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types of fans
  1. memorises specific details because they reread or rewatch regularly, can quote entire passages or scenes, slays during trivia
  2. analyses for deeper meaning, engages in online discussion, writes meta essays for fun
  3. completely loyal to the original source material, probably close their eyes and cover their ears because any spin-off or adaption is a travesty that they ignore the existence of
  4. loves anything, new or old, to do with the fandom, even when things border on the absurd and retcon the original material because THE MORE, THE BETTER
  5. likes to play with the world and the characters, loves creating and sharing headcanon, fanfiction, fanart or graphics; maybe even roleplays
  6. creates funny text posts, liveblogs reactions, probably likes to stir the fandom up for fun
  7. klasjdkasjd I JUST LOVE THIS THING OKAy

why are straight people incapable of accurately writing gay romance

When you get your friend into Phan

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Hi everyone! Zai here. I don’t normally write posts like these on tumblr but this time I really need your help. A few weeks ago, I sent a tweet to the Eton Institute asking if I could have access to their persian course since I am going on a trip and they said I could have it if I got to 3000 retweets. I am currently at 34 retweets and would really appreciate if you guys could retweet my tweet to help me get closer to my goal. the tweet can be viewed here

i would appreciate it very much if you all could help me out & reblog this post as well so others can see it ; n ;

Things to do that are highly appreciated to Help out Ask Blogs you Support/Like

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I’ll keep this short but often people want to interact with ask blogs but do not know how or do not know how to show support so here is a super easy guide to do so and what different things mean, at least to me, and probably others!


If you like an ask blog lots, a big motivator is to like their posts! It helps the author/mun see who reads, likes, and looks at their posts, and also gives them a general idea how many people are heavily interested in whatever it is they are doing.


Not only do these mean A LOT, they are very motivating and they also help spread word of the blog. Other people might not even know a blog exists until you press that reblog button so if you’re a fan, reblog something occasionally to share and show your love and admiration for said blog.

Reblogs with Tags

These are so amazing. This is where you can compliment and comment on posts you like the most. It makes the author/mun super happy to read really happy comments and even negative/critiques can go a long way.


WE LOVE IT WHEN WE GET ASKS. That is the whole point of these blogs. Oftentimes though people have trouble thinking of something to ask or worry something might’ve been asked before. This is okay! We know how to work with these, too! Most of us can answer ANYTHING, even if you send us the word, “Porcupine” we’ll still come up with /something/. If we can’t? We might save it and use it for something else.

Compliments in the Ask Box

This is just flattery and makes us feel loved. <3

Most muns are really nice, shy, and scaredy cat individuals too, so don’t think they’re a scary monster or someone to be shy around, they are probably shy you’re talking to them too.

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My ideal relationship

I just had a smol break down..
This is my ideal relationship:

