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Rated: M, Smut

Pairing: Hongseok x Reader

Summary:  “You dated my friend for a year, I dated your ex best friend for half of that. Your best friend just flirted with me on the phone. This is the worst idea you have ever had and you once made me swim across a lake in January.”

(A/N): Pentagon is ending my life and this was my only way to project. There isn’t enough Pentagon works to read on here. Stan talent y’all!

Warning: Mentions of Alcohol and Drug use.

She sat against the sofa, taking a deep breathe as her sobriety annoyed her. She saw another bottle being passed around and she contorted her face in frustration, resting her head back so she could focus.

“Want some?” A kind voice asked her and she raised her head. Hyunggu stared at her with expectant impatience, an eyebrow raised. She clumsily shook her head and lay her head back down. Her mind was working fine and she heard everything happening in the room. She heard the door open and shut promptly, a familiar voice making her smirk brightly.

“It’s the biggest dick on campus!” She said cheerfully and he stared back, sighing animatedly, “What brings you to the den of debauchery, Hongseok?”

“Didn’t I ask you not to invite that annoying bitch?” He said casually and Hyunggu asked him to calm down.

“If someone had told me I’d have to see your face, I’d have passed on this opportunity.” She smiled at him politely and he gave her a pointed look and sat down on the ground in the circle beside her, leaning on the same sofa to spread his long legs.

“I just got back from the gym.” He said suddenly and she scoffed, making him frown at turn to her.

“No one cares Hongseok, just shut up and drink like the rest of them.” She handed the bottle to him from the ground and lay her head back again.

“I did not ask for your opinion. Do you see me complain when you are talking about your English literature nonsense?” He asked as he took a long sip of the neat liquor, coughing at the unexpected intensity making her laugh.

“You’re always complaining, so I’ve just learned to register it as background noise.” She scoffed and tried to take the bottle from his hand but he held on tighter and moved his index finger in front of her to say no. She shrugged and rested her head back.

“How’s your friend?” He asked after a moment, making her click her tongue in annoyance and lift her head begrudgingly.

“She’s fine now that she’s away from you. Hopefully I’ll get to experience that someday myself.” She rolled her eyes and lay her head back.

“You sounds like you’re in a worse mood than I’ve ever seen you.” Hyunggu said with a short chuckle.

“Even with Hongseok in the room.” Jinho chuckled and the others laughed.

“What’s wrong?” Wooseok spoke up after a long time, making everyone look up in the process.

“I actually forgot he’s here.” Hyojong said and two people nodded.

“My trainer told me off today for losing time during my turn. He was very pissed and now I’m pissed.” She looked so annoyed when recalling that the others laughed.

“Is everything fine?” Hyojong asked earnestly and she smirked.

“It will be once I smoke some weed.” She grinned and there was a mixture of groans and cheers in the room.

The next time she lifted her head was after the alcohol induced haze had reduced in the room exponentially. She looked around as people were either missing or sleeping on the floor.

“They’ve gone to buy some food, let’s smoke.” Hongseok said beside her, making her raise her brow.

“Aren’t you a boxer?” She asked suspiciously?

“Aren’t you a swimmer?” He retorted as he got up and extended his hand for her to use to lift herself up.

They sat on the balcony floor as she diligently rolled the contents into a thin piece of paper with practiced precision. She looked up at him once with a blank face before she licked the paper shut.

“If you want to stare at my breasts Hong, at least pretend to be subtle about it.” She said with a straight voice before she lit up her masterpiece with a satisfied smile.

“I don’t care enough about your opinion of me to be subtle.” He shrugged and she laughed out a puff of thick smoke, resting her back against the wall.

“Fair enough. Here.” She passed the joint to him who looked up with a satisfied nod and took it.

“I need to go back.” She said with heavy realisation and he laughed.

“I’ll take you. I have my car.” He offered as he passed the joint back to her and she scrunched her face.

“Only if you promise not to suggest crazy things again. You’re worse to deal with when you are high.” She coughed loudly as she pulled the smoke while talking.

“Do either one at a time.” He commanded and she nodded.

After a while, she could feel her senses blur and by the way Hongseok leaned, it was easy to say that his was too.

“How much did you drink?” She asked after a long silence.

“Quite a bit.” He admitted with a small smirk.

“Come on let’s walk back, it will be better.” He said and she nodded her head, both of them trying their best to get back up.

They walked in silence, not really caring enough to hold a conversation. While walking she tripped and he extended his hand reflexively before retreating to let her fall.

“I saw that.” She groaned as she tried to get up from the ground, dusting her elbows and wincing when she realised it was cut. He turned to her at the sound but looked away and they continued walking.

Her phone buzzed after a short while and she scavenged it out of her pocket and smiled at the screen.

“Who is it?” Hongseok asked.

“Wooseok.” She said without looking at him.

“What does he want?” His voice was sharp.

“He wants to know why I left.” She said as she continued texting.

“Being that friendly with your ex definitely makes you worse than I am.” Hongseok said and she shook her head.

“No, it makes us equals.” She corrected him.

“We’re here.” Hongseok spoke to her after a moment and she stopped looking at her phone and looked up.

“This is your apartment building.” She said with heavy confusion.

“Yes, you were too distracted to notice.” He said dismissively as he made his way to the entrance. She snapped out of her confused gaze and rushed behind him.

“You said you’d drop me to my dorm.” She said with anger.

“I changed my mind, let’s go smoke another one.” He said as he entered the building.

“That’s a terrible idea, I’m going home.” She grumbled.

“Have fun walking through the campus at 2am.” He gave her a wave making her groan.

“You are the least reliable person on the planet. No wonder she broke up with you.” She scoffed and he stopped in front of the elevator with a knowing face.

“She broke up with me because I said someone else’s name in bed.” He shrugged and she looked up in disbelief.

“You are actually unbelievable you know that?” She said with shocked disgust.

“Thanks.” He said with a bored voice.

They sat on the couch eating leftover pizza as music played in the background. After a while she gave up and raised her legs up on the couch and sat comfortably.

“Has the swimming team for the event been selected?” Hongseok asked suddenly. She nodded with her mouth stuffed with pizza and Hongseok laughed.

“Wow, you can actually laugh look at that. And here I thought you had dropped all of that to be appealing to women.” She scoffed and he shook his head.

“I’m assuming you’re going.” He said and she sighed.

“I barely scraped through.” She shook her head.

“You drink and you smoke, it’s a wonder you’re even on the swim team.” He scoffed and she jabbed at his side with her foot. He stared at her with wide eyes at the action, making her take her foot away, a little shocked at his response.

“You do all those too, more than I do.” She said after she went back to her pizza.

“I run everyday and diligently work out.” She scrunched her nose with disgust.

“I’m agile in the water.” She said as means to defend her honour.

“But you lose stamina quickly?” He added and she nodded her head.

“The caretaker knows me well, I use the gym whenever I want. I’ll help you train.” He spoke casually and she raised a brow.

“What is the catch?” She said with heavy distrust.

“Consider it sportsmanship. I want us to win the cup and Changgu says you’re the fastest on the team.” He shrugged.

“Of course, your friend who wouldn’t let me join the swim team because of you! I guess now he’s trying to make it up.” Her voice wasn’t as heavy with accusation as expected.

“He only has nice things to say about you.” Hongseok said and she laughed.

“I’ll tell him you said that.” She said and lifted herself off the sofa to pull her phone out.

“It’s 2:30 in the morning.” Hongseok said and she just shrugged as she placed the phone against her ear.

“He’s probably training, he’s nice enough to always talk when I call.” She said and turned away from him when Changgu answered.

“I’m sure it’s because of how nice he is.” He mumbled and got up to go to the kitchen.

As he warmed his milk, he heard her voice coming towards him.

“Hongseok is doing something in the kitchen.” She spoke as she entered, “He’s boiling milk.” She looked up at him with a perplexed smile and sat down on the counter with her bag as she searched for something inside.

“I was at Hui’s place and Hongseok was supposed to drive me back, but he drank a little so he brought me to his place.” She spoke as Hongseok sat opposite her. Her eyes lit up when she found what she was looking for, her stash. Hongseok rolled his eyes and went to take a sip of his milk but she raised her finger and told him not to. Out of curiosity he complied, but not before taking one sip which made her roll her eyes.

“I will be at practice tomorrow at 7pm and I will not leave till 4am I promise.” She said with a coaxing voice. Something Changgu said made her laugh and Hongseok rolled his eyes. She continued speaking as she cradled the phone between her cheek and shoulder and started to roll another joint.

“What am I doing?” She answered Changgu’s question and looked up at Hongseok with mischief in her eyes, “It’s Hongseok, I’m just sitting here wishing I was anywhere else. But he gave me food so I’m behaving.” Hongseok could hear Changgu’s laugh on the other line.

