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Summary: Billy’s girlfriend isn’t possessive until she sees a chick put her hands on her man… Based on the prompt “Is the lipstick on my cheek really necessary?” 

Author’s Note: Getting a little steamy…

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There was a huge party tonight, supposedly the talk of the whole town, even though I hadn’t heard about it until Billy told me. I was never a party girl, but Billy liked parties though, so I grinned and bore it. He spent forever getting ready, making certain each curl in his hair was perfectly defined, figuring out how many buttons he could get away with leaving undone.

         “Who you trying to look good for?” I sought as I stood beside him at the bathroom mirror, swiping red lipstick onto my lips.

        “You.” He responded, “Who you trying to look good for?”

        “Harrington.” I teased, earning a smack on my ass as I replaced the cap on my lipstick and threw it into my handbag.

        “You think you’re so funny.” He grumbled, following behind me as I led the way out of the bathroom.

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Fuck managers. I mentioned for MONTHS about needing 2 weeks vacation in May and June next year(last and first week respectively) for a convention I was going to. Had the room booked, everything was planned. Vacation sign up rolls around, guess who takes the 2 weeks i need? The manager I was talking about this the most to. When I mentioned this to her, her response was "oh that sucks" Bitch you knew I had been planning this for months in advance and that's all you can say? Man, fuck you!

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I thought jungkook was the jock of the group (?)

Jungkook is a jock, emo kid, and anime nerd all rolled up in one. The members rubbed off on him equally ,, the avatar of th group if u will

Of Glittery Villains and Shadow Cloaked Heroes ch. 3

AN: Sorry this one took so long, it’s been a crazy week. Thank you to my wonderful gran @tinysidestrashcaptain for helping me and encouraging me.

Here are links to chapters 1 and 2 please read them first.


“Maybe this won’t be so bad, Roman.” Virgil said with a smile. Roman smiled back at him before worriedly looking towards the kitchen, where Logan was banging his head on the table. “I should go check on him. Do you want to get dinner later?”

Only once Virgil blushed did he realize the implications of the way he had phrased his question. He hurriedly corrected himself, rushing out the words, “Waitwaitwait, I didn’t mean it like that. I meant so we could discuss the terms of our new relationship.” Virgil’s blush deepened and Roman pinched the bridge of his nose, saying, “Shit, that’s not better. What I’m trying to ask is, do you want to further discuss our world-saving future together over food?” Virgil’s blush calmed ever so slightly, and he whispered an affirmative. He cleared his throats and spoke a little louder as he said, “I’m ok with that, where do you want to go?”

Roman, being the overdramatic person that he is, snapped his fingers, and in a flash of gold light a card with fancy script on it appeared. He pushed the card into Virgil’s hand and said, “Meet me there at five. Bring Patton and I’ll bring Logan?” Virgil laughed softly and nodded. He turned to walk out the door before spinning around and asking, “Seeing as how I probably shouldn’t leave your house in my uniform, can I change somewhere?” Roman nodded and without warning snapped his fingers, leaving Virgil wearing an excessively tight pair of jeans and a red shirt, with his uniform draped over his arm and small card in his hand. Virgil had a very confused look on his face as he looked down at his clothes before glaring at Roman. “I meant can I use your bathroom, you jerk.” He rolled his eyes when Roman started laughing and walked out of the door, flipping Roman off as he walked out.

Roman took a breath before turning to the kitchen, where he (at the very least) no longer heard the constant thuds of Logan’s head colliding with the table. Roman walked in and stood behind Logan, whose face was buried in his arms. His muffled voice broke the quiet that had blanketed the room. “I’m an idiot aren’t I Ro. I’ve never met someone that had that effect on me, and I didn’t know what to do, and he’s so adorable, which you know isn’t something I notice about people, and I scared him. Why are emotions so hard?” Logan sounded slightly more frustrated than upset at this point, which meant Roman had a much better chance of calming him down. He placed his hands on Logan’s shoulders, and after a few seconds without protest, he began to gently work out some of the tension that was straining his best friend.

Once Logan had calmed down significantly, Roman plopped down beside him and said in a low voice, “If you ever mention that to Virgil, I swear to god you will regret it.” Logan chuckled and said in a still somewhat upset voice, “You couldn’t hurt me if you tried. You looove me too much, right Roro?” Roman gently swatted his arm and took a deep breath to prepare to tell him about dinner.

