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HOMELAND | “The Flag House” | Bit Players | Nicki, played by Erin Darke.

Erin Darke is an American actress, self-described as “a girl from Flint.” She’s most well-known for her her portrayal of Cindy on the Amazon series, Good Girls Revolt, but her IMDb page is an interesting hodgepodge of guest spots on television series and appearances in (mostly indie) films. 

She’s been in a relationship with Daniel Radcliffe since 2014, which is probably not the most interesting thing about her, but he’s a very nice young man and I hope they are very happy. 

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Am an actor and the last thing I want to play is a boring faithful wife/girlfriend pinning for prince charming, getting married and having 15 kids. I totally understand why David wants to play this kind of roles and he is awesome in them. Actors shouldn't choose a career path just to please a few of their fans. Am also a Davids fan and I know how to separate reality and fiction. Love it when he plays a bad boy.

1. Bit different, considering it’s vital there should be roles out there for women which encompass more than being the gf of protagonist. What’s not so vital are rich privileged womaniser roles…we have plenty of those lol. But I get what you are saying, it’s fun to play against his own personality, fun to play a bad guy, not a boring nice man
2. I’m not his agent, how dare I criticise his acting decisions, dt plays bad guys so well (so often…), i’m not clever enough to see the nuance in these roles, to appreciate the good in these terrible dudes, etc etc, yep I know, we’ve been here before lmao 😂😂
3. Separating reality and fiction is actually something I can do too…I can also separate criticising the writing of a play (not even that! mentioning other people’s criticism!) and liking the lead actor 😉
4. I’m using up my mobile data to have this convo but at least it’s making my commute from work go quicker lol ta


@harnaamkaur and I are tired of your shitty gender roles. We shot this series for @theparallelmag to challenge what people are “allowed to do.” She has a beard due to a medical condition. She loves it and kills it! As for me, I just want to wear a skirt sometimes cuz I think it can look dope! The fact we socially relegate these fashion and styling attributes to certain genders just seems so frivolous and dangerous when you consider how aggressive people get when their confronted with these things that don’t fit into their understanding of how the world works. At the end of the day, just be yourself and love yourself and don’t judge others who are living that way. Think outside the parameters that we are lead to believe are absolute and see the world as it is! Much love to all of you!
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I’ve never read a female character that was so unsexualized, ever, and I’ve been acting for 12 years. So the fact that I’m not sexualized doesn’t even come up in the script. I’m just like a confused, vulnerable person period. I have orange teeth and they made me as disgusting as I could possibly be, and it felt like winning the lottery.
—  Fiona Dourif on playing Bart in Dirk Gently

C: Why are men are so weird when it comes to switching up gender roles? I was going to the library and I was ahead of a guy. So I opened the door and held it open for him and was like, “Go ahead.” I’m naturally polite so I thought nothing of it. His facial expression was literally like that blinking white guy gif and then he was like "No, you go ahead, I got the door.”  just shrugged and walked inside. Like boy we both goin to the same place. Just walk in and go about ya life😂.

for a show that’s about a black woman joining major league baseball, talks about the pressure on women to succeed in male-dominated sports, features an amazing platonic relationship between the main female and another main black male, talks openly about anxiety issues, includes a black housewife that flourishes in that role while supporting her husband’s career, while also talking about the sacrifices she has made AND has a very beautiful friendship based on respect and love between the main career-orientated female and the housewife, pitch does not get the love it deserves