roll 48

Still friends?

… yeah.


So me and @astarisms were talking about screencap redraws and because of this wonderful chat we are now on a mission

When we realised we were horrible people...

We stumbled on a sleeping (enemy) Minotaur and our sorcerer decided to charm it, so we could get him to assist in fighting through the dungeon and so he wouldn’t kill us.

Our horrifically violent shunned Gnome monk decided we could eat him if that didn’t work out.

3 dungeon rooms in, I suddenly name him Mike, as he’s helped us and is now injured in the line of duty.

Cleric: “Should I heal Mike?”
Group: “Uhh…”
*DM rolls dice, looks up and grins silently*
Me (woodland based druid): “I think Mike is becoming slightly, uhh…disenchanted(?) with us.”
Sorcerer: “I pat Mike on the shoulder, say ‘Good fight buddy, thanks!’…then cast shocking grasp”
DM: “He’s stunned.”
Ranger: “I’m going to put him out of his misery before he kills us. I’ll roll to slit his throat.”
*rolls nat20, doing 48 damage*
DM: “You completely sever his head. Well done, you killed your buddy, Mike.”
Me: “A moment of silence for Mike’s friendship and sacrifice.”
*Silence, some giggling*
Gnome Monk: “Did the electrocution cook him, at all?”
Me: “Don’t be so dishonourable, he’s barely fallen to the floor! I’ll pour one out for you, Mike.”
Me:“Wait, can we use Mike’s skull as a helmet for Goat*?!”

*Goat is a…well, super healed goat with slightly vague supernatural intelligence and a full set of armour. This is what happened when you have the rule “If you can make the story good enough, you can do it.”

Daniel: hey, what did you have for lunch?

Sungwoon, not looking up from his phone: not much, just 48 pizza rolls

Daniel: I’m sorry, what?

Sungwoon: [yelling] I SAID I ATE 48 PIZZA ROLLS

I'm not going to let it happen again.

(I’m sorry for sending so many) This is another fuck-coworkers one…its not a big deal but still pissed me off. I’m a cashier at a grocery store…

A couple days ago I worked a day shift, until 3:45pm. It was super busy so I couldn’t close my register to leave, I had to wait for someone relieve me.

Well 3:48 rolls around and my relief has shown up, my feet ache, and I’m ready to go home. He’s heading to my boss to see which register he is on (like we’re all supposed to do), but then my coworker in the register next to mine calls him over.

She goes “I’m off at four, take my register.”
I attempted to butt in and tell her that I was off 3 minutes ago, but she ignores me, and leaves early.

I had to wait for her relief, and I was so pissed off at her. I know it was only 15 minutes longer, but when your feet ache and you’ve been listening to children scream and trying to ignore old men winking at you all day, you wanna go home when you’re supposed to.

I just found 48 rolls of medical bandages for 20 bucks

So I get to finally cosplay Nico, A female Aizawa, Mikan, Dazai, and Azusa without ever running out if bandages

I’m literally wasting bandages

And it’s probably gonna be worth it

Dorm Room Desk Calendar

Okay, so I was watching Hulu’s show Resident Advisors, and saw these screencaps of Sam’s room:

I quickly fell in love, and felt an overwhelming need to create my own version. My version doesn’t have nearly as much stuff on it yet, as my semester hasn’t started yet (I’ll try to post more pictures as the semester goes on so you can see a more realistic example the hyperbolized version above of a student with 7 jobs).

First, you’ll want to gather some supplies.

You’ll need

  • A desk pad calendar - Mine is Staples brand and 22" wide, but the one pictured from Resident Advisors is At-A-Glance, and 24" wide.
  • A roll of cork - You’ll need to make sure it’s wide enough to fit the calendar you’ve picked. The roll I got is 24" wide, and 96" long, then cut into 4 pieces. If your roll is 48" long, grab a second one.
  • Sticky notes in whatever colors you want.
  • Colored pens to coordinate with your stickies.
  • Push pins
  • Planner or calendar, or wherever you keep your important dates.
  • Push pins
  • Command strips or whatever you would like to use to hang your pieces of cork. My university has a policy against push pins in the walls, so if yours does as well, plan accordingly.