“I would never!” She said with a smirk, “No drinking before a meet right? When have I ever lied to you Chang?” Her voice was deliberately smooth. She brought up the almost rolled piece to her mouth, catching Hongseok’s eyes by chance as she peeked her tongue out to moisten the glue. He didn’t even shy away from blatantly staring at her mouth, looking up after she was done with a bored face. She passed the finished product to him and gestured the click of a lighter to ask him to light it while she hummed in response to whatever Changgu was saying on the line.

“I will run to the pool tomorrow. I promise you’ll see me sweating and panting and I’ll call out to you with shallow breaths.” She grinned at her own words.

“He’s sitting in front of me, how does it matter?” She said dismissively as he passed her the joint and she smiled. Her gaze followed Hongseok as he got up but she was distracted by something Changgu said. In between speaking, her phone was yanked out of her hand and she heard it slide on the counter.

“It’s rude to talk on the phone when you have company.” He said stoically. She breathed out a cloud of smoke and turned to him.

“It’s rude to interrupt a conversation like that.” She furrowed her brows and looked up at him looming over her.

“You should have politely stopped a long time ago then.” He countered.

“It’s not like you and I have all that much to talk about.” She pulled her hand away when he tried to steal her drag.

“Exactly, you’re ruining the silence. That way at least I can pretend you aren’t here.” He said and went behind her to try to grab the joint again, but she swivelled on the chair to face him, blowing the smoke in his face.

“You should have just taken me home then, I didn’t want to be here.” She took another long drag before finally passing it to him.

“Then we both can suffer in silence.” He spoke as he walked out of the kitchen and she followed.

She lay down on the couch, folding her legs to allow Hongseok a small place to sit. He relaxed back on the couch as he continued smoking, his mind slowly fading into a padded state. He smirked as his last pull made his fingers tingle and passed her the remaining bit to finish. By the time the last bit was left she poked Hongseok with her toe and asked him to come closer. He looked at her with heavy accusation again but complied.

“Put your mouth on my hands and breathe in ok?” She said as she bit down on the joint and cupped her hands around her mouth. He did as she asked, but she jumped a little when he placed his large hand on her exposed waist as her t-shirt had risen up. She felt the warmth radiate through her skin, but it was gone soon as he pulled away and breathed out with loud coughs.

“Nice, right?” She said as she lifted the burned out object out of her mouth and discarded it into a small bowl on the floor. He was still coughing but he nodded as his mind seemed to blur more than it had before.

She lay her head back with a smile as she let her senses be taken over. After a moment she had a thought and looked up back at Hongseok who was looking at her with furrowed brows.

“Do you have a problem with feet?” She asked and he looked up at her as he got out of his trance and gave her a confused look.

“You look like I killed your pet every time I put my foot on you.” She laughed as she dragged her foot up his arm, watching the way he bit down on his lip.

“No I don’t.” He said with a low voice.

“Bullshit, look at your face.” She giggled as she dragged her foot up to his cheek and caressed the skin, enjoying the agony on his face. He grabbed her foot suddenly making her gasp, and put his mouth to her toe, gently nibbling on the skin, making her core throb all of a sudden. He kept direct eye contact with her as he poked his tongue in between her toes and she closed her eyes at the new sensation, confused as to why it felt so good. Being as high as she was, her sensory reception felt heightened. He bit down on her small toe gently making her gasp and look back at him with blown out eyes.

“No, I don’t have a problem with feet.” He said with a small smirk dancing on his lips as he dropped her foot on his lap, “You have rather nice feet.” He spoke as he sat back in the couch like nothing happened.

“Fetishist.” She mumbled, still breathing erratically.

“I’m bored.” He sighed as he stretched his limbs and lay his head back on the sofa and she looked up at him.

“I don’t know how to help with that.” She spoke, still visibly shaken. She looked at his exposed neck, his eyes closed as he breathed from his parted lips. She gulped gently but he seemed to have heard her as he raised his head back with a smirk.

“On the contrary, I think you’re the only one who can.” His smirk was deadly.

“No.” She huffed and threw her head back again.

“Are you sure?” His tone was suggestive as she felt his hands go back to her foot, tracing lines up and down her ankle. She got up and placed her feet on the floor.

“You dated my friend for a year, I dated your ex best friend for half of that. Your best friend just flirted with me on the phone. This is the worst idea you have ever had and you once made me swim across a lake in January.” She looked at him with a bored but non negotiable face. He pouted and lay back down.

“But I’m bored.” He whined.

“Do you usually ask girls to quench your boredom like this? Invite them over and seduce them?” She scoffed and he turned to her with bright eyes.

“No, just you.” He said with a soft voice that made her turn to him, “I don’t consider you significant enough to take you to dinner first.” He smirked and she rolled her eyes.

“You’re a pig.” She deadpanned.

“Coming from you that sounds like a compliment.” He retorted.

“It was a compliment if it’s directed towards you. I’m behaving.” She sighed as she stared at the ceiling and he laughed.

“What is the point of behaving in front of me?” He spoke smoothly again and she groaned, sitting up and straddling him, making him look at her with widened eyes.

“If I fuck you will you shut the fuck up? Annoyance gives me headaches.” She groaned and he only nodded with wide eyes.

She ground into him once, making his eyes flutter shut and his lips part. She took the opportunity and grabbed his neck, bringing him on for a kiss and slipping her tongue in first to control the action. He put his hands on her back to pull her closer and rub against his current problem but she grabbed his hands and pushed them down to her waist. He took the command and held her waist tightly while she continued ravaging his face.

She dropped her head and dragged her lips down his neck, licking down till he winced, making her smirk. She nibbled on his sensitive skin, making sure to leave marks so everyone could see her artwork. He groaned after a moment and raised his chest but she pushed him back into the couch with a groan of her own. He huffed into her mouth as she continued her slow grinding.

Suddenly he pulled her hair back, bringing her mouth of to his and kissing her wildly, devouring her in such a way that she couldn’t believe that she had taken charge so easily moments before.

“Now it’s my turn.” He growled and flipped her over before she could realise, making her yelp as her body dug into the couch from his weight on top of her.

“You’re quite the personality aren’t you?” He spoke as he traced his fingers inside her thigh, making her bite down on her lips as her eyes fluttered slowly.

“Eyes on me Princess, I want you to remember every second of this.” He spat and her eyes flew open obediently.

“Good girl.” He cooed and she would bite back but he pushed his finger against her core from the cover of her jeans, making her gasp at the fiction, eyes closing on their own accord.

“I want to eat you out.” His voice sounded like an inquiry and she opened her eyes at look at him stare down at her with his lips between his teeth and furrowed eyes. She nodded and he pulled her zip down without another question.

She kept her eyes on him as he got up and slowly pulled her jeans down and out of the way with her underwear. The cool air and his fingers made her gasp as he teased her hole. He kneeled on the floor and pushed her leg out till half her body was outside the sofa.

“You on your knees is quite the view.” She chuckled as she looked down at him. He gave her an indulgent smile and pushed his face closer till his nose brushed against her clit. She gasped and when he licked up lewdly she threw her head back as the first moan escaped her lips.

“You in this much pleasure from just my mouth is a better view.” He spoke into her heat making her squirm till he landed his palm on her waist and held her down. He licked and sucked till she was a bundle of nerves, restless for release as she whined and gripped his hair tighter.

Every time a small sound escaped her lips he hummed into her with approval making her gasp at the sensation. Her nerves felt like they were burning from pleasure and she could hear her rapidly rushing blood and heartbeat.

“Stop teasing me.” She forced out words between moans and he raised his brow at her which turned her on more than she expected.

“Can’t you even make a girl cum Hong?” She taunted him. He pulled his mouth away from her with a loud pop, making her gasp at the lack of sensation.

“So impatient baby.” He spoke as his thumb massaged her clit, “Is that how eager you are to be pleased by me?” He mumbled into the soft skin of her stomach as he pushed her shirt up with his teeth.

“Didn’t I tell you annoyance gives me headaches?” She huffed and he chuckled against her belly button making her bite down on her lip. He slid in two fingers into her easily as he dipped his tongue into her navel, making her moan out his name for the first time. He looked up almost immediately, his hair unruly and his eyes blown out.

“Say it again.” He said and when she didn’t he curled his fingers inside her with vengeance, making her back bend.

“Say. It. Again.” He growled.

“Hongseok, please.” She whined and he huffed with satisfaction. Bringing his lips back down to her thighs, as he continued pumping his fingers in her slowly.

“Hongseok.” She whined and he lifted his head to shush her.

“Hush babe, let me take care of you.” He whispered as his mouth came back to her core. Sweat trailed down her forehead as the teasing was getting unbearable.

“Hongseok.” Her voice held a warning and he groaned into her making her cry out. Tears brimmed at the corner of her eyes from frustration.

“I knew you’d be like this.” She practically sobbed, suddenly she felt him pick up his pace and her hand fumbled back to his hair to anchor herself as she ground into his lips shamelessly. She came with such a loud cry that she was sure his neighbours heard, which she followed by breathless chants of curses. He lapped at her till she shivered and tried to push him away. He finally let go and sat up, his lips swollen and chin glistening. The way he roughly wiped his mouth against the back of his hand made her stomach turn again.

