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Players Who Hide OOC Behavior Behind Canon

“Well its canon so it’s fine and you can’t complain-” okay hold up you little shit, that’s not what canon should be used for in the least, and I’m gonna give you such a smack if you use it as an excuse so you can be an asshole and ruin everyone’s good time in an RP. Muns control the story, canonical material aside, we’re never gonna be 100% canon. So if you’re getting complaints about your behavior because it’s disrupting play, ‘but it’s canon’ is not an excuse to keep doing it. If you’re ruining play by saying ‘but it’s not canon!’ it’s also not an excuse. More bitching under the cut, ‘cause you guys love it when I get pissed and explain things to death.

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Here’s something about Avengers’ OC Children (not only Avengers but you get the picture!):

  • If you’re a canon blog and we follow you, we are not going to force ourselves on you. We answer one open here and send a meme there…bottom line is…if you show rudeness or ignore us, we’ll just move on. But instead of showing rudeness and ignoring, you would just say ‘I don’t RP with OC children’, it would be better.
  • It’s totally your choice if you don’t RP with OC children. I don’t think people will force themselves if you just say it outright. Some take a long time to get the picture but just because one OC children is an ass, doesn’t mean all of us are!
  • If you follow us and then when we interact your canon muse is completely oblivious to who ours muses are…that’s just being an hypocrite. If you followed, you knew it was an OC child and that she was going to call you “Mom” or “Dad”.
  • Just because it doesn’t make sense for OC Children to existe, doesn’t mean you have to be a dick about it.
  • Just because one blog forces themselves, doesn’t mean all of them will.

Now, this was a rant I wanted to post a long time ago. The hate towards OC Children is unbelievable.


//Hello! This is a Papyrus roleplay blog that tries to give some depth to his character. If you would like to roleplay, like or reblog this post? For now, I will be roleplaying with anyone, so you don’t have to follow or to be a mutual. If this changes in the future I will make it clear.

//Note: please read the About page before roleplaying

             ( My two cents about the P5 translation:
               While you cannot deny that people messed up there, I am
               unfortunately used to it and I doubt that companies will learn.
               Atlus is not the only one who is terribly fucking up with this;
               even other current major titles like Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem
               DO NOT have a proper English translation. To make it even worse -
               the original Japanese texts are getting phrased differently to be
               ‘more appealing to specifically the american audience’; taking out
               anything too offensive for example. This is going on for so many
               years by now that I doubt it will ever change. 
               To get mad about it simply won’t change it - it’s a common issue
               with a shit ton of games hence why ‘hardcore fans’ usually always
               have to refer to its japanese versions since the English or western
               releases in general are totally messed up. )

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Taken last year at Edimburgh Castle

And cosplaying B because why not





Be patient with your rp partners.

I get it, we’re all human, we get impatient especially when we’re excited about something. But here’s the thing. We’ve all been there (and if you say otherwise I wanna know your magic trick). You need to try to be understanding. Even if your partner is having a flake moment it still doesn’t give you justification to be an asshole. Talk to them. Maybe there’s a reason they’re flaking. Maybe their muse is being a pain or maybe they’ve got writer’s block or maybe life is being a bitch. You don’t know. There are a billion different reasons as to why your rp partner isn’t doing replies and if they’re doing everyone else’s but yours there’s still a reason so again talk to them (though this is another topic for another time also), but don’t be a jerk about it.

But yeah.

Be patient.

In the long run it pays off trust me.

Good things come to those who wait.

anonymous asked:

why doesn't anyone rp anymore? two years ago thousands of people rped daily and I used to have so many friends, but now it's like my dash is always dead, no one ever sends asks, or memes. No one replies, no one is there and all the fun has died from their lives. what happened do you know?

       honestly, i’m not even sure about this inquiry? i’m following people who are writing every day, or even every other day? roleplaying is a hobby, and with school, work and pressing irl issues, roleplaying isn’t a priority for everyone. but i can sympathize with the friend part? i used to have so many friends as well, but people simply want to focus on more important things. 

and yeah, not every sends ask or memes like they used to, but no one is required to. personally, i feel like you cannot roleplay with everyone but it also doesn’t take much effort to send in a headcanon or ooc munday meme but that’s just me. honestly, i use to LOVE roleplay but i don’t enjoy it as much as i used to. that’s only because i’ve had several bad experiences y’know. but roleplaying is what you make of it. the only thing i can tell you is to surround yourself with people you enjoy speaking with, that you feel comfortable talking with ooc and aren’t going to rush for replies and ask responses y’know.

i’ve been doing that and my roleplay experience has gotten a thousand times better because i’ve made genuine friends that care for my health of all kinds rather than how frequently i write. so my advice? tumblr aint a safe place for sensitive feelings, but if you just have fun and treat writing as a hobby, you’ll be fine.