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Who Would You Be Comparable Too?

Lafayette x fem!reader

Prompt: Something with some hardcore snuggling and Lafayette, maybe something for comforting period cramps?

Thank you to @fulltimeinternethobo76 for this request!!

Warnings: terrible writing, horrible ending line, pain, medication, period mention??

You moaned and rolled over, clutching your stomach. The gut-wrenching pain in your abdomen and lower back was almost unbearable.
You grabbed the bottle of Advil in your bedside drawer, and tipped it over, and cursed when only one pill fell out.
One wouldn’t be nearly enough to help you with your horrible cramps, and you knew that all too well. You couldn’t move from your fetal position, so you prayed that eventually the cramps would get tired of tormenting you and they’d kindly go away.
Eventually, you heard your phone go off, but being unable to move, you resulted to just letting it go to voicemail.
You closed your eyes, and willed sleep to take you out of your misery.
You awoke two hours later, and were immediately hit by waves of pain. You clutched your stomach and massaged the area, attempting to soothe the pain. When you reached no such avail, you grabbed the last pill and swallowed it dry, hoping that it would be enough, knowing fully that it wasn’t going to be.
You heard your phone ring again, and you once again ignored it. Whoever it was could talk to you when you weren’t being stabbed to death from period cramps.
You were in such pain that you didn’t even notice that your phone went off another 57 consecutive times after that. Nor did you consider checking your phone even after you were convinced that you actually needed to move around and get more medicine.
You had just collapsed on your bed again after attempting to stand up when you heard a knock on your door. You moaned and knew that it would be no use to get up.
You ignored the door and hoped that whoever it was would take a hint and just leave you alone.
“Y/N, are you there?”
You heard a voice call out, and your heart nearly skipped a beat when you heard the French accent that accompanied it.
“Guys, something is wrong. We must get in and help her.”
You heard the muffled voice say.
“Well, what are we going to do? She may not even be home!”
There was a moment of silence after Alex had spoken before you heard Lafayette say quietly,
“Y/N is a very busy person. You and I know that. But even when she’s not home, she has her phone, and will always call back in under 15 minutes. Something is wrong. It has been 3 hours and she hasn’t even checked her phone for texts.”
The boys all were quiet again.
“Laf… do you know where she keeps her spare keys?”
In under a minute, your door was unlocked and the boys had bustled through the door, searching frantically for you.
You heard Lafayette ascending the stairs, and heading for your bedroom. You remained locked with your knees pressed to your chest, shaking with tears as your body practically revolted against you.
You heard him call from outside your door, and you prayed that he wouldn’t come in and see you in this state. Even though you were practically head over heels for him, you thought he saw you as nothing more than a friend.
The doorknob was turning, and then there he was, standing in your doorway, looking very concerned.
“Y/N, what has happened? Are you sick? Hurt?”
You shook your head, but then found yourself nodding.
“What is the matter mi amour? Do you need professional help?”
You shook your head.
“No, Laf, I’m-”
You cringed as a cramp formed in your central stomach area.
“Fine. Just…”
Lafayette’s eyes softened.
“Oh, are you having cramps?”
You blushed hard, but nodded.
“Yeah, worst ever. I’ve been lying here since yesterday afternoon…”
Lafayette got a panicked look on his face.
“You haven’t eaten anything? Or drunken anything? Or changed your… um. How you say?”
You smiled, genuinely touched by how much he cared.
“Laf, I’m fine. I’ve changed four times.”
“But no food or drink? What about medicine?”
You grimaced.
“I took my last pill in the bottle about 2 hours ago…”
“Oh no. Mi amour, I’ll be right back.”
He rushed out of the doorway, and you heard him conversing quickly to Alex, Hercules, and John. Then, he was back.
“They’ve gone to get food, medicine, and other things to make you more comfortable.”
“Laf, that’s so kind. But you don’t need too…”
He shook his head.
“If you are in pain, then I’ll do anything to make you better.”
You blushed, before a shock of pain ripped across your stomach, causing you to cry out and curl up.
Lafayette got a panic-stricken look on his face, and he crossed the room.
He knelt down next to you, and carefully began to massage your back.
You tensed, but soon relaxed into the gentle motions.
Your cramp gradually got less painful, and you were able to uncurl yourself.
“Hey Laf? Thanks, for everything.”
He stared at you, confused.
“What are you thanking me for? Isn’t this how you’re supposed to treat anyone who is in pain?”
You sighed lovingly, and felt a deep love for Lafayette in that moment.
“Not all men are like you. Or women, for that matter. I’m so lucky to have you, Laf. I love you.”
He stopped rubbing your back, and pulled you in close.
You felt all your blood rush to your face. He buried his head in your shoulder, and gently kissed your neck.
“I love you too.”
He continued to cuddle you through your cramps, and held you closer when they got bad. He even stayed the night to make sure that you were okay.
And the next morning, when you awoke and Lafayette was right next to you, you felt what was true comfort for the first time in days.
Who would he be comparable too?