“You’re a cocky tease.” She breathed with difficulty, her skin hot but chilling down because of the sweat making her skin tingle at the mixed sensation. She looked at him when he moved to see him stand up and discard his shirt.

“You look lonely with your pants off.” He smirked down at her and she rolled her eyes.

“Asshole.” She huffed.

He bend down over her and kissed her neck, she moved her neck to give him access and he slowly moved up her neck, while his rolling hips made her stomach flip with familiar pleasure. When his lips finally reached hers, she was more than eager to accept. He gently got up from the couch and held her close enough for her to follow his actions. She let him guide her through the apartment till he gently pushed her and she fell on soft covers, hitting his bed. Now with a good view, she saw his arousal painfully straining his jeans. She looked up at his eyes to see him looking down at her with laboured breathing and eyes that looked threatening.

“Would you believe it if someone told you that you and I would be fucking?” She asked with a gentle mocking tone. He smirked right back and crawled over her with a predatory gait. His nose brushed against hers as his eyes stayed glued on hers.

“Would you believe it if I said I would?” He said before connecting his lips with hers. Whatever patient part of him existed at first was pushed aside for pure need as he pulled on her t-shirt with sloppy motions like it would magically disappear. She groaned into his lips and pushed away to pull her shirt off swiftly, while he took the opportunity to get rid of his jeans.

“Reach over to the table princess. Grab me a condom.” He panted. She made a face at his persistent choice of nickname but dropped it for the sake of more important tasks.

He entered her swiftly and she didn’t complain, a little eager to finally get over with it. His thrusts were rough and deep and she couldn’t control her loud sounds, burying her face in his shoulder while he grunted loudly against her ear.

“Fuck this feels better than I imagined.” Hongseok groaned against her ear, the meaning lost to her occupied mind and she only mewled. She didn’t know whether it was her intoxication but everything felt incredible, she felt every thrust in an almost slow precision and it only brought her closer to the edge. He started kissing her neck again and she started a slow chant of his name till her toes curled and she came undone under him.

He pulled off her a little and started a more erratic pace, staring at her satiated face till his thighs trembled and he leaned in for a final kiss, groaning her name mixed with a few curses against her lips and collapsed on her after he was done.

The atmosphere was a mix of their rapid breaths and the smell of sweat and sex. He got off her after a moment, discarding his condom into the bin without getting up and just pushing up till his head hit the pillow. He gently tapped on her head and she looked up to find him looking at her expectantly. It took her a moment to realise and she crawled up to join his pillow.

“Your phone is ringing.” Hongseok whispered and she only then realised that the distant sound was of her own phone. Her eyes felt heavy from a mix of exhaustion and intoxication.

“It’s probably Changgu.” She sighed as she dug her face further into the bed, deciding against wrapping against him. As her eyes just shut she felt an arm wrap around her and she sighed, too tired to tell him off.

“I’ll clean your cut elbow tomorrow.” Hongseok spoke with a sleepy voice behind her. Her phone rang through the silent house again and Hongseok clicked his tongue in irritation against her neck.

“Changgu.” She mumbled as she moved back into Hongseok’s embrace and fell asleep.

Prompt #39: Hey! I was gonna eat that!

for: @suzieqph

“Did you have any of Carol’s peanut butter pie yet? God, I nearly ate the whole thing for breakfast today.” Rosita gabs, the AR-15 tucked under her arm as the two of them walk toward the gates of Alexandria.

“Not yet,” Michonne starts, “I was going to have a piece before we left but Rick had other plans for me this morning.” She laughs a little, rolling her eyes at the memory.

Rosita scoffs, causing Michonne to laugh a little louder, “No wonder you’re never on time for anything. Jesus.” Michonne shrugs happily as her katana slams against her back with each step she takes, “Pinche puta.”

Michonne bumps her shoulder into Rosita’s just as they reach the gate. Aaron is quick to grant them access and the two women part ways, Michonne heading straight toward the Grimes residence, Rosita taking a right. Truth is, Michonne has been frothing at the mouth since Carol dropped off her famous peanut butter pie late last night. She had made one for each of the households in Alexandria and Hilltop. Rositara, Richonne, Aaric, and Desus - the house names that Enid had so lovely coined for them some time ago.

“You know, like Brangelina or Bennifer?” She relayed, shifting her eyes between the adults as they gazed back at her in confusion, “What? You never read a magazine?”

Keep reading

Touch me - Frerard (Part 1) WARNING: Smut

Overview- Gerard has just finished art school and with no intention of getting a job anytime soon he spends most of his days drunk, high or both. One night Mikey brings home a group friends and Gerard meets Frank. Gerard instantly takes a liking to shy Frankie and makes it his goal to get what he wants.

Gerard was sitting cross legged on the counter top in his family’s kitchen. He had an ash tray on his left and a beer on his right. Judging by his blood shot eyes and general spaced out expression, it was clear Gerard had opted to smoke weed tonight which he often did when, well, whenever he felt like it. His parents were away for the weekend and Mikey was out with friends so he decided to spend his time wisely; getting stoned. He lifted the joint up to his lips and took a long, generous drag. After a second or two of holding the smoke in he proceeded to slowly exhale, his head dropping back to lightly hit cupboard behind him. Too stoned to support his body. He sat there for a moment, daydreaming about sex which was a regular occurrence for testosterone driven Gerard. His peace was quickly interrupted however by the sound of the front door opening, seconds later followed by Mikey wandering into the kitchen. It only took Gerard a second to realise Mikey was severely intoxicated despite being completely stoned himself. Mikey swayed a little and grabbed onto the table to steady himself.

“Gee, is it ok if I have some frien-” but his words trailed off and his head flopped forward before he could finish his sentence. Mikey chuckled at his own inebriation. He always went over his limit.

“Mikey you’re fucked.” Gerard murmured, quickly realising how ironic that statement was, seeing as Gerard was also fairly fucked merely off a different substance.

“I fucking know right. Fucked.” Mikey giggled, imitating Gerard.

Before Gerard could reply he heard the front door open again and a for a split second thought it might be his parents. But before he could panic Mikey managed to utter an incoherent, mumbled sentence “A couple of my friends are here. We’re just gonna hang out upstairs and like,” he stopped talking, slurry off again into a jumble of letters.

“Like what?” Gerard replied, raising an eyebrow.

A blonde girl entered the kitchen. “Fuck.“ she slurred, finishing Mikey’s sentence for him. She giggled and fell onto Mikey. Gerard frowned. He really didn’t need to know about his brothers sex life.

"Guys come in” she called to the others who were laughing and talking in the hallway. God my house feels like a fucking hotel, Gerard thought.

Four others strolled in. Gerard studied at them as best he could through his stoned eyes. 2 boys, another girl and the forth. Gerard’s eyebrows rose when he laid eyes on him. This guy was short, with dark messy hair falling onto his face. He had hazel eyes and a ton of tattoos gracing his arms and neck. To say the least, whoever this guy was, Gerard thought he was incredibly attractive. The boys cheeks flushed, clearly aware that Gerard was staring at him. However, none of the other drunk teenagers seemed to notice.

“This is my brother, Gerard.” Mikey spluttered before raising his hand and pointing at the group, “This is Ella.” he slurred, pointing at the blonde who Gerard had to admit was pretty cute…as far as girls go anyway. "This is Tyler, Harvey, Violet and-” Gerard waited eagerly for him to get to the last kid. “This is Frank.” he pointed.

Gerard looked up and and brushed his slightly greasy black hair out of his face so he could see this kid Frank, in all his glory. Gerard smirked looking him up and down for a split second before Mikey sauntered out of the room and began upstairs, followed by his posse. Except Frank, who stood dead still in his spot, staring at Gerard for a moment before snapping out of his daydream and realising his friends had disappeared. He looked embarrassed and flustered as he turned out the room.

Gerard smiled, feeling impressed with himself. "Bye bye Frankie.” He said in a low teasing tone as Frank left the room. Frank’s footsteps paused for a second in the hallway, clearly hearing Gerard. He lingered there before he shook it off and headed up the stairs to join the others.

Gerard thought about Frank’s pretty little face while he rolled another joint. When he was done he raised it to his lips and lit the end. He heard a muffled noise upstairs and listened in to hear what it was. He instantly regretted his decision when it was followed by a series of bangs on an upstairs wall and a girls almost comically loud moan. He guessed that Mikey had taken the blonde into his bedroom and the others had gone into the next room to play a video game or some shit. He guessed this cause he could also hear the Call Of Duty theme tune and some gaming gun noises. This was typical Mikey. But Gerard wasn’t really bothered. He couldn’t be seeing as he had fucked girls and guys in the house numerous times while Mikey was around and definitely not quietly. Gerard flicked the switch on the CD player on the counter next to him and drowned out the noises with Black Flag. Now he could finally get back to getting stoned. He inhaled and exhaled, flicking the ash at intervals. As he sat back on the counter he closed his eyes and couldn’t help but let Frank wander across his mind. He thought about Frank’s soft lips. He thought about how much he’d like to watch Frank’s mouth drop open as he made him cum. Just thinking about it made Gerard’s dick twitch. His thoughts were once again interrupted by a noise. He opened his eyes slowly and saw a figure walking into the now cloudy with smoke kitchen. He could tell almost instantly that it was Frank by the clutter of tattoos filling both his arms.