I want a soft, strict daddy who wants to take care of me and needs to be with me and make sure I’m okay and want to be with me and talk to me all the time and be obsessed with me and give me rules to mostly follow and discipline me when I forget the rules (forgetting is my number one downfall) and tell me he’s sorry for hitting me but that I need to learn some way or another and he’ll tuck me in every night and I’ll have a bedtime and I can whine to him and bribe him to let me stay up later to watch Saturday night live with him and we’ll fall asleep together and my mom will adore him and he’ll respect my mom and thank her for giving him such an angel and he’ll spoil me with lots of cute, thoughtful, fun dates and he won’t worry about money, but he won’t spend a lot on the dates because frugality is very attractive and he’ll watch movies and shows with me and give me my paci and put me in time out and NEVER IGNORE ME OUT OF SPITE OR ANYRJING ELSE and he’ll play with me sometimes however he wants and sometimes a little how I want and he’ll respect when I don’t wanna play and won’t make me feel guilty for not doing something unless it is a chore and he’ll constantly make sure I’m okay not even just during sexy stuff and he’ll fall asleep with me in his arms and he’ll cuddle me all night and wake up with me when I have a nightmare and I need a chocolate milk to calm me down and he’ll introduce me to new stuffies and they’ll be only discounted price stuffies or hand me downs or they will be Disney stuffies because Disney is the highest stuffie and I’ll pick my outfit but it has to be approved by him and he’ll take me everywhere he goes if he has to run errands and he’ll brag about me at work and let me annoy him while he’s there but he’ll only text me during school if I say it’s okay and he’ll want me to live with him and shower with him (maybe, that’s touchy) and he’ll want to bathe me in a bubble bath and play with some bath toys with me and get me a bath bomb cause I’ve always wanted one of those cause they’re amazing and he’ll play board games with me while we watch Disney movies and he’ll always ALWAYS hold my hand out in public and he’ll always hold the door for me and he’ll take me on surprise trips to Barnes and noble just to sit in the store and read a book together and he’ll love my dogs as much as I do and he’ll spoil them as much as he spoils me and he’ll offer to buy me all kinds of stuff but of course I won’t always say yes because I’m not big on demanding material affection and he’ll understand that he will need to order for me and talk to other people for me because of my anxiety and he will love doing it and he will make super good food and he will feed me sometimes and tell me often that I’m too little to do a lot of stuff and he’ll listen to my music sometimes and dance with me randomly and like to take cute pictures together and “family photos” with us and the dogs and he’ll like sleepovers and camping and adventures and HE WILL LOVE WINNIE THE POOH AND PETER PAN AND POCAHONTAS AND LILO AND STITCH AND HOME AND INSIDE OUT AND EVERYTHING DISNEY EVER and he will never tell me to grow up or act my age or pressure me to have sex but when we do have sex it will be lovely and caring and gentle until I can take the pounding And then I will be rough as fuck and it will be great and he’ll pull,my hair and all kinds of shit and he’ll know how to tie knots with rope and he’ll know how to start a fire and he’ll cuddle me all the time and he’ll always wanna be touching me, even just by having his hand on my thigh or my back or in my hand and he’ll wanna introduce me to his family and his mom will be my best friend and his sister will,be my new sister and we will love happily fucking ever after for ever.

GW2 Charr Lore - Aging, Maturity and Lifespan

Age has always been a subject of debate within roleplay communities when fantasy races are introduced. When you explore beyond the scope of humanity and the familiarity of what make us, well, us, finding that creative balance of new and exciting and what we already know is certainly a challenge. People love new and shiny things. They also need something they can relate to. Felid races are not a new concept in the fantasy world. From the Khajiit in Elder Scrolls, Saberon in World of Warcraft and the Ronso from Final Fantasy there are more than your fair share of feline-race concepts with varying degrees of humanoid features and behavior patterns. Then there are the Charr. Unique to the lore of Guild Wars and the world of Tyria that we’ve come to love. 

 The question posed by many people within the roleplay community remains, “Do Charr age like humans?” Charr are not humans. Their lifestyle and their physiology, obviously, are drastically different. Like many areas of non-existent or barely touched upon racial lore, the community is decisively split on whether or not Charr age and mature as humans do or if they mature at a much faster rate. What we consider to be official lore, based off of a no longer accessible interview states that “Charr mature at about the same rate as humans.” I consider this to be both a true and false statement. We know that Charr cubs develop rapidly as they are “born fully furred, with open eyes and functional limbs” and “within a few days, cubs can follow their mothers over even the harshest terrain. They eat meat within a month of birth, and are fully independent several months later.” Even with a gestation period of 9 months, human babies are helpless and completely dependent on their parents for survival. Despite this relatively lengthy gestational period, human babies on average don’t begin teething until 4-7 months. Of course this varies depending on the individual. If Charr aged anything like humans early in their growth, you might find, to our horror, month old human babies tearing into a steak like it was nobodies business. There’s some nightmare fuel for you. It’s an entirely possible concept that Charr females may have a longer gestational period much like equids who produce highly developed young after an 11-12 month gestation. It’s something to consider given the similarity in physical development with Charr cubs being able to follow their mothers within such a short span of time after birth along with being able to effectively eat and digest meat within a month.

Early, rapid development is more akin to big cats found in the wild rather than that of our own species. Cub survival rate in real life is horrifically low. In 2009 the mortality rate for lion cubs was a whopping 67%. Tyria is a dangerous place. The rising of the Elder Dragons did not lessen the level of danger. Humans typically spend the first 18 years nurturing and protecting their developing children. This protective instinct, in most cases, is a lifelong support system. Charr on the other hand, or paw in this case, only have the protection of their parent until the time in which they are sent to the Fahrar. Their warband is their family. Their education in unification and defining their own hierarchy under the watchful eye of their Primus is their protection. A warband that doesn’t work together, dies together.

