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So I'm very very very new to rp on tumblr but I did rp elsewhere so can you give me the basics of what to do and how people usually rp? It will really help me out thanks.

Right, well it depends what type of roleplayer you are as everyone has a preference. While people do roleplay on Tumblr, there are many different styles. I know roleplaying in say the Glee fandom is different to roleplaying in Teen Wolf fandom or just roleplaying as an OC in a group or as an indie player. I can’t say for sure on everything as i’ve not roleplayed elsewhere. Just know some of those facts.

Below are the ones I think you should know. If anyone thinks there should be other styles of roleplaying added, please get in touch.


Indie or 1x1 roleplaying

Styles of roleplaying


Masterlist to indie roleplaying

Over last few months on this blog there has been a lot of interest from others about indie roleplaying. Now while I don’t really have a great wealth of experience as it’s not my style. I have gathered a few masterlists for you.

There are many more but those are the ones which thought would be good for those wanting to start out. Please like or reblog if this helps you or others.

Lapi is my favorite Blaine (@happilyeveranders) that I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing with. They bring so much life and light to a verse that is actually quite comically dark. Their writing is phenomenal, as is their ability to create plot after plot not just for their character, but for the whole of the NYADA Is Magic (@nyadaismagic) RP verse. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them both IC and OOC, and I look forward to many more years of writing, collaborating, and sharing day to day life with them! Thank you, Lapi, for everything.

PRE-PROMPT ( 002 ) 


Hello, @winkrp family! Our second prompt will be posted tomorrow, however it will require some active participation from members in order to have it be successful. More details will be released in the PROMPT ( 002 ) post tomorrow, but we are asking for is not particularly labour intensive - as long as you have the ability to send asks, we’d welcome your help.

The prompt will be META-HEAVY, AND ASK BOX FOCUSED. It will require more “ask spam” than the main can realistically provide. Again, this prompt, as with all of our prompts, is totally optional, and can be filled on your own time. 

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I am not accepting new partners currently. Thank you!

Hi guys! I’m bored and looking for a roleplay buddy. I’m down for these fandoms:
-Dan and Phil
-Until Dawn
-Steven Universe
-Life is Strange
And ocs are completely welcome! I’m bisexual, female and I’m down for anything from fluff to smut to angst.

Message me if interested!
Dianna Agron - GIF Hunt

Under the cut there are #790 mostly HQ Gifs of Dianna Agron. She is best known for her work in Glee and I Am Number Four . None of the following gifs are mine (unless stated differently), full credit goes to their makers. I just hoard them. Please reblog and/or like this post if you use any, they take a looong time to put together! Sorry for any repeats!!

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Are you bored of reading or writing the same old paras with the same old settings? Feeling uninspired when it comes to thinking of new ideas of places your characters can go or activities they can do? Well fret no more, because under the cut is a list of 75 ideas for paras that may be of help. Please note that whilst many of these have been written with couples in mind, many of the activities will work for friends too.

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Lea Michele - GIF Hunt

Under the cut there are #657 mostly HQ Gifs of Lea Michele. She is best known for her work in Glee and New Year’s Eve

None of the following gifs are mine (unless stated differently), full credit goes to their makers. Will happily credit/remove GIFs at the makers request!

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