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OK Y'ALL SO, the only people who weren’t at the dance were the blossoms.

~ penelope seemed too upset about FP for her to be a suspect, but good old clifford didn’t give a flying shit! it must be him right?

~ ALSO if clifford was supposedly the last person who had the blossom wedding ring that would make sense? maybe clifford lied to penelope about the fight and he actually got the ring after he killed jason.

~ i think i remember him saying something about how ‘jason didn’t agree with how the blossoms dealt with things’ like, maybe he was referring to what clifford did to hiram? and maybe jason threatened to tell people so clifford had to protect his bloody maple business by shutting jason tf up

~ and maybe ‘clifford’ isn’t even clifford at all? the fucking wigs and shit don’t exactly shout ‘certified blossom’ to me…

“mr blossom likes his privacy,” sure as fuck you’d like privacy if you’d murdered your own son

oh Sull what should i say??? she thought. “Hello! Mix! m-my name is Criminiana but you can call me Crimi is you prefer, most people call me like that.” she shaked his hand. Crimi sat on the grass outiside on a little hill. “did i interrupt something? i can go awash if you want to.” she started saying allot of things. @mixtrapsworld

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Hello! I just wanted your opinion on something-is it just me, or do the 8 chapters not sound like Sarah very much? They don't seem to be as fluent as her other stuff, for some reason!

My response gets spoilery; for those of you who haven’t read the first 8 chapters, move along, nothing to see here.

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“This is why you don’t ever have any shirts to wear.” your character of choice


Talyon Rhao (the new kitty) + family stuff

“Talyon!” Mylyn Rhao called up to her son, folding her arms and sighing.

“What, Mamma?” the lanky Cathar boy called down, pausing in his tree climbing. 

“We’re late,” she called, dressed in a sleek pale gold gown that made her warm cream-and-brown fur practically glow. “I told you an hour ago to get ready.”

“I am ready!” Talyon called down, hanging upside so his kinky wild mane of ginger-brown hair fulled around his features.

“Talyon,” Mylyn said firmly. “Come down.”

Her seven-year-old son gave a loud, dramatic sigh but obediently scrambled down the tree. On the last branch, he jumped and down, missed slightly and ended up with a torn sleeve as he tumbled, rolling a bit to land at her feet. His mother blinked and sighed, trying not to smile as she crouched down, smoothing his messy hair. 

“Oh, Tal,” she sighed, lifting his arm to look at the ruined clothing. “This is why you don’t ever have any shirts to wear!”

“I have shirts,” he huffed, standing up and brushing off.

“Not any you can go to an important Senate dinner in…” She offered her hand, chuckling and sighing. Holding his fingers in hers, she walked toward their house. “Come on, my boy. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

“Yes, Mamma,” Talyon said, following without protest. “Do you think they’ll have anything good to eat there?”

“We can only hope,” she laughed, petting his head. “If not, I’ll bring snacks.”

your fave is problematic: phillipa soo
  • cheekbones way too sharp
  • hair always extremely soft and nice looking
  • does tons of charity work ?? like ???
  • was the first to jump up and cheer for the person who won an award she was nominated for
  • portrays eliza schuyler hamilton who was a known to be progressive and generous
  • loves being called a cinnamon roll
  • is a cinnamon roll
  • rides her bike through new york ?? like that’s so dangerous and eco friendly ??
  • had a bowl-esque cut as a baby
  • gigGLEs
  • gardens (in new york ?? who does that ??)
  • likes peach tea ?? why peach ?????
  • has j groff officiating her wedding
  • tried to bleep out the word ‘fucker’ during a live performance
  • is extremely close with her female coworkers
  • impersonates emojis and occasionally warms up by beatboxing
  • went to julliard
  • sike ! she’s the cutest button on this planet, way too good for the world
  • do u think she would adopt me ???
  • Lefou trying to wear his hair the same way as Gaston
  • Beast’s toe beans. Beast Beans™ 
  • Beast sleeps in a little nest (like a little homeless lady)
  • Phillipe the Unstoppable Super Horse

  • The castle has a doggie door. Then…

  • Belle escapes out the doggy door

  • “Shh go back, Gaston! Go back to the war!” 
  • “I love Romeo and Juliet!” [dramatic eye rolls and gagging/retching] 
  • He bit his tum tum it left a scar omg 
  • “I’m clingy”
  • Belle getting nailed in the face with the snowball. You mess with the bull, 

“It is always difficult with Poirot to know when he is serious and when he is merely amusing himself at one’s expense. I judged it safest to say no more.”
- Agatha Christie, Double Sin

ATLAS: do not talk to me of the weight of the world, 
nor its people’s hearts. you know nothing of endurance.
the heavens are heavy and my shoulders ache. 
i am tired.