“So, Lolo-” he grinned as Logan glared at him for the nickname, “-I may or may not have invited Patton and Virgil to go to dinner with us, pleasedon'tkillmebye.” He snapped his fingers and disappeared. Logan rolled his eyes before registering what Roman had said and yelling, “GOSH DARN IT ROMAN.” However, a few seconds later, he softly laughed along with the cackles he could hear from Roman’s room.


Virgil stood outside of Roman’s door looking at the small card. In curly gold letters was an address for a restaurant named ‘Romano’s’. A slightly evil grin formed on his face as wonderful plans began to come together. He walked up to his door and gently pushed it open. He walked to his room and changed into more comfortable clothes than the ones he had left Roman’s in, and walked into the living room. Patton was, as he’d suspected, laying across the couch in his favorite Winnie the Pooh onesie.

“Virgil, did I screw everything up?” Patton asked with a quiet voice. Virgil gently lifted him up and let him lean on his shoulder. “Pat, you were just flustered. He was just as nervous as you, and I think he really does like you. If you want a chance to try again-” “YES PLEASE” Patton interrupted him. Virgil smiled and said, “-Roman invited us to dinner with him and Logan to discuss stuff.” Patton’s eyes widened before he smiled and snuggled into his best friend. “Thanks, kiddo.”

Virgil rolled his eyes and playfully said, “For the last time, Pat, two years.”

Patton suddenly poked him in the ribs and said, “So is this a double date then? Me and Logan and you and Roman?” Virgil blushed beet red and half-yelled, “PAT DEAR GOD NO”. Patton giggled and asked when dinner was. “It’s at five. We’re going to a restaurant named Romano’s.” Virgil chuckled while rubbing his hands together. Patton grinned and got off of the couch telling Virgil he was going to make lunch.

“Batman mac and cheese?” Virgil called after him.

“What else?” Patton yelled back, sticking his head out of the door to give Virgil beaming smile. Virgil returned it, rolling his eyes, and got up to walk to his room.

“Hey kiddo?” Patton yelled from the kitchen. Virgil sighed before answering, “Yes Pat?”. “After lunch we can help each other get ready for the date!”

Virgil tripped over his own feet after Patton said this and heard laughter from the kitchen as he mumbled, “It’s NOT a date.”


Six hours later, Virgil was dressed in the least torn-up black jeans that he could find, and a dark blue button up shirt, while he watched Patton panic over what to wear.

“Is pink too much? Is purple? Should we wear similar colors? What if I look awful? Virgil what do I dooooo?”

Virgil laid a hand on Patton’s back, using a quiet and calm (for once) voice to soothe his worries. “Hey, you’re starting to sound like me! Trust me, as long as you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’ll feel confident. That confidence will get you a long way, and I’ll be there if it spreads too thin. You got this Pat. And if he doesn’t appreciate it I’ll fight him.” Patton wrapped his arms around Virgil’s ribs again and said, “Thank you kiddo. That made me feel a lot better. Youdabest. WAIT I HAVE THAT JACKET, YOU KNOW THE ONE?”

Virgil laughed and said, “Yeah Pat, wear that.” Patton giggled and said, “Hehe, rhyme.”

Suddenly, there were three knocks on their door. Virgil went to answer it, telling Patton to wear the green shirt with his jacket as he walked. He opened the door to find Roman and Logan with traumatized looks on their faces.

Virgil worriedly asked, “What’s wrong? What happened?” Logan swallowed and said, “Well, we went to the wrong house.”

Virgil confusedly asked, “How? I told you we were next door neighbors.”

“We went the wrong way. I didn’t see which way you went when you left earlier. The old lady that lives the other direction answered the door. In the nude.” Virgil shuddered and said, “Dear god. Well, at least I’m wearing clothes, so I guess that’s an upgrade.”

“Well I wouldn’t mind if- wait never mind.” Roman blushed, which made Virgil blush too.

Logan broke the very awkward silence by asking where Patton was. Virgil was suddenly pushed forward into Roman by a Patton that accidentally slid the last few feet down the hall in his attempt to get to Logan. Roman set Virgil back on his feet and watched as Logan held a shy hand out to Patton. Patton smiled at him and let Logan help him up.

Roman elbowed Virgil in the side and whispered, “It'ssocuteIshipitsohard.” Virgil laughed and nodded, motioning for Patton to close the door so they could leave.