"I-I just came down to get some more drinks. Mikey said there was a bottle of vodka-” Frank blurted out after standing there for a second.

Gerard cut in. “Mikey? Isn’t he busy fucking that blonde chick?” he said, smirking at Frank, intentionally trying to make him uncomfortable.

"Well yea-h, yeah but,” he stuttered.

Gerard stopped him again, aware that he was making Frank very nervous which he couldn’t deny, he loved. “It’s in the cupboard and theres coke in the fridge.” Gerard lifted the joint to his lips and smirked as he watched Frank scurry around nervously. Now that Frank was at a closer distance Gerard was able to study him in more detail. He noticed that Frank had his lip pierced. Fuck that’s hot, Gerard thought. He decided to take this opportunity and hoped off the counter. Frank was assembling the drinks on the counter. His back facing Gerard who was now standing a few meters behind him. Gerard edged forward getting closer to Frank. Frank sensed something behind him and spun around. He jumped and let out a squeal when to his shock, he was faced with Gerard standing only a very small distance away from him. Gerard smirked as his eyes quickly shot up and down Frank’s body.

Frank didn’t know what to say “Wher-e are the glass-es?” He settled on, his voice shaking, trying everything steady his breathing.

Gerard ignored Frank and took another step forward, then another. Until they were standing directly in front of each other, only a couple centimetres between them. Frank tried to breathe but his breath caught in the back of his throat, giving away his nerves.

“Frankie?” Gerard said, his tone teasing.

“Yes?” Frank muttered, his eyes trailing to the floor, too scared that if he looked at Gerard he might not be able to hold back the temptation festering inside him. Why was he doing this? And why was it making Frank’s heart race, not to mention the boner that was ever so slightly growing in his black skinny jeans.

Gerard put a hand on either side of the counter behind Frank so that his body was now shadowing over Frank’s. He leaned forward, dropping his head to one side and allowing his lips to hover over Frank’s ear. “Do I make you nervous Frankie?” He whispered.

Frank flushed red. “Gerard. Wh-at are you doing?” Frank stuttered, forcing himself to ignore that Gerard had taken another step forward so that their bodies were now pressed against each other. Gerard bucked his hips forward slightly. The friction between Gerard’s jeans and his made Frank’s dick harden and before he could stop himself he opened that sweet little mouth of his and moaned softly. The moan only lasted a split second but It was enough to make Frank’s eyes widen and his cheeks turn pink, wishing he hadn’t done it.

Gerard grinned, proud of his accomplishment. He’d finally made Frank crack. “I’m not doing anything Frankie,” Gerard teased. He adjusted the position of his lips on Frank’s ear and moved them down. He placed a few light kisses on Frank’s neck. And then proceeded to suck on his soft sweet skin, gradually picking up the pressure and favouring the spot where Frank’s scorpion tattoo lay. Frank had to grab onto something or he feared him might groan dangerously loudly or worse, pass out from sexual frustration. He placed one hand on Gerard’s hip to steady himself and was sure he felt Gerard grin onto his neck in response. This would most definitely leave a dark purple mark, but Frank didn’t care anymore, it felt so fucking good. His dick was rock hard now and he wanted nothing more than for Gerard to just touch him, the absence of friction was killing Frank. But despite all this a part of him knew that he should stop. None of his friends knew he was gay and although they weren’t the type to discriminate he still wasn’t fond of the thought of them walking in on him with with his friends brother. These thoughts however, came and went in the matter of seconds as Gerard started to kiss up Frank’s neck. When he reached to top of Frank’s neck he lightly sucked on Frank’s earlobe, making Frank squeeze Gerard’s hip hard, probably leaving a bruise.

“Do you like that Frankie?“ Gerard muttered.

Frank dodged the question and instead bucked his hips hard onto Gerard. "Uhh please,” was all he could muster.

“Please what?” Gerard said, pretending to be oblivious to what Frank wanted.

“Touch me. Ple-ase touch me.”

“All in good time baby,” Gerard hummed onto Frank’s neck. Sending shivers down his spine.

Gerard refrained from his position on Frank’s neck and was now standing straight in front of Frank, looking down at him. Frank was breathing hard, his eyes transfixed  down at where Gerard’s dick was, making his priorities obvious. Gerard placed his hand under Frank’s chin and lifted his head up so he met his eye line. Gerard stared into his deep hazel eyes before his gaze dropped to Frank’s lips. Those lips. Frank bucked his hips again, harder this time and Gerard grabbed them, forcefully pushing him back against the counter, pinning him down. Frank closed his eyes, making sure to keep his hips still. Gerard went back to staring at Frank’s lips before leaning forward and placing his own on them. “Mmm” Frank hummed. Gerard paused there for a moment before unexpectedly slamming his lips onto Frank’s. He pushed his tongue into Frank’s warm mouth and Frank responded immediately, with a loud moan that even with being muffled by the kiss could still be heard clearly.

Gerard’s mouth tasted off weed and sugar and Frank was sure this was by far the best kiss he had ever had. Gerard kissed him hard and deep, their tongue’s playing with each other. He intwined his fingers in Frank’s dark hair and pulled firmly. Before Frank knew it Gerard’s hand was trailing down Frank’s body, so slowly it drove Frank crazy. It felt like a lifetime before Gerard reached the buckle of his jeans and began to fiddle with the button. It only took him a second to undo them. They parted from their perfect kiss and Frank just stood there, his heart beating fast with apprehension. Gerard slipped his hand under the band of Frank’s boxers while staring intently into his eyes. He wrapped his fingers around the shaft of Frank’s dick and softly rubbed the head. Frank’s head shot back in ecstasy.  "Oh fuck,“ He murmured. Frank didn’t think the moment could get any better but he was wrong. Gerard dropped to his knee’s and began to tug Frank’s pants down until they dropped around his knee’s. Frank’s throbbing dick inches away from Gerard’s lips. Frank had never received a blowjob from a guy, he’d never got this far.

Gerard looked up from his position, his eyes trailing up to meet Frank’s. Frank gazed back fixedly. "I’m gonna make you cum Frank.”

Frank grunted and a quiet, desperate whine passed his lip, his eyes pleading for Gerard’s mouth. If someone walks in now I am well and truly fucked, Frank thought for a second before getting back to his main focus; Gerard. Frank turned into a moaning mess the moment he felt Gerard’s wet tongue touch the tip of his dick. He took it into his hand and began to lick up the shaft, getting Frank’s dick completely wet. He then proceeded to wrap his mouth around the top, his tongue flicking over the head. He did this for a moment before fully taking Frank into his mouth. Frank moaned intensely, the feeling of Gerard’s hot, wet mouth like nothing he’d ever felt before. Gerard chuckled around Frank, he knew what a fucking tease he was.

Gerard picked up the pass, his head bobbing up and down. Frank softly grabbed onto Gerard’s long black hair and pushed his head down, desperate for more. Gerard let out a gag as Frank’s full length hit the back off his throat. Frank knew he was close. Not being able to control himself Frank pushed forcefully into Gerard, fucking his mouth.

He whimpered, his hips rising.“Fuck Gerard. You’re so fucking- Y-eah. Oh fuck. Yes.” Gerard placed his hands on Frank’s hips. Frank had lost it now, shoving his hips forward with the little strength he had left. "I-I’m gonna-” Frank started but didn’t even bother finishing. He couldn’t contain himself. He threw his head back and felt himself hit his climax. Frank’s eyes rolled back and his mouth dropped open as his came, hard and fast down Gerard’s throat. He watched as Gerard swallowed every drop. Frank moaned softly, riding his orgasm out. If everyone upstairs wasn’t so drunk, Gerard was certain someone would have heard them.

After Frank was well and truly done he fell back against the counter panting and moving his sweat drenched hair out of his face. Gerard stood back up, standing in front of him again. Frank tried to look up at Gerard but he couldn’t help but look away, slightly embarrassed that him, quiet little Frankie had just fucked this guys mouth who he’d known for less than an hour. Gerard laughed as if he could read Frank’s thoughts.

"So did you like that?” Gerard said smirking, already having evidence of the answer.

Frank looked up timidly, “What does it look like?” he said, blushing slightly as he whipped the left over cum away from Gerard’s lips.

The conversation was quickly interrupted by someone stumbling down the stairs and a minute later into the kitchen. God that timing was ridiculously lucky, Frank thought. It was the blonde girl. Her hair was a mess and her black eyeliner was smudged around her eyes. I think we all knew why that was. “How was my brother?” Gerard said smiling, like he didn’t have a care in the world. Frank shot a surprised look at him, shocked by his inability to think before he spoke.