Unoffical Big Brother

Originally posted by coporolight

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Avatar!Reader

Warning: tad bit of violence, swearing

Summary: When HYDRA captures a teenage girl to wipe her memories away and use her powers to kill, Bucky feels it’s his job to free the girl. There’s a connection between them, it’s not love, he’s protective of her.

Word Count: 1539

A/N: I made up a birthday and an age, I hope that’s okay! And also I don’t really have any knowledge of the Avatar, I just used what I remember from the show!

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Beauty and a Beat (yes,the justin bieber song)

BASED ON THIS! i heard your prayers, people.


  Simon could not believe his eyes. He wasn’t blinking or breathing (he didn’t need to anyway) but he was shocked, mouth agape, wide eyed shocked. But after the shock wore over, laughter started bubbling and soon he was rolling on the floor, clutching his stomach at the hilariousness of it all.

He didn’t expect this when he opened an email from Magnus with the subject YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS SALMON and that video as an attachment. Oh my god, he didn’t know what possesed his boyfriend to be dancing AND singing like that to a god damn justin bieber song.

He pressed play again, watching Raphael dancing lightly on his feet through the screen and yes, the second time was better. and the third, and the fourth.

He didn’t know how many times he replayed the video until there was a knock at the door. He was starting to find a sort of fondness in the video really, its the most he’s seen Raphael smile and do WELL ANYTHING HUMAN. He even had some kind of jacket that covered the white top (which by the way he looks deliciously good in)

When Simon opened the door, he was met by the devil himself and Raphael was about to lean in for a kiss when Simon had burst out laughing, leaning down to rest his hands on his knees for support.

“Dios Simon, are you okay?” Raphael asked, eyebrows raised until his hairline as he looked at his laughing mess of a boyfriend.

“I- It’s just- You-” Simon stood up and tried to stop laughing but one look at Raphael’s confused face just set him off again.

Well Raphael wasn’t having any of that so stalked inside him and Simon’s room to find Simon’s laptop on their bed. He stalked over to it to see what had made his boyfriend such a crazy mess only to be shocked to his core.

“Oh fuck” He mumbled under his breath and Simon was still laughing.

Raphael shot him a glare as his boyfriend closed the door and gave him a huge grin.

“It’s okay, i only watched it like… 6 times. or 8? i lost count” Simon shrugged.

“Who sent you that?” Raphael asked, scowling as he sat down on the bed.

“Guess?” Simon asked back as he edged closer to the bed. He closed the laptop and put it on the table before it became a victim. He sat down next to Raphael, who was looking anywhere but him.

Simon started to wrap his arms around his moody vampire boyfriend, resting his chin on Raphael’s shoulder.

“I liked the singing” He offered which made Raphael go rigid and Simon kissed his cheek.

“I’m being completely serious here, Rapha. You should smile more babe. i love it” Simon said and Raphael turned to look at Simon, rolling his eyes.

“You’re never gonna let me live that down are you?” Raphael sighed when Simon shook his head with a smile etched on his lips.

“You gotta teach me how to dance like that” Simon said as Raphael started to climb on the bed.

“Like a squid with no tentacles?” Raphael asked, Simon followed suit and hovered over his boyfriend with a stern look.

“Hey watch it, that’s my boyfriend you’re talking about” Simon chastised which made Raphael smile and Simon couldn’t help it, he leaned down and captured his boyfriend in a mindblowing kiss, his tonguet tracing Raphael’s fangs which made the vampire moan.

“Dios mio, maybe i should really smile more often” He mumbled between kisses and Simon hummed his agreement as his mouth attached to Raphael’s neck.