It’s proven in game that Charr cubs are independent. The Crush Warband in the Plains of Ashford at the Old Duke’s Estate are a great example of this. While it’s a silly and childish dare to prove their courage, and even with the assistance of the players, they are independent enough to make the decision to leave Smokestead into ghost and harpy territory and make their way back to the village on their own successfully after the event ends. With Centaur’s basically knocking on the door of Divinity’s Reach you would be hard pressed to find any decent mother letting her child wander too far out of her sight beyond the walls of the city. Human children beyond the safety of The Reach however might even share the independent nature of Charr cubs but would not possess the technical skill and know-how of a Fahrar trained cub like our favorite lost child Kari. (May she remain forever trapped in a cave full of Destroyers. By the Six child what were you even doing that far from Mom because you definitely can not run faster than a Centaur.)

While human children are play-fighting and being shepherded away from danger, a Charr cub in the same age range has likely already cut their teeth in combat several times over. The Fahrar system is not unlike that of the Spartan Agoge with 7 year old boys being removed from their families to be taught in the arts of warfare. Hazing and fighting were encouraged. By the age of 12 they were expected to be able to survive on their own wearing nothing but a cloak. One could logically presume that Charr mature physically and mayhaps even mentally at a much faster rate than humans in their early years before balancing out to a “human” like aging process late in their “teen” years. Spartans completed the main phase of the Agoge roughly around the age of 21 but with the way Charr rapidly develop as young it could be theorized that this age of combat readiness could be closer to that of 15 or even younger depending on the effectiveness of the Warband. With modern science, even the age of mental maturity in humans has been widely debated upon with many arguing that our brains aren’t fully developed until our mid 20s to even our early 30s.

As for the topic of lifespan. Like the Norn, Charr are part of a warrior culture and the longevity of an individual who is more often than not placing their person in harms way on a regular basis isn’t exactly going to be record breaking. Encouraging the official stance that Charr do age similarly to humans, Tygor Mindflayer is a Charr found in the Black Citadel Memorial Quadrant who states that he lost track of his age “after ninety” and that he’s “younger than dirt and older than you.” That’s pretty impressive as a lot has happened in Tyria in the last 100 and some odd years alone. The Founding of Divinity’s Reach, the rising of Zhaitan and the establishment of the Dominion of Winds are just a few events that come to find within that rough time frame. 

As it stands, exact ages for Charr physical and mental maturity is incredibly difficult to pin down as there are so many factors to consider. You can only theorize so much before the whole fantasy aspect comes into play and how much those exact details matter in the bigger picture. Even within the roleplay sphere with developing character backstories, subjects like exact ages can safely be left vague because they aren’t generally topics that are going to be brought up or matter in the long run! Variations of “I was a cub when…”, “I was just a cub…” and so on are quite effective without having to go through the struggle of listing out your characters technical specs like they’re a piece of machinery. I think it’s safe to say that Charr do age similarly to humans as per official lore but it’s a fact that shouldn’t be taken at face value.

Thanks for reading! Have a subject you would like me to cover or just want to discuss Charr lore? Feel free to send me a direct message or an ask with your request, I will be posting Charr Lore articles every week on Monday and Friday respectively!


He had left her with his gun near the border, telling her it would only take a little bit. In and out, he said, just to apologise and fix the damage. He stumbled along, boots splashing in puddles, as he followed the directions to the apartment. It had taken him way too much work to figure it out, but here he was, pushing the door open and walking across the lobby, to the stairs, up the stairs, motions unfamiliar yet familiar, until somehow, without thinking, he had ended up in front of Emily’s door. He was a mess, glasses crooked, hair stripped of his flamboyant red and instead dyed black, dark circles under the eyes, and deep scars running across his skin. No matter how they would try, the damage was too deep and no amount of therapy could fix him. Despite that, he stood in front of the door, holding his apology gift: a small paper daisy coloured with pastel pink. It was made by shaking hands which hadn’t done an art project in years besides rabid graffiti, but the thought was there. Poison knocked one, twice, three times on her door, pushing his glasses up on his nose.

Get to Know me tag 🤷‍♀️

I was tag by @bourbon-creamss lol thank you..hopefully, this can help some people to know about my life.  