She rolled her eyes but laughed. “Yeah he was good. He was really good.”

"Yeah, it runs in the family.” Gerard glanced at Frank who turned beetroot red. The girl didn’t seem to notice. She stood there, placing her hands on her hips.

"Anyway. Ugh Frank. It’s been about 20 minutes since you said you were getting those drinks.”

"Oh yeah.” Frank jumped to it, forgetting the coke and just grabbing the bottle of vodka. She shrugged, not even bothering to complain. She was clearly still too drunk to suspect anything had happened between them. She turned and headed back upstairs, Frankie followed.

Just before he left the room Gerard stopped him, “Frankie?” he called and Frank spun around.

“Come round again, soon.” he emphasised the soon part to make it extra clear.
Frank didn’t say anything he merely nodded before zipping up his fly and heading upstairs.

Gerard pushed his hair out of his face, chuckling to himself. It wasn’t long before he noticed his own rock hard boner, throbbing in his jeans. He needed to attend to that.

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traveling-riverside-dean  asked:

Ayyy let's celebrate this glorious day with dean and cas' first 420 together.

Ayyy you’re my kinda person

Rating: Mature? Ish? Not Explicit
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Tags/Warnings: Implied Sex, Drug Use, Sex under the influence, First time together, human!Cas
a/n: Dude this was getting hard to write so I had to cut it short but I hope it works for ya. I gotta go take a nap and sleep a little off. 

Blaze It and Praise It

“Listen. Listen…” Dean said slowly, feeling each word take shape and come out of his mouth. “Listen. I don’t care. Pineapple does not go on pizza.”

“But it works so well with Canadian bacon. Or…or ham,” Sam protested.

“Gross. No fruit on pizza.”


Dean pointed at Sam’s face and snapped,  “If you say tomatoes are a fruit I swear to god….”

“Whatever.” Sam pulled his suddenly heavy body up off of the floor. “I’m going to bed.”

“G’nite.” Dean waved him off, sprawled out on his bed. He yawned and smiled.

Sam was just outside the door when Dean heard him say, Nite, Cas. He lifted his head to see Cas leaning in the doorway, his hands shoved into the pockets of his hoodie. He looked small. Cas being human somehow just made him look tiny. “What’s up, Cas?”

Cas smiled. “You, it seems.”

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We have to come back, every year…

“You know that shit isn’t good for your brain y/n”
“Oh? and how is alcohol any better dyl?”
“Well…it occurs naturally! So therefore it’s gotta be better for you!”

You laughed loudly at Dylan as he waved your joints smoke away from his face. It wasn’t that you didn’t like drinking….you just fucking hated hangovers and preferred the buzz pot gave you.

“You do remember that pot is a plant Dylan…as in POT-plant, WEED, GRASS… any other those names ring a bell?”
“Oh my god would you both just shut up!! Dylan, y/n prefers to get stoned rather than drunk and y/n Dylan is the same but vice versa! Can you both just drop it!”

You chuckled as Eric groaned and threw another chunk of wood of the fire you’d made. It was Saturday night and eric, Dylan and yourself had all told your parents a version of some bullshit that you were going to bed early because the three of you had planned to get up early and do some shit together. Proceeded to sneak out and now here you were. High as fuck and the other two drunk as hell in your favourite clearing just left of the entrance to rampant rage road.
Dylan rolled his eyes at you as you took another deep toke of your joint. You poked your tongue out him before laying back and looking up at the clear night air. Tapping your cheek gently and creating smoke rings.

These were night that you loved. Just you and your two best friends, talking shit and getting shit-faced. It had been a while too. You smiled to yourself, listening to Eric and Dylan laughing, the sound of the fire crackling away.

“Yoooo earth to y/n!”
“Hmmm what?”
“I said what do you think about when you look at the stars at night?”
“Wow that’s a bit deep reb, you on your period?”
“Oh shut up y/n! Forget it.”
“I’m only playing jeez! I duno I guess I just think about how small my interaction with the universe is ya know? I mean out there is just trillion and trillions of light years of space and here I am! A tiny blip on a mud ball floating in space.”

The boys were silent for a few moment, contemplating your answer while looking up themselves. Dylan muttered about you needing to come back down to earth and laughed, you reached out and whacked him on the leg.

“Anyone who reckons aliens don’t exist are fucking kidding themselves…she right! There can’t possibly not be because the universe is ever expanding”
“I think REB’s had enough to drink for the night!”

Eric flipped you both off before rummaging around in my back pack. You sat up and watched him curiously as he cursed and muttered about where something was. Exclaiming eventually and pulling out some small silver cylinders. He quickly lit one and hurled it far away from you all, a loud explosion echoing around shortly afterwards.

The bang made you yell out in surprise, you turned back to Eric. Demanding to know what the fuck that was. He tossed one of the canisters at you, calling it a ‘cricket’. It was a small Co2 cylinder with a fuse stuffed inside. He explain how he’d made it as you turned it over in your hands.

“Why’d you make these REB?”
“Well why not y/n? Their easy and pretty cool”
“Good point well made!”

You lit your own fuse and chucked it towards the tree line. It hit a old stump and ricocheted back towards you all. Eric yelling to hit the deck as it exploded a few feet from where you’d all been sitting, showering you all with earth. You slowly uncovered your head and looked at the small crater the cricket had made. Eric whooped and laughed with Dylan, the adrenaline still pumping through them.

“Oh my god y/n! Way to nearly kill us!”
“Fucking hell! Shut up Dylan! But yea my bad my bad!”
“No more bombs for you man!”
“Hey no fair!”

You pouted before sitting back down and re lighting your joint. Happily puffing away as you watch the boys light the remaining crickets and throwing them past the next tree line. Each explosion echoing around and lighting the forest temporarily.
This is what life was all bout. Good times with great friends. Being able to be yourselves around one another and goof off doing stupid shit. And you knew you’d miss these times too with the guys.

Prom was fast approaching and then it just was 7 more months till freedom! Freedom from the shit hole you called high school. You and Dylan had both applied to university in Arizona and had both been accepted. Eric was finalising his marines application. Not that you could see Eric doing anything other than following in his dads military footsteps.

“Hey guys?”
“Yea y/n?”
“I can’t wait to do this again like in a year, we should make it a tradition! Each yea we will come back to this spot, light fireworks and do stupid shit!”

The boys both went quiet for a moment, looking at each other the back at you. They then both slowly nodded.

“Yea y/n…we will come back every year. To this exact spot.”
“You mean it dyl?”
“…um yea…”
“Yea…um…as long as I’m not…deployed…”
“You two are my best friends. I can’t wait to see what is gonna happen when we finish in that shit hole!”

You gathered 3 cups, pouring a shot into each and handing it to the boys. They looked sheepishly at their drinks, then each other then finally back to you.

“A toast to us! A life long friendship and to new starts next year. I love you guys!”

You downed your shot, grimacing as the alcohol burned in your nose. Both Dylan and Eric downed their shots, wiping their mouthes, sat that they loved you too. As you busied yourself rolling another joint Dylan and Eric shared a haunted look. They were going to end up breaking your heart and you’d never ever be the same same. And all because of them.


It was late afternoon in the studio and as usual The Meteorites had taken it upon themselves to do anything but make music. Jack slouched in a chair alone at kitchen table, one leg up on an extra chair, opening the first of two pizza boxes, both for him. Hungrily he pulled out a slice, folding it horizontally in half, rolling up up, taking a huge bite. His foot lazily tapped against the back of the chair as he contemplated rolling another joint, steadily working his way though the pizza. Three slices in and the door cracked open, through it flooded awkward strumming of an out of tune acoustic guitar and the familiar sound of Tea giggling. Jack looked up and in through the door walked Kai Varvikko, cheery Norwegian sound tech, pushing his long blonde hair back from his face.

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“You can sit if you want.” Alex offered offhandedly to whoever it was that’d just approached the pool area. He sat at one of the nearby tables rolling himself another joint, collecting stray crumbs of weed with the pad of his pinkie finger and brushing them off into the curled paper he held with his other hand. It was dark out but the weather was nice and the area lit well enough for him to sit out there and collect his thoughts after he’d settled himself in- still, he decided he wouldn’t have minded a little company.

About A Girl - Tate Langdon x Reader

REQUESTED: Tate where it’s 1993! Rest is up to you girl 😘 - @iconangel


You walked into the party with your friend, who had basically dragged you. You weren’t the most social person, and a high school party was literally the last place you wanted to be. She needed someone to go with her, she claimed. You wouldn’t be staying long, she said. You rolled your eyes, knowing how much bullshit that was. When she saw some guy she was trying to sleep with she ran off, leaving you to your own devices. You hunted down a beer and then went into the backyard. You found a lounge chair by the pool that was empty and plopped down, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. Laying back and watching the smoke leave your lungs and drift up into the air, you sighed. Fuck this party. You wished you were home with your records.

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"You Don't Know How It Feels", An Again Ficlet

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope that you’re all enjoying your presents and food!

