at him for a few seconds before stuttering out a “sure.”

He shot you a cocky smile and waved the bartender over. 

“Two shots of tequila for me and the lady.” he yelled over the music, shooting a wink at you.

The bartender looked  between the two of you curiously but his eyes were more focused on you.

“I’m gonna need to see her ID.” he said gruffly.

You nodded quickly and pulled out your fake ID to show the bartender. He took it in his hands and stared skeptically at it and looked over to the handsome man trying to buy you a drink. 

The man gave him an annoyed look and the bartender quickly nodded, handing you back your ID. 

The bartender set two shot glasses down on the table and poured tequila in it, leaving the bottle behind. He walked away and went to pour a drink for another customer.

The man who just bought you the tequila handed you a glass and clinked his with yours.

“Bottoms up.” he said before throwing his head back and downing the shot. You did the same, only a little bit slower. The alcohol burned your throat as you went down. Since you had never drank hard liquor before, it caused you to cough and sputter a bit. But you drank it nevertheless.

The man shook his head and snickered at you as you desperately tried to cover up your coughs and gags. 

He leaned forward and whispered in your ear, his hand now stroking your thigh.

“I know you’re not 21.”

You widened your eyes and stared at the wall as he whispered in your ear again, this time letting his hand move to rest on your hip.

“It’s not that hard to tell. But it’s okay, I won’t get you thrown out.”

You gulped a little as he pulled back to look at you, moving a hair out of your face.

“I know who you are.” you retaliated, making him chuckle.

“Do you now?” he asked, leaning against the bar but still leaning forward enough to talk to you. 

“Yeah.” you swallowed as you continued your sentence, “You’re Tony Stark.”

He shot you a cocky grin and nodded, chuckling. 

“Why yes, yes I am. I was afraid you wouldn’t know or say I was somebody else, like Leonardo DiCaprio." 

Tony poured himself another shot and downed it immediately. 

"That has happened before.”

You sat up a bit now, suddenly becoming more confident.

“What’s your name?”

“(Y/N).” you responded, biting your lip.

Tony’s eyes scanned your body up and down, taking in the curves hugged by your dress and the way your breasts pushed against the tight fabric.

He leaned closer to you and said something in a low voice only you could hear.

“How old are you (Y/N)?”

You bit your lip. “Today’s my 18th birthday." 

Tony raised his eyebrows and smiled at you again.

"Great. Now I won’t get in trouble for asking what I’m about to ask you.”

“What’s that?” you asked him, giving him innocent eyes.

Tony sucked in a breath as he towered over you and grazed his fingertips over your knee again. His touch send shivers down your spine and made your hands shake slightly, but you covered them up quickly.

“You wanna come back to my place?”

You bit your lip as he leaned down to place a kiss on your jawline.

“And do what?” you asked. You tried to sound flirty, but your voice came out rather shaky. 

Tony chuckled in your ear. 

“I think you have an idea as to what we’ll be doing.”

Your face turned red immediately as you stared up at Tony. He was still eyeing you as you responded shyly.

“What about Pepper?" 

Tony shook his head. "Broke up about a month ago.”

You thought it over quickly in your head. Having sex with a random stranger, let alone Tony Stark probably wasn’t the wisest idea. But your friends were off doing their own thing and it’s not like they’d miss you. Plus, he was extremely sexy. And the way he was looking at you made you want to throw yourself at him. 

So why the hell not?

“Alright.” you said shyly.

Tony smirked and took your hand, leaving the club. However, you didn’t go out the front entrance. You went through the back door where he led you to a parking garage with a parked Ferrari lighting up from the buttons on his keychain. 

He eagerly opened the door for you and you slid in. Immediately, you started admiring the leather you were sitting in and staring at the shiny stereo system installed in his car.

Tony climbed in a mere few seconds later. He started up the ignition and drove away, looking over to you every so often.

“Nice car.” you commented, staring at Tony.

He gave you a cocky grin and placed his hand on your thigh.

“Thank you.” he responded, “It was custom made.”

You sucked in a breath as his hand pushed your dress up and moved to rest just at your panties. 

Tony chuckled and smirked to himself as you tried your best to not focus on the hand that was practically wanting to rip your panties off. 

