w/ katarinavanlofen-newavenger

It wasn’t every day that you’d see a man strolling the streets in such get-up as Hansel wore. Luckily, however, it was midnight and the city was strangely quiet…

How did he get here? The hunter had no idea. He’d turned up on the outskirts of the city after being smacked around the head with a shovel. Still dizzy, confused, and rather scared of his strange surroundings, he just kept walking in hopes to find help or a place to stay.

Anybody’s company would have pleased him. He guessed no one really knew how to approach him, however.

Who would? If you saw a man in a black trench coat and a large shotgun, would you honestly try to talk to him?

Everything in this extremely large town was confusing… Buildings that reached the skies. Strangely shaped carriages that moved by themselves, with no aid of horses… Things that seemed to have stolen the sun’s light… And screens with people trapped inside.

The hunter, distressed, staggered on down the street as his eyes darted this way and that. He flinched whenever cars sped by, and he stared in confusion at all of the lights in the city. This wasn’t Germany. This definitely wasn’t Augsburg… Hell, this wasn’t even in his time period. Was he in the future? Or had he been in the past all his life? He didn’t know… All he wanted was a warm place to stay, instead of trudging the streets as rain poured down from the heavens.