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I feel like my activity on here is drying up.  I reblog starters constantly, and only the same 2 or 3 people ever send anything in.  I have over 200 followers on both of my blogs, but only 10 or so actually interact with me.  It’s really disheartening.  There’s so many people I want to roleplay with, but when I message them they never reply.  People reblog memes from me, but they won’t talk to me or interact with my characters.

Am I not a good enough writer?  Are my characters not interesting?  I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong

Since I just took a speaking exam and I have another next week I thought i would write some advice for language speaking exams. I find the speaking exams the hardest part of learning a language and I got very stressed before my German speaking which affected my performance. Some of the advice will be general whilst other parts might be focused on GCSE level.

1. Before the Exam
- you have to get to the exam at least 15 before, use this time to recite your presentation to yourself and any key phrases you want to remember. The quiet conditions will help.
-if you have a roleplay section, look over the card and come up with what you want to say and make sure you understand what is being asked and what you must do.
-keep calm! This is very important (and also very difficult) but can really help you. Take deep breaths and focus - my teacher allowed us to bring a stress ball or soft toy to help relax us, but ask your teacher beforehand whether that is okay.

2. Roleplay
- the roleplay can be the easiest part of the exam.
- read the top of the roleplay card very carefully, it will include details of what the roleplay is about and the information could be needed later in the roleplay.
- the words in the questions can often be recycled in your answer!
- you can get all 3 marks by answering the question in short incomplete sentences, you don’t need to use perfect language, for example replying by just saying ‘2 people’ can get you all the marks!

2. Presentation/ Speech
- talk slowly and make the words clear but get into a natural flow.
- if you are allowed a memo card with words on it, make them the start of each sentence or paragraph so they can prompt you.
- the teacher will ask you questions about the topic afterwards so prepare before and come up with some questions they could ask you. Phrases which can be adapted to different questions work well.

4. General conversation
-you will usually cover 2-3 topics (gcse)
- the teacher should announce the topic of conversation before they ask you a question, so listen carefully to what they are saying.
- learn set phrases which can be used in any topic and also sentence started which can play for time while you think of an answer.
-Learn how to say ‘sorry, I don’t understand the question’ and 'please can you repeat that’. These phrases are very good so you can have the question asked again and you will get marks for asking in the correct language.
- even saying 'I don’t know’ in the language is better than saying nothing at all.

Once the exam is over, however it went, just remember that it’s done and you won’t have to do it again!
It’s only 10-15 minutes of your life and will be over very quickly.

Final reminder:
Your teacher is on your side and they want you to do well. They will try to stretch you to get a good grade but talk to them if you are nervous and they will help you.

Well that’s about it. If you have anything to add, feel free. I hope everyone does well in all their language exams !!! 📚💪🏻

“I struggle with severe ADHD, as well as, generalized anxiety disorder and it’s hard for me to concentrate on more than 3 threads at a time. To make roleplay an enjoyable experience for me, I need to be selective at times with replies. So please don’t get upset with me if I take a day off of tumblr for my own health or reply to a certain thread a little later than expected. This isn’t a job. I’m just here to have fun.“

A Thing That Should Happen

//So, I was thinking - quite fondly - back on the phenomena that was the SOLDIER Olympics. If this doesn’t ring a bell (it was almost a year ago, you might not have been around then/following the people involved) here’s some links:

  • full tag as Lazard and I experienced it, chronologically
  • Summaries one and two

But a quick tl;dr for those not interested in reading all the shenanigans…. basically @firxga started an event, not really seriously but it caught on like wildfire. And all of a sudden there’s multiple roleplayers jumping into threads so you have multi-person threads and some of the most delightful chaos I’ve ever seen. Shyness went out the window. Everyone was interacting with everyone and it was glorious.

And the side effect was people who might not normally interact suddenly were. I think there were probably a lot of new interactions that led to later threading and even friendships (that was when I first really started interacting with @firxga and @engineershands, for example) and it was just… so much fun.

I want that again. I want to see everyone just interacting without all the (natural, admittedly) shyness or worry about what is or isn’t “good enough” performance anxiety that “formal” threads often bring on. These were short, rapid replies with literally no goal other than to have fun, which really is what roleplay should be about at its heart.

But I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to bring that spark back again. So I’m reaching out to see what everyone thinks about it. I know I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it, and I think the community as a whole would definitely benefit.

My thought, tentatively, was that we could have a situation set up with the understanding that anyone could pop in anywhere. Multiple open starters for the same situation, so things are overlapping with the sense that all these threads are simultaneous and loosely related.