Here is my Christmas present to you–an Again piece!

Enjoy and Happy Reading!

Summary: A little piece of seventeen-year-old Cinna Mellark’s life as the “Again” crew and their children return for the holidays and to await the birth of Adina’s child. Takes place in the year 2030 from Cinna’s POV.

Friday, December 13, 2030

Noe Valley, San Francisco, CA

“So let’s get to the point, let’s roll another joint
Let’s head on down the road
There’s somewhere I gotta go…”

As crazy as Maggie is, she photographs beautifully.

Even in the red-lit laundry room that is my temporary darkroom, her teasing bright-white smile shines through the dimness. The day I took this picture we were meeting Hanna Hawthorne, another one of our friends, in Golden Gate Park after the Outside Lands concert that I had just finished covering.

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Dan goes to a party and sees Phil, both of them without their inhibitions.

Song: Here by Alessia Cara

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: Ok, so I need to wash away my sins now so, oops!  I guess I tried writing a little bit of smut?  This is my first ever songfic!  so please let me know what you think.

Warnings: Sexual Content, Language, Alcohol, Drugs


Dan was never one for parties.  But it was the third one this month he had been invited to, and he couldn’t say no again.  So here he stood.  Alone in the corner his friends talking to an empty head, a person submitting to the drink in his hand.  The conversations around him buzzed, but Dan tried to tune out the nonseness gossip and focus on his drink.

I’m sorry if I seem uninterested
Or I’m not listenin’ or I’m indifferent

A girl with nearly black eyes approached Dan, a drink in either hand and a smirk on her face.  Her make up was heavy and her boobs were quite obviously popping out of her shirt.  She seemed to purr when she approached Dan, moving her hand up is arm and to his shoulder.  Dan shrunk up nervously, unused to the gesture.  She slurred out a hey, and Dan awkwardly replied.  She kept touching his arm and asking him to dance.  Sure she was pretty, but Dan just didn’t swing that way.  And after the breakup?  No.  He didn’t think he was ready another relationship.  Or even a hookup.  This is why Dan hated partied.

Truly, I ain’t got no business here
But since my friends are here
I just came to kick it but really

Dan searched the crowd for his friend, PJ, he bumped into countless people grinding on each other, or smoking joints, or guzzling whatever the hell was in the punch bowl near the dance floor.  Dan felt sick.  He didn’t like being around so many people.  He pulled his shoulders in, in an attempt to make himself smaller, but being the massive guy he was, it just wasn’t working.  His sweatshirt was already covered in beer and he had already accidentally elbowed about three people.  He felt like all eyes in the room were on him, looking at him, looking through him.  There was something about alcohol that used to make Dan happy, but now all it does is remind him of his worst mistakes.

I would rather be at home all by myself not in this room
With people who don’t even care about my well-being

Finally he spots a tall, curly haired form in the mass of drunken messes, and pushes forward, latching onto PJ’s arm.  PJ throws his head back in a laugh and pets Dan’s head.  Dan pulls back, realizing that PJ has been drinking way to much, and tries to push away.  PJ becomes a person Dan doesn’t enjoy when he’s drunk.  
“Come on Dan, dance with me.”  PJ says, swaying his hips to the music.  Dan just shakes his head no, and PJ simply shrugs.  Even though he’s drunk, PJ can always tell when Dan is not in the mood.  Dan attempts to pull the cup out of PJ’s hand as he has clearly had enough, but Pj starts running around Dan in circles, giggling madly, and Dan puts his hands up in surrender.  He was not in the mood to deal with PJ’s shit.

I don’t dance, don’t ask, I don’t need a boyfriend
So you can go back, please enjoy your party

As PJ, saunters back out onto the dance floor, Dan makes his way to a back corner, trying to isolate himself from the bulk of the party.  He slumps against a wall and slides down next to kid with red eyes and messy hair.  In between his fingers is a burning piece of rolled up paper.  The boy smiles at Dan and holds his hands out.  He looks back out to the dance floor and sees Pj, his ride, vomiting violently into a garbage can.  Dan figures if he’s going to be stuck here for tonight, he better try and loosen up.  The herbal substance tastes strange on his tongue, but the minute the smoke enters his lung, the room seems to shift slightly and a small smile plagues Dan’s face.  Another puff and the room begins to glow and tilt, causing Dan’s smile to be crooked.  Dan laughs and the boy laughs too.  Before he knows it, the boy gets up to go roll another joint, so Dan just waits on the ground, surveying the room with a dazed smile.  A smile that leaves as quickly as it came when he walked in.

I’ll be here, somewhere in the corner under clouds of marijuana
With this boy who’s hollering I can hardly hear

Dans brown eyes met the glowing blue orbs he spent years loving and still loved despite the betrayal that swam in them.  The delirium seems to fade around him and the crushing reality crashes back down around him. PJ didn’t tell him that Phil was going to be here.  Phil, the one he loved with all he could.  Phil, the one he intended to marry.  Phil, his roommate, his partner in crime, his best friend.  Phil, the one he betrayed for alcohol and a good fuck.  Dan felt so dirty after that night, he couldn’t stand to look at himself in a mirror.  The beat of the music seemed to grow louder as Phil approached, shaking the entire room.  And Dan found himself standing against his will, his feet carrying his body to meet Phils.  Phil’s face was not angry like Dan expected, but forgiving.  He smiled lightly and looked down at his feet.  Dan doesn’t know what to do when he reaches Phil, but his arms, as if by force of habit, engulf Phil.  And Phil doesn’t pull away.  
“I’ve missed you so much Bear.”  Phil says, tucking a stand of Dan’s chestnut hair behind his ear.  
“I’m so sorry Phil, I regret my choices every day and every night, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t-“
“It’s ok, PJ told me.”
“But it’s not ok, I hurt the love of my life, and I can never have him back.”
“What makes you say that?”
Dan didn’t know if it was the party, the drinks or the drugs but, instinct kicked in and Dan raised his hand to cup Phils cheek.  Dan didn’t notice the empty cup drop from Phil’s hand to the floor, but he did notice Phil’s arms wrap around his waste.  Dan didn’t notice the way Phil slurred his words, or how he reeked of tequila.  And Dan didn’t comprehend that what he was doing was taking advantage of an impossible situation.
Dan looks into Phil’s eyes and feels himself shifting forward.  He inhales deeply, taking in Phil’s scent.  The party hangs to him, but there are still hints of his raspberry body wash.  Dan smiles as his lips ghost Phils.  When they pull away, Phil’s eyes are no longer filled with betrayal.  But with lust.  

Over this music I don’t listen to and I don’t wanna get with you
So tell my friends that I’ll be over here

He can taste the alcohol on Phil’s lips and in Phil’s mouth, and on his neck, but Dan doesn’t really give a damn.  He can’t resist anyways.  His hands are pinned above his head and Phil’s thigh is shoved between his legs, give him the friction he so deeply desires.  Phil’s lips trace their way down Dan’s neck and Dan throws his head back in a moan as Phil nips softly at his collar bone.  Dan pulls his hands from Phil’s grasp and flips them over slamming Phil against the wall instead.  Dan moves forward, forcefully taking command.  His tongue tangles with Phil’s as Dan moves his hand down Phil’s chest.  When he reaches the bulge in Phil’s pants, he squeezes, and Phil lets out a low, throaty, groan.  Dan sinks down to his knees in front of Phil and begins working at the zipper of Phil’s skinny jeans.

I ask myself what am I doing here?

Phil is a moaning mess, and Dan is panting wildly.  As Phil threads his fingers through Dans sweaty hair, Dan throat flutters, making Phil cry out from the sensation.  Dan pulls off and Phil whines at the loss.
“Let’s take this somewhere more private.”
Dan takes Phil’s hand and leads them down the hall to an unoccupied room with nothing but a clean bed inside.  The minute the door closes behind them, Phil is on Dan, pulling his shirt up and over his head with shaky hands.  
“I don’t think you understand how bad you hurt me Dan, but at the moment, I really don’t fucking care.”
Phil throws Dan backwards and he falls onto the soft mattress.  Dan lays back on his elbows and props his knees up in invitation.  Letting out a needy sob.
“Please, Fuck me.”
“With pleasure.”

