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Be patient with your rp partners.

I get it, we’re all human, we get impatient especially when we’re excited about something. But here’s the thing. We’ve all been there (and if you say otherwise I wanna know your magic trick). You need to try to be understanding. Even if your partner is having a flake moment it still doesn’t give you justification to be an asshole. Talk to them. Maybe there’s a reason they’re flaking. Maybe their muse is being a pain or maybe they’ve got writer’s block or maybe life is being a bitch. You don’t know. There are a billion different reasons as to why your rp partner isn’t doing replies and if they’re doing everyone else’s but yours there’s still a reason so again talk to them (though this is another topic for another time also), but don’t be a jerk about it.

But yeah.

Be patient.

In the long run it pays off trust me.

Good things come to those who wait.

The 10 Stages of Writing a Thread Reply

  1. Oh my God I’m so psyched I have such a good response for this
  2. Wait oh shit what if it sounds like my character is being too forward
  3. Okay erm I guess I can edit it a little
  4. For fuck’s sake now it’s out of character
  5. Look, ok, muse, you’re the character, you decide what you do
  6. ‘But mun, man, you’re the writer, tell me what to fucking do’
  7. Okay, fine, but only because you’re fly as fuck
  8. Rewrites reply
  9. Know what? I think I’m gonna go back to the original reply
  10. Muse: 

Here’s something about Avengers’ OC Children (not only Avengers but you get the picture!):

  • If you’re a canon blog and we follow you, we are not going to force ourselves on you. We answer one open here and send a meme there…bottom line is…if you show rudeness or ignore us, we’ll just move on. But instead of showing rudeness and ignoring, you would just say ‘I don’t RP with OC children’, it would be better.
  • It’s totally your choice if you don’t RP with OC children. I don’t think people will force themselves if you just say it outright. Some take a long time to get the picture but just because one OC children is an ass, doesn’t mean all of us are!
  • If you follow us and then when we interact your canon muse is completely oblivious to who ours muses are…that’s just being an hypocrite. If you followed, you knew it was an OC child and that she was going to call you “Mom” or “Dad”.
  • Just because it doesn’t make sense for OC Children to existe, doesn’t mean you have to be a dick about it.
  • Just because one blog forces themselves, doesn’t mean all of them will.

Now, this was a rant I wanted to post a long time ago. The hate towards OC Children is unbelievable.

"You let it out, honey. Put it in the Book." (The Roleplayers' Burn Book -- Why You Shouldn't Use It)

Recently, it has come to my attention that RP Burn Books are increasing in popularity. There is one in particular that seems to be gathering quite a bit of attention: The Roleplayers’ Burn Book.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Mean Girls, you know that this account is based off of the book Regina created to slam her fellow classmates. Protagonist, Cady Heron, makes a post in the book calling her (innocent) math teacher a drug peddler out of anger.The administrators are taking a “page of out Regina’s book” and are posting abusive, hurtful messages about fellow rpers that Tumblr users send in. 

Within the rules, it states that these administrators will never give out their accounts or information. I assume this is to protect themselves from supposed “abusive” messages they receive from people that want the blog to be taken down. The only thing we do know is that one of the admins uses the alias “A” – the same alias used by a big-name bully, criminal and murderer in the series Pretty Little Liars

While the administration of this account also has rules against messages promoting self harm or suicide, they do encourage messages that ruthlessly berate and insult fellow rpers. These messages are not meant to help users improve, but to knock them down a few pegs. They seem to take joy in knocking others down. Each message crafted with a demeaning tone unless they’ve been agreed with.

Yet, in a recent text post, A says, “We’ve been threatened and abused by pretty much everyone who wants this blog gone… Sending us hate is exactly the same as us posting all this shit.“  In response to an ask, she expands on this: “You litterally cannot come here and tell us that we can’t do what we’re doing because it’s promoting hate when you guys are doing exactly that to anyone who is fine with this blog existing." 