The first thought that’s been knocking around in my head was possibly some sort of costume party/masquerade, because that would be easy to cross departments and even universes in - so long as you could think of an excuse (even a flimsy one) to handwave your muse into that time period, you’d be good. I want it as inclusive as possible, and hopefully something that might last longer than a couple days because then no one has to worry about missing things because of work/timezones/what have you.

Any thoughts? People interested? Better ideas? I literally want to hear everyone’s opinion on this, don’t think because we haven’t talked I don’t. So either comment on here or reblog whatever you’d like. I’ll be in and out today, but keeping an eye on this as much as I can.

startin’ sunday off.

Good morning, Bayviewians!

There are a few things I wanted to address this morning, after talking to Lindsey and Kelly these past couple of days, so I figured I’d start Sunday off with a mod post. Please make sure that you read through, as I think we could all use a bit of a refresher.

First order of business! I don’t mind helping anyone out in chat messages either here or on my account for roleplaying, but I do have to ask that for things that need to be addressed on main (updating pages, hiatus requests, etc.) you please contact us through the inbox. Sometimes when I am logged in and doing replies, I just want to focus on replies, and if it’s not super pressing, I don’t want to log out and change something right away – I will still get to it ASAP, but if another mod is available, or I’m not going to get to it until later, it is so much easier to grab a request from the inbox here on main.

Please, please, please keep an eye on your replies. I know that I am not the only person who has had the issue lately of dropped replies – and sometimes it happens; Tumblr eats activity like mad. However, you are responsible for your own activity! Double check that you got everything, and please don’t drop things within one or two replies. It makes people that much less likely to want to interact with you. Also, do starters in a timely fashion – make sure you are around when possible to pick up your replies. No one should, a week later, still be waiting for a reply from you. Make sure that you are putting priority into replying to new starters (especially for new celebrities) to welcome them to the group, as well!

And along those lines… we will be sending our warnings and or talking to people that we feel are skating around activity checks by only getting active on Saturday nights or Sunday mornings. This is not fair to people who carve time out of their week to be active and not make checks, and we would rather nip it in the bud. In the same respect, we ask that you please monitor your activity in general; if you play multiple celebrities, make sure they are all caught up. Don’t take on more than you can keep up with, is all that we ask; we’re all adults here, you’re responsible for your own activity, but we do have to be mods and call out bad activity when we see it.

Don’t forget that you are more than welcome to use our #bviewsocial tag for gameplay! However, it bears repeating that it should only be used for social media posts. This means tweets, instagram posts, photos relating to things happening in their lives, etc. Please refrain from posting queued photos just for decor, outfits for events, etc. It’s nice to see it being used, and I hope that you guys are enjoying it just as much as we are!

And lastly, before I head off for the day… just give us a bit of lovin’ over here. It only takes a few minutes to read mod posts and hit the like button, but we really have no other way to know that you’re out there and enjoying what you see other than what you like. So when you read a mod post, or see a new event/party listed, just give us a like, it would mean lot to us.

Thanks, guys! xo

Update: Roleplays Now Closed

Hello loves! I’m sad to say that the roleplays are closed for now :( We need to catch up on writings, reactions, AUs…all that stuff! It was very fun roleplaying with you all! We will reply to the roleplays that are already in our inbox at a later time. Maybe about a week or so! Requests are still open! We love you all!

- Admins Jewel and Tae

Taking Prompts For Drabbles!

So tomorrow (hopefully) I will be at the hospital with my mom from around 8:30 AM to 2ish in the afternoon. Now, the hospital has wi-fi for free, except they block AO3 from being used. So I am going to write stuff and work on roleplay stuff, but I also haven’t written drabbles in forever and I’d like to write some and post them directly to Tumblr in replies to asks (so you have to send me an ask with this stuff) and then collect them into a drabble set later.

This is what I want:

  1. A fandom/set of fandoms to cross over
  2. A character or pair/trio of characters (+ for platonic fic, / for romantic fic)
  3. A VERY SIMPLE prompt (like a color, an object, an emotion, etc.)
  4. A word to incorporate into the fic or fic title

All my fandoms and ships are open, and if I’m not exhausted when I get home (because I have to get up at, like, 6:30 in the morning to make sure my mom follows her pre-op instructions) I will post all of these to AO3 as well as any other stuff I write. You can send as many as you want as long as each request is in a separate ask.


