I knew the Rockman 11 Production Note Artbook was going to be sought after, with how limited the Complete Edition was. And while I am always extremely hesitant to scan whole books, and would rather you support the publishers, I know many of you out there won’t realistically have a chance to own it, due to it being sold out and in very short supply. The scalper prices on auction sites aren’t pretty. 

So, I’ve been providing pages on Twitter, which are a little larger compared to the compression that happens here. If you’d like to see these with bigger dimensions, please check out my tweets instead. And use the “:orig” suffix after the image’s filename to see them in the original size, if you don’t have an extension to automatically do it in your browser.

But here is the cover and the first 9 main pages for today, in tumblr quality. While Tweets started out more random, I’ll probably keep the posts more page-orderly here. 

Scanned from: Rockman 11: Gears of Fate!! Production Note Artbook


Yellowstone National ParK

So, as Wreck-it-Ralph has established, there are several qualities that determine whether or not someone is a Disney Princess, though not all princesses have each one:

* You encounter magic throughout the course of your journey, or some other form of special ability.

* You have a connection with an animal or animals.

* Someone wants to kidnap or enslave you.

* Romance is a part of your story.

* Your mother is missing or dies, and your father is either dead as well, or you have issues with him.

* An important part of your story involves a big, strong man showing up.

Let’s further split them into a few categories:

* Magical (magic and connection to animals)

* Troubles (Family issues and kidnapping)

* Others (big strong man and romance)

Thus, in order to determine whether or not a character is a Disney princess, they must fulfill each category. For example, Lilo from Lilo and Stitch with her connection to animals (Pudge and Jumba’s experiments), her family issues and kidnapping (her parents are dead, and Gantu kidnaps her), and her “big strong man” (who in this case is Cobra Bubbles, who tries to solve her problems by taking her to a foster family, though one could potentially interpret this as Stitch, who helps her stay with her sister and work through her issues).

Now, let’s get crazy, shall we? I’ll start!

* Roll, from the classic Mega Man series. She: has a connection to animals (specifically Beat, her robotic bird), has family troubles (her second father is now the villain of her series, and she has no mother), and has a big strong man who people think fixes her problems (specifically, Rock, her brother).

* Elizabeth Comstock, from Bioshock Infinite. She: has a connection to animals (specifically Songbird), has family issues (her actual father literally sold her, and her adopted father is using her to conquer the world; we don’t know who her real mother is), is kidnapped (by Booker Dewitt), and is helped by a big strong man (Booker Dewitt, again).

* Curly Brace, from Cave Story. She: has a connection to animals (specifically four Mimiga children she adopted), has family issues (being an android with memory problems, she doesn’t really know her “real” family), and a big strong man comes to solve her problems (Quote).

* Coco Bandicoot, from Crash Bandicoot. She: has a connection to animals (she’s befriended both a baby polar bear, and a baby tiger), has family issues (her creator, Doctor Cortex, hates her), and has to be saved by a big strong man (specifically Crash, her brother, who presumably rescues her after the end of the first game).

* Ryuko Matoi, from Kill la Kill. She: experiences magic (specifically ki, which her friends demonstrate in the final-final episode, not to mention Life Fibers), has family issues (her mother performed experiments on her as a baby among other things, and her father sent her to boarding schools throughout her childhood), is kidnapped (by her mother, who does a lot of awful things to her), and experiences a big strong man who helps her (Mikisugi).

* Jak, from Jak and Daxter. He: experiences magic (he plays around with Eco a lot), has a connection to animals (his best friend is an otter-weasel hybrid), has family issues (his biological parents are dead), was kidnapped (prior to the events of the second game, he was kidnapped and experimented on by Baron Praxis), and experiences romance (he has a girlfriend, Keira Hagai).

* Edward Elric, from Fullmetal Alchemist. He: experiences magic (which he calls Alchemy), has family issues (he hates his father, and crippled himself and his brother trying to bring their mother back from the dead), and experiences romance (he marries Winry in the epilogue).

* And who could forget Kuzko, from The Emperor’s New Groove? He: experiences magic (him being turned into a llama drives the plot), has family issues (his actual parents are dead, and the woman who raised him hates him), and has the help of a big strong man (Pacha).