How to Cancel Zhang Yixing

You can’t. You just can’t. 

This little munchkin reacted to fan reactions of What U Need. At one point a girl asks “how many times does he want to kill us (with body rolls)?” And Yixing goes on to say, in English, “Twice,” then cough like it’s no big deal. I mean, he wants to kill Xingmis and general Lay fans with body rolls. We no longer have to wonder if he does these hip thrusts and body rolls on purpose to shake us up. He told us he does. And that is why I have to cancel Zhang Yixing out of my life. But it’s physically and emotionally impossible. He’s already snuggled up in a big place in my heart. 

You practically jumped ten feet into the air when you heard the sound of your doorbell blaring out loud repeatedly. You glanced at your clock, furrowing your brows to see that it was around three in the morning. The devil’s hour. A groan slipped past your lips when the stranger at your door began pounding against it, making you curse them in your head. Who the hell would be at your door at this hour?! You had watched a scary movie before bed and you were really hoping it wasn’t a serial killer of any kind. Of course, you couldn’t help but let the paranoia sink in, and soon enough, you found yourself edging towards the front door in the dark, clutching a rolling pin in your hands. (You didn’t want to ruin your knives, so this was the next best thing.) 

Thump. Thump. Thump. 

Three heavy knocks were delivered to your door. And then there was silence. You could feel your heart ramming against your chest - What were you supposed to do if there was an actual murderer a couple steps away from you?? You couldn’t bring yourself to look into the peephole - What if the murderer was staring right at you? Or worse, what if it was a demon of some sort? 

“Y/N, I swear t’ God if you don’ open t’is door I’ll scream!” You let out a sigh of relief, turning to flick the lights on before opening the door. “Took ya long enough! I’ve been dealin’ with yer drunk boyfriend fer the last hour and I don’t t’ink I can take another minute of-” 

“Niall, mi amor.” Harry suddenly stumbled into Niall, wrapping his arms around his shoulder. Niall automatically reached out around his waist so that he wouldn’t fall over for the hundredth time that night. “At least buy me dinner ‘fore takin’ me home.” He hiccuped, giggling as he stroked Niall’s cheek. You couldn’t help but laugh lightly - It was always funny seeing Harry drunk off his ass. 

“Ya see what I mean?! T’is is why you should’ve come tonight - Then you’d be t’e one dealin’ with a clingy Harry, and not me! I could be asleep right now.” Niall whined, scowling when Harry planted a sloppy kiss to his cheek. “Can ya take him now?” 

“Alright, alright. C’mere, Harry.” You cooed, smiling when Harry immediately trotted over and wrapped his arms around you, his face shoved into the crook of your neck. He let out a soft huff before inhaling, his arms slithering around you in a tighter embrace. 

“Yeh smell like Y/N.” Harry muttered, pressing kisses to your neck. “These feel like Y/N’s, too.” You squawked when Harry’s hands slipped down to cup your bum over your pyjama shorts, another giggle slipping past his lips. 

“I’m crashin’ here t’night. Way too tired t’ drive home.” Niall yawned, letting himself in and shutting the door behind him. You watched as he kicked his shoes off and plopped himself down on the couch. 

“Wouldn’t want you to fall asleep at a stoplight.” You smiled lightly, shaking your head. “I’ll get you a blanket and two pillows.” 

“Y/N, will yeh get me a blanket and three pillows?” Harry suddenly spoke up, unravelling himself from you before turning to look at Niall with his hands on his hips. “Cos I’m your boyfriend so I deserve more than Niall.” 

“As long as you take a shower and change into some clean clothes, I’ll give you three pillows.” You wrapped your arm around his waist as you led him towards the staircase. 

“Take tha’, Niall! Y/N loves me more than she loves you!” 

“Get yer drunk ass up t’e stairs, Harry!” 


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whoowhEE i’m tired

Fred Weasley Imagine Parents

Requested by @marygracewinchester 

“Oh God.” You whispered, as you stared at the pregnancy test in your hands. You were pregnant with Fred’s child. Your hands flew to your mouth and you let out a scream of happiness. You’d been married to Fred for about a year and you’d been trying for kids. 

“Are you ok in there (Y/n)?” Fred asked from outside. He opened the door and you stood up, waving the test excitedly. Fred looked at it and grinned, spinning you around in his arms. 