It’s amazing to me that she doesn’t seem to realize that since they have protected themselves, they have anonymity. They may log out of their accounts and escape. Those that fall victim to their burn messages cannot. (After all, they’ve posted messages asking that members please remember to accurately spell the urls of those they burn. That doesn’t sound like someone that just passes along the message. That sounds like someone that is invested in causing pain and making certain that the target sees it.)

The roleplay community – no matter where you go – has never been free of hate or abuse. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t shave some of it away and make things better for everyone. Like Cady, we need to realize that like “calling someone fat won’t make you any thinner” and ruining Regina’s life didn’t make her “any happier”, spreading hateful messages about other rpers and making these burn entries won’t make us our characters any better or our writing more powerful. (Click here to hear the whole spiel.) 

RP is about working together to give us all an escape through meaningful interactions. Though it’s tempting to fight for popularity and seek superiority, this never ends wells. Especially for the “Queen Bees” of today.

Remember what happened to the owner of the Burn Book in Mean Girls? Regina got hit by a bus because she was so focused on putting Cady down instead of watching herself.

And those of us that partake in burning our friends and enemies? You’ll be flattened by the swelling frustration and anger of the rp community. You’re not a Queen Bee at all – like Regina, you’re just a bully. “You’re plastic. Cold, shiny, hard plastic.”

So, what can we do to stop all this? Don’t post to these blogs. Don’t support them or seek them out. Keep your distance. And above all, express your frustration or disapproval in a healthy, constructive way. Remember that the person you’re insulting – abusing – is a real, live, feeling individual that came to the rp community to have fun. Just. Like. You. 

I want to talk about roleplay and everything for a second.

I believe I’m going to only roleplay with people who I’m comfortable with. So in other words, no random roleplays unless we’ve known each other a while.

This is nothing against anyone, nor am I upset about anything, but it gets a little difficult when people make things we roleplay with into a sexual manner, especially when people want me to roleplay as myself and then want me to either be A) romantic or B) sexual in nature when playing as myself. One, this is a sfw blog and I try to keep it that way. Two, I’m in a committed relationship and it makes me feel uncomfortable to play as myself when people want something like that from me. Characters I can do, because they themselves are separate from me. As myself or my self insert? I prefer not to.

Putting myself into roles that I’m uncomfortable with just because I want people to be happy is not something I want to do. Just like Ama is a giant. They always will be, at least here. They aren’t usually tiny. But please, if we roleplay and I’m playing as Ama, AKA myself, then can we keep things nonromantic and nonsexual? I don’t want to be driven away from roleplay from something that is so easy to be respectful of in said roleplays.

Just my thoughts…

Roleplaying Issues #1

Hey all.  This is my attempt at making a somewhat-series.  More just a series of discussion rather than anything else. 
  Basically, I’m intrigued at different people’s opinions on various issues that come up in roleplaying.  I’m going to start with a relatively simple one, that yet can come up fairly often, especailly if you’re a fan of White Wolf and their fluff heavy games. On a side-note, I loathe the terms ‘crunch’ and 'fluff’, since it implies that the story is an inferior side-spectator to the mechanics.  I mean, sure, I like exploring complex systems as much as the next gamer, but I think combing that with the story in equal, perhaps even greater proportions is what makes this medium so unique.
  So on that note, let’s talk about a particular issue

New Players Joining
I know, we all like having new players join.  But what if they’re not experienced roleplayers? How do you go about integrating them into games, and what’s your preference when it comes to people joining games, especially complicated ones mid-way through.
  Recently, I was running an Abyssal Exaltedgame, and one of my friends joined.  Sadly, he ended up leaving because, when it came down to it, I asked him to create a ~200xp character on a system he was completely unfamiliar with and somehow expected this to be satisfying for him.  It, understandably, wasn’t. 
  So what do you all do when it comes to this particular issue?


HEY EVERYONE LORD DAD HERE—-well Lord Uncle if Radegast is the dad now. Here to make a post about current trends within the fandom as I usually do when I hear things have been going a little sideways. BUT DO NOT PANIC, I know there is a tendency for people to take things personally, this is just my way of reassuring a few things i’ve been hearing about and I in all honesty just want everyone to enjoy themselves. ANYWAYS, The effect Rise of Iron has had on the fandom has been great. It’s so good to see everyone back and participating and roleplaying again.

