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gotham season 4 episode 5 sentence starters.

  • ‘ that’s above my pay grade, pal.’
  • ‘ i am stuck between a rock and a hard place.’
  • ‘ what am i supposed to do?’
  • ‘ i AM doing my job!’
  • ‘ no sleep? again?’
  • ‘ you are joking, aren’t you?’
  • ‘ don’t say it’s not my fault.’
  • ‘ and you blame me?’
  • ‘ you’re still not ready.’
  • ‘ how- i’m sorry… WHAT happened to you?!’
  • ‘ okay, let me get this straight. you don’t remember WHO you are, or how you got here?’
  • ‘ you don’t know who YOU are? well that makes two of us!’
  • ‘ i’m sorry. i don’t know you. best of luck though.’
  • ‘ i came to see if you had lunch plans tomorrow.’
  • ‘ perhaps you overestimate the pleasure of your company.’
  • ‘ just because you know you’re capable of doing something, doesn’t mean it has to happen again.’
  • ‘ you may think you have everything, but there is one thing you don’t have.’
  • ‘ then allow me to tell you what will happen if you DON’T kill me.’
  • ‘ i will kill everyone you love.’
  • ‘ i have NEVER had an issue with you.’
  • ‘ wow, you don’t get much sun.’
  • ‘ those guys that attacked us didn’t even have five bucks between ‘em.’
  • ‘ you and i… we’re the very best of friends.’
  • ‘ then something happened to you, and i just didn’t recognize you.’
  • ‘ come on, you people have pills for everything!’
  • ‘ i’m attempting to be civil, but i can’t help you.’
  • ‘ i just can’t, alright?’
  • ‘ i used to be smart… brilliant… and now that’s gone.’
  • ‘ well, i am feeling a bit peckish.’
  • ‘ i don’t want to get your hopes up, but there is something.’
  • ‘ that’s perfect! where is this?’
  • ‘ a fake gun? seriously?!’
  • ‘ wait! wait, wait, wait… i just need to know. do these work?’
  • ‘ no, dummy. and i’m calling the police.’
  • ‘ this is just another manipulation.’
  • ‘ i don’t know what i saw in there.’
  • ‘ now you’re just rubbing it in.’
  • ‘ so, why did you call me here?’
  • ‘ every moment of my life is agony.’
  • ‘ oh, not this again. come ON! god… i’ve told you; i’m better off on my own, and you are too. so let go! LET GO!’
  • ‘ oh boy… i can’t breathe….’
  • ‘ i assure you, we are not friends.’
  • ‘ where am i?’
  • ‘ let them go! they have nothing to do with this.’
  • ‘ it means that you are the only one who can end my suffering.’
  • ‘ you want me to kill you.’
  • ‘ well, thanks for the snack. it’s been an emotional day.’
  • ‘ what about everything you promised me?’
  • ‘ do as i ask, and i’ll give you a gift beyond imagining.’
  • ‘ i can assure you, i’m not here to poison you.’
  • ‘ enough! do you think i would really believe this was all some coincidence?’
  • ‘ you’re buttering me up. but for what?’
  • ‘ this may be hard for you to understand.’
  • ‘ only you can kill me.’
  • ‘ is it so hard to believe that someone would want to do something nice for you?’
  • ‘ oh, you want to help? try leaving.’
  • ‘ it’s okay. i won’t judge.’
  • ‘ easy. i ain’t gonna hurt you.’
  • ‘ how long have you worked here?’
  • ‘ deal with this, will you?’
  • ‘ what are you talking about?’
  • ‘ ugh, that dream was horrible.’
  • ‘ you’re serious?’
  • ‘ yes, i’m bloody serious!’
  • ‘ that’s absolutely it. unless you wanna check my undercrackers.’
  • ‘ rest in peace, whoever the hell you are.’
  • ‘ taking a life, no matter how justified, will lead you down a darker path than you could ever possibly imagine.’
  • ‘ i could take a pill, or a vitamin. i’ll even consider a natural remedy.’
  • ‘ i will NOT be condescended to by an idiot in a lab-coat!’
  • ‘ you’re not even a doctor!’
  • ‘ i can’t even rob a pharmacy.’
  • ‘ okay, relax, just… tell me your symptoms.’
  • ‘ i just, uh, bust the bad guys.’
  • ‘ so, who’s the vegetable?’

moxperidot  asked:

do you have ideas for a fantasy (medieval - to - renaissance) RPG that is less complex than Pathfinder but is more mechanically oriented than Apocalypse systems? i’ve tried Dungeon World and looked at Apocalypse world and the like, and they’re far too rules-light for my taste, but pathfinder just has a ton going on and a high learning curve for my players

You didn’t specify any particular kind of fantasy, or that it had to be a dungeon crawler in particular, so: Blue Rose.

Where the classics of the fantasy dungeon crawler genre - Dungeons & Dragons most of all - take their thematic cues from the sword and sorcery fiction of the 1960s and 1970s, Blue Rose takes inspiration from 1980s and 1990s romantic fantasy instead. Basically, imagine a milieu suggested not by Fritz Leiber, Michael Moorcock and Jack Vance, but by Tanya Huff, Mercedes Lackey and Tamora Pierce.

Mechanically, it’s pretty middle of the road; I’d peg it as medium-heavy, which is the same stretch of territory that Pathfinder occupies, but where Pathfinder is on the high end of that range, Blue Rose is on the low end.

On the flip side, if you want  to dial down the mechanical complexity but would prefer stick with the swords and sorcery milieu, you could definitely give Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition a shot - there’s a free starter version on the Wizard website. I’d caution, however, if your group finds Pathfinder’s learning curve steep, there’s a fair chance they’d have similar issues with 5E. It definitely throws substantially fewer opportunities at you to bollix your character because you didn’t plan your build far enough in advance or overlooked a spell the game assumes every member of your class and archetype will take but never gets around to actually telling you that, but it doesn’t wholly escape that sort of thing, either.


The ultimates just accepted into Hope’s Peak Academy are given trips to a month long vacation on a luxury cruise hosted by the headmaster of the school! But, when things go haywire and the headmaster is thrown overboard, the new headmaster is none other than Monokrill, a robotic shrimp guiding the children to murder and despair!

Danganronpa SEA is a Discord-based DR Roleplay with more splash rather than crash. Rules and Application under the cut!

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My Lil Dia 💕✨👶🏽

You’re finally here and I couldn’t be happier. My sweet lil niece/goddaughter. I promise you I’ll be here for you through everything. And I mean everything. You’re mommy’s little angel, and you’re my little sweetheart. I love you to the moon and back. My love for you is infinite. You are my world already, and I’m already plotting to steal you from mommy soon. My Lil Dia 💕 @geeksquadlando @badgalari she’s so darn beautiful

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“I have been roleplaying on Tumblr for so long that I have seen the community change from that of a creative and thriving company that supported each other, to one that’s full of toxicity and near wolfish tendencies, to target one another with a cruel viciousness, so much so that I very nearly left even though I have never been a victim of this nonsense.

However, the fandom I have found myself in now has been the most welcoming, encouraging and united unit of writers I have ever come across, but we’re also an easy target for those that can’t differentiate between mun and muse and so many of us have suffered at the words of people that don’t even know or interact with us. The roleplay community has changed and it’s not for the better.“