“We’re going to be parents!” He shouted happily and kissed you. 

“I love you so much!” 

“I love you too!” 

You opened your eyes and rolled out of bed, clutching your stomach. You stumbled towards the bathroom and leaned over the toilet, before vomiting. Fred sleepily followed you and rubbed your back comfortingly. He did it every time you had morning sickness and he’d been there for you every time you’d needed him, even if it meant leaving the shop. 

“I think it’s over.” You said once the vomiting finished. Fred nodded and kissed your forehead. 

“Only six months to go babe.” He said encouragingly and you nodded, rubbing the small bump that you had. Fred leaned down and kissed it. 

“I can’t wait to meet you.” he whispered to your child. 

“Alright Mrs Weasley, let’s take a look at your child.” The midwife said, as she smeared paste on your stomach. Fred squeezed your hand excitedly, because you were finding out the gender. The midwife watched the ultrasound. 

“Ok, both heartbeats look strong, so that’s good.” You looked at Fred in confusion and turned back to the midwife questioningly. 

“Um, two heartbeats?” You asked and the midwife looked up in shock. 

“Don’t you know that you’re carrying twins? I thought you already knew.” You shook your head and Fred grinned. He kissed you lightly. 

“Twins must run in the family.” Fred said and you rolled your eyes at him. 

“Well, you’re having twins. You’ll have a boy and a girl. Congratulations.” The midwife said, before leaving to give the two of you a moment alone. Fred moved forwards and you looked a him worriedly. 

“Do you think we can handle twins, Fred?” 

“Of course we can (Y/N).” Fred reassured you. 

“Fred.” You hissed in pain, as you tried to wake your sleeping husband. His eyes opened slowly and you groaned as another contraction hit your body. Fred sat up and rubbed his eyes. 

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong? Why is the bed wet?” Fred asked tiredly. 

“I’m in labour Fred.” He snapped his eyes open and stood up, running around nervously. He grabbed your bag and took you to the car. He jumped in the car and kissed your cheek. 

‘We’re having a baby! I need to tell George!” Fred said excitedly and you rolled your eyes. 

“I think getting to a hospital is slightly higher on my priorities.” You replied and Fred nodded seriously, before driving off.

“Ah!” You screamed, as you pushed for the final time, hearing your second child’s cry fill the room. You slumped back from exhaustion and Fred kissed your forehead. 

“I’m so proud of you babe. You did it. I love you so much.” Fred whispered and you tiredly smiled at him. The nurse gave your children to you and you smiled down at their tiny faces, knowing that the months of your pregnancy had been worth it. 

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Sonic making Vines with Shadow never ended well xD

Pranks … with Shadow!

(cuts to Sonic rolling on the ground, clutching his groin, and Shadow laughing smugly as he films him)

When We Were Young

Part Seven (1,147 words)

Part [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Pairings: Past ReaderxDean, Bestfriend!ReaderxSam

Warnings: None

Summary: Realising Dean isn’t about to go anywhere you official asking him to move in and the two of you finally talk about your past.

When you got back from work Dean was still glued to his usual spot on the couch. It had been a little over a month since he’d somehow managed to convince you to let him stay. You weren’t entirely sure if your offer was out of love or pity, most likely a tangled mess of the both. At first you’d let him be, you understood what it must have felt like for him to lose Sam and that he needed to grieve. But everyday you come home to find him the same way you’d left, unshaved, unshowered, a bottle of whisky in his hand and his snores echoing through out the room. You couldn’t take it anymore.

“Dean get up.” You shoved at his shoulder to show you weren’t playing around. His only response was a slight grunt before he rolled to his side, clutching the alcohol bottle to his chest. You looked around the room, doing the only thing you could think of as you grabbed the glass of water off the coffee table, the same glass you’d leave for him every morning, and poured it over his head.

“Y/N what the hell!” His body shot up as a reaction to the cold water. His wide eyes filled with anger found you as water droplets fell from his hair and on to his shirt. You struggled to hold back your laughter, biting your lip to do so. You needed to be serious right now, being stern was the only way.

“It’s time to get up Dean, when Sam said normal I’m sure he didn’t mean this.” Your hand gestured towards the couch and Dean flinched at the sound of his brothers name.

“But-” He began to grumble and excuse but you were tired of hear them. Knowing you’d cave if you let him finish you simply cut him off.