APHRODITE: you think holding the earth is enough?
you think you are close to them just because they rest on
your back? you know nothing of their pain. do you even remember
how tears taste?

ATLAS: i know pain. i know bruises that last centuries,
bone deep and digging like claws, burrowing like worms
through body structure-

APHRODITE: -you know standing still, rigid, a statue in body
and soul alike / you know the exact weight of the human heart
x 7 billion. you do not know how it feels to watch as they burn in place,
how it feels to see them fall; down / in love / to their deaths.

ATLAS: i carry them in life and death. my dear, your hands
are soft; they do not understand the strength it takes to balance
oceans on knuckles and land against muscle.

APHRODITE: my hands are soft because they hold hearts
as easily as you hold the world, and hearts, in their own way, are worlds.
i know strength. better yet, i know how easily strength crumbles
and i know how to guide through the breaking. do not equate soft
with weak. they are not the same thing.

l.s. | APHRODITE vs ATLAS: on the subject of strength© 2016

Ratings of Ash by Gens

Gens 1 and 2

The original hero! We first meet this guy at the very start of his journey. Though it was a rough start, he overcame a lot of obstacles, and learned a lot from them! He and Pikachu became best buddies, and we saw how passionate he is for Pokemon and Pokemon battles! 10/10

Gen 3

Look at this fashionable boy! He’s ready to take on the Hoenn region! Along with his friends, new and old, he explores a brand new region, with brand new Pokemon! He’s a more experienced trainer, and even became an aura master, and the king of the sea! 10/10

Gen 4

Our favorite boy again! This time in the Sinnoh region! And what a good boy he was! He became friends with lots of new Pokemon, and got even stronger! He took a poor Chimchar abused by his rival, and turned into the battling machine known as Infernape! He matured as a trainer, and look at that Pikachu, taking out a Latios in the semifinals of the Sinnoh league! WOW! 10/10

Gen 5

Aww! What a sweet little boy! How cute! He and Pikachu are still best buddies! He’s carefree and prefers taking chances! He doesn’t let anything get in his way! Though he was a little on the shaky side, that’s ok! It’s a whole new region with so many new friends to make! Everyone makes a few mistakes here and there, but he is still a good boy! 10/10

Gen 6

WOWZA! Look at this boy! Looks like he got a bit older! Look how strong he is! He came off the plane to Kalos with his head held high and a huge smile on his face! He raised some amazingly strong Pokemon, and can even fuse with one of them! WHAT! SO COOL! He supports his Kalosian friends no matter what, and he even got himself a girlfriend! He made it all the way to the finals of the Kalos League, then took down the evil Team Flare! What a strong boy! So proud! 10/10

Gen 7

AWW!!!! LOOK AT THIS LITTLE CINNAMON ROLL! He looks a bit different, but that’s ok, being different isn’t bad! He’s in the paradise that is the Alola region, making lots of new friends at school! And look at how responsible he is, going back to school after traveling for so long! He’s such a pure boy, we must protect him! 10/10

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Joonyoung’s dance rehearsal is my new favorite thing in the whole world : he looks like a robot trying to practise his breathing to pass for a human hahaha!

Presenting Shower Tunes: Hamilton
  • Me as: Alexander Hamilton
  • Also me as: Aaron Burr
  • And me: John Laurens
  • And me: Hercules Mulligan
  • Me: Marquis De Lafayette
  • Me: Angelica Schuyler
  • Me: Eliza Schuyler
  • Me: Peggy Schuyler
  • Me: Samuel Seabury
  • Me: George Eaker
  • Me: King George III
  • Me: George Washington
  • Me: Charles Lee
  • Me: James Madison
  • Me: Thomas Jefferson
  • Me: Philip Hamilton
  • Me: Maria Reynolds
  • Me: James Reynolds
  • Me: John Adams
  • Let's not forget me: Chorus
  • And me: Orchestra
  • Also finally me: Conductor

Summary: Nat does everything in her power to finally get you and Bucky together. 

Warnings: This is pretty much all smut: unprotected sex (please use protection), thigh riding, oral (m receiving), praise kink (kinda?). i think that’s it, let me know if you find anything else

Words: 3.4k

A/N: I finally wrote something! I have a few more pieces in the works now too. Sorry I haven’t been writing as much, but I am trying to work on that. Hope you enjoy. Send me requests here. 


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❁ little miss sunshine ❁ // for @sigh–onara



@alexanderhamllton found me a video of Lin in wire frame glasses and it’s everything I ever wanted.

so i’ve been thinking a lot about what might make humans unique in the universe right

and what if it’s d&d? like, what if we’re the only ones with a concept of roleplaying outside theater. everybody else thinks it’s this really intense form of gambling or one-upmanship and it just confuses the shit out of them because we’re literally just sitting around rolling bits of plastic and lying at each other? for fun??