When you got to Stark Towers, Tony parked the car in his private garage and led you up the stairs to his living room.

“JARVIS.” Tony said, speaking to what looked like the air.

But then a robotic male-sounding voice rang out around the house.

“Welcome home sir.” the voice said, “Did you have a nice time?”

Tony lifted his head to smile at you as he poured you two two glasses of whiskey.

“I did, as a matter of fact. Play some mood music for the lady and I would you?”

“As you wish sir.”

Suddenly the notes from Foreigner’s “Urgent” rang out around the room. Tony approached you with the glasses of whiskey in his hand and you took one with small fingers. 

Tony took a sip of his drink, his eyes still trained on you.

 "So (Y/N).“

You raised an eyebrow. "Yes, Tony?”

“Why weren’t you having a sleepover at one of your friend’s house for your 18th birthday?” he asked jokingly.

You soffed and rolled your eyes but smiled anyway. 

“They had other plans in mind.”

“Won’t they miss you if they see you’re gone?”

You shrugged and took a sip of your drink. It was smooth, and a lot better than the tequila shot you had earlier.

“Probably not. They were all grinding on random guys on the dance floor anyway.”

Tony laughed and took another drink. 

“You’re not into that?”

You smiled at him and walked closer to him, taking a sip of the whiskey and holding the glass towards your body.


“But you’ll go home with someone you barely know.” he said in a low voice.

You shrugged again and responded while taking a sip of your drink and staring at him with a look of want and desire on your face. 


“Well.” Tony said as he took both of your glasses and set them on a nearby table. “I’m glad you came home with me and not some random stranger.”

You giggled. “Yeah, that would’ve been totally unsafe.”

Tony scoffed jokingly. “A nightmare.”

You suddenly noticed how close the two of you were and before you could say anything else, Tony suddenly leaned in and connected his lips with yours. 

His lips were surprisingly soft but they tasted like alcohol from the tequila and whiskey. 

Tony pulled away to look at you, his eyes suddenly a darker shade of brown. 

You quickly pulled him again but this time the kiss was more heated. He pried your lips open with his tongue and slithered his way inside, exploring your mouth and fighting with your tongue. 

You wrapped your arms around his neck as his hands tightly gripped your waist, pulling at the fabric of your dress. 

“This needs to come off.” he mumbled into your mouth.

Tony spun you around and immediately unzipped your dress, letting it fall to the floor. 

Tony licked his lips with desire and his breathing accelerated as they took in the sight of your sexy body.

He came up behind you and started kissing your neck and immediately dove his hand into your panties, making you gasp in surprise and arch your back only slightly.

His other hand moved to unclasp your bra and let it fall to the floor through your arms. His hand squeezed one of your breasts and rolled the hardened nipple between his fingers. 

You whimpered as he sucked at the skin on your neck and dove two fingers inside of you without warning.

“Mmm.” he hummed against your skin, “Tell me (Y/N). Is this your first time?”

“N-no.” you breathed out, squirming under his touch.

It was true. You had lost your virginity to your last boyfriend, whom you broke up with because he realized he was gay.

Tony chuckled darkly onto your skin.


He pushed your head and smashed his mouth onto yours as he continued fingering you, his fingers curling when they found your g-spot.

“Mmmm….oh fuck.” you whimpered out as his fingers pounded furiously in and out of you. You broke away from his lips and arched your back, closing your eyes and letting your mouth fall open. 

Moans escaped your lips as he continued fingering you. 

“Come for me.” he growled into your ear, “I want you to come.”

Immediately, you came all over his fingers. Tony slowly pulled them out of you and stuck them in his mouth, his tongue swirling around his fingers and his cheeks hollowing slightly as he sucked them. 

After a few seconds, his eyes connected with yours as they were pulled out of his mouth. 

“You taste good, baby.” he said in a husky voice. 

Immediately, you threw yourself at him and passionately smashed your lips onto his. He eagerly kissed back as he backed you up against his couch. Your hands moved to tug the hem of his t-shirt. Tony stepped back only momentarily to yank his shirt off of his head and throw it across the room. 

Your hands unbuckled his jeans as he kissed you again and within seconds, his pants and boxers were on the floor and kicked behind him.