“No buts Dean. Get off your arse and get in that shower. Once your ready we’re going to Bobby’s to get the rest of your stuff and then we’re finding you a job.” You stared at him as you finished your mini rant, the two of you locking eyes in silence for what felt like forever. “Understood?”

“Yes Ma'am.” He mumbled a responded followed by an eye roll but got to his feet and did as you asked, knowing better than to argue with you when you were like this.

It didn’t take Dean long, twenty minutes if that, before he was standing in front of you, a strong smell of aftershave radiating off him and fresh flannel clinging to his torso. The right corner of your lips turned up into a smirk as you noticed he’d chosen to keep the beard, something you silently admitted you’d grown fond of.

“Ready?” You asked as you pushed yourself off the couch, grabbing your keys from the coffee table as you did so.

“You’re serious about this?” Dean’s eyes widened in surprise and you immediately knew what he was talking about. Dean staying with you wasn’t meant to be permanent, it was just a temporary solution while he pulled himself together yet here you were asking him to move in.

“I said didn’t I? Now hurry up Bobby’s already expecting us.” You shrugged it off as you grabbed the rest of your stuff and headed out side.

“Can I drive?” He shifted awkwardly between his two feet as he stopped on the door step.

“You want to drive my car?” Your eyebrows furrowed together in confusion, you remember Dean once referring to your car as a piece of scrap metal that was nothing compared to his beloved Impala and would never be caught dead in it.

“I was thinking maybe we could take mine?” He slowly began to make his way towards the garage, where he’d hidden the ‘67 Chevy on the first day he’d arrived.

“Oh…” You felt your heart beat speed up at the thought of being in the car again. You knew it was stupid but the vehicle held a special place in your memories when it came to you and the older Winchester. It had been while you were sitting in the front passenger seat, the music blasting and the windows down that you first realised you were in love with Dean. But for the first time in five years, other than the occasional glance, you were about to see the inside again. You took a deep breath, knowing Dean needed to do this. “Sure.” When you slid in that familiar leather seat you where surprised to see that the car hasn’t really changed at all. The seat was just as cold as ever against your skin, the same old rock tapes littered the door draws and once the car was started you heard the stuck pieces of lego rattling around.

“It’s still there you know.” Dean could see you looking around out of the corner of his eye as he turned out of your street.

“No way!” You eyes widen in shock and your hands automatically flew to the glove box, scrambling to open it as quickly as possible. Just as he said, your initials alongside Dean’s were still carved into the plastic. You smiled slightly, your fingertips tracing the patterns of the letters. Dean couldn’t help but smile with you at your reaction. He’d replaced parts of the car, repaired others but he could never bring himself to get rid of the last part of you he had left.

“I really am sorry.” The words were a low whisper as Dean stayed focused on the road.

“For what?” His apology snapped you back to reality and you slammed the glove box shut.

“For leaving, for just never coming back.” He nervously slide his hands down the steering wheel before he shifted them back up.

“I just don’t understand why Dean, what did I do wrong?” You looked down at your hands, biting down on your tongue to hold back your emotions.

“Nothing, that was the problem.” He sighed, shaking his head at your innocence. Dean had loved you more than anything, he was surprised you hadn’t seen that. “Things got messy, life got complicated. You deserved so much better, and I couldn’t risk losing you so I did the only thing I could think of.”

“Didn’t you think I deserved a say in all that?” You spat your words with quiet anger. That choice shouldn’t have just been Dean’s alone.

“Maybe… I don’t know.” He sighed in defeat, unsure whether you’ll ever forgive him fully. “I was stupid.”

“I thought you stopped loving me.” You laughed without humor as you confessed out loud what you’d thought for years. “Though maybe you’d found someone else.”

“Hey!” For the first time since the conversation Dean looked over at you, his eyes full of regret as his fingers slipped between yours. "Don’t you ever think that.”

Part Eight

Eremin AU where 17-year-old-and-desperately-in-love-with-his-best-friend Eren goes on a hunt in Armin’s room for his porn stash to see if he likes boys, only to find a box underneath Armin’s bed filled with yaoi manga.

Armin’s comes back to find his yaoi scattered over the floor and Eren rolling, clutching at his stomach, and in tears over how hard he’s laughing, on top of the yaoi.