And I can’t wait till we can break up outta here

Dan woke up with a pounding headache and a pit of regret pooling in his stomach.  The sticky bedsheets rubbed against his skin as he tried to maneuver away from the bare form that engulfed him.  He could barely remember the night before, but the bruises on his body made it hard to forget everything.  He looked down at Phil, so peaceful, and suddenly, he felt all the emotions pouring back.  His heart leapt in his chest and he thought just for a moment, maybe Phil had actually forgiven him.  Maybe, they would finally be together again.  Sharing meals, sharing clothes, sharing kisses, sharing stolen glances, sharing all that they had to give to each other because thats how much their love meant.  Phil felt the absence of warmth from his body, and his eyes slowly drifted open.  Memories of the previous night came flooding back as he realized where he was and who he was with.  He felt the tears forming as he looked down to see Dan looking right back at him, with hope in his eyes.  The look would have broken Phil’s heart, if Dan hadn’t already shattered it.  Phil had no intention of breaking Dan’s heart along with his own, but Phil no longer loved Dan, not after what he did. Dan noticed the dread forming on Phil’s face and his hope was sucked out of him.  
“What’s wrong?”  Dan asked in a hush tone, edging on a whimper.  Phil stood from the bed, looking down at Dan has he pulled on his clothing quickly.  Phil didn’t even give Dan time to protest.  He was done.  He had to leave. He turned from Dan, picking his shoes up from the floor.  He crossed the room, and reached for the door, but turned around one last time.  Phil stared through Dan, trying to ignore the sorrow in Dan’s eyes, while Dan grasped with his last bits of will to the single tear that dripped down Phil’s face.  Dan clutched the sheets around him, trying to keep hold of something solid.  Phil’s blue orbs held neither love, nor lust, nor hatred, but pity.  Phil turned the door nob, and swung the door open.
“This was a huge mistake.”

Oh God why am I here?

MMFD Fanfic: Feel Good, Inc. Chapter V

I could not stop myself. Reader beware, you are in for my first foray into smut. (omg)



The afternoon was the best she’d had in recent memory. Strolling through the crowded stalls at Camden Market, trying on strange novelty hats, snacking on fresh samosas – it was like she was walking in a dream. It was like this unspoken chemistry that had never left had just been lying dormant all these years. What we lacked in time, we always made up for in chemistry, Rae thought, studying Finn’s stubbly face from across the rows and rows of vinyl at her old employer, Platter Princess. It was the only female-owned and operated record shop in London and they specialized in music of the indie-girl-rock persuasion. Finn thumbed through some old Huggy Bear albums, a Le Tigre album tucked under his arm. He still had that intensity about him, a seriousness that masked his inner playfulness and gentleness that had carried Rae through some of the darkest times of her life. He furrowed his brow and he returned the Huggy Bear and scanned the bright pink pop palace and smiled at the giant poster of Blondie that adorned the wall.

“This place is brilliant, Rae.”

It was brilliant. University had introduced Rae to woman studies and it was through these iconic women that she found an outlet to express herself. It was fine and dandy to relate to the pining words of beautiful blokes, but these women helped her find her strength. Embrace what made her Rae. Platter Princess was her favorite place in London and she was so excited to share it with Finn. It was like having him read her diary. She winced, remember all too well that he’d already done that and it did enough damage back when they were involved. She now kept her diary on a password-protected encrypted file on her laptop. She never left it to chance again.

Finn headed to the register and then linked arms with Rae and headed outside. She felt her heart pounding against her rib cage. She tried to act cool, like walking arm in arm with a gorgeous lad was an everyday occurrence.  She snuck glances at him as the ambled leisurely back toward Islington. Time had been kind to Finn Nelson. If at all possible, he’d grown even more into his brooding features, still broad-shouldered and well fit. His hair was a little longer on top then it had been when they were young, his fringe messily swept to the side. It occurred to Rae that after several blocks, neither of them had said anything.

“Well, where to next?” she asked casually. Our bodies are just pressed against each other. It’s no big deal. Breathe.

“I figured we’d just head back to yours? Maybe play a little music? Finish what we started?”

What we started? Rae instinctually pulled away from him. He looked down confused, and mimed a joint in his hand. Rae laughed a little too loudly.

“Yes. Absolutely. Yes, we did start that.”


She couldn’t believe he put on bloody Elliott Smith. Of all albums, he chose the most introspective, haunting, and broody album in her collection. He flopped onto the couch, his domain in the sea of Archie and Rae’s clutter. He was living very neatly out of one duffel bag. It was this Spartan simplicity she had always envied. She was nostalgic, busy, and prone to sentimentality. She perched on the edge of the couch as Finn passed her another expertly rolled joint. It was dusk now, and the apartment was sparsely lit. She and Archie usually lit candles but it seemed like it might send the wrong idea in present circumstances.

“So it was just like that?” she asked.

“Excuse me?”

“You just up and left Manchester.”

“Yeah. It was, y’know, the right time.”

“And Laura just…?”

Finn turned his body towards her, lifting his arm up on the edge of the couch. Smoke lazily escaped his lips as he considered her. Rae’s entire body felt charged. It was as if her panties were about to drop of their own accord. She swallowed hard and grabbed the joint out of his hands.

“Laura and I just didn’t fit. We tried. But you can’t fake it until you make it, I’ve found.”

Rae nodded a little too emphatically. Her head was starting to feel light and buzzy. Her whole body was pleasantly warm.



He hadn’t stopped looking at her. She nervously passed the joint back, but he placed it on the ash tray on the table.

“You know I’m not really good at, er, speakin’.”

She nodded, avoiding his gaze. Is this really happening?

“More of an action-oriented person, really.”

 "I remember that about you, funnily enough.“

She looked back up at him and he ran his eyes down her body and he leaned in a bit closer.

“See, there’s just something I’d like to…if it’s okay with you…”

Rae felt a burning deep in her belly. Her lips were suddenly tingling with want. She nodded slightly and then as if she’d been hit back by an all-encompassing wave of warmth, his lips were on hers, gentle at first, and then passionately pressing against her. His strong arm came down off the couch and wrapped around her, pulling her into the kiss.

They broke for a moment, foreheads pressed together. It’s like he was saying paragraphs with just one look. She knew that she was already in way, way too deep. I could stop it now. Just get up. Just get up and walk away. She felt his breath on her cheek and she knew it had been a long time since she’d felt this. Not just horny, but alive with every fiber of her body. Her entire body ached with need in that moment that they were apart.

She took a deep breath and pressed her lips hard back on his and a Molotov cocktail of passion exploded between them. As she opened her mouth to invite his tongue in, his hands gently roamed her body, refamiliarzing himself with her skin, her legs, her arse, her breasts, her face. She leaned back, allowing him on top of her and wrapped her arms around his neck, running her fingers through his hair. He groaned against her and she felt her back arch with anticipation.

But then he broke the kiss and froze. She seized with anxiety. What’s wrong? Am I not living up to expectations?

“I…I can’t.”

Rae’s face immediately began to burn.

 "You what?”

Shit. Shit. Shitting shit.

“I can’t let this sad-sack music be the soundtrack to this…”

Finn gave her a quick kiss on her forehead and rolled off her and made mad dash to her turntable. Rae couldn’t help but laugh as she adjusted herself on the couch, laying awkwardly as he pulled out a new record. The needle dropped and to her immense approval, the first track of Air’s Alone in Kyoto began. Sexy-trippy French synth-pop.  Of fucking course. Rae’s breath caught in her throat as Finn resumed his place on top of her, kneeling between her legs and kissing her sweetly on the lips.




Rae reached up to remove his shirt, which caught on his head. He ripped it off and she ran her hands all over his chest before pulling him down to her.

His kisses traced from her lips to her jaw down her neck and to her shoulder. He carefully pulled her scarf from her neck and pulled off her shirt, leaving a cleavage-y dress below. He swore at the sight of what were, in his opinion, the gold standard in breasts. He was tempted to spend the rest of the night reacquainting himself, but decided to head on down to see what else he’d been missing.

He gingerly tested Rae’s comfort-level by raising her dress up to feel her soft tummy. He was relieved to find she no longer seized up with terror when touched in this area. Emboldened by her heavy breathing and occasional moans, he pulled down her leggings, planting kisses down her leg as he slid them off.

Entranced by  her body’s delicious warmth, he plunged his head between her legs. This action was met with a cry of approval from Rae. It was about here that he completely lost it. It was like something primal had taken over. He endeavored to make her come harder than any bloke she’d been with since their tender fumbles way back when. He slid his fingers inside of her, feeling her tense around him. He teased her with his and pumped his fingers in and out in rhythm to the music. It wasn’t long before he felt her entire body tense up and release in an amazing rush.

She sat up, breathing heavily, face masked with lust. She pulled him up to her mouth and kissed him hard on the lips. He felt his cock threatening to burst in his trousers. He pressed himself against Rae and she reached down to stroke him. He cursed into her neck as she unzipped his pants and he sat up to pull his pants and trousers down.

“Have you got a johnny?”

“I’m, er, on the pill…”

Finn nodded and kissed her with renewed fervor. She guided him in and he felt his entire body tense as he made his way back home. He took it painfully slow at first –drinking in every sigh, every tug of skin against skin. He looked into her eyes and it was like everything they couldn’t say was said. There was no going back. He picked up his pace and she cried out against him, then stiffiled a giggle.

“What?” he whispered, much raspier than he’d expected.

“This is…too lovely.”

He pulled himself out and with a swift motion flipped her over. She readjusted herself and he entered her from behind. He pressed himself against her back, wrapping his arms around her and whispered what he was sure was incoherent horseshit into into her ear. He brushed his lips up her spine, delighted by the the shivers it seemed to send through her.

