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Here’s something about Avengers’ OC Children (not only Avengers but you get the picture!):

  • If you’re a canon blog and we follow you, we are not going to force ourselves on you. We answer one open here and send a meme there…bottom line is…if you show rudeness or ignore us, we’ll just move on. But instead of showing rudeness and ignoring, you would just say ‘I don’t RP with OC children’, it would be better.
  • It’s totally your choice if you don’t RP with OC children. I don’t think people will force themselves if you just say it outright. Some take a long time to get the picture but just because one OC children is an ass, doesn’t mean all of us are!
  • If you follow us and then when we interact your canon muse is completely oblivious to who ours muses are…that’s just being an hypocrite. If you followed, you knew it was an OC child and that she was going to call you “Mom” or “Dad”.
  • Just because it doesn’t make sense for OC Children to existe, doesn’t mean you have to be a dick about it.
  • Just because one blog forces themselves, doesn’t mean all of them will.

Now, this was a rant I wanted to post a long time ago. The hate towards OC Children is unbelievable.

I want to talk about roleplay and everything for a second.

I believe I’m going to only roleplay with people who I’m comfortable with. So in other words, no random roleplays unless we’ve known each other a while.

This is nothing against anyone, nor am I upset about anything, but it gets a little difficult when people make things we roleplay with into a sexual manner, especially when people want me to roleplay as myself and then want me to either be A) romantic or B) sexual in nature when playing as myself. One, this is a sfw blog and I try to keep it that way. Two, I’m in a committed relationship and it makes me feel uncomfortable to play as myself when people want something like that from me. Characters I can do, because they themselves are separate from me. As myself or my self insert? I prefer not to.

Putting myself into roles that I’m uncomfortable with just because I want people to be happy is not something I want to do. Just like Ama is a giant. They always will be, at least here. They aren’t usually tiny. But please, if we roleplay and I’m playing as Ama, AKA myself, then can we keep things nonromantic and nonsexual? I don’t want to be driven away from roleplay from something that is so easy to be respectful of in said roleplays.

Just my thoughts…

Roleplaying Issues #1

Hey all.  This is my attempt at making a somewhat-series.  More just a series of discussion rather than anything else. 
  Basically, I’m intrigued at different people’s opinions on various issues that come up in roleplaying.  I’m going to start with a relatively simple one, that yet can come up fairly often, especailly if you’re a fan of White Wolf and their fluff heavy games. On a side-note, I loathe the terms ‘crunch’ and 'fluff’, since it implies that the story is an inferior side-spectator to the mechanics.  I mean, sure, I like exploring complex systems as much as the next gamer, but I think combing that with the story in equal, perhaps even greater proportions is what makes this medium so unique.
  So on that note, let’s talk about a particular issue

New Players Joining
I know, we all like having new players join.  But what if they’re not experienced roleplayers? How do you go about integrating them into games, and what’s your preference when it comes to people joining games, especially complicated ones mid-way through.
  Recently, I was running an Abyssal Exaltedgame, and one of my friends joined.  Sadly, he ended up leaving because, when it came down to it, I asked him to create a ~200xp character on a system he was completely unfamiliar with and somehow expected this to be satisfying for him.  It, understandably, wasn’t. 
  So what do you all do when it comes to this particular issue?

“I think that deities are godmodding in roleplays and probably shouldn’t be used very much.  Demons with a huge amount of power are also godmodding,” I say as I downgrade my characters so they wouldn’t break all of my godmodding rules.

  And then I realize all of my friends have deity characters and whenever they roleplay as them I don’t fit in, and if I use any characters there’s a huge chance they’ll die or be injured for life in that roleplay.

  Furthermore, I only generally use actual characters from a series (examples: Miles Edgeworth from Ace Attorney, Kellam/Virion/Henry from Fire Emblem: Awakening.  Pretty much, I use human characters from series that rarely mention deities).

“I think I should give one of my characters (that isn’t an official character and thus won’t ruin their personality any) something that can summon a not-so-powerful demon,” I say.

  I start to do that and I get a few protests, so I stop because others think it’s godmodding.  So I’m left with:

  • a few lawyer characters who can never catch up in an action roleplay
  • a crazy painter who can throw people in a painting world
  • an archer
  • a man who can’t be noticed (Kellam)
  • a dark mage
  • a demon character I can never use although I enjoy using him
  • a dancing inspector who I don’t like using (Inspector Cabanela)
  • a few Madoka Magica witches (two in total, one doesn’t fight, the other is dead)
  • a few Madoka Magica familiars
  • a ghost cat

  What do I do?  The people I roleplay with usually use powered-up official characters and deities, and their roleplays are mainly action-oriented.

  This means I can’t contribute anything in a roleplay and all I can do is sit back and watch.  It also serves for a lot of awkward moments for me.  Any suggestions?

When people want to roleplay with you:

When people want to roleplay with you for who you are and not because they’re bored:

When people continue roleplaying after you’ve left so you can never catch up and you have to drop out:

When people say your character isn’t exactly important in a roleplay and totally forget about you:

When people say your character isn’t strong enough or important enough to be a main or side character, and you’re rejected in a roleplay because of it:

When people tell you to roleplay with people other than them and they’re the only people on:

When people reject you because they think your roleplaying style is weird, or your characters are dumb:

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so my d&d dwarf fighter Valdis has this huge warhammer that I officially named “the Matriarch” but that Valdis refers to as “the Grandmother”

and nothing’s more fun than charging into a battle like “I swing the Grandmother and try to bash that goblin’s skull in”


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by midnight13731

Games sometimes go wrong. It’s not the fault of either party, sometimes things just creep up on people when they least expect it. Communication isn’t the issue, but buried horrors are. But Dorian has Bull now, even if sometimes he doesn’t understand that. He isn’t alone anymore, and there’s nothing wrong with him.

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