First, cut your roll of cork down to size. Most rolls are thin, and break apart easily, so be careful. I should have measured mine out more carefully, but I just sort of eyeballed it using my calendar.

Next, figure out your color system.

(Disclaimer: I promise the Mat Sci and Thermo stickies are different colors) I used the same system that I have in my planner. In addition to my sticky notes, I also use a red pen to fill in my shifts at the desk.

Now you can start filling in dates. So far I just have my training days, a few desk shifts, the start of classes, and the semester holidays up.

Now attach your Command Strips to your pieces of corks, and hang them wherever you desire. I chose directly above my desk.

Using push pins, I hung the calendar sheets up, and secured the larger sticky notes. If you’re in college or renting, just push the pin in far enough to break through the cork, but not far enough to break the surface of the wall.

As you can see, my pieces are cut a little uneven. Also, since the cork came in a roll, it’s puckering a bit around the top and bottom edges. I plan on going through and putting a bit of poster putty where it’s rolling.

I lined my stickies up along the bottom of the piece like Sam did in Resident Advisors. And that’s it, now you’re done!

Thank you for 10K !!

(At the risk of sounding pretentious) I would just like to say thank you so much for 10,000 followers. I’ve been running this blog for over four years now, which totals to 48 rolls of film and 21 Polaroid cassettes. This blog serves as a kind of visual diary for me to look back on all of the memories from these years and all of the strange places and wonderful people they have held - it’s for that reason alone that I absolutely love running this blog and plan to keep it going for as long as I live (and as long as Snappy Snaps still offers a developing service….). At the same time though, it has also been a project which I have invested a fair amount of my money / time / energy (i.e stressing about whether or not I’ve broken my camera trying to get eerie light leaks) in. My local photo lab actually went out of business earlier this year meaning I have to travel further and pay more to get film developed now, so it’s recently become even more expensive and time-consuming for me to keep this hobby up. But, I do, and it makes me enormously happy that there are 10k of you following my work - I have to say, it makes it feel so worthwhile knowing that people like to look at my photos, and even more so when I get such nice messages from people about it. So, thank you so much again - I hope to upload some new photos (and hopefully play around with some of the new Polaroid Originals) very soon, so watch this space!


this i feel like is angsty. - @thegreatficmaster

*bold text is a flashback. Please, don’t think this is any type of hate toward Danneel or Jensen’s family. This is purely fiction, and I love the boys and their families dearly.

Cameras flashed in Jensen’s face as he clenched his jaw and looked around. He knew you’d be there. You were always there, hiding among the crowd. You met once all those years ago, at your first convention. Ever since, you refused to buy autograph passes or photo ops, but you were always there.

Five years ago, you hauled your luggage up to your hotel room, anxious as ever to meet your biggest celebrity crush. Jensen Ackles would be standing next to you in just under 48 hours.

Sunday rolled around, and you were standing in line for your photo op. You felt your legs shaking as they held you. Taking the final steps toward Jensen, you saw his face change. His eyes took you in. You chose to wear your “Team Dean” shirt, and he chuckled when he saw it. Your jeans were tight, hugging your ass and thighs before they stretched perfectly around your calves and tucked into your heavy black boots.

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I just really need to vent about my day yesterday! I’m still pretty upset over it.

So I was out getting new boots, which I desperately needed (since rainy season is here again and summer shoes are a no-go) and I completely spaced and forgot that I had therapy yesterday. It was a 3pm, usually I have it in the morning.. So I was thrown off.

