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LOTS O’ Tips on Writing: Blindness

Hey y’all, so I’m not really a reference blog exactly, but I figured I would share some of my experience in writing (and in life) with a character type that a lot of people seem unsure of how to represent. That would be characters with partial or complete blindness. I myself have one character who is completely blind, and I too am on the low-sighted spectrum, so I figured I’d clear up a few misconceptions about characters with blindness! This is a long post, so part of it is under a read-more, but I include subjects ranging from medical details to describing non-visual senses to handling romantic relationships.

1) Blindness is totally a spectrum. Someone who is legally blind at 20/200 vision doesn’t see “nothing but black”. In fact, people who are legally blind can sometimes see enough to use some adjusted devices or read large-print books! Legal blindness (or low vision) means that someone’s eyesight is very poor even with their highest corrective lenses. 20/200 means that something 20 feet away from them has the same definition as something 200 feet away from a well-sighted person. That’s why 20/20 vision often represents “perfect” vision, because objects at 20 feet look like they’re… well, 20 feet away. Sometimes, legal blindness can be caused by natural degeneration from severe myopia (nearsightedness) from age, extreme strain, or just genetics.

2) When thinking of what a visually impaired person experiences as far as sight, ask yourself if the description is necessary first, then listen to interviews or podcasts for a description if you do need it. Please don’t take the word of someone with no eye function at all and apply it to someone with severe myopia or cataracts, because blindness varies. People with one cause of blindness may have cloudy vision, extremely blurred vision, ‘missing’ spots in their sight, or lack of color, while someone without any eye function (or without any eyes at all) will wonder why you’d even ask! Often “a black void” or “nothing but white” isn’t exactly true. Someone who doesn’t see color or light won’t see a lack of light either! Black? White? What? You really don’t have to even describe what they “see” unless they are partially-sighted.

3) Characters with all forms of disability can still do some badass shit. They can defend themselves as well as another character, they can learn to navigate a new space, they can play games and run and be athletic. They can be artists, musicians, or even own their own business. They can do their own household chores. They can be great parents. They can use modern tools and devices with the right adjustments. Don’t be afraid to let them accept - or ask for - help, but please don’t make it seem as though they’ve become useless. Give them all kinds of talents! (for example, my visually impaired muse can channel spirits, tends to her own herb garden, and is a classically-trained soprano. Possibilities are endless, you guys!)

4) Cause of blindness should be known if you insist on describing your character’s full facial appearance and how their blindness affects them. But remember this: you don’t have to draw attention to the appearance of someone’s eyes constantly. Don’t let that be the only thing that defines them. Here are a few tips though: many people who are legally blind have very ordinary-looking eyes. The cloudy white/blue eyes you often see is usually from diseases like cataracts, while paled eyes without visible pupils may be from congenital (childhood) glaucoma. Other forms of glaucoma cause black spots in the iris. Cataracts and glaucoma can coexist in one person. Eyes can have an inflamed red sclera from bacterial infection-induced blindness such as meningitis. Some infectious diseases require removal of the eyes (we see this in cats and other animals all the time). There are tons more reasons. When researching the cause of your character’s blindness, pay attention to the level of impairment, because not all causes of blindness have the same outcome!

5) People whose eyes have nerve damage don’t always move perfectly together. As tempting as it is to give your visually impaired character the ability to eerily stare directly into someone else’s gaze all the time, often people who lack nerve control in the eyes have issues of mobility now and again or even constantly: eyes that move independently, one or both eyes that won’t move at all, one pupil stuck in full dilation (anisocoria), and they may not be aware that their eyes are moving in odd places. Please don’t use this as fuel for humor, as some folk go out of their way to cover their eyes constantly because of this. Speaking of cover, not all visually impaired people wear sunglasses like the cliche in movies. Many will wear them in public because their eyes are very sensitive to light rays or because the light gives them horrible headaches, while others choose to cover their eyes because they’re aware that their eyes lack mobility control or they’re shy about a drooping lid/etc. Not everyone who has problems with vision wears something over their eyes.

More information on memories, relationships, and making the best of five senses are in the read-more!

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LINGERIE SET | @mxfsims |                                                                       LONG BLACK FUR COAT | @lumy-sims-cc |                                                   CLARITY POSES | @plushfish |

                                                         R E D 

                                      U P C O M I N G  I S S U E

                                          U R B A N  M A R F A

Thank you cc creators

this shouldn’t be so hard to understand

if you’re underage don’t smut
if your muse is underage don’t smut

it’s child porno.graphy you nitwits. age a character up to legal age if need be but do not smut if you are underage, especially with adult muns.

that is legally considered child porn.ography and you can be convicted.

i don’t care if you’re 17 on the cusp of 18. it doesn’t matter if you’re the ‘age of consent’ in your country. you have to be a legal adult otherwise it’s illegal.

don’t be stupid, stupid.

