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Art Journal FAQ

since I get the same few asks every day about my art journal!

1. What markers do you use?
•Copic Markers. I have so many because my mom got them from a friend for lower than half price about 5 years ago.

2. What is that white ink?
•It’s a Gelly Roll 08 white pen.

3. What type of journal do you use? Does it bleed through?
•An artist’s loft “fashion journal” with acid free paper. Yes, it does bleed through so I skip every other page. I don’t mind that though.

4. What inspired you to start Art journaling?
•My mom does some mixed media Art journaling and I wanted to try my own type. I was going through a rough time and needed a way to cope. It works pretty well.

5. How do I start an art journal?
•There are no guidelines and boundaries. Stick whatever you want in there and journal with your emotions. Paint over things if you don’t like it. If you want to say something, say it. It’s /your/ art journal.

Ice Ribbon Double Event from 3/25 - 3/26/2017

Ice Ribbon : New Ice Ribbon #792
Ice Ribbon Dojo, Saitama (14:00)

* Exhibition : Maruko Nagasaki vs. Shigure - Draw (3:00)
* Exhibition : Mochi Miyagi vs. Akane Fujita - Draw (3:00)
* Hamuko Hoshi, (W)Miyako Matsumoto def. Tsukasa Fujimoto, (L)Matsuya Uno - Rolling Cradle (11:08)
* (W)Kyuri def. Tequila Saya - Blockbuster Hold (7:26)
* Maika Ozaki def. Maruko Nagasaki - Kinniku Buster (5:35)
* (W)Misaki Ohata, Mochi Miyagi def. Tsukushi, (L)Maya Yukihi - Diving Foot Stomp (12:19)

~ Info : New Trainee Shigure is no longer using Shigure as her ring name and debuting tomorrow with new ring name as Totoro Satsuki 


Ice Ribbon : Ice Ribbon March 2017
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo (12:00) (Niconico)
1039 Fans

* Totoro Satsuki Debut Match : (W)Maruko Nagasaki, Tequila Saya, Matsuya Uno def. Hiroe Nagahama, 235, (L)Totoro Satsuki - Chototsumoshin (8:11)
* Command Bolshoi, (W)Leon def. Gekokujo Tag ((L)Kyuri, Maika Ozaki) - Mad Splash (8:20)
* The Lovely Butcher (Mochi Miyagi, (W)Hamuko Hoshi) def. Takako Inoue, (L)Maya Yukihi - Diving Guillotine Drop (9:13)
* Jaguar Yokota, (W)Akane Fujita  def. 385Myankie ((L)Miyako Matsumoto, Jun Kasai) - Mikan de Pon (11:48)
* Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Arisa Nakajima - Draw (20:00)
* International RIbbon Tag Team Championship : (W)Tsukushi, Hiragi Kurumi def. Avid Rival ((L)Misaki Ohata, Ryo Mizunami) © - Harukaze (16:22) TITLE CHANGE!!!
* ICEx∞ Championship : Risa Sera © def. Rina Yamashita - Diving Double Knee Drop (15:48)

~ Info : Ice Ribbon recently affiliated with TeamDATE Gym in Japan who concentrated with MMA and Shootboxing which they made a requirement from 13 - 20 Years Old Girl to making a debut in Pro-Wrestling.

- 4/15 Miyagino Bunka Center, Miyagi (12:00)
* ICE × ∞ Championship : Risa Sera © vs. Mochi Miyagi

- 4/24 Korakuen Hall, Tokyo (12:00)
* Best Friends (Arisa Nakajima, Tsukasa Fujimoto) vs. Nanae Takahashi, X

Picture (Left - Right) : Tequila Saya, New Trainee Shigure (Totoro Satsuki)


One stamp, two very different art journal pages.

On the first page, I used a brayer to apply craft paint, then stamped on top of the paint after it was dry. FAIL - the stamping was too pale to read, so I went over it with a Fude Ball 1.5 and a black Gelly Roll 08..

On the second page, I stamped first, then used a Kuretake brush pen and Winsor & Newton alcohol markers.

Questions are the creative acts of intelligence.


“Juicy” by @noahcampdesign.


Process for Juicy
Noah explains the process below:
“I modeled this from scratch in Cinema4D. That is the best way to have ultimate control over your model in Cinema 4D. You can try Cinema 4D for free if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud membership. If you have any questions about starting in 3D, let me know!
Pen used: @kuretakezig_usa metallic brush pen, @sakuraofamerica gelly roll 08 pen
Paper: astrobrights black cardstock
Software: Paper->Maxon Cinema 4D
#brushpen #brushscript #brushlettering #calligraphy #calligraphyvideo #designer #hyperlapse #lettering #script #typography #whatpendidyouuse #learnlettering #letteringprocess #process #artprocess #monoline #cinema4d #c4d #render #3dtype #editorial #artdirection

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30 day #SaveWOY email campaign

Let’s get this next #SaveWOY project rolling from tomorrow! (02/08/16

So my idea is to send Disney an email a day talking about a different topic of WOY/SaveWOY each day. Disney are currently in possession of both SaveWOY flash drives so let’s work on sending them emails in the meantime while they possibly take a look at the drives.

I want to get this 20.3% as close to 100% as possible! I need everyone to get involved! I’d like for everyone to send their emails on the same day (starting tomorrow 02/08/16 with Day 1) but if you’re joining us after we’ve started then feel free to start this whenever you want!

I want you to send these emails to both and

I’ll be posting the daily topic and more information on what to include on my blog every morning so keep an eye on my blog if you don’t want to keep referring back to this post.

Here are the topics!

