Off on an Adventure with roleplayingtardis

Claudia had just gotten out of work and was heading up the stairs to her flat on the third floor. As she approached her flat, she noticed her door was slightly opened. Her hand went quickly to the hand gun holster to her hip. She drew it and walked in. She heard rummaging in the kitchen and she ran over to the noise.

“Freeze!” Claudia yelled. “Who are you and what are you doing in my flat?” 


She sat in her flat, typing away on the search engine she programmed herself, she wanted information about the strange man that kept appearing in her life. She wanted to find him again, it was time for him to follow up on his promise and show her the stars!

As if on cue, she heard a sound she had been dreaming off for months. She ran out, and there it was in her front yard. The incredible blue box. 

I Need a Doctor

Claudia was lying on her couch, sniffling. She hadn’t slept well in four days and she had called off twice this week. Her throat was raw from coughing. She heard a slight groaning noise, a familiar one. She looked around when she heard a knock at the door. She slowly rose to her feet and shuffled to the door, wrapped in her bathrobe and a blanket.

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This is my butterfly…on here are names that are the people that have held me up during rough times. Some are URL’s some are real names. Some of the names that aren’t URL’s (JD, Sammie, Emily, Wesley, Caryn) are within the butterfly and the URL’s (see tags) are on the outside.

EDIT: I did not draw this. I wish I did. A friend of mine found it for me via the internet and felt like I should give credit where credit id due. Sorry for the confusion.