Advice, if you write with someone who writes longer than you, it’s all good, just please


don’t make them the responsible of moving the story forward, it’s stressing that you show little interest in what we pour our soul to it.

If you have no motivation then take a break from that reply, but don’t leave everything in the hands of one single person, that person sooner or later will grow bored of you and won’t want to write with you anymore.

Roleplay is like a relationship, it’s something of TWO people, if you don’t collaborate there is no relationship possible.

Come as you are (Long-term partner search)

Hello, world!

My name is Anna and I am a 24 years old girl looking for a long-time roleplay. I have five years of experience in the “domain” (started roleplaying in 2012), but I have more writing experience than that. I am looking for a roleplay partner who is really willing to go long-term (one of my oldest roleplays goes two years back) and to be active – but that I will detail later in the post.

Before I move to the interesting parts, there’s a few things I should mention about me:

Timezone: UTC+2 (Easter European Timezone) (I’m two hours ahead of the UK, if that is more conclusive)

Availability: I can reply multiple times a day – depending on my schedule. I’m a university student, but I often have time to roleplay, so I’m pretty constant.

My style: I can write long replies, 500+ words. I prefer them actually as they are more relevant than something shorter. I usually write long replies if my partner is willing to do the same.

Pairings: I’m okay with most pairings FxM, MxM, FxF

Smut: I do write smut, but only if my partner is over 18. However, smut is not necessary in the story. If you are not comfortable with it, we can totally forget about smut.

What am I looking for in a partner:

1.       Age:

  • ·         Over 18 if you want to write smut. I’m sorry, but that’s the rules and I don’t want to get myself in trouble
  • ·         14+ if you want a clean roleplay. NO SMUT. If you are minor and you search me for smut you will be politely denied.

I’m not fussy about the age of my partners. I found 16 years old people who had a deeper and more mature style than a 20+ years old.

2.       Location: I don’t mind anywhere, but if you’re from Europe I will love you forever. Roleplaying with people from my own timezone has been a luxury lately.

3.       Availability: I understand we all have lives outside the internet, but please be able to reply at least a few times a day. A roleplay to which I receive a reply per day or every few days gets very frustrating as it is hard for the story to move on.

4.       Length of replies: PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ONE-LINERS! You don’t have to write “Anna Karenina” to me, but if I see something like [“Oh…” he said looking away] I will flip and probably will not answer to me. I would prefer my partner send me at least a few paragraph worth of writing to match my reply. I understand that sometimes we are not visited by the muse of inspiration, but please no one-liners or just a few sentences.

What am I looking for in a roleplay:

I prefer independent roleplays, not fandom ones. I like to build my world from scratch. Obviously, I only roleplay with Original Characters (OCs).

What I am interested in (but if you have something else in mind write me and we could work that out, I’m pretty flexible):

  • ·         Romance – both building a romance or established relationship
  • ·         Drama
  • ·         Historical or Kingdom AU - I’m kind of a history nerd so I will love you forever if you want to roleplay this with me)
  • ·         Supernatural – vampire, witches, wizards, warlocks, werewolves, fairies, etc.
  • ·         Time-travelling – again, this comes from my love of history. I would love to roleplay about a King / Queen / Lord / Lady who travels from the past and has to adapt to modern day.


  • ·         R*pe / S*xual abuse / Dub-con
  • ·         BDSM
  • ·         Incest / Pedophilia / Necrophilia / Bestiality / and kind of freak things like those
  • ·         Toilet-play / Urine / Scat / Humiliation / no weird stuff like that
  • ·         Cancer. This is a personal trigger of mine, but I don’t want to include characters that have cancer.
  • ·         Demons (they scare me)

That is all I can think about for now. If something comes up in our roleplay and I feel uncomfortable with it, I will let you know.



I only roleplay through email, so if you don’t want it or if you are trying to convince me to try Kik, Chatzy, Tumblr or Skype, you are out of luck.

Please, don’t write me if you don’t want to use email.

I’m looking forward to hearing from anyone who would be interested in roleplaying with me!

For Shiva Sakes I’m 26 already~~

ALRIGHT.  *internal heavy breathing*

Today i’m celebrating my 26th birthday and filed a leave on my work just to be with my family today. XD As much as i wanted to reply with some roleplays here and write yet the plots, i think it has to wait a little bit until later. Weekend was also tough! The festival was full of racket and i had a blast. Also, adding to the fun i cosplayed as Prompto once again in a festival version and will post bunch of selfies soon in here. 