Tony pulled away to give you a smile. You returned it as you jumped up into his arms and attacked his neck with your lips as he moved to the other side of the couch and pinned you down on the cushions. 

Tony lined himself up with your entrance as plunged into you without warning.

“Oh FUCK.” you cried out as he pounded into you mercilessly. You spread your legs wider for him to give him a better angle and in return, he ducked his head down to suck on your chest and leave love bites. 

You moaned loudly over and over again, causing Tony to whisper in your ear.

“You like that, sexy?” he rasped in your ear.

“Oh God, yes.” you moaned back. 

Tony roughly kissed you again as he plunged into you even harder, suddenly finding your g-spot and making you cry out in his mouth. 

Tony broke away to moan very loudly.

“Jesus Christ. You’re so tight, fuck!”

You groaned and bit your lip as his hips rocked into yours. You moved your hips to match his thrusts and pulled his head down to talk dirty in his ear.

“I love your fat cock inside of me.” you whispered in his ear breathlessly.

Tony groaned and thrusted into you even harder, his eyes squeezing shut from the pleasure he was experiencing.

“Oh fuck, Tony!” you moaned in his ear, “You feel amazing in my tight pussy, augh!”

“Christ (Y/N).” he groaned loudly as he leaned up and took your legs under his arms and plunged into you again, giving him a better angle.

You took your breasts in your hands, squeezing and massaging them.

“You fuck me so good, Tony! AUGH!" 

Tony gave off a deep growl from the back of his throat and thrusted at maximum power. 

You squeezed your eyes shut and dug your head into the couch cushions, complete and total euphoria washing over you.

"Fuck, I’m gonna come.” Tony groaned breathlessly.

“Me too." 

Tony came inside of you without warning, and you did just shortly after. Tony gave one last groan as he slowly pulled out of you and collapsed on the opposite side of the couch. He was sweaty and his hair was damp; his chest was heaving up and down as he tried his hardest to regain his breathing. 

You panted and sat up slowly, thinking about what you just did. 

"I just had sex with Tony Stark…” you whispered. 

Tony wasn’t meant to hear it, but he did.

“Yeah, you did.” he panted from his spot on the couch, looking over to smile widely at you but soon dropped his head on the couch again. 

But then he thought of something.

“Um…hey if you get pregnant-”

“I’m on the pill.” you interrupted him, “Don’t worry, I won’t be birthing any of your offspring.”

He smiled in relief at you and chuckled. “Good.”

After a few minutes of regaining your breath, you finally spoke again.

“Um. Well, I should go.”

You tried to stand up but instead you fell immediately to the rug on his floor. 

Tony looked at you on the floor and burst out laughing. 

You rolled your eyes playfully and heaved yourself back on the couch again. 

“Never mind.” you said.

Tony stopped laughing at a few seconds and looked at you with a gentle smile on his face.

“Good thing you can’t walk. I wanted you to stay anyway.” he said as he got up and walked over to the back of the couch to pick up his clothes. 

You gasped and looked at him. “Really?”

Tony shrugged and gave you a sideways smile.

“Yeah, why not?”

Trans guys in need of donations

Hey guys! so i’ve moved my boyfriend in with me to get him out of a bad home, however we didn’t have any money left over to get us things we needed. Summer is hitting hard, so we’d like to get lighter colored binders (and just new ones since the seams of our current ones are coming undone), STP’s, and maybe even a swimming specific binder, and we need clothes as well because all we have are dark clothes and pants. I’d also like to get a shirt meant to swim with, because i’m not comfortable swimming in just my binder in a public setting. 

A single binder from gc2b plus shipping is about $40 or more, but we have two trans guys here to buy them for. One of the lowest quality STP’s i can find are about $20, and again we need two. Basically we just need to raise a metric fuck ton of money to get our necessities. We would have probably been able to get most of these things ourselves, except that when our 18th birthdays rolled around, we literally got no birthday money at all, when we were expecting at least $100. We’re both unemployed, and right now its impossible to get a job since no one around us is hiring, we dont even have shoes to wear to walk since ours have quite literally fallen apart, and we don’t have a car. 

