if that’s what i wanted i’d write by myself. i wouldn’t bother trying to make connections with other writers or their characters.


My character might be like da faq depending on the situation BUT THAT’S BECAUSE I’M TRYING TO WRITE HIM OR HER IN CHARACTER AND WANT YOU TO DO THE SAME.


manners-make-the-man asked:

I have a question that is absolutely going to make me come across as a dick. I apologize in advance: Considering your gifs are reproductions of works you do not own, why do you feel you have the right to make 'rules?' Further, if you cite Fair Use, you then open yourself up to the same sort of action - people using your gifs for their own use, making edits where appropriate. Finally, as footage is freely available, how do you prove someone edited your gif and did not make one of their own?

I have the right to make the rules because I cut the clips, colored the frames, made it into a gif and it’s mine. When the tumblr for the channel that airs the show reblogs me and supports me, I know that what I am doing is allowed. It brings them free publicity and my packs help people for roleplaying bringing free publicity to new faces and their movies and shows. 

When someone reposts/edits/takes my gifs, tumblr will remove them and send that reposter a message about breaking tumblr guidlines of stealing the works of others. That is the difference. 

And we all edit differently. My coloring is actually pretty unique and my stuff is watermarked, and when the frames match up completely, it’s easy to tell the work was mine. 

I’m not sure what prompted these questions but I do feel like they were meant to put me on the defense, but I’ve been getting them for years as people try to justify taking the gifs I made. Simply if someone can’t follow my rules, they should just use other gifs, or make their own, since as you said the footage is readily available. I work hard to make gifs of good quality for people to rp with, that has earned me the right to dictate how I want them used. And being used to gain others attention is not appropriate no matter the medium. 

I really want to do an Egobang roleplay with somebody off site because I get nervous about asks and public roleplaying!! So I really want to do an Egobang roleplay over either skype or email!  Also I should mention that I don’t want anything bad happening to Suzy! No death, no abuse, nothing. Au where they are just friends or their marriage just falls apart or something. Something where she and Arin are still close even if they aren’t together. I like Suzy u.u

As for ideas, I have some very very vague ones that maybe if we bounce around we can turn into real plots. Or if you have any plots or ideas, I would love to hear them! Just shoot me an ask! I don’t carewho roleplays who I just… Need it in my life. What I want is a building relationship and nothing too sudden. Then I want fluff and smut and stuff. I also really want to mix roleplay styles, having some of their interaction being the regular paragraph style roleplaying, but then also roleplaying out text messaging and stuff. I think that would be a lot of fun. Looking for a long term one on one roleplay!

I will let you know in advance that I do tend to get a bit lengthy in my posts at times? I average four paragraphs but sometimes I will only be able to give two and sometimes I have given more than four. I DO NOT EXPECT YOU TO MATCH MY LENGTH. I just need somebody who can give me at least one paragraph. x3

-Name; Eviternity Océane {Hayley Marshall}

-Age; 23

-Years at PE; 5

-Sexual Preference; No Preference

-Sexual Kinks; Dirty Talk, Roleplay, Light BDSM, Spanking, In public,      Shower  Sex, Biting, Oral, Willing to try anything, as long not to extreme.

-Are you willing to accompany patrons on dates? Yes

-Will you send your patron a video message from a live feed?  Upon request.

-Reasons for being an Escort; At first to fix a broken heart, but then the  money became to good.

At age 17, Hayley found out she was adopted. It explained why she was never liked or excepted by her adoptive parents. Instead of trying to make them love her, which was impossible. The brunette made is her life’s mission to find love elsewhere. That night she packed up a few things, grabbed as money she she could scrap up and left… never looking back once.

As time went by, she received all these mixed idea of what love is. Never really having the right example, she just decided to go what felt right. Hayley tried many things and none of them felt right until getting into Pleasure Extraordinaire at 18. It was the first thing that felt… right. So she dove right in and from there she slowly started working her way to the top. Eventually she gave up on finding “true” love and just decided to have fun. Plus, the money was undeniable. 

vorchagirl asked:

For the OTP sexual HC ask (your choice of pairings): 10) Preferred positions?11) Exploratory or traditional?12) Turn ons13) Location turn ons (public, outside, bed only, etc)

Skipper and Garrus <3

10) Preferred positions? Skipper loves it from behind, and Garrus is always happy to indulge her. Garrus loves to pin her against the wall. When they’re having a tender night, good ol’ missionary so they can look at each other.

11) Exploratory or traditional? Exploratory. They enjoy figuring out each others kinks, and figuring out how to drive each other crazy.

12) Turn ons?
Skipper: Garrus’s voice, firefights, being dominated (she would never admit this to anyone - ever. Even under pain of torture lol.)
Garrus: Skipper’s flexibility, firefights, roleplay

13) Location turn ons (public, outside, bed only, etc) They both love the thrill of getting caught, so they sneak off at times to see where they can get down without getting caught. Every room in the Normandy has been desecrated. 

OTP Sexual Headcannon Ask!

Public roleplaying is not for me. If this is a problem I’m sorry. I keep saying this because I know not everyone will be online to see it. Please message me your outside contact info like messenger or something otherwise sorry I failed you.

anonymous asked:

Oh, okay. I just ask because I'm too shy to roleplay in public, and I have a Skype, sorry if I bothered you or anything. ;-;

It’s perfectly alright. Some people are like that, which I can understand. But really, Skype rps are pretty much for mutuals and the friends I already have before this blog.

