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It annoys me when people disregard OCs completely just because of a few bad experiences. We’re not all Mary Sues and it’s not such a bad thing if the OC and the mun have a lot of traits in common. Some of us work really hard to make the character likable and just because the mun and the muse are similar it’s no reason to say the character is bad.

I feel really awkward talking to people on my OC’s blogs.  I have tried sending so many asks to different people just saying ‘I would to rp with you.’ but I never send them because I feel like I’m bothering them, so I back out.  I have backed out on so many open rps because I feel like I’ll just annoy the person and they’ll hate me and my characters.  I rarely make starters because I feel pathetic, like I’m saying ‘pay attention to me!’ and no one ever responds unless I plot.  I’m sorry I’m not quality, or a canon character in some really huge fandom.  I’m sorry for having an extremely over-active imagination, and I’m sorry for wanting to RP with you.

It bothers me when people proclaim that roleplaying is just a game. For a lot of people, it’s an escape, where they feel safe. It bothers me even more when they claim that muses aren’t real. I have DID {Dissociative Identity Disorder} and my muses are my Alters, my other personalities. I have it under control, but they need an outlet too and for them, and that’s RP. They’re very real to me and when they’re hurt, I’m hurt. I just want people to think about and consider possibilities like that.

I feel really bad for everyone who follows me and the few people I’m RPing with now because it takes me a while to get to my replies because I often don’t have time to sit down and write it, just a few minutes here and there to lurk. And when I do have time to write, I often get intimidated by the fantastic people who write with me and am never happy with my replies so I keep trying to rewrite them. I’m sorry, everyone. :/

Egoisticengineer is such a fantastic Tony Stark. I mean when I first found her blog, I was overwhelmed by her fluid writing and perfect portrayal, and that statement stays the same even now. Even OOC she’s hilarious, and as sweet as can be. I just wish that one day we can be RP partners that have gif wars and all that jazz.

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Honestly I agree with the anon who called tumblr a bunch of hypocrites. No one is forcing you to RP with an OC, absolute NO ONE, but the anon does have a valid point when s/he says that canon characters don't give OCs the time of day. I'm fine with a canon character not wanting to RP with my OC, but I need a valid reason other than "WELL, I'm not OC friendly because I'm assuming all OCs are half-assed and underdeveloped". I've seen it happen time after time.

I have a huge problem with female OC’s. I know it’s unfair but I cannot help but see 50% of them as instant Mary Sues. This gets way worse when I take a chance on one and just slowly start to realize she is either a Sue or a shameless Self Insert. I don’t want to feel that way but a burnt child stays away from fire, right?

Sigyn-goddess-of-fidelity23 is just an amazing roleplayer. She knows her character well, she understands that her character isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and that she goes through hardships and has responsibilities. The mun is a wonderful person that always wants to help anyone she can. She means a lot to me and I know that she can mean a lot to you.