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Marry Me

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Summary: Witch’s spells aren’t always a bad thing

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings: implied smut, maybe language because I can’t help it, otherwise straight fluff

A/N: this is for the lovely @jpadjackles double birthday challenge! I loved all the songs you chose for us, but this one will forever be one of my favorites! Hope you like what I did with it, and thank you for hosting!

A/N/N: Huge enormous thank you to my twin @deanssweetheart23 for listening to me whine, reading everything over and basically being the best damn support system a writer could ask for. Love ya, twin.

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FILM FRIDAY – I had the opportunity to teach another film photography workshop this past month – this time with a group of 11- and 12-year-olds at a local synagogue. None of the students had ever seen a roll of 35mm film before, never mind handled a fully analog camera. 

Remarkably, most had little problem figuring out correct exposure. Manual focus, however, proved more challenging. 

Two weeks after shooting 10 rolls of film in pairs, the students learned to process their own negatives. The images, here, made by the students, are among those I’ve printed and will deliver to the class this Sunday. 

While this age group has been raised in a world of instant gratification, many of the students commented on how they enjoyed the opportunity to slow things down and come away with something physical that took time and investment to create. 

From a teacher’s perspective, seeing their work offered insight into the relationships these young students are forming with their synagogue, school, classmates and Jewish identities. I was excited to see how excited they were to experience film photography for the first time. 

Through this experience, I’ve learned that photography – especially film – is a versatile tool for engaging kids across a broad spectrum of ages and for teaching a wide variety of subject matter. 

~Michael Duke


The Gemsona Week blog IS UP!! and ready for gemsona submissions! PLEASE BOOST THIS POST & GET INVOLVED! This is going to be a lot of fun.

Gemsona Week is April 11th-18th, a whole week of celebrating the amazing animated television series Steven Universe!

There will be prompt challenges for writers and artists, as well as the Gemsona Fusion Project- artists submit their gemsona to the blog and are randomly paired together to create a totally new fusion character with their partner’s character! Please read the project overview and guidelines before submitting.

Gemsona submissions for the project are due April 4th!

I’ll be posting more information and updates in the #gemsona week and #gemfusion project tags, so track those if you like! And of course when April 11th rolls around, please use the #gemsona week tag in your posts, challenges or not, so I can reblog them & share.

Artwork of our gemsonas Dorey & Peri and their fusion Agate was lined by me and colored by Madi.

Thank You

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: mentions of alcohol
A/N: It’s not very long and I apologize for that. 
Tags: @deanwinchester-af,

After the botched attempt at a date with a guy she’d grown interested in she had left the restaurant with a heavy heart, a headache, and a need to drown as much liquor as possible. She’d gotten looks of concern from both brothers when she returned to the bunker with a bag from the local Gas-’n-Slip, the recognizable clang of bottles echoing through the silence of the library. Now she was sitting in her room, her music deafening, the liquor lukewarm, and a few tears slipping out here and there. She hated the fact that some guy she hardly knew had the power to make her cry, She hated that she had the need to get drunk and forget about this practical stranger.

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