We called and scheduled a cab for 2:40 and decided to keep shopping for a while, because the other option was to take a couple busses, which I really wasn’t into. 2:48 rolls around, and there’s still no cab.. Ive never had this cab service be so late without warning. We called, and it turns out that the cab service forgot about us!! Frustrating. We all make mistakes, but at this point I was really stressing out because I had been looking forward to this session, as I hadnt seen my therapist in a month (she was on vacation.)

They finally arrived, roughly 3pm. The driver says “so I hear you were forgotten.” To which I responded “Yes, and I am very upset because I have an appointment right now that is very important to me–” at this point the driver interrupted me, shushed me and yelled, yes yelled at me “yeah, yeah, you’re important, every customer is important, I know, I get it!”

I was totally taken aback. I had not been aggressive toward this cab driver, I was merely expressing dissatisfaction at the fact that this service had forgotten a bout me and had made me late to an appointment that I cannot miss. This person yelled at me. I didnt even do anything wrong!

I weakly said something about not liking to be shushed like that, to which she abruptly hit the breaks and said “do you want to get a different ride?!” (Its already my appointment time, mind you, and were ten minutes away)

Eloi went to therapy yesterday, after this, not me. He was close by during the whole thing, and he is not good with social interaction.

I’m still upset about this. You shouldn’t treat people like that. What should I do? Do I report her? Lady had me shook.


Every year, The Province random candidates from all over China, young or old, family or not would be chosen for the honor of representing their district in the Kung Fu Games. These Games were a reminder, a great reminder at that, of the horrors of Kung Fu and how it had once destroyed all of China. Thus the reason for the games… to show the horror that Kung Fu brought out in people.

Our contestants took a step on the pedastal and a glass tube encases them all. The sound of metal clicking and clacking before a thin piece of metal covers the glass and they feel themselves being lifted. They were going to the Arena. 

The world opens up to them all as their tube opens up to a grassy field with the center spotlight the Cornucopia. The time rolled, starting from 49…48… 

This was the beginning to the 1st Annual Kung Fu Games…

**Check beyond the read more for Information on Roster**

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Πέμπτη Φθίνοντος/ Πέμπτη μετ’εἰκάδας, XXVI day
From today’s sunset: twenty-sixth (fifth waning of the third decade) day of Gamelion.

“Artemis betook herself to Nemesis, and found Her on the heights of Tauros in the clouds, where beside neighbouring Kydnos She had ended the proudnecked boasting of Typhon’s threats. A wheel turned itself round before the Queen’s feet, signifying that She rolls all the proud from on high to the ground with the avenging wheel of justice, She the allvanquishing deity who turns the path of life. Round Her throne flew a bird of vengeance, a Griffin flying with wings, or balancing himself on four feet, to go unbidden before the flying Goddess and show that She herself traverses the four separate quarters of the world: highcrested men She bridles with Her bit which none can shake off, such is the meaning of the image, and She rolls a haughty fellow about as it were with the whip of misery, like a self-rolling wheel.” (Nonnus, Dionysiaca 48. 375 ff.)
“Shun the fifth days: i.e. the lunar days. We have heard from the Pythagoreans that the number five is number of Dike, and among them are told the causes of She punishes all those who stray from the divine law, as told by Plato (Laws IV, 716a).”
Scholia to Hesiod, Erga, 802-804

(Nemesis of Rhamnous type - 2nd century CE, copy of a cult statue from the sanctuary of Rhamnous in Attica - Naples Archaeological Museum)


We drove 300 miles through the night. The tires crunched on gravel as we pulled in to the hot springs. We made our beds in the back of the truck, and took a soothing dip in the hot water to wash the road off. Back in the truck, a cool breeze blew across our faces as we slept.

In the morning, we soaked more, ran on the playa, and headed onwards. We stopped to fly fish on a new river. It was small and low, but we found deep pools of cold water. We caught fish in the riffles. We found a campground littered with dead birds. We ate lunch.

We slept in our favorite lookout tower. Big winds shook the windows. We watched the blazing orange sunrise from bed. We drank coffee, and watched the fog roll away.

We spent 48 hours in the desert.