He grinned to himself and buried his face within her hair. He gave it all he had and within moments their bodies both collectively tensed and released. Out of breath, Finn rolled off of her, lost his balance, and landed on the floor. Rae couldn’t stop laughing.

He was delirious.

“Rae…listen, Rae…” He was choking on his words again. There was so much he wanted to say. Rae shushed him as she helped him back onto the couch, wrapping her arms around him.

“I think you should know by now. Words are overrated, mate”

Finn felt like that was a bit of an understatement and pulled her into his arms.


So this is my first smut. Hope it’s not too awkward? This has been a fun writing excersie, guys! Thanks for reading. Not sure if there will be more. I had ideas of a roadtrip back to Lincolnshire to see our old friends Chop, Izzy, and Chloe?

Let me know what you think!

A day as a nelson

Thank you for all the re-blogs and kind words towards this little fic. This is part 2 and the ending hopefully it lives up to all the expectations :D p.s i am still crap at editing. This is just a short rap up and you never know it could lead to other fics


part 2

His blood was thickning with rage as he looked into her eyes, a moment of regret took over him when he placed lucy’s hand beside her. He shouldnt of stopped her, but then he thought about his parents he knew no matter what was said about them she would still get in trouble.

Rhys’ eyes turned to lucy’s and she felt the ice melt away and warmth flood him. He gave her a tight lip smile and rubbed his thumb across her knuckles. Suddenly she felt soft warm arms rap around her shoulder from behind, Declans chin purched on top of lucy’s head after giving her a peck on the cheek. 

“shes not even worth it sis” Rhys sighed as his eyes flicked back towards denny. Out the corner of his eyes he could see lucy slowly nod as the tears she tried to hold back slid down her soft face.

“rhys… let me explain… its not what it looks like” Denny paniced as she tried to grab Rhys’ arm but he quickly pulled away from her touch like she was a desease.

“NO” he shouted in reply, and suddenly the whole canteen froze as there eyes couldnt pull away. But he didnt care he just continued. “NO HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! How dare you slag my mum off like that in front of everyone. Why because she has more body fat then you! Why because she isnt classed as pretty in your eyes. You dont even fuckin’ know her.. Dont you ever talk about my parents relationship like that you stupid cow.” 

“maybe she isnt mainstream beautiful in your eyes but that doesnt make her any less beautiful in our eyes… your pathetic denny. Mrs Nelson didnt deserve that, and neither did lucy. Oh and another thing, you must be fucking brain dead yourself if you thought lucy was ugly. shes bloody beautiful.” declan added as he gave lucy another kiss on top of her head.

“I-I didnt mean i-it… R-really it was… it was a joke. Ple-” Denny tried to say before rhys rose his hand implying her to stop.

“Save it Denny we have no more to say to you. Never talk to my sister again. Never talk to me again. And never talk about my family again, because if you do i wont stop her hand from slapping the shit out of you!” Rhys huffed as his body started to tense even more with her still being in his presence. Denny sadly nodded and turned around to leave.

“Denny other thing… You would never of gotten me. You were never more then a shag when i felt sorry for myself” He laughed as he watched Denny’s mouth drop open and run out the door of the canteen. The canteen suddly erupted in to cheers and hollers, random strangers were clapping the boys on the back and giving sympathetic smiles towards lucy. Lucy smiled at her brother and ingulfed in a massive bear hug whiping her tears on his top because she didnt want to let go just yet, She then turned declan and jumped into his arms raping her legs tighting around his waist. She grabbed declans cheeks and looked into his eyes.

“You really mean it… you think im beautiful” he sniffed as fresh tears began to fall.

“of course i did lucy, ive always thought that you were beautiful…” He replied smiling at her.

overwhelming happiness spread through lucys body, her limbs started to tingle and her smile couldnt be erased. Before her mind could think she was crashing her lips into declans with intensity and power, he returned her kiss but kept in mind that they had an audiance. They slowly broke apart and lucy slid down his body until her feet touched the ground, she was still smiling until she heard Rhys clear his throat  from behind her. Her eyes sprug open and she quickly turned around to see Rhys biting his nail beds. There eyes met and her grabs her into another hug.

“Go for it sis, ive always known he’s fancied you” he whispered through her hair.

“but.. Really?” she gasped looking up into his face with confusion.

“Yeah, he never shuts up about you” he laughed looking over to Declan and nodding.

“im so glad your my brother, thank you for all this. ill be lost without you next year”.


Rumours spread like wild fire at collage, By the end of the day the whole school knew Declan and Lucy kissed and that Denny was ran out of school for insulting the nelson family. Rhys received so many phone numbers from nearly every single girl in school that he could barely zip up his back pack, His shoulders raised a little more with a swift round of confidence. He met lucy at the car and already had a smoke hanging out of his mouth by the time he met her.

“you ready” she added as she looked up from her book.

“Yeah just give me a minute im hangin’ for a smoke” he laughed as he lit the smoke and inhailed deeply. He felt the smoke fill his lungs and slowly breathed it out with satisfaction of the hit of nicotine. He looked over towards his sister and his heart filled a little more, she was smiling. She had his mothers beautiful smile, that smile was something he looked forward to seeing for the rest of his life because family was his life.


“Out here” Finn yelled as he heard his kids stumble through the front door, He was relaxing on the deck chair on the porch with a sneaky joint hanging out of his mouth. It didnt matter how old he got he still appreciated good weed after a long day at work.

“Hey dad” Rhys said as he blonked himself down on the deck chair next to his father.

“how was school” Finn asked as he passed the joint across to his son “dont tell your mother about this” he added.

Rhys laughed and took a long drag. “it was school” He replied as he exhailed.

“Oh, lucy got herself a lad”

“What” Finn coughed as he choaked on air.

“Yeah da’, she pulled a lad” He joked as he passed the joint back.

“Ugh.. O-Ok.. Hang on what? Who?”

“you wont beleive it, but declan… They kissed today… Well she kissed him” he laughed as he watched his fathers expression. Finn’s eyebrows shot up to his hair line and his mouth sprug open.

“i swear if that boy hurts her im gunna rip his nutsake off” he scoffed as he took a massive inhale of smoke and kept it in his lungs.

“Dont worry da’ i trust him, you know he wont hurt her”

“Yeah, Yeah i know… But she’s still my baby girl you know” Finn replied as he stubbed the joint out in the ash tray.

“I get it dad, shes just growing up” Rhys explained and Finn sadly nodded in return.

“Dad can i ask you a question”

“Sure lad, whats wrong.. Do i need to go down a buy another packet of smokes or roll another joint” He chuckled in reply.

Rhys waved his hands in the air “No.. No nothing like that. Its about you and mum”.

Finns forehead crincked in confused and he slightly cocked his head to the side trying to understand where this is going. “Sure son, what do you wanna know aye”.

“What made you fall inlove with ma” Rhys said bluntly but with a smile smile.

“Well… Were do i start. We met when we were 16 and 17, at first we didnt get along… lets call that stage ‘sexual tension stage’ she was a right cow at times always mumbling prick to me under her breath” he paused and smiled as the good memories flooded back into his mind. “Then i confessed i loved her outside the bloody chippy of all places… i loved her then because she was strong and brave for all the crap that she went through before she met me.. but that was the tip of the ice burg. We had our ups and downs over the next 18 months and then broke up again before she left for uni. That was my mistake for letting her slip, i loved your mother so fucking much it broke us.. i broke us.. We were seperated for a year whilst she attended uni and got back together as we met up for summer break and here we are now.. You came along 9 months later so that hurried things along for us. But to get this questioned answered i fell in love with your mum because she was her. She wasnt that mainstream crap, she had a body full of curvys, a heart full of love, and she is beautiful… i just love everything about her” Finn brushed hte tear on his cheek away as he looked up and smiled at his son.

Rhys smiled at his dad as he watched him pour his heart out. This was something that he hoped he would feel one day.

“Us nelson’s are a funny bunch aye” laughed rhys.

“Yeah we are… but we will always be there for each other. Remember that son. Your mother, your sister and you are my life”

“Thanks dad, i needed this…” He replied as he lit a smoke.

“Everything good though?” He questioned as he looked at his sons shifty positure.

“Yeah, yeah i just… i just” He stopped and thought about telling his dad about today but he decided it wasnt the right time “i just wanted a good talk” He smiled.

“Well lad you got one, your growing up to fast as well next thing i know it will just be me and your mum again”

“Yeah well today was just one day… you’ve still got plenty more with us” He looked at his father and laughed. 







Follow the Sun

Author: Sequence Fairy

Rating: M

Words: 4,587

Summary: They’d landed in California, late 60’s, to a land so sun-drenched, Rose was a rosy shade of pink before they’d made it to the beach

Rose is seated on the sand, knees bare and drawn up to her chest. She’s hugging her calves, chin resting on her knees, the campfire reflected in her eyes. The sea crashes onto the land somewhere below them, and to her left the Doctor is sprawled on his back, propped up on his elbows.

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