Outfit 1: I found Hello Kitty flip flops at value village so I’ve decided to make flip flops a thing this summer haha

Outfit 2: Wearing a silk shirt makes me feel like yaaaaaaaas kweeeeeen w my black roll up lunch clutch

Outfit 3: FREE THE NIPPLE!!! It all boils down to the fact that some nipples are legal, and some aren’t wtf

I’m Not Addicted, You’re Addicted

Mostly inspired by my rewatch of Gamer. Plus it’s midnight. Critiques only please. Comments also welcome. Feel free to reblog. Sequel to this.

“Psst! Tikki!”

Tikki, from where she was hiding in Marinette’s room, jumped at the familiar voice. Now that they were not sleeping in their miraculous, it had been a while since she had heard her partner’s voice. She poked her head up. “Plagg?!”

Thankfully, Marinette and Adrien were preoccupied by Ultimate Mecha Strike III, and too busy to notice that Plagg, in all his cat like glory, had flown across the room and landed on his partner. Tikki let the force of his momentum roll them, as she clutched to him. Part of her sighed in relief. It had been too long since she had seen her partner in person.

“Marinette’s your bug?” he whispered, so their charges wouldn’t hear them.

Tikki giggled. “And Adrien is your kitten?”

It took everything the black cat had not to bust up laughing. But that would reveal Adrien and Marinette’s secret identity, and he really didn’t want to piss off Tikki. Instead, he moved onto more pressing topics. “Of course you picked the girl who lives right on top of a bakery,” Plagg sniffed, loving to pretend he was superior. “You and your addiction to sweets.”

Her antennae twitched in annoyance. “Like you’re one to talk!” she whispered, crossing her arms. “You chose the richest boy in all of Paris to buy you camembert! Talk about an addiction!”

“Sugar is more addicting than cheese.” Plagg tilted his head down and licked his chest in the manner that all cats did when they refused to listen.

She buzzed with annoyance. Why did he aggravate her so? “Cheese is literally as addictive as opium!”

Plagg paused. “Wait, the stuff that our chosen discovered helped with the pain like thousands of cycles ago? Found it when your chosen ate a poppy flower and got high? Who were they again?”

Tikki let that one slide. She knew he remembered their chosens just as well as she did. But the Miraculous of Destruction had to have a coping mechanism. “Yup!” Her entire body language read suck it!

He hissed at her, tail lashing furiously. He turned to let his tail whip her arms a few times before curling up on the bed. “Yeah, well, after my kit when to sleep last night, I did some searching. Sugar is just as addictive as heroin! And that’s a drug too.”

Their conversation was halted by Adrien’s comment about a snack not hurting anything. Plagg rubbed his head against Tikki’s, purring so that she could feel it, and zoomed into Adrien’s pocket.

Even if they did argue over cheese and sugar, Tikki knew she wouldn’t give her partner up for anything.

Second’s Not The Same

Inspired by Halsey’s Is There Somewhere. IT’s just a really good and pretty song.

               I feel him roll over and I clutch the sheets tighter, bringing my arms closer to my chest.

               “You’re leaving?” I ask even if I already know the answer. He never stays.

               “Hmmm,” He mumbles as an answer. I close my eyes and will myself to stay in my position. I am not rolling over. I am not watching him button his flannel over his body, the very same one I had against my back not a minute ago. I am not rolling over and seeing him buckle his belt, the ones I helped him remove before I allowed him to wreck me. I am not rolling over, but I am.

               He’s picking up his black skinny jeans from the floor, his boxer clad ass in display for me to see.

               “Will you ever stay?” The words are out of my mouth before I can stop them.

               He turns around so fast, his blue eyes electric, clutching his pants to his chest like how I am clutching the sheets to mine. We are so sure we’d hurt each other we’re unconsciously doing everything to protect ourselves. My chest hurts.

               “Calum what is this?” His forehead is creased and hi voice is exasperated.

               “I did not mean to—forget it,” I say, turning my back against him again, so I won’t see him and he won’t see me. The hair on the back of my neck stands as cold air brushes against it. It feels so different when it was his warm breath getting the same reaction.

               I hear the thud of his jeans dropping to the floor before I feel the bed dip beside me.

               “Please just leave if you’re going to,” I tell him, closing my eyes and curling into myself even more.