1) Rules: tag 9 people who you would like to know better.

damn…9? 😂 uh haha imma break the rules and tag a few, I tag @classymarzia, @moonlightkels, @trillvchris , @crown-pigeon , @itsdevynnbitch, @mavsoffthewall @kinginwitdario if you guys have done it already, IGNORE THIS! lol 

Relationship Status: Single as a pringle 👌🏻

Last Song I Listened To: Don’t Let Me Down by: The Chainsmokers 😊👐🏻

Last Book Read/Listened To: Tbh, I’ve been slacking on my reading soo I can’t exactly remember the las book I read lol 😅

Favorite Color(s): White, Dark Red, Grey, and Black 

Top Eight (8)Shows: Seriously 8 shows? haha oh boy umm imma cheat again and go with uh.. 3-5 shows 😅😂 A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Supernatural, Stranger Things, The Office (U.S), and Bobs Burgers.

Top Three Characters: Louise Belcher (from Bobs Burgers), Dean Winchester (from Supernatural) and Jim (from the office) 

Top Three Ships: Me, Food and Netflix all the way, 😂😆

2) Rules: BOLD the statements that are true for you! (hopefully, I don’t have to do this for the rest of the tag.. o.o) 


I’m originally a brunette 

I was born with blue eyes 

I’m 5′7 feet tall 

I have freckles all over my body

I have 20 tattoos 

I have straight hair

I have light green eyes 


I tend to be loud sometimes 

I’m shy around people I don’t know and in general 

I’m funny 

I’m caring for other people 

I’m a good listener 

I’m pretty chill

I like to help others in any way possible 

I’m competitive

I tend to be a hot head 

I’m kinda of a loner

I can be antisocial sometimes

I like to be sarcastic plus annoy my friends😂😂😂

I may look tough on the outside but I’m a softy on the inside 


I like to listen to music preferably classic music but I’ve been listening to anything lately.

I like to draw

I like to take pictures 

I LOVE TO EAT 😂😂😂😂😂 (if it is pasta.. you have my heart😌😍)

I like to cook 

I like to collect vintage looking things 


I have tried weed before

I’ve won a beer pong competition 

I had my first kiss when I was 16 (most awkward kiss ever tho) 

I lost my V card when I was 18 😳🙊

I’ve scraped my keens when I was younger due to how clumsy I am lmao

I’ve tried alcohol before 

I’ve been accuse of something I didn’t do 

I’ve gotten robbed before 

RELATIONSHIPS: (oh boy… what people are REALLY interested about..😳🙄)  

I’ve been in a 3 year relationship before

I’ve been in love

I have a celebrity crush 

I have a crush on someone 

I’ve been cheated before 

I’ve had my heart broken 

I’ve dated in the past

I’ve been lied to while in a relationship

I’ve been played 


I’m currently going to university to get my photography degree

I’ve lived in Las Vegas before 

I’m an only child

I have an IPhone 

My parents live in North Carolina 


I sleep with socks on 

I like to dance while nobody’s watching (expect for one person that saw me dancing cause I started dancing for no reason at all 😅😂)

I like to dip my french fries in a chocolate frosting from Wendy’s 

I can cross my legs behind my head 

I know a tiny bit of Italian

I went sky diving with my friends once  

I have a little dog 

I can eat with chopsticks pretty well 

..AND THAT’S IT! I doubt people read all this, It’s so long and I would’t read it all 😂😂😂🤷‍♀️ but it you did…damn that’s dope. Hope this was fun? no? okay I’ll go home now lmao  and thanks for the tag! I rarely do this things 

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This was so good (RP)

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like sherlock rp.