But with every good there is a bad. Rise of Iron introduced an opportunity for many to forward their character’s story by making them an Honorary Iron Lord. But it leaves the question: What if my muse doesn’t want to be an Iron Lord? How do I fit in now? ——– I’m here to say that’s okay! I don’t want anyone to think that they don’t belong or their muse isn’t developing or growing because there isn’t or doesn’t feel like there is a space in the Rise of Iron plot line for them. The Vanguard, Sunbreakers, Followers of Osiris, The Reef & Petra, Eris, the Hidden, Thanonaughts, Crucible, Factions, everything still exist and still have directives they’re following and aren’t involved with the Iron Lords at all. The good thing about destiny (which is alao bad for someone who loves lore like i do) is that there are so many open avenues for you to continue to explore and write. For example:

1. The Cabal Emporer is still alive and with all the murdering we have been doing may one day visit. Your guardian can be the one who investigates cabal. With the leadership gone we will essentially force the emporerers hand and your guardian can be closer to telling when the emporer may be coming.

2. The vex are still active, crippled but active and the mysteries of their networks still need to be investigated. Your guardian can work in tandem with Ikora or independently in hunting and investigating them. Does anyone not find it curious that the restorative mind was used to bring back the Nexus Mind, Why not Atheon? Why is the Undying Mind labeled as “Undying”?

3. Is oryx really dead? The book of Sorrows confirms that when the hive die in their world of Sword Logic that they don’t actually die, they return stronger and smarter. Your guardian can be the one who believes that Oryx and even Crota may return, and let’s not forget his two sisters that may sense the power vacuum that has been created since oryx’s death. Guardians will be needed to investigate. In addition the Taken are loose and fighting among themselves, who is going to take care of that?

4. Fallen, House of Devils, Winter, Wolves, Kings etc aren’t the only houses on earth. Much of earth has been taken or transformed by hive and fallen forces, Guardians are needed to investigate them, track their movements, make sure that they never reach toward the last city. Can your guardian help liberate the abandoned cities and small outposts? Places like Cairo, Berlin, and other big cities could be very good options. (I heard canonically, there was art of Chicago being completely hive infested.)

5. Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult are all still recruiting Guardians to forward their ideas. Will your guardian push those ideas by making waves among government, investigating colony ships, or experimenting with vex gates? That’s for you to decide.

What I’m getting at here is that even though SIVA is the most recently developed enemy and Iron Lords the newest factions to join, it doesn’t mean that you have to be a part of that just to be a valuable part of this fandom. And if you question “How do I incorporate that into my interactions?” It is very easy. At the end of the day every guardian (or at least a majority) have a goal they need to reach and often times those goals intersect. EXAMPLE: The Cabal have considered investiating Hive in the hopes of stopping guardians from reviving because that is the problem with crafting a full assault against them. If you hunt Cabal, what do ou know about hive????? Nothing, find a guardian who does! INTERACTION COMMENCED.

Every idea and character and story line you craft for your character is important and should be treated as such. This is not a place were you should ever feel left out and if you do this fandom has failed you immensely. There is always a place for you here in this rp community, you and your character and your love for them and their story deserves to be shared and appreciated.

To further this I am leaving my IMs open for anyone who might need some help moving forward with lore or possibilities. I know the grimoire cards are…. immense, but I’ve read all of them (more than once probably) and would be happy to help anyone looking to find a way to move forward. And if you worry at all about falling within the lines of canon know this: if it hasn’t been released in a DLC yet, there is literally no harm in writing ahead, crafting your own story.

I’m a young roleplayer (like 13 years old young) and I’m always paranoid about putting my age in the OOC section of my blog. I don’t want people to not take me as seriously just because of my age. I’m a dedicated, quality role player regardless of how many years ago I was pushed out of the womb.