rolf's place

And finally we catch up with Jonny 55 minutes into the film. What has he been doing all that time? Are they trying to give off the vibe that this scene is taking place during the same time as the kids? Well, that may be viable theory as he has to wait for a long amount of time at the end of this scene.

Take one last look at the cul-de-sac. It’s the final time we’ll ever see it.

It almost looks rather faded as if it were a ghost or mist covering it. You all know how I love coming the Eds with Stephen King stories.

Jonny and Plank, or Captain Melonhead and Splinter, run into town.

Jonny chucks a melon through the sky.

I took a screenshot of this as we see a date. 1955, the year Marty McFly traveled back to. Ooh, connection? 

1955 must have been when the stores in the town were established.

The water melon smashes to the ground.

Is this Jonny’s signal as Captain Melonhead? I wish we could have learned more about his alternate ego. He’s living two lives. It’s never revealed why Jonny has taken on this mask. He wanted to the keep the kids safe from the Eds scamming them which never happened. 

He’s obviously not doing it for attention. Jonny built that whole melon fortress for himself. He’d rather be a loner then spend time with the kids. He’s obvious to towards how the kids feel about him. Then again, he does have two personalities. I remember Jonny wore a sad look when Kevin told him to give his act a rest. 

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~Scamander Home~

Folks like Luna and Rolf would never be able to tie themselves down to a single spot of soil. After the two got married -in all of Luna’s eccentric glory- Rolf used some of his inherited Scamander fortune to buy, not a house, but one of the best Charmed Tents you could purchase. Whenever an adventure full of new creatures beckoned them to a place of another land, they’d fold up their home and carry it on their backs onto their next exploration; their twin sons, Lorcan and Lysander, knowing a home but not a house, and having a backyard that never ended.


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