If you could donate, the paypal email is, but if not please single boost this! I really hate asking for things, but binders are things that are needed, as well as clothing, and shoes. Any amount of money helps honestly!!!

There's Nothing to Lose and Nothing to Prove

Laura jumped as the door slammed unexpectedly behind her; a small amount of cocoa sloshed out of her favourite TARDIS mug and onto her desk, burning her hand in the process. She swivelled round in her chair, a disapproving expression already apparent as she faced her roommate. However her annoyed demeanour dissipated as soon as she set eyes on Carmilla. Her hair was dishevelled, her clothes subpar to their usual level of punk badassery and although her head rested on her tucked up knees, Laura could see she had been crying. “Hey.” She asked quietly “You okay?” The vampire shuffled closer to the wall, turning so that her back faced Laura.

“Go away, Creampuff.” Carmilla replied gruffly, anger was evident in her tone but there was something else…something empty about her voice. Laura stood up from her desk chair and instead sat down gently on the foot of Carmilla’s bed.

“I’m not leaving you alone until you tell me what’s wrong, Carm.” The other girl visibly stiffened at the nickname but said nothing; the silence stretched between them, spreading throughout the room like a suffocating cloud until Carmilla breathed out a sigh of resignation, blowing away the fog. “Fine.” The dark brunette turned to face the younger girl; her eyes dropped to the floor as she mumbled something unintelligible.

“What was that?” Laura asked, her face a mask of confusion- Carmilla looked up and couldn’t help but smirk at Laura’s furrowed brows and cocked head.

“Today is my birthday.” She said sadly, with a small duck of her head. The younger girl jumped up and gasped, she began running around the room in a similar fashion to that of a headless chicken babbling about how she felt awful for not knowing. The brunette’s actions would have normally brought a small smile to Carmilla’s pale face however today was not one of those occasions. “Laura.” She tried to gather the small girl’s attention but to no avail “Laura.” She tried again and still she ran around the room, looking for something she evidently could not find. “Laura!” The vampire practically yelled, effectively grabbing Laura’s attention as she silently stopped, dropping the pen she was holding. “I don’t care about presents- after 317 birthdays you kind of just want to forget about it.” The brunette crossed her legs loosely and gestured for Laura to come and sit beside her. The younger girl complied and returned to her previous seat on the bed. “Thank you.” Carmilla sighed resolutely, fully aware of the fact that Laura would now expect her to tell her the entire story. Her roommate looked at her with barley contained curiosity. “I told you about how I was murdered at a ball when I was 18.” It wasn’t a question but Laura nodded anyway. “It wasn’t just any old ball…it was for my 18th birthday.”

“You were murdered on your 18th birthday!?” Laura exclaimed, unable to contain herself

“Yes, Cutie, I was. So today is not only my 318th birthday but the anniversary of my death.” She turned away slightly “So forgive me for not feeling like celebrating.” Laura mulled this over for a while before she chose her words carefully.

“So what you mean to tell me is that you never actually got to celebrate your 18th birthday?”

“Yes, weren’t you listening?” Carmilla rolled her eyes in distaste. The two girls sat for a while longer before Laura sprung up, turning to the vampire.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes, don’t torch anything okay?” She dashed out the door, grabbing her coat off the hook before slamming it behind her, deaf ears fell upon Carmilla’s outcry of:

“It was one time!”

Around ten minutes later Laura returned from wherever she had been carrying a ludicrous amount of food, soda and alcohol in her small arms. Carmilla’s eyebrows almost shot off her head in surprise. “Whaaaaat are you doing?” The vampire asked as Laura dumped the contents of her arms onto her bed and whizzed round with a wide grin gracing her features.

“We.” She gestured to both of them “Are going to celebrate your 18th birthday and this time no one is going to be murdered.” She seemed delighted with her idea, Carmilla on the other hand, was not so thrilled with the concept.

“Sweet Cheeks, I just told you I don’t want to celebrate not 15 minutes ago.”

“Come on Carm, live it a little! I swear you’ll have fun. It may not be a huge ball with flouncy dresses, a live orchestra and wine that costs more than our tuition fees but it will be good; I promise.” Carmilla debated over this for a small time before realising this would not doubt be a battle she wouldn’t win, and what did she say about surviving to be centuries old? Choose your battles.

