one time after a feast, @roses-bloom-again and I drunkenly decided we should roleplay Stannis and Davos. Here is a list of events of what happened:

  • At first we argued about who would have to be Stannis but I had to because Baratheons
  • Loras criticized me for not grinding my teeth enough
  • I told Loras I loved his “onion breath” and he got really offended even though I was just trying to stay in character (for the record, your breath was fine)
  • I also said “I want to see your onions, Ser Davos” and Loras argued with me that Stannis wouldn’t actually say that because that’s only what we speculate he says
  • we couldn’t decide which of Davos’ hands were missing fingers so I had Loras bend the fingers on his right hand while I tried to suck at the nubs and that was finally “going too far”

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Let’s Talk About My New Hat

A ton of people have been asking me about this fabulous new hat I’ve added to my ~14th century inspired collection recently, so I thought I’d say something about it.

No, I didn’t make it! I’m not nearly that talented in the art of felting and millinery, I’m still learning. I can only hope that one day I will be anywhere near this level  of craftsmanship - this beautiful piece has been crafted by someone with 30 years of experience in headpiece design: Wendy Diggles of The Crowned Heart.

Kieran and I happened across their shop at Abbey Medieval Festival earlier this month in Queensland (I was there for work, running our ArmStreet Australia shop) and I found myself gravitating there every time I went for a wander. It’s honestly a miracle I didn’t spend any more money there - I was one visit away from buying a gorgeous hood. Ah well, next year!

The Crowned Heart is run by Maureen Lillie and Wendy Diggles, two sisters with some serious talent. You can read more about them on their website here - it’s quite impressive! Here’s their Facebook page as well. Happy hat hunting!

Gnomish Clown Loves to Party.

By Hazrie of Dalaran

The party as we arrived, please do not report the large umbrella fire to the guards.

Held upon one of the most busy bridges in Stormwind, the party was already in full swing when we arrived.  Gronn, booze, gnomes, ogres and umbrella littered the area.

As I worked myself into the fray, I met up with Impsy the Clown, who at the time was hosing off a vomit and beer-soaked partygoer.

When Impsy and his friend were finished cleaning off my fellow gnome I requested a quick interview with him.

At this point, Impsy and the other people at the party began transforming into female elves.

When we asked what brought Impsy to Stormwind he let us know he’s, “Just here to clown around!”

I asked if he had anything he’s truly like to say, he  asked us to print his friend Minty’s statement “We got perky booblettes!”

He followed that up by saying, “You can just quote who I am!  I’m Impsy!  The Gnome Clown!  And I like to party!”

Before long the party really started to heat up.

There was even a piñata.

We asked Impsy how he got into clowning.  We weren’t expecting such a sorrowful tale.

“I was in school to become an Engineer!
But I didn’t have the grades…
So I dropped out and became a clown to pay back my student loans!
And it just kind of Stuck!
But… I love it!”

Luckily it wasn’t all that bad for Impsy.

“Engineering is a very lucrative career…
But being a clown gets me all the hot chicks!”

Thanks for the good time, Impsy!


“You’re just a bunch of kids! What the hell do you think you’re going to achieve?”

“Us? We’re going to change the whole fuckin’ world.”

Happy belated birthday to a beautiful, brilliant, and all around radiant human being! Your vibrancy is everlasting @panstheon and I’m so happy to have met you. 

Attention Vi roleplayers;

I am searching for Vi roleplayers whether it be canon, genderbent, or AU, honestly just Vi in general.

And before you ask- No that does not mean we have to ship! I am looking to roleplay possible angst, bromance (even with canon Vi) or possibly just on the job shinanigans.

Shipping is an option if both muns agree, but is NOT a necessity for me. Though I personally do ship the two irregardless of gender or verse, does not mean others will also.

I am really quite friendly I’d like to think but yeah! Just a shout out ^^

theboozefairy  asked:

smile- how was your day today

      The little illusionary human beamed up at him, quite flattered to be asked this question indeed.