And oh! Lastly, i my dad just surprised me with another GunPla kit XD and i’m excited to build it today. ^^ Yea, it’s also one of my hobbies aside cosplaying, collecting Plamo Kits and dad literally got it for me as a present. I love him so much~<3 

Really guys~ much apologies if i haven’t been active in here a lot @_@ i will try my best to be vacant later to catch up some roleplays. Peace out!

Originally posted by mochi

Maid-Ashton Irwin

Smut smut smut oh my gosh I cannot believe I wrote this but I hope u like it

*One month before*
“So what are your biggest fantasies?” Your boyfriend Ashton asked you as you were lying in bed together one night. The two of you had a great sex life but you both knew that talking about sex and what you liked and felt comfortable with was just as important as actually doing it.

Keep reading

Roleplaying PSA

Hello everyone, I just wanted to hop in here to talk about something that has been happening a lot and is quite frustrating.

What I’m about to talk about obviously does not apply to this blog. You can like and reblog and do whatever with this blog, that’s what it’s here for. This is applying to actual roleplay blogs, or heck, yea even personals. What I’m going to talk about is:

Massive Liking Sprees.

What I mean by this is when a person goes and likes a lot, or in my case recently, quite literally everything you post. It’s especially bothersome when they do so all at once since it’s pretty evident that a person is going to your blog specifically and scrolling down it and indiscriminately liking every post you make whether it’s an idle ooc comment, a thread, a meme, a picture, an answer, etc. It’s even MORE frustrating when it’s obvious that they aren’t actually reading what you write when they go ahead and like a post where you specify only certain people are allowed to like. Obviously they aren’t liking these things because they want to return to them, so their motives become rrreaaallllly sketchy.

Here are a couple reasons you shouldn’t do this.

  • A lot of roleplayers use their activity page to see who has responded to their roleplays. It allows them to be able to go to those responses and either draft them or reply from there. If there is a huge line of likes then it makes it incredibly difficult to find the responses that people have given them, and they may even end up becoming lost.
  • In all sincerity there is just no reason to do it. Liking an answer or a roleplay because you find it interesting is great. Liking a meme so you can reblog it later…okay (though in that case you can always just draft it). If they say something you want to encourage or show you have read, awesome! But when you do this it’s clear you aren’t really thinking about the individual post and it just becomes, quite frankly, creepy. Perhaps your intent is just to show how much you like this person but it really does not work.
  • It can make the roleplayer wonder why you are doing this and lead to some justifiable conclusions that you are trying to ingratiate yourself towards them. Which them can make them feel INCREDIBLY uncomfortable. This goes doubly so if you are not a mutual because they it can make them feel like you expect some sort of recompense.

So please, don’t do that. If you want to show your appreciation for a roleplayer just send an occasional message, or some meme stuff whenever they post a meme where you can send complimentary messages. There are plenty of those. You don’t know how disappointing it is to get excited at having 40+ notifications and it’s literally just one person liking every post you have made.

tumblr mobile hack for roleplayers !!

so tumblr just updated (yay) and it sucks for those of us who like to roleplay while mobile. you can’t properly reblog a reply (for example, i save all of my replies as drafts to work on later) bc for some reason there’s no post button??¿?

therefore, if you would like to continue to roleplay while mobile, download xkit (the app). you can reblog and save your posts as drafts, as well as edit the html, in xkit and then move into the tumblr app and edit as you normally would! it takes a few extra steps but your reblogs (in the tumblr app drafts) come up as they used to. or, tbh, you could just use the xkit app and not tumblr

hopefully this makes sense and if if doesn’t, message me and i can try and help

Hello, I just want to make a quick announcement that I’m taking a break for a while from roleplays, so any promises of roleplay or recieved rp starter will be postponed later, when I feel better and when I can get my head up on my shoulders again…I can barely wake up these days, struggling with a busy and stressful time, and I still have problems with my stomach, and I’m financially low at this one too, so tough time for me, anyways, I’m also closed with requests since I have so many of them, so I’m taking the time to improve my drawing instead and finish the promised arts, sorry for taking long…drawing details and accurate anatomy requires great focus and investment from me as in mentally, so I have a hard time to finish a drawing within days.

Furthermore, I could use some feedbacks from you, what you think of my roleplays? Is it good? Entertaining? Or maybe too long and winded? Is my grammer and my writing good? Do you notice a pattern or a common mistake from me? Let me know!

EDIT: I’ll finish my thread with Boomie, as it will be a short one.

