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If I was directing The Defenders, I would have a sequence where they get split up and have to fight their way back to each other. Then we’d have Daredevil do the 6 minute long, brutal, one take fight scene that Daredevil does and he finally gets back to the others…

And Jessica and Luke have been there for like, 5 minutes waiting for him and look completely bored.


By the way, did you know that there’s an officially licensed album of Transformers inspired music that isn’t connected to any particular movie or series or anything, it just simply exists because what the hell?

And it’s great?

Cinnamon rolls and Defenders

Looks like could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Luke Cage

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Matt Murdock

Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Danny Rand

Looks like could kill you and can actually kill you: Jessica Jones

RQ4 Part 7
  • *The two of them topple behind the couch while making out and screaming at each other*
  • Evangeline: *sips wine* what kind of heterosexual bullshit is this?
What It Feels Like

Summary:  Reader hasn’t been kissed in awhile.  Dean reminds her what it feels like.

Characters:  Dean x Reader

Word Count: 845

Warnings: smut, fluff, smuffy, smuffy, smuff

A/N:  I just needed a little quality Dean time.  And this may also be for @charliebradbury1104 who is currently a little mad at me.  Forgive me Liz?

It’s unbeta’d so sorry for any mistakes.  Gif is from Google Search, credit goes to the owner.

Little hairs prick the skin of your fingers as they curl around the back of his neck.  It’s damp with sweat and thicker than you imagined it would be. 

He’s pulling his upper body against your grip, up on his elbows, while his hips meet yours and he rocks into you again.  The pace unbearably slow.

Dark lashes rest on his cheeks and his mouth is making perfect little oh, ah shapes.  When you lift and tilt your hips to match him, his lashes flip up to meet his eyebrows and peridot orbs look down at you with a glint.

“In a rush, sweetheart?” he asks, plunging especially deep this time.

Pulling your bottom lip between your teeth, you bite down to keep from moaning.  He growls, dipping his head and capturing it with his mouth. He sucks your lip in between his teeth, “Don’t tease me with that lip, princess,” he says, teeth still tugging before releasing you and pecking little kisses.  “Now that I’ve got you here I’m gonna take my time,” he smirks.

He rolls his hips and your whole body shudders as you arch into him.  Your mind races as you think about how you got here.

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Luke Cage

Luke Cage: *looks like he could kill you, is actually a cinnamon roll*

Misty Knight: *doesn’t look like a cinnamon roll, doesn’t pretend to be a cinnamon roll*

Detective Scarfe: *is not a cinnamon roll, has eaten the cinnamon roll*

Claire Temple: *looks like a cinnamon roll, but could actually kill you*

Pop: *looks like a cinnamon roll, acts like a cinnamon roll, but could roll yo ass in a heartbeat*

Bobby Fish: *looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll*

Cornell Stokes: *looks like he could kill you, could actually kill you*

Mariah Dillard: *looks like she bakes cinnamon rolls, is poisoning the batter*

Shades: *doesn’t look anything like a cinnamon roll, and is actually a bran muffin that will kill you*

Willis (Diamondback) Stryker: *is not a cinnamon roll, is Satan’s anus of a banana*

Cal x Clara prompt

One morning, Cal goes to the Barrows to pick Mare up for their daily morning run. Ruth is the only one up at such an early hour. She lets Cal in and makes her way to the kitchen to start preparing breakfast.

Sitting in the living room while waiting for Mare to wake up, Cal hears soft sounds of crying, which quickly turn into loud crying. He follows the sound and soon notices a bassinet in the corner of the room.  

“Would you please take a look at Clara for a while?” Ruth shouts from the kitchen. “I’m making breakfast, and Diana has left for an early meeting.”

“Sure.” Cal replies. 

Cal makes slow steps toward the bassinet. He loves children, but he’s a bit hesitant to hold baby Clara for the first time, afraid that the little girl may also be scared of him, a Silver prince, like so many others. He carefully lifts and carries Clara and adjusts his body temperature to provide more warmth, hoping that will calm the baby. And it works. Clara feels the change and slowly stops crying.

“Hello, Clara. I’m Cal. It’s wonderful to meet you.” Cal smiles at the baby.

Much to his delight, Clara giggles and smiles back at him. 

From the stairs, Mare sees the lovely sight and thinks to herself. 

Even little Clara is smitten by the fire prince.  


1990 Ford Mustang LX, 302ci V-8, GT-40 Intake, Tremec 5-speed trans., Lenco aluminum 3rd member, Detroit locker, Sandy Cone full floating axles, Ford 9"axle housing, Wilwood 4 wheel disc brakes, American Racing wheels, Bilstein coil over shocks, front a-arms, rear 4 link, suspension travel: front 10 ½", back 11 ½", full Tig welded 4130 bumper to bumper roll cage, 25 gallon fuel cell, Corbeau seats, Simpson harnesses, fiberglass hood, fenders and rear hatch.