Plus itd be a lot easier to determine if I’d be okay with rping with you if I knew what your blog was.


by Sean Patrick Kelley

Death is an unappreciated artist. Her palette of painted children every colour of her lurid dreams. They approach with gray skin, green bruises, black blood, empty blue eyes, puckered purple wounds, and white bone. Their grasping hands know the gnawing, broken teeth of hunger. Their dead eyes see nothing but what they lack. Robbed of their lives, bereft of higher purpose, their base natures rule them. The restless dead only see one colour, the colour of their passion, that hue denied them. In their still cold hearts they know only hate, and the word comes unbidden to dead lips: red.

Author bio: Sean Patrick Kelley can be found in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, the Earthdawn roleplaying game, and other gaming publications. He is the co-founder of the Paradise Lost writing workshop. Follow him on twitter under @Endiron.

Hollow is part of 101 Fiction issue 8.

via 101 Fiction (comments welcome!)
Wyatt von Hausen | 19 | Journalism/Public Relations | Sophomore | Roosevelt

Money was never an issue for the von Hausen family. With a successful hotel empire that rivals the Hilton’s, Oliver and Grace von Hausen never worried about their financial stability. When Wyatt was born, they knew that he would do great things and wouldn’t tarnish the von Hausen name. The couple decided not to have any more children and, whether that was because they were happy with just Wyatt or that they were both too busy cheating on each other to even think about having another kid, the desire was nonexistent. That didn’t bother Wyatt, however. Being the only child meant he got everything he ever wanted and didn’t have to share. All the attention was put onto him at family and social gatherings, and that only boosted the young boy’s ego.

He was enrolled in private school and had a life every teenager dreams of; expensive cars, girls fawning after him left and right, and money always at hand. Wyatt did pretty well in the classroom, though he’d much rather be sailing or jetting off to Italy for pizza. One day, his Advanced English teacher assigned his class to write a newspaper article, and Wyatt displayed quite a talent for it. He joined the school’s newspaper and worked his way up to Editor-in-Chief by his junior year of prep school. While dad was in meeting after meeting with V.I.P guests and other hotel managers, mom was organizing all the social events for the hotel and dealing with the press; which explains why the various von Hausen affairs never got out or were kept quiet. Seeing what his mother did first-hand sparked an interest in Public Relations in Wyatt. He decided to double major in Journalism and Public Relations his first semester at Brookline University, much to the dismay of his father. Mr. von Hausen threatened to cut his only son off financially and pull him out of the school altogether if he didn’t change his major to Global Business Management in order to gain the skills necessary to take over the family business. Wyatt scoffed at this threat and made it very clear to his father that, without Wyatt, his entire empire would cease to exist when the time came. Since Wyatt was the only heir to the Hotel von Hausen empire and that he had no other choice, Mr. von Hausen reluctantly accepted his son’s choices and allowed him to stay at the University.


Wyatt is your typical snobby rich kid. He believes that everything needs to be handed to him on a silver platter, that money is the most important thing in life, and that monogamy is a lie (unless it’s with the right person, however). He’s arrogant, selfish, sarcastic, and a player. Wyatt von Hausen is confident on the outside, but inside, he’s a total mess. Whether it was growing up with unfaithful parents, or the countless number of girls that would sleep with him solely because he was rich, Wyatt puts on an act for fear of opening up to people. It may seem that he focuses more on the social aspects of college instead of his academics, but Wyatt has maintained a 3.4 GPA, aces a large majority of his classes, and excels in the Journalism field. At parties, Wyatt needs to be the center of attention. If he isn’t flirting with a cute sorority sister, he’s mixing drinks at the bar or tearing up the dance floor. Wyatt von Hausen may be a spoiled brat, but he is ambitious, passionate, and clever.  He uses these personality traits to get what he wants and if anyone gets in his way, they better be prepared to pay.

DOB: April 15th

Sports/Clubs: School Radio station, School Paper, Sailing Club, Plans to rush Delta Tau Chi

FC: Dylan O’Brien

jonnyboy527 asked:

I'm just shy, after this roleplay could be public, I promise

But im to lazy no need to be shy love please princess is already in bed and all comfy you really gonna make me go get my phone :( talk to me before bed like a bed time story ♡

Name: Junhong
[x] 18 - 21 
[] 22 - 25
[] 26+

[x] Male 
[] Female

Location (Couch, bed, etc.):Anywhere ;D

Favorite positions: You’ll have to find out for yourself

Dirty talk: Yes [x] No [] 

Lights: On [] Off [x]

Condom: Yes [x] No [] (( only cause Hyungie said I had too ))

Are you Submissive or Dominant: Mostly Sub but sometimes Dom

Are you a Top, Bottom, or Switch: Switch

Do you want it Soft or Rough: Both?

Turn on’s:
 - roleplay


- public sex

- toys

-lots of others

Turn off’s:
 - age play



Other (Add as much specific details as you want):

[x] Biting               [x] Leather
[x] Licking             [0] Rope
[x] Sucking            [0] Punishment

[x] Kissing             [n] Humiliation
[x] Fingering          [x] Vanilla
[0] Spit                   [x] Voyeurism
[c] Swallow            [x] Rimming
[x] Deep throat        [0] Body worship
[x] Anal                  [x] Massage
[x] Masturbating      [x] Crossdressing
[x] Toys                  [n] Hair pulling
[0] Bondage             [0] Forced orgasm
[0] Blindfold             [0] Orgasm denial
[x] Lingerie             [x] Edging
[0] Clothed             [x] Oral
[c] Shaved               [n] Begging
[c] Trimmed             [n] Discipline
[x] Dirty talk             [n] Master/Pet
[0] Costume            [n] S&M
[0] Dry humping       [n] Wax play
[0] Food                   [n] Age play

0 - haven’t tried but willing

x - yes

n - never want

c - your choice

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