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  • Roll Deep - HyunA
  • Amadeus - ToppDogg
  • Pierrot - Rainbow
  • Papi - F(x)
  • Ego - Big Bang
  • Rose - Ravi feat. Ken
  • Ah Yeah - EXID
  • Verry Good - Block B
  • Ice Ice - HyunA feat. Ji Dam Yuk
  • On & On - Vixx
  • Loralei - Ladies’ Code
  • Interstellar - Monsta X

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experiment goal: to determine whether smarties are an effective tea sweetener

hypothesis: smarties will sweeten the tea, but also introduce unwelcome flavor profiles due to their flavoring

procedure: procured one cup (≈12 fl oz) of Barry’s Tea Gold Blend black tea, hot. added 2/3 of a single roll of smarties candy (10 candies). wait for candies to dissolve, then stir well. tea will be sampled after stirring concludes.

Me Playing Overwatch: Mercy Edition
  • Me: OK, behind Reinhardt. Shit, shit, heal Reaper. Heal Tracer. WTF where's Widow? OK, everyone full, amp Sombra. Hold the p...
  • Some rando playing pharah, three blocks back, nowhere near the objective: I need healing!
  • Me: (ಠ_ಠ)
  • Me: HOLD ON BB IM OMW <3 <3 <3
Rogue Fan Club

The same party from Bad News Bears. This week, we simply did a filler episode one shot due to a majority of the party being unable to make it. It started out with a sparring match between my rogue, the dragonborn fighter, and the half-elf NPC that we are currently escorting. The result of this is that my rogue is pissed off the rest of the session due to losing not once, but twice, and she is a very poor loser. Later on, a merchant runs up to the party that’s awake and tells them that “monsters” have taken over his cart and he needs help defeating them.

DM: You see see the cart being ransacked by Kobolds.

NPC: …Really?

Fighter: Just Kobolds?

Rogue: (Can I roll an intimidation check?)

DM: Go for it. Roll with advantage since you’re tall and Kobolds are kinda short.

Note: My character is the second tallest in the party at 5'10"

Rogue: *rolls a 17* *glaring* Look, just…leave and don’t attack any more carts. It’s a waste of my time and won’t be satisfying to kill you.

Kobolds: *drop everything from the cart they were holding* Oh! Of course! Of course! Is there anything else we can do–

Rogue: LEAVE.

Kobolds: *run away in fear into the forest*

Bard: Well… That was easier than I thought it would be.

The merchant pays for our help, and we’re on our way back to the church we were staying at. On the way, though…

DM: [Rogue], roll a perception check.

Rogue: *rolls a 13*

DM: You hear the three Kobolds that you had scared off making loud noises in the bushes.

Rogue: ……

Bard: …[Rogue], I think your fans are following you

Rogue: *throws one of her daggers into the bushes where the Kobolds are*

Kobolds: *immediately stop making noise. One of them runs out of the bushes to return the dagger, then runs back into hiding*

Rogue: (I can’t fucking believe this. I have a fan club)

Bard: (Are they going to follow her forever now?)

DM: *laughing* That is a possibility. And you will never know


Hey, guys! I’ve noticed that there are a lot of artists who struggle with “same face syndrome,” or the tendency to draw all their characters with the same face. To help you combat this, I’ve created two different challenges!

The first (pink) one is mainly geared towards artists who are struggling with same face syndrome and want to start branching out. It covers topics that a lot of artists struggle with when drawing faces, such as age, weight, and face shapes. It’s not super specific, so you still have some wiggle room.

The second (yellow) one is a bit harder and is mainly geared towards artists who want to really challenge themselves to diversify their faces. Personally, I think this one’s the most fun to work with despite it being more difficult. Chances are with this one, you’re not going to be drawing a whole bunch of beautiful people. You don’t have to roll for every option on this one either.  A certain combination of rolls from 10/13 of the options may give you a great character idea, and that’s great!

I hope you guys enjoy these! I’d love for you to send me your drawings if you do one (or both) of them.

WWE Warforged Wrestling Entertainment

CONTEXT: 4 man party into a corroded farmhouse turned swamp with a plant that hosted corpses nearby. After making constant dex saves and plowing through doors. I’m playing a warforged paladin with built in armor that weighs a little under 800 pounds. What happens next may not be expected

DM: You make your way down the stairs first, testing the strength of each step beneath your weight. Make a dex save every 5 feet down.

Warforged(me): *rolls above 10 most of the way down* Not to worry citizens, I will give my life before you!

Rogue: What if that thing controlling the corpses is causing this house to crumble?

DM: You hear an eerie screech echoing from somewhere below you.

Warforged (OOC): Now you’ve done it…

DM: Everyone make a dex reflex save

Rogue: *rolls 12*

Ranger: *rolls 14*

Wizard: *rolls 4*

Warforged: *rolls 20*

DM: Both the (Rogue) and (Ranger) keep their balance, however (Wizard) starts to tumble into the now gaping hole in the center of the main hall. (Warforged) as you rolled quite high and are near him I’ll give you a free action before the encounter.

Warforged: (OOC) I wish to push past (Wizard) and elbow drop into the hole.

DM: Okay, roll me an acrobatics check

Warforged: *rolls 20 again*

DM: Oh.. uuh okay, you make a great leap crushing the wood boards behind you. Elbow out, diving towards the gaping hole…

Warforged (OOC): I wish to start playing “Electrifying” out of my voice synthesizer.

DM: As you turn on your mysterious new aged robot music the screeching from the basement of the farmhouse is soon replaced by a large splatter followed by “DO YOU SMELL, WHAT (Warforged) IS COOKIIIIING?”

Rogue (OOC): I’m never playing with you again…

Ranger (OOC): And not experience the first wrestler of the Warforged Wrestling Entertainment world?!