               “You know I’ll see you again later right?” He asks.

               “Is that all I am to you?” I can’t help but ask.

               “Calum,” He says in the same pleading tone.

               “Why aren’t you gone yet?” I ask again. I don’t want to tell him even more of what I am feeling, why can’t he just leave me like this like every other time?

               “You’re my best friend and my band mate too.” He supplies.

               “Fuck you Lucas.” I say. He touches my arm but I brush him off, not wanting to make it harder for myself even more.

               “What do you say we try that next time, yeah?” He still doesn’t get it and he’s being an asshole.

               I can’t help it when it rises from the bottom of my stomach to my throat, making the bridge of my nose and my head hurt. I bite my lower lip hard to keep them from falling but my shoulders shake and it didn’t go unnoticed.

               “Cal?” He’s not teasing or joking anymore. He sounds genuinely concerned and somehow, that hurts even more.

               He touches me again and I sit up fast just as I feel his fingertips brush against my back. The sheets pooled around my waist and I bury my face in my hands. The tears come like they have been stopped for too long. Maybe they were.

               “What’s wrong?” He asks from beside me. I just shake my head, I know I can’t talk.

               I feel him move behind me, placing his long legs beside mine, effectively entrapping me even more than I already am.

               “Don’t please,” I plead.

               He says nothing this time. I feel him place his lips against my shoulder before he wraps his arms around me. I cry harder, shake harder but he only tightens his grip, trying to hold me together. I take big gulps of air to try and stop myself from shaking. I reach towards my bedside table but his arms are around me and I can’t reach what I need.

               “Fuck you Luke, fuck this,” I say still reaching towards it. I feel his legs tighten around my hips. “Luke let me!” I wanted to scream it but it came out in a sob.

               He loosens one of his arms around me and suddenly he’s holding it against my mouth.

               “You know it could trigger the smoke alarms right?” He asks as he holds the cigarette against my mouth. He produces a lighter with his other hand and flicks it to light my cigarette. I inhale when the flame has touched the tip enough. I let the warmth rest against the roof of my mouth. He rests his cheek against my back, his stubble scratching it slightly.

               “Calm down, love” He whispers kissing my skin again. I let go of the smoke slowly, watching the particles drift farther and farther away from us.

               “Don’t call me that.” He holds the cigarette against my mouth again and I inhale like the obedient person I am in this relationship, if you could call it that.

               “Why?” He rests his other hand against my stomach, his index finger drawing swirls against it.

               “You don’t love me,” I relax and I am suddenly more aware of the fact that my back is flushed against his chest.

               “Yes I do,” He whispers, his lips still against my skin.

               “Quit feeding me lies.” An ash tray magically appears beside me and he taps off the excess ash that has formed at the tip of the cigarette I am smoking. It’s as if he’s a smoker himself when the truth is he just finds helping me smoke like this amusing.

               He bites my earlobe. “I love you Calum.” He whispers against my ear.

               I place my hand on top of the one he has against my stomach and fiddle with his pinky ring. “But you’re in-love with her.”

               He kisses my neck and I lean towards my left, giving him more access. He bites on it lightly and my mouth falls open. The cigarette is in front of me again so I close my lips around it. I inhale and he sucks hard on my skin. My brain is hazy from the nicotine and his free hand is now against my thigh, clutching it hard. He tangles his legs with mine and opens them wider. I open my eyes slightly but the light is too bright. “Luke,” I moan.

               “I don’t know Calum, I don’t know. Please, I don’t know.” He answers.

               I close my hand around the hand he’s using to hold the cigarette. I put it against my lips to inhale once more before putting it out. This time I did not release the smoke. I turned around and straddled his lap. I grabbed his face and put his mouth against mine. He resists, holding onto my sides tightly, but I press my mouth harder. When he opens his mouth I blow the smoke into him. I rest my head against his forehead as he coughs it out.

               I kiss the side of his mouth, right where the lip ring is placed. “You’re killing me.”

I was thinking of this scenario while taking this picture:

It’s 5am. The streets are empty. The birds are singing. A cool breeze blows through the trees. A person walks out of the building, door shutting behind them. They are exhausted, but happy. Clutching a rolled-up sheet of paper, they head over to the train station two city blocks over. They know the train won’t run for another hour, but they’re just happy to sit on the bench and relax for just a bit.