Welcome to Night Vale Starter Pack
  1. “Bananas are hardly that slippery. But watch your step anyway.”
  2. “Your existence is not impossible. But it’s also not very likely.”
  3. “Saturday has been merged with Sunday to create Super-day! Monday will not harm you, but you should stack up on latex gloves nonetheless.”
  4. “The police remind us that scientists are comedians and that they should stick to comedy.”
  5. “More on this… Eventually. Probably.”
  6. “Some mysteries aren’t questions to be answered, but just a kind of opaque fact. A thing which exists to be not known.”
  7. “Regret nothing, until it is too late. Then, regret everything.”
  8. “We have nothing to fear except ourselves. We are unholy, awful people”
  9. “Curse you. Curse your family. Curse your children. And your children’s children. Vile, vile [Mentionable name.]”
  10. “Those were not contact lenses you put in this morning. Best not to think about this again.”
  11. “You’ve won a brand new car!”
  12. “You will meet someone today who will have no effect on your life. And you will immediately forget.”
  13. “It’s better that I don’t read this aloud. Better that you not know. Tell your family that you love them.”
  14. “Welcome to Night Vale.”

June 3rd, Hype Magazine Release Party✨🍾

Took him from his perfect Dallas weather to attend the @hypemagazine release party with me. 

Again I’m so thankful to be apart of such a talented and amazing team! Thank you @classymarzia and her people at hype for all the FANTASTIC work they did with the magazine, I’m still speechless by how amazing it is!!! ❤️

Players Who Hide OOC Behavior Behind Canon

“Well its canon so it’s fine and you can’t complain-” okay hold up you little shit, that’s not what canon should be used for in the least, and I’m gonna give you such a smack if you use it as an excuse so you can be an asshole and ruin everyone’s good time in an RP. Muns control the story, canonical material aside, we’re never gonna be 100% canon. So if you’re getting complaints about your behavior because it’s disrupting play, ‘but it’s canon’ is not an excuse to keep doing it. If you’re ruining play by saying ‘but it’s not canon!’ it’s also not an excuse. More bitching under the cut, ‘cause you guys love it when I get pissed and explain things to death.

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Here’s something about Avengers’ OC Children (not only Avengers but you get the picture!):

  • If you’re a canon blog and we follow you, we are not going to force ourselves on you. We answer one open here and send a meme there…bottom line is…if you show rudeness or ignore us, we’ll just move on. But instead of showing rudeness and ignoring, you would just say ‘I don’t RP with OC children’, it would be better.
  • It’s totally your choice if you don’t RP with OC children. I don’t think people will force themselves if you just say it outright. Some take a long time to get the picture but just because one OC children is an ass, doesn’t mean all of us are!
  • If you follow us and then when we interact your canon muse is completely oblivious to who ours muses are…that’s just being an hypocrite. If you followed, you knew it was an OC child and that she was going to call you “Mom” or “Dad”.
  • Just because it doesn’t make sense for OC Children to existe, doesn’t mean you have to be a dick about it.
  • Just because one blog forces themselves, doesn’t mean all of them will.

Now, this was a rant I wanted to post a long time ago. The hate towards OC Children is unbelievable.


                                             D A R R E N  K N I G H T 

                                            P H O T O G R A P H E R 

                                          B E H I N D  T H E  L E N S E 

Hey Famers,

So, this post is going to be a little different. In regards to our previous Tre Cool who was in the roleplay - they had posted a very disruptive tweet that has caused issues in our roleplay. And because these issues have not diminished, the main is taking the liberty (especially since we no longer have the FC in the group) to delete/erase that specific tweet from the character’s history.

1) We’re doing this to stop the drama that has been circulating and making MULTIPLE members feel uncomfortable.
2) We’re doing this in case we ever get another Tre Cool mun, that they aren’t subjected to this event.

Any mention of the tweet from this point forward will garner you in receiving a warning from us. The main has gotten far too many complaints to allow this from continuing and becoming destructive on the dash. Some members are even receiving anon hate for it, and if that continues we’ll be asking everyone to shut off their anons - so, let’s not let it result to that.

If your character was involved in that tweet - know that it never existed and carry on as if it never happened.

If you have any questions or concerns, you’re more than welcome to message us OFF anon about it as we won’t be answering any anon questions regarding this.

Please like this message so that we know you’re all aware of this specific detail being erased.

- The Admin Team

( open to all ! )

“it’s one of those days. i’m in a mood.” rylan warned the person on the other end of the phone. “you still wanna come over?” he was always in a mood after hanging out with his family, but no one knew that was the cause. no one.