“Fine… but this never happened okay? I have a reputation here you know.” Laura’s face split into a wide grin and she jumped onto Carmilla’s bed, handing her a coke and some chocolate.

“Let’s do this!” The brunette grinned again and used the remote Carmilla had not realised she had been holding to turn on the stereo.

Around an hour later Carmilla was increasingly happy that she had agreed to go through this because Laura had gotten slightly tipsy and was currently dancing around the room with her once pristinely tied back hair flowing over her shoulders in slightly tousled golden waves. “Come on Carm, dance with me!” The younger girl tried to pull Carmilla up from her bed but she was no match for the vampire.

“I’m perfectly happy watching you, Sweetie.” She replied, still firmly seated on the plush mattress.

“Come on.” Laura tried again but the vampire still shook her head, an amused smirk playing on her lips. Laura tried to stare Carmilla down but the darker brunette has a far more intimidating glare than the slightly tipsy human; they were snapped out of their gaze however when a knock sounded on their door. Laura stumbled over to answer it, Carmilla tried not to laugh- the girl wasn’t even drunk! But after many trips and almost face-plants Laura managed to answer the incessant knocking; the young girl opened the large wooden door to find an annoyed looking Perry and a grinning LaFontaine.

“Sounds to me like you guys are having a party in here!” LaFontaine grinned even wider, taking in Laura’s dishevelled appearance, the empty bottles and snacks dotted around the room. Perry still seemed to be annoyed however.

“Indeed, and we are trying to study.”

“Oh yeah, it’s C’s birthday so I’m giving her a party to remember.” The smaller ginger, gave Carmilla a highly suggestive look- she had been trying to get those two together for God knows how long now. The vampire simply feigned innocence with a small smile.

“And you didn’t invite us! Dude, I’m hurt.” LaF put a hand to their heart and faked hurt.

“No, no, no, no you can totally come in. Right Carm?” Laura turned to the dark brunette with a pleading smile and puppy dog eyes- they struck the vampire right in her unbeating heart so she agreed with minimal resistance. Perry on the other hand was having none of it; she grabbed LaFontaine’s arm as she stepped over the threshold.

“Susan. We are supposed to be studying- we need to set an example.” However LaF was sick of studying and determined to have some fun.

“Come on Perr, when was the last time we just let go and had fun?” The floor Don retained her unimpressed expression but Carmilla could see she was considering the proposal. After another minute of awkward silence she finally relented.

“Fine- but it better not get too loud.”

“Yes!” LaF whooped and dragged the girl in by the hand while Laura shut it behind them they helped themselves to some drinks. “So how old are you then?” The short haired ginger asked, bouncing onto Carmilla’s bed in their usual manner.

“Don’t you know it’s impolite to ask a lady? This generation- no manners.” She replied coolly, the ginger looked slightly shaken but Carmilla held her gaze a while longer before smirking “318.” LaFontaine realised she’d been punked but their smile did not last long as it was replaced with a look of wonder.

“318! I knew you were old but I didn’t think you were that old.” Laura laughed and handed Perry some chips. Around an hour later Perry and LaFontaine were hammered and stumbling around attempting to dance to the ever growing louder music. The vampire had to admit that she was having fun, simply watching Laura trying to dance with the others brought a genuine smile to her face.

“Carm, come and dance!” The small girl tried to pull her up off the bed- the touch of her hand on the vampire’s arm made her tingle all over luckily LaFontaine interrupted them.

“I’m going to go and get some more drinks- I will be back!” They called, throwing up their arm and spinning out the door. Shortly after Perry collapsed onto Laura’s bed and fell asleep. The two girls laughed in unison and Laura came to sit on Carmilla’s bed with her.

The two sat in silence for a while before Laura wrapped her arm through Camilla’s and rested her head on the taller girl’s shoulder.

“What was it like?” She asked, Carmilla rested her cheek on top of Laura’s head as she replied

“What was what like?”

“The parties back when you were young, the dancing, and the music- how did it feel?” She thought about this for a while and then replied.

