Gallery Opening Saturday!

Postcard invitations are popping up all over town for the grand opening of PUBLIC: an Art Gallery this Saturday, July 25th beginning at 6PM.  Gallery owner Lucy Mitford (lucymitford) is hosting a cocktail party in celebration of her new gallery!  Check out all the details here.


I REALLY wanna roleplay with people. Send me your fucked up roleplays for a cum loving, public loving whore like me! Please, dont hold back! I will give you my kik if i like the roleplay idea!!!!

anonymous asked:

Are you into:- s and m, candlewax dripped on each other, fisting, deep throating, t bagging, roleplay, sex toys, public sex, facials?

So, here’s the deal: I’ll give you a five second head-start before I go completely postal on you– clearer?

nay to sadism and masochism, waxplay and probably fisting, too, but the rest of the list? he digs that shit so hard. – facials? hot. roleplay, sex toys? he’s super into that

serindatveitxo asked:

Holly Amell is (26) years old. (S)He’s a SUBMISSIVE from Memphis, TN. (S)He’s looking for a FEMALE/MALE dominant who looks like ANY FC. His/Her kinks are ROUGH SEX, ROLEPLAY, DIRTY TALK, PUBLIC. Also, (s)he looks a lot like, SHENAE GRIMES, but (s)he doesn’t believe it.

Accepted! Send it in within 6 hours!

Escaping the public [Open RP]

It was one of those nights again. Fancy event, fancy clothes, fancy food. And Meg just had to be forced to go there, as usual. Most the most part, it seemed like her parents were there for her only to drag her to these events with them. And even though she couldn’t blame them for wanting to spend some time together, which they almost never did, she just couldn’t help but hate how they didn’t understand her dislike towards this kind of thing.

Coming to the event with her well-known parents and wearing her pink dress, she got quite the attention on herself in this rather grim-colored crowd. Which wasn’t the goal she had wanted to achieve at all. Sigh. Now getting out of here unnoticed would be a challenge for sure. But she could still try.

About an hour after they’d arrived, Maggie decided to take her leave, unable to bear the talks about politics and economics any longer. So she sneaked through the crowd, aiming for the backdoor when she suddenly bumped into someone mere seconds before reaching the exit.

Oh gosh—..” The girl gasped softly and looked up, quickly stepping back. “I’m so sorry, I— I didn’t notice you there–..”

Roleplaying Info- For Later Reference

Hey! Just some info on how I rp.

Roleplaying style? I can roleplay both lit and script, but would prefer lit if possible.
Violence? Totally!
Smut? No thank you! Sorry.
Ships? I don’t ship Mabel with anyone in particular. (NO PINECEST, SORRY.) But if there is a ship you were thinking about, ask me and we can talk. Also, Multishipping is in place here. (Meaning one thread’s ships do not affect another)
Group roleplays? I’d LOVE to do one, if we can get enough people.
Roleplays will be public, just a notice.
No suicidal roleplays, please.

How active will I be? During the summer I usually have my tablet with me, so often. During the school year I’ll still try to be fairly active, but it’ll be later in the day.

M!A (Magic!Anon)? Bring it on!

Have a nice day! I may add things to this post from time to time if needed.