You: not dead. Let’s have dinner. SH

Stranger: Hm. Maybe I’d prefer breakfast? IA

You: How are you Irene? SH

Stranger: Well enough, Sherlock. Yourself? IA

You: I can’t complain, how’s London doing? SH

Stranger: It’s as exhausting and exhilarating as ever. IA

You: And you know how my blogger’s doing? SH

You: Mycroft refuses to tell me nd maybe you know something. SH

Stranger: He’s perfectly fine. IA

You: But I’ve been away. SH

Stranger: And he’s coped, sweetie. IA

You: Maybe I wasn’t as important to him as it seemed. SH

Stranger: You certainly still are, but he knows how to adapt. IA

You: You are hiding something from me. SH

Stranger: I’m not. IA

You: He’s working with someone else, isn’t he? SH

Stranger: No, Sherlock. IA

You: But there’s someone else. SH

Stranger: There isn’t. Not as you think, Sherl. IA

You: Not as I think? Then there’s someone. SH

You: Who? SH

Stranger: He’s got a relationship, but you knew that. IA

You: I thought it was the usual date and quick shag. SH

You: But a relationship? That’s a surprise. SH

Stranger: I thought so too, but he seems content. IA

You: Content. SH

You: Good for him, I guess. SH

Stranger: It’ll be okay. IA

You: [long delay] I should’ve known. SH

You: I lost my chance. SH

Stranger: Oh, honey. I wouldn’t be too put out. He misses you. IA

You: [short delay] As a friend. SH

Stranger: I don’t know. IA

You: It’d be cruel to pop into his life while he’s happy and in love. SH

Stranger: I said he was content. That’s different. IA

You: It is? Really? SH

You: Is your phone safe? Can anybody read this other than you? SH

Stranger: It’s safe. Perfectly safe. It is different. IA

You: I don’t know Irene. SH

You: Maybe I should die, really this time. SH

Stranger: No. IA

You: Let’s be serious. He’s not interest in me, he wants a friend and I can’t be that. SH

You: Not anymore. SH

Stranger: Sherlock, I think you’d be surprised. IA

You: How could you know? SH

Stranger: I’m intuitive. IA

You: I can’t take a risk. SH

You: Blade, rope or gun? SH

Stranger: Don’t be so dramatic. He’s found a woman because he doesn’t like being alone. He’d do anything to have you back. IA

You: Should I text him? SH

You: I can’t return to London yet. SH

Stranger: Yes. IA

You: To John “Not dead. SH”

Stranger: That’s a joke. Don’t. JW

You: It’s not a joke. SH

You: I owed you a miracle. SH

Stranger: No. That’s not fair. It’s not possible. JW

You: What I have to say to prove it? SH

Stranger: I don’t know. What do you want? JW

You: You shoot the cabbie. SH

You: Your middle name is Hamish. SH

You: And I want you to believe that I’m not dead. SH

Stranger: Okay, okay. Sherlock.. I can’t believe it. JW

You: You still don’t believe me? SH

Stranger: I, do. I’m just. I’m in shock. JW

You: I undestand. SH

You: I still can’t come home but I need you to know something really important. SH

Stranger: Why? Fine. What? JW

You: I heard the speech you did by my tombstone. SH

You: It was absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful. SH

You: And it made me realize that I can’t be your friend anymore. SH

Stranger: I…See. JW

Stranger: What do you want to be, then? JW

You: I’m absolutely hopelessly in love with you, John. SH

You: I don’t know, what do you want me to be? SH

Stranger: I don’t know. I have no idea. I miss you every day, Sherlock. JW

You: I’ll be home soon, I promised. SH

You: But I know about your girlfriend. SH

Stranger: Okay… And yes, but… JW

You: But? SH

Stranger: But we’re just seeing each other because. Well, because she’s there. She cares, I think. JW

You: I’m so sorry, I really am. SH

You: But I had to do it. SH

Stranger: It’s fine. I mean, it’s not fine. I just want you back. JW

You: I want to be back. I want to be with you. SH

Stranger: The flat is so empty. JW

You: I’ll be there. I promise. SH

You: I miss your voice so much. SH

Stranger: You better or I’ll hunt you down and actually kill you. I miss everything. JW

You: Everything? Remember this when we argue about body parts in the fridge. SH

Stranger: Okay, God, I don’t miss that. JW

You: All or nothing, John. SH

You: I love you so much. SH

Stranger: I… I love you too. I’ll break up with her. She’s only going out with me because I’m a doctor. JW

You: I never thought I’d be alive to read those words. SH

You: As soon as I recover I’ll be there. SH

Stranger: There you are. I hope you’re sensible, don’t rush. Get better soon. JW

You: Just a little incident. don’t worry doctor. SH

You: Tomorrow I’ll be on a plain to London. SH

Stranger: I’ll worry, you know I will. Good. JW

You: When I’ll be there the first thing I want you to do is to kiss me. SH

You: I know it sounds dull and cheesy. SH

Stranger: I never thought you’d be the type to say that. Of course. JW

You: In these last years I discovered that I’m more human than I thought. SH

Stranger: I always knew you were. JW

You: You can understand me when I say that I’ve look into death eyes and it changed me. SH

Stranger: It changes any man. JW

You: And I’m happy it did. SH

You: A nurse says that I have to sleep, it’s like 2 am here. SH

Stranger: Listen to the medical staff. I’ll see you soon. JW

You: ‘See you soon, John. SH’ Sherlock writes before falling asleep for exhaustion.

Stranger has disconnected.