“It was all…quite regal and organised. There was a code of how to act and which dances to do- they weren’t nearly as fun as tonight.” She admitted, Laura looked up and Carmilla smiled down at the girl; Laura grinned back and said:

“I’ve always wanted to dance. Properly you know?” She buried her head further into Carmilla’s neck “I’ve never been able to, two left feet me.” The vampire bit her lip as she considered the next step to take ‘Screw it’ she thought. Surprising Laura, Carmilla stood up and grabbed Laura’s arm, spinning her so that they both faced each other. “Carm…what are you doing?” Laura asked as she steadied herself, suddenly very sober.

“I am gonna teach you how to dance, Cutie.” The vampire took Laura’s left hand and laced their fingers together. The younger girl’s mouth went dry and goose bumps rose all across her skin. Carmilla wrapped her arm around Laura’s waist and pulled their bodies so close that their chests touched; a small smile made its way across Laura’s lips and Carmilla smirked. This had gone far better than she had expected. “So we’re gonna go for a simple waltz, all you have to do is move your feet in a box shape; like this.” She demonstrated the steps to Laura who was looking rather confused. “Just count to three in your head, two counts and you should have completed the box.” Carmilla demonstrated again, counting out loud so Laura could hear her- the brunette nodded with a small smile, still shocked by how close Carmilla was holding her.

She tried to dance in the formation Carmilla told her but to no avail, she stumbled and if it wasn’t for Carmilla’s vampire speed she would have clattered to the floor- instead she was caught in the vampire’s strong yet slender arms. “Thanks.” She breathed out with an embarrassed smile.

“Not a problem, Sweetie.” She hoisted her up and repositioned their arms. “Come on, try again- I know you can do it.” Carmilla has never talked to Laura in such a patient and kind way before…it was surprisingly nice. Laura once again tried the steps and this time didn’t fall over, she tried again and completed the steps, then Carmilla joined in. The sudden addition of two more feet confused her for a while but after another few turns they both started to move in unison, they danced across to the larger area of the room where Carmilla twirled Laura and then dipped her, easily holding up her small frame. A wide smile, a genuine, unsarcastic smile graced Carmilla’s lips as she gazed down at Laura, who clung to her- not in fear but with kindness. Laura was suddenly struck by her beauty, it wasn’t like she hadn’t noticed Carmilla before but now the full force of her attractiveness hit Laura like a crashing wave; she was glad the vampire was holding her otherwise she was afraid her legs may give way. If Carmilla’s heart could beat she was sure it would be going a mile a minute- the way Laura was looking at her, there was no distrust, no loathing, nothing of any unkindness just…care. “You okay there Laura?” The darker brunette asked, suddenly realising it was the first time she had used her real name. It surprised the both of them but had the most effect on Laura. She wrapped her arms more tightly around Carmilla’s neck and began to pull herself upwards but Carmilla met her half way, crashing their lips together in a passionate kiss.

Nothing could have prepared them for the feeling of kissing each other, it was a hundred sunrises all breaking over the horizon at once that gave Carmilla no discomfort. It was a thousand nights of freedom that Laura never had from her father. It was a million days wasted that you suddenly got to relive. The kiss seemed to last for hours, it was so cliché but so true, however it only lasted a minute. The two girls broke apart, Laura gasping for air, Carmilla not needing to but still panting with exhaustion.

“Wow.” Laura breathed, a look of utter contentment and joy plastered on her face “That was…”

“I know.” The vampire interrupted. “I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to do that.” They held on for a little longer before the door banged upon to reveal LaFontaine carrying an armful of drinks, they paused however upon noticing the two girls who were still loosely holding each other’s hands. They furrowed their brows as their lips twitched up into a smirk.

“Am I interrupting something?”

imagine Jaune’s 18th birthday rolling around while RNJR are in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere, and the rest of the team is bummed that they have nothing to give him but decide they have to do something.

Ren convinces Jaune to do their guard duty in the trees so they have a better vantage point, and Jaune didn’t want to mention his birthday because he knew they’d feel bad about it. but he goes up, and Ren tells him to go to the other side. when he does, he sees on the ground that Ruby & Nora put flowers they picked on the ground to spell out “Happy Birthday Jaune!!!” with the i’s and exclamation points dotted with hearts and he almost falls out of the tree bc he’s sobbing so hard.