They walked down the sidewalk a short ways to where Roman’s cherry red sports car was sitting. “Did you really have to make a car this fancy?” Virgil asked. Roman smiled a blindingly bright smile and said, “Well of course darling. Only the best will do!” Virgil smiled and said, “Darling? Are we that serious already? If it’s this serious, you should at least meet my dad.” Patton of course, had taken him seriously in his excitement, and basically screamed, “OH MY GOODNESS HE AND THOMAS WOULD GET ALONG SO WELL. VIRGY WE HAVE TO LET THEM MEET. PLEASEEEEEEE?” Once Virgil had recovered from the near heart attack that Patton’s scream had given him, he said, “Nope, he’s not going near dad, they would get along too well and that would end only in chaos.” Roman grinned and said, “Oh really now? I shall have to endeavor to meet your father then.” Virgil groaned as Patton laughed at him.


They finally arrived at the restaurant, and Roman and Virgil were snickering at their friend’s awkward attempts to flirt with each other. Roman had insisted on opening the door for Virgil, which only gave him more brownie points in Patton’s book (an actual book he keeps on him at almost all times; when you get enough points, Patton makes you brownies). They sat down at the table and Roman attempted to initiate small talk.

“Soooo, what do you guys do for work?” Roman asked, somewhat apprehensively.

Patton excitedly responded with, “I’m a nurse in the pediatrics ward of the local hospital! Virgil is a self employed artist, who’s very talented if I must say so myself!” Virgil groaned and hid his face in his hands, telling Patton to stop embarrassing him. Roman’s curiosity peaked and he asked, “So that’s how you got to our fights so fast? You could just leave your house?”

Virgil rubbed his neck and mumbled, “Yeah.” The table was silent for a moment before Patton asked Logan about his job, to which Logan replied that he was a teaching assistant at the local college. He also blurted out that Patton’s shirt made his blue-green eyes look stunning, which made them both blush. Roman cleared his throat for a moment and looked at Virgil before asking, “So what needs to change? How are we going to become this ‘perfect team’ capable of defeating the monster that we saw? Is it even possible for us to be that in sync? What are we going to do? What if-”

Virgil interrupted his flow of questions with, “Hey, I think we can do this. One thing that does need to change is that you need to give up evil. I don’t know that we can fight together if I can’t trust that you’ll stick with me. And I think we need to start fighting together now, get used to each other as allies instead of opponents. What do you think?” Roman sucked in a sharp breath as he thought for a moment. A few seconds later, he looked up at Virgil and said, “I will fight by your side as a hero. It may take a while to get used to, but I do think that this is the best strategy. Now darling, allow me to pay for dinner?”

Virgil blushed ever so slightly and nodded. Roman snapped and a golden credit card appeared. Virgil snorted and gently nudged Patton out of the booth they had all sat in. Once Roman had paid, they all walked back out to the car and enjoyed a peaceful ride home. There were occasional questions regarding schedules, which ended with Logan and Patton agreeing to meet for coffee before work, and Roman asking Virgil if he would want to come over later that morning and figure out what the heck they were actually doing, and actually creating a plan.

They arrived back at their houses and Patton and Virgil stepped out of the car. Patton winked at Logan and walked inside, leaving Logan with a dreamy smile on his face. Virgil waved goodbye to Logan, and just as he was about to walk off he remembered his earlier idea. “Oh wait, I forgot something.” Virgil ran up to Roman’s door and whispered in his ear, “Goodnight ROMANO.” Roman yelled after him as he took off running. Virgil swore he had never run faster or laughed harder in his entire life.


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Godly Threesome

DMing a home brew game that I’ve set in Egypt, where my party will have random encounters with Egyptian gods disguised as humans in need of favors. Party is currently in a bar and one player (Water Nymph Mage - who has proclaimed her character is an athiest) takes notice of two rather attractive NPCs.

Mage: I walk over to (NPC name) and (NPC name) and start flirting with them.

DM: Roll seduction.

Mage crits.

DM: Both are immediately enthralled by you and offer to let you share their room with them for the night.

Mage: *laughing* I accept.

DM: I’m leaving the nights…activities, to your fucked up perverted imagination. Anyway, the next morning arises and you wake to find both are gone, and you have a nasty headache. Upon entering the bathroom to search for painkillers, you notice two things. One, you are still shirtless, and two, because you are still shirtless you can see two, very distinctly different, tattoos now inked onto either side of your hips.

Mage: *confused* What happened-

DM: Role a history check.

*rolls 18*

DM: You quickly realize that these new tattoos are in fact, the religious runes that represent the gods Anubis and Set, respectively. Congratulations, you just had a Threesome with Gods.

Mage (OOC): Can I change my religion?


this is me BNHA OC Kazuki AKA Eclipse - he’s shy when trying to make friends, but gives everything his all n always wants to help teammates :D


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