      “I spent the day resting and relaxing,” she mused. “It was nice to indulge in what I have been told is known as a ‘lazy day’.”

      Korva wiggled a bit, offering him a shortbread cookie. “What about your day?”

                                                                 [ @theboozefairy​ ]


Broskis and Girlskis, I’m bored. Really bored. Like… I’m dying. I need someone random and goofy to chat with. Either that or someone to rp with! (Preferably someone my age like 19 or a tiny bit older) Aaaanyway, message me or whatever! ^_^ I’ll rp just about anything. GAH IM BORED HERE HAVE SOME RANDOM DANCING

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RP: Septiplier scene (with fandomthingsask)

Shoehorning recording sessions into his schedule had become a very frequent thing in Mark’s life as of lately, despite his best efforts not to let it happen. Not being able to keep up with it bothered him incredibly and definitely raised his stress levels, and that in itself bothered him a lot as well. Waking up really early and staying up very late weren’t really the problems he had with this hectic schedule, but rather the sense of failing his subscribers; he absolutely hated letting them down by posting only one video a day, sometimes not even that. For this reason, Mark had been forcing himself to play games and record his let’s plays for hours on end, until he had enough material to allow him a breather.

Today he was supposed to play with Jack though.

Playing online with his friends was something Mark tried to do on a regular basis, and it always lifted up his spirits whenever he knew he was going to do it. It especially did so when said friend was Jack. Mark tried to never ever favor a friend over the other, but he knew well that he would unconsciously favor Jack if he weren’t careful, simply because Jack was, well, special. Or rather, he’d become a little more special to him over time. Mark didn’t know what to do with that feeling even though he ackowledged it though. He figured he’d just not pay it much attention, and maybe it would just fade away.

Regardless, today he was pretty excited to play with Jack. He sent the Irishman a text to let him know he was ready and sat in front of his computer again, making sure the game and his recording setup was good to go. He could barely wait for it.

As soon as Jack replied that he was ready too, Mark signed into Skype and video-called him, anxiously waiting to start.

Mun is being serious right now.

A really good friend of mine from my earlier years of roleplaying told me this, “Roleplaying is like having sex. If one of you isn’t enjoying it, then nobody is enjoying it.” 

Look, I’m really not that knowledgeable when it comes to tumblr roleplaying, but believe me when I say, I’ve been around roleplay a lot and in all types of forms. I’ve experienced almost every kind of bad roleplay experience rping can bring.  Bad guidelines, bad writing, bad partners, etc.

And I have to say as much time and effort you can put into a post or a character sheet or blog theme you have to remember that in the end you’re doing this to have fun.

If you are not having fun, you need to do something to change that.

You don’t owe anyone anything. You don’t need to sacrifice your happiness for another persons.

Would you have sex with someone you had no attraction too, physically and mentally, in an act you do not enjoy whatsoever?

No? Then the same logic should apply in roleplaying.

And it might not be that the other person is a bad partner, you just don’t fit well together. You need to let them know and break if off. Or you can help them fix whatever is bugging you, but it is not your responsibility to handle another persons problems. 

And you should not feel like, “But I’m not really good at rping, so I should take what I can get”. We all get better in our own way and time, and you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. And not having fun with your roleplay experience is the worst you could do with your growth. 

Besides somebody probably thinks you’re really cool anyway.

Just remember to have fun and be creative! That’s all you could ask of yourself.

Hope the #Harmonquest crew had fun with their wrap party tonight! I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it, I miss all of you! Here is a character design I did of myself for an episode on the show. We had the bright idea of designing our whole crew into the show and we loved how it all came out. Thank you Kyle Capps for the awesome color job and thank you @capitalcityinc for this lovely little cutout you made for me! 😊
For anyone who hasn’t seen the show, go watch it now!! Its doing really well in Amazon ratings right now!
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