Looking for RP

Balmung! Hoping that tumblr page for my character will help me find more RP contacts and in-game friends. Feel free to poke me in-game or share this post.
RP info below the image! (may be editing info later)

  • Server :  Balmung
  • Name :  Vi’sano Fylhara
  • Race :  Miqo’te mix
  • Gender :  Male
  • Age :  Late twenties
  • Sexual orientation :  Unknown
  • Relationship status :  Single

RP style and what I’m looking for:  

  •  I write both long and short replies depending on situation and RP partner(s) present. But rarely anything longer than one chat entry.
  •  I prefer roleplay group of 1-5 characters. Bigger RP events often get me confused and makes it harder for me to focus on my own RP because I like to read all RP I see around me even if they don’t interact with my character directly. So it makes me slow. I’m not against events, but may need a poke in /tell if it seems I might have miss something directed to me.
  •  Open to all themes, be it tavern, romance, dark, …
    But those expecting only sexual RP/ERP should not waste time on Sano, he doesn’t do casual one nighters.  I don’t mind random/casual RP but hoping to find some long term contacts and relationships of every type. Never know what happens later.

General appearance : Tall and dark. Usually with comfortable clothes, no heavy armor. His teal eyes may seem piercing and intimidating at first, after time appear softer and gentler when around friends.
Scars etc :  Fully clothed you would not be able to see any bigger scars/marks on him. Just few tiny ones.

Other : Keeps his body in shape for battle but rarely seen carrying any weapons. Avoids getting into physical fights, but does not run from them…

Quick tutorial on how to reblog your RP so it looks like it did before the update

1. Here’s the post after you click reblog: 

2. Highlight your partner’s previous reply and copy & paste it into the “your text here” box

3. Write your partner’s name above the copied/pasted text. Do not make it a link. Write your reply under your partner’s. If you are writing part of a reply and will return to finish it later, save the draft like this and do not move to step 4.

4. When you are ready to post your reply, go back up to the top, click on the ‘settings’ button and change the text editor to markdown

5. Go back to your text box and add “>” to each paragraph of your partner’s reply, but not to their name that you wrote in the box and not to your own reply

6. Delete the official reblog content up top

7. Reblog your post

8. Voila! Finished Result.

anonymous asked:

What tips/advice would you give to a role player, who wants to get better at roleplaying, and writing altogether?

Hey there, friend!

 First off I just want to say thank you for coming to me, I love getting questions like this and am always happy to help. If this doesn’t answer your question feel free to come off anon or shoot an im my way. I split it up into two sections so I don’t dump a huge pile of text on you. 


Do a character study, it’s a lot of work but you’ll be happier for it later. I have a separate private blog just for headcanons, meta, facts, and dialogue that I particularly liked. Don’t just look at the character, look at what others say about them in canon. You’ll learn a lot by looking at them through another character’s eyes. Read  ( or watch ) everything you can on your character. 

Take your time with replies, if you aren’t happy with them, save them until you are. Replies are just like writing a short piece of fiction. Read it through and edit them

* If you want to see if something sounds awkward, copy and paste the passage into google translate and listen to it. You’ll be able to instantly hear any awkward phrasing or ooc dialogue. *

Don’t worry about formatting. It’s the writing that makes the roleplayer, not the formatting or icons. Give people a chance even if you don’t like the way they format. 

Other ‘twin’ muses aren’t people to be jealous of! If anything, they’re the people you’d want to befriend the most. They love the character just as much as you, and that’s something special you won’t find with other partners. 

If you’re not having fun, take a break. You’re not here to please people. Don’t try to be anyone else, people aren’t at your blog for that person, they’re following you for YOU. They chose you


READ everything you can. Other people’s threads, novels, and even fanfictions. I highly recommend reading poetry. I’m a poet and that has helped so much in my writing, especially with descriptions. HERE is an amazing example of descriptions in poetry. 

Show, don’t tell. I don’t want to hear about your muse carrying keys. Tell me about the jangle as he walks or the glint of moonlight off nickel silver. 

Vary how you start your sentences. Check that you’re not starting every sentence with he. And also vary sentence length! A variety will give your writing a good flow. 

Cut down on over used vocabulary, and try to get a thesaurus. Also try to kill your adverbs. ( words ending in -ly ) They tend to mean you’re using passive adjectives. Try to write in an active voice. 