(02/08) Day 1.       Request a third season/ ask Disney to reconsider their decision of cancelling WOY.

(03/08) Day 2.       What do you like about Wander Over Yonder?

(04/08) Day 3.       Why do you want to SaveWOY?

(05/08) Day 4.       What have you learned from watching WOY?

(06/08) Day 5.       Favorite WOY episode and why?

(07/08) Day 6.       What kind of impact has WOY had on your life?

(08/08) Day 7.       What do you want to see in a third season?

(09/08) Day 8.       Email a Disney a SaveWOY letter.

(10/08) Day 9.       Favorite character and why?

(11/08) Day 10.   What is your favorite moral/message/life lesson from the show?

(12/08) Day 11.   Request WOY merchandise. (plushies, toys, whatever you’d like to buy)

(13/08) Day 12.   Any good memories about WOY? Tell us.

(14/08) Day 13.   Favorite song from the show?

(15/08) Day 14.   Any good experiences with the WOY crew?/interacted with them?/anything you want to bring up about the crew?/ Why do they deserve a third season?

(16/08) Day 15.   Fanart submission (even if it’s just a stick-man Wander on MS Paint, don’t worry if you’ve never drawn before. Just give it a shot! I bet Disney would love to see a lot of WOY fanart!)

(17/08) Day 16.   Has WOY cheered you up/made you laugh in any way? Explain how.

(18/08) Day 17.   What do you think of the art style/animation or story?

(19/08) Day 18.   Has WOY inspired you in any way?

(20/08) Day 19.   What is your favorite funny moment from WOY?

(21/08) Day 20.   Any good experiences with the WOY fandom?

(22/08) Day 21.   What is your favorite season of WOY? 1, 2 or both? Why?

(23/08) Day 22.   Favorite/most memorable quote?

(24/08) Day 23.   What do you like about Wander?

(25/08) Day 24.   What do you like about Sylvia?

(26/08) Day 25.   What do you like about Lord Hater?

(27/08) Day 26.   What do you like about Commander Peepers?

(28/08) Day 27.   What do you like about Lord Dominator?

(29/08) Day 28.   Who is your favorite non-main character? (Not the main five)

(30/08) Day 29.   Request more merchandise for the personalisation store and international shipping.

(31/08) Day 30.   A photo/drawing of #SaveWOY (Write #SaveWOY in MS paint, or make a sign and take a photo or make fanart that says #SaveWOY on it, etc)


That’ll take us right up to the end of August. Now a few rules -

 Always be polite and respectful with your emails to Disney. 

Do not bash other shows or use offensive language. 

Type ‘SaveWOY’ somewhere in the email title if you can.

Don’t worry about being completely professional with your emails. I know emailing Disney can be scary but please don’t worry about it. Your email doesn’t have to be 100% professional. Just be polite and respectful.

It’s good to start your email off with “Dear Gary Marsh/ Dear Cecilia Johnson/ Dear Disney”

It’s up to you if you want to include your name/username at the end of each email.

and that’s it. Please signal boost this and get involved so we can get as many emails sent to Disney as possible! Any questions? Feel free to message me or use my ask box. Thank you.

Update: Cecilia Johnson is currently on maternity leave so we will just email instead.

Stenciled the hexagons with yellow watercolor, then used a lighter yellow watercolor between the hexagons, Screen printed the big bee, then stamped the smaller bee and the word. Using a black Gelly Roll 08 that kept clogging (ARGH), wrote out informational quotes about bees from a dictionary, a concise encyclopedia, and wikipedia.


Seu Jorge - The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions (2005)

The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions Featuring Seu Jorge is an album by Brazilian musician Seu Jorge, released in 2005. It is a collection of David Bowie songs (plus one original, “Team Zissou”) Jorge recorded in Portuguese for the soundtrack to the film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

00:00 1) Rebel Rebel
02:46 2) Life On Mars
06:15 3) Starman
09:32 4) Ziggy Stardust
13:14 5) Lady Stardust
16:45 6) Changes
20:26 7) Oh! You Pretty Things
23:58 8) Rock N’ Roll Suicide
27:08 9) Suffragette City
30:19 10) Five Years
34:18 11) Queen Bitch
38:00 12) When I Live My Dream
40:55 13) Quicksand
45:31 14) Team Zissou

Axl’s Guitar Playing

“Axl is rhythym guitar on his own songs for the time being.” (Slash chat, 07/30/96)

“I can’t really play guitar too well, I only play the top two strings.” (Axl, Rolling Stone, 08/10/89)

“For the last couple of years, [Axl] started to go, ‘Okay, I’m going to play guitar and actually learn what these notes are.’ It’s an innocent guitar, not unlike Izzy (Stradlin, ex-GN'R guitarist) was, but Axl’s got a lot more musically than Izzy ever did.’” (Duff, Addicted to Noise, 08/30/96)

“'That tripped me out when I first came back,’ Slash says. ‘I figured ‘Okay, that’s where his focus has been. I haven’t really talked to him about it, to tell the truth. I guess he’s just been sitting at home, figuring out chords or something. Maybe he’s been taking lessons.” (Slash, Total Guitar, 01/97)

“Right now, he’s playing guitar and it’s like he plays that instrument for ten years.” (Matt, 09/23/96)


‘Some days go to hell more quickly than others’

To commemorate the feel of this week - working 18-22 hour days, either in the war room or from home on the conference bridge. Damn cryptolocker ransomware virus…

Top: Greeting card, washi tape, sparkly Gelly Roll.

Bottom: Liquid watercolor sprayed through a stencil, then spritzed with water and lightly blotted with a paper towel. Black Gelly Roll 08.