SanNami Relevant Quotes

//Yo! I never did something like ‘analysis’ before, even for Sanji. If I need to keep being in character for roleplaying him, somehow I just take it from popular quotes to make up his quality. I collect them here ( But yeah, lemme fanboying (?) a bit that I ship SanNami. Haha, fanboying?? Well, I’ve laughed at myself because I admit I ever thought both @mapofallblue and @pernanegra are girls just because of their shipping content, so why don’t I contribute some this time?

Quote #1

When I found this, I’m thinkin’ of:

D: I want to say this to Sanji! Why do you use “san” for Nami, who’s younger, and “chan” for Nico Robin, who’s older? Isn’t it the opposite normally? Hey Sanji-kun, that’s rude for Robin-chan!

-By Girl same age as Sanji

O: Yeah. Really. What’s that about? Maybe it’s Nami’s natural queenly-ness that makes him do it. But anyway, age doesn’t matter, ‘cause they’re all free. Probably just random.

So, keep that in mind, guys, if Sanji treats Nami like a queen and call her “Nami-san”, that isn’t because of senior-junior context like how Brook respecting everyone with “-san”. That’s because he is so gentleman and gentleman doesn’t treat other women the same way but her only. And I believe she calling him with “-kun” is for a reverse treatment that she enjoys it. Who woman doesn’t like a man treating her like that?  

Quote #2

Well, she never leaves him, she’s very determined to rescue him until…… he lied to her. Like Luffy, she knew he was lying. Then she said whatever his reason to lie to her, she doesn’t seem care anymore. So, don’t judge why Nami reacts differently from Luffy and expect she should’ve been understood. She’s a woman, while between Luffy and Sanji is more like a brother/bestfriend trust & loyalty (that a real friend will never leave you in any situation).

Quote #3

…and he has pushed her (and Luffy) away. The official quote when she slapped him is “Sorry, for overstepping our boundaries”. And that could mean she has given him all she have. Thanks to Luffy, that she was still at WCI mostly because of her captain’s stubbornness (like what Brook states). If she seemed to look more concern to Luffy’s well-being than Sanji’s situation now (after chapter 843), it’s very reasonable.

Quote #4

But yeah, they won’t ‘break up’ forever. C'mon, it’s never like they’re breaking up because someone has cheated over! And Sanji will let his nakama in to help, he has recognized his big mistake for being martyrdom. She will accept him back alongside everyone else.

“Mistakes are always forgivable if one have the courage to admit them.” –Bruce Lee.

Quote #5

This is the final one. We’ve seen how he treats his mother even when he was still a toddler. We will see he protects his sister because he’s too kind to ever let her die. And Pudding clearly wasn’t the one he’d love. In the end, he’d show he only loves Nami as the one (like the beginning). Bellemere (mother) and Nojiko (sister) are the most important persons to Nami, and she’d love a man who could love his mother and sister the same way.

Alright, guys, it’s just simple essay. I’m too lazy for writing more texts that I even still owe so many roleplay threads and most of them are with @konekonami *coughs* (somehow I’m writing like this to inspire me what thread/ask reply I should type) . But I’ll probably share more thoughts about SanNami later. But, it’d be mostly from Sanji’s side.

Lmfao, I don’t think I’ve ever done a bias list or any kind of post on Ikki despite meaning to for 800 years, but better late than never KJERNKGJEBG. I’ll consider this a thank you for all the milestones I’ve hit as well as for all the love I’ve been given on this blog in general, because goodness there is so much more of it than I ever expected. When I first starting roleplaying Ikki almost a year ago, barring like two months at this point, not many people knew what Amnesia was or who Ikki was and I was, like… the only… person… in the rp community rip, so obviously I didn’t expect much from this blog. I kinda figured he’d die off after a month or so, as is my usual curse when I pick up new muses. They rarely stick around – but Ikki didn’t just stick, man, he took over as my main and grabbed my heart and soul akjsdhfajkg.

That is, of course, due to all of you. Despite being from a relatively unknown fandom, so many of you still interacted with me and gave me a chance (in NO small part thanks to Disney World ;’)) and now here I am, almost a year later, still going strong with about 700 of you following me. I can’t thank you all enough for roleplaying with me here and even getting to know my muse after we started interacting, for those of you who went on to play Amnesia! I’m so glad the fandom has gotten a few new members and that I’ve been joined in the community by such great roleplayers. It warms my doki doki heart. I look forward to continuing to interact with you all in the future, despite you all having to put up with my sometimes abysmal reply speed. :’)

Below the cut, a quick bias list to show my appreciation and admiration to a super small group of people. See